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  1. They say hard cases make bad law, so lets not talk about a toaster. You have a robot, an android, similar in appearance to a human, close enough that you couldn't tell at a distance. This robot has intelligence at or slightly above that of a human and sentience. Is that robot a person? Would that robot be entitled to human rights? Should it be protected under the law as a person? Would it be okay (with full knowledge of entomology of the word robot) to treat that sentient robot as a slave? As less than human?
  2. This is a thread from another place, but I thought I'd post it here and we could kick it around: If you could ask God just one question, .... What would you ask? I'm an atheist, so the question rests on the existence of God, which the more I thought about it, would turn my world upside down. I began asking for details, like how did I know it was God, what proof did he offer? This was a bad thing to post in a forum full of theists. But, I thought it might produce interesting results here.
  3. Actually, it's just the picture at the top of the page on the Obj Living banner. Anybody know how old she is in that picture?
  4. Ecclesiastes is my favorite book of the Bible. Although I prefer 9:7 Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has long approved of your works. But yeah, I kinda want a Rand quote.
  5. Oh man, this might not work so well...
  6. I'm getting married in 11 months. To placate my father-in-law to be, we're going to have a Bible reading, probably (yes, I know it's cliched, but it ain't bad) 1 Corinthians. For my own sake, I'd like to include a reading from Ayn Rand. Anyone have a suggestion? Preferably something on topic (or I'd just use the Money Speech) that would be a good fit for a wedding and a generally non-Objectivist crowd.
  7. Well, Gary Johnson will drop out after NH. So, if he's on the ballot (they play tricks here in NY), I'll probably be voting for RP.
  8. No. It wouldn't be anything like the PoEZ. It would more similar to Comunion or Fire in the Sky OR something about a lake monster OR something like Bob Lazar.
  9. Thank you. I was thinking something more like David Ickes, but less subtle. (That's a joke. I was about to write more subtle, when I realized how much funnier less would be.) So, if it's "obviously immoral to lie in order to obtain a value," What if I wrote it in the style of non fiction, but made no claims that it actually was? Probably the same answer, right? Its essentially a form of deception for anyone without the sense to apply skepticism to my claims.
  10. Fred Cole


    No, of course not. You pay for it, so you might as well reclaim it. I had this dilemma re This American Life (an amazing show, btw), but I realized, I'm forced to pay for it, I might as well make use of it.
  11. Why do I think there's anything wrong with it? Because there's a line in the money speech: Money demands that you sell, not your weakness to men's stupidity, but your talent to their reason; it demands that you buy, not the shoddiest they offer, but the best your money can find. Which is why I'd consider it immoral, knowing its all bullshit, to be a fortune teller despite how profitable and easy it would be.
  12. Oh, I wasn't sure if I had asked before.
  13. I'm a skeptic, a bad one. But I listen to a lot of skeptic podcasts. Stuff like Skeptoid. Skeptoid looks at pop cultural phenomenon with a Skeptical eye. He debunks conspiracy theories, etc. My newest one is Monster Talk, which is put out by the Skeptic Society. They discuss crypto zoology, monsters, etc, and usually talk to scientists. This got me thinking. My question is Would it be immoral of me to create a conspiracy theory, invent facts, etc., promote that fictional conspiracy theory, and sell books based on it? Along those lines, same question: Would it be immoral of me to write a b
  14. I'm not a member of the Libertarian Party, but I did like them on FB, so, of course, time to time they share interesting things. One of them was this: This video is like 8 mins and change, and completely sfw. The audio is all music so you don't even need speakers or anything. It's done is a simple, clear and universal way. I share it with you, friends, in the hope that you'll reshare with others.
  15. Oh, Michael, I always appreciate your calm rationality. You belong in the Skeptic Movement. I have a friend who is actually a paid political organizer for the JBS. He mixes libertarian economics (Rothbard &c.) with Christian mysticism and adds a dash of conspiracy theory nonsense (the CFR and Bilderberger stuff). The JBS have been considered for a long time to be pariahs of the Right. The conspiracy theory stuff is a big turn off for me.
  16. I'm slowly working my way through it. A lot of times I put things on in the background and do other things, but with this film, I realized I needed to actually watch it and listen to it at the same time. Btw, where abouts in the film is pics of her with her cats?
  17. Idk, as someone who has seen them live (and met them, and got my pic taken with them after the show! they're amazingly cool like that!!!) I have trouble believing either is a nihilist.
  18. Part I: Prelude to the Robot War 1 Robert Winter strolled across the beach. This beach he was on in Ecuador was the warmest place he had ever been. The air was ninety degrees and the water was eighty, so he said in the eight identical post cards he had sent to various friends. On his head he wore a grey wool homburg stained with large ugly brown splotches. He had been fool enough to wear it to the beach his first day. A gust of wind had blown it off his head and into a nearby pool of saltwater. The third of the three professionals he consulted about repairing it had told him that any re
  19. I also wanna say that we can nit pick Gov. Johnson's foreign policy positions, we may like some, disagree with others. But is any of those disagreements a dealbreaker? Does it show a fatal flaw in his thinking? Is is such a fatal flaw that the alternative of Romney-ism or Obama-ism is preferable?
  20. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with anything here, I just wanted to comment on something That is an accurate observation, but not especially useful. Here is why. I'll give the example of the US and waterboarding. I'm not getting into the "Is it torture?" debate. I just wanna point out that you wouldn't use waterboarding to get information. You use it to break a guy. Yes people will say anything to get it to stop, but when you're waterboarding someone, you ask them questions that you already know the answer to. Properly used, it's not used to get information, it's used to break a guy. T
  21. I'll echo the Gary Johnson love. I can't say who will win, but I'll say who won't. T-Paw just dropped out, so it can't be him. It won't be Bachman or Paul. Bachmann will peak early, like in Iowa, and stall out. Ron Paul says great things, but a septegenarian congressman from TX isn't going to get nominated and couldn't be Mr. Hope and Change. Also, there have only ever been two congressmen elected to the presidency, and it hasn't happened in 130 years. It won't be Santorum, he's a loser. It won't be Cain, he's a nobody. If history is a guide, it'll probably be Romney. But its too ea
  22. My new e-book is finally ready and available for purchase for the Kindle! For the low price of $4.99 you get two original stories by me. And you don’t need a Kindle device to enjoy it. There’s also a Kindle app available for your phone or other devices, and they have a Kindle program available for your computer. Anyone reading this is eligible for a free copy, from me, available on Google Docs. Just ask and I’ll send you a link. All that I ask in return is that if you like it, PLEASE TELL SOMEONE!