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  1. My mistake. I was going by memory. I remember when they got their active cases down to 0 for a while because of their international shutdown. I guess they didn't realize they were going to have to maintain that until the rest of the world had gotten over it.... On another note, remember that motorcycle accident death that was attributed to COVID? I just saw Snopes has made a verdict on that "claim": https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/florida-motorcyclist-covid-death/
  2. They're the only ones avoiding the virus entirely.
  3. #1. I wonder what Jon would have said about all this. So it may be up to New Zealand to save the world?
  4. My thread about Two Points of View was an attempt to look at just this. Not the treatment of initial pattern identifications as initial, but the pattern identifications themselves and the tendencies for those initial patterns to point in one of two directions. You don't know from the onset where that pattern will lead, but you put in the effort to confirm/disconfirm the hypothesis. Once you've put in a certain amount of effort without disconfirmation, you may become biased. Your theory may solidify by your unwillingness to do the work all over again, and your psychology will devalue conflictin
  5. The connections drawn within conspiracy theories may be wrong, but the existence of connections is not imagined. People, events and ideas throughout history are connected.
  6. Something I realized that I've thought about, and heard talked about (by Sam Harris), but not explored in it's implications, is that black people do not know what it's like to not be black. The Woke justification for anti-racism is that white people do not know what it's like to be black, and, of course, the natural retort is that without knowing what it's like to be white (or non-black), how can a black person really know what it's like to be black? That is, what experiences or aspects of their experiences can they attribute to their blackness rather than to their humanness? The i
  7. I think he's connecting the dots. If it is not Marxism itself, it is the foundation of Marxism that ties these things together; and they are tied together. Every leftist objective packages in every other leftist objective: you can't go down the leftist path to solving climate change without eventually necessitating new gender pronouns and mandating Christian bakeries cater gay weddings. I think qualifying the type of institutional racism as Marxist is not superfluous or misleading, because the definition of institutional racism does not require a Marxist worldview. Institutional ra
  8. I agree. "Portrayals" are dangerous in general. If the portrayal matches your limited personal experience, you will be doubly confident that you know reality. I think this is what we have now with the white BLM supporters. If the portrayal fills a vacancy of personal experience, that's bad too. And finally if the portrayal contradicts one's personal experience, you have alienation and gas-lighting. This is what's happening with the opponents of BLM/supporters of the police.
  9. There are non-Disney versions in older popular culture, at different times. But we're talking about a facade created by the media that only works if the consumer views black people as a cohesive collective. The problem is not so much about the qualities of the facade, but the acceptance of a media made stereotype. Some decades ago the stereotype was much different, involving laziness and criminality--not Disney-like. The reason we don't have a stereotype for white people is because white people are the majority. The tendency to group people together comes from ignorance (it's crude
  10. I said "exploit," not "manipulate." But even if you're right about the collectivism part, it doesn't negate what I observe in how the NBA is trying to sell a Disney version of blackness: these aren't just athletes, they're role models (even when they're clearly not). And notice when this started to happen? About the time those kids who learned about black people from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air grew up (had money).
  11. This is it. They have experience with black people, and they are being held to a standard of anti-racism by people who don't have the same experience. And by that I don't mean that anti-racists don't have experience with black people, but I think their experience is typically with the woke/"educated" blacks who are generally middle class or above and feel something similar to white guilt (guilt mixed with wanting to belong to the group of victims they share a skin tone with). This is tricky. I have heard that at least one study has shown that police get physically aggressive more often
  12. The event and the sport are not what I'm talking about, it's how the (white) public views black people. They can't tell the difference between a black criminal and a productive/peaceful black citizen. Basketball has become the main plinth displaying Disney approved blackness. Basketball fans also talk about how there is a new phenomenon of "flopping" in the NBA that was never there. Drawing fouls and dramatically falling to the ground is now part of the strategy (playing the victim). The connection is about how the media exploits the whiteness of liberals, in that they see blacks as a monolith
  13. The article Michael posted is interesting. The writer got a lot wrong, but I do think basketball as a rising cultural force is notable. There is definitely something there. I don't think it's so much about the sport itself as it is about the makeup of the athletes that makes it such a phenomenon. It's the leftist approved representation of the black male. And even if you see something that's unapproved, the commentators can tell you what you really saw. I just had a thought about how opposite two of the forces at play in the whole racial movement are; I'll use the case
  14. The difference between leftist ideologies is like the difference between different sects of a religion. They still worship the god of Equality (non-competition). and there is major overlap in the history of their ideas. Sticking with this analogy, there are many self-identified Catholics who have not studied their religion on an academic level. This is true about all kinds of Marxists, though... if it wasn't, communism would have worked.
  15. I'm glad he's dead, it would be wrong for tax payers to have to pay for this terrorist's imprisonment. The left-wing terrorists seem to have a type: Willem Van Spronsen Willem Van Spronsen was an anarchist and anti-fascist who was shot and killed by Tacoma Police officers while trying to set fire to a propane tank with incendiary devices during an attack at an ICE detention center in Tacoma on Saturday, July 13. 2019 Van Spronsen was previously arrested in 2018 at the Tacoma detention facility when he was accused of lunging at a police officer who was detaining another protester