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  1. Your responses have all been more reasonable than my assertions. It seems to understand Objectivism fully I must read Atlas Shrugged. Today I ordered it along with TG's new book. With my limited research so far being what it is, I realized last night asking you all to defend the positions of other Objectivists I disagree with is like the same misinformation and blanket statements that I found offensive at Rational Public Radio. I should have both books in two weeks, I'll come back and comment on them long after this post is forgotten (Next month), to remind you and tell you all how it went. So
  2. History with Objectivism: I was introduced to the Philosophy through Terry Goodkind’s novels many years ago. I was of mixed emotion about it, I agreed for the most part about Selfishness vs. Selflessness, what I didn’t like was some of his cut throat ideas on the rest of humanity. For those who read that book, I took away a few ‘never answered’ assumptions from certain parts; For example how Cyrilla was treated made me think Goodkind pretty much considered people dead if they became irrational, add that to the fact that he was pretty good at making people CARE about his characters and it got a
  3. (Sort Setup) These are some of my issues with the philosophy: First, this Selfishness vs. Altruism thing: I know what Rand considers true altruism, and I agree that 0 reward mindset is wrong, to suppress compassion and good feelings for the sake of selflessness goes against what makes us human. But on the flipside selfishness can be just as destructive; someone psychotic would be a selfish individual. So how come Altruism is the root of all evil in the world? What I see is two mindsets that if taken to the extreme, can be very destructive while here it's only one. Second, everyone that disagre