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  1. Energy is not consumed. See conservation of mass-energy. What is reduced is the Gibbs Free Energy of a system, that is the energy capable of doing mechanical work. See http://en.wikipedia....bbs_free_energy Ba'al Chatzaf I knew this. Semantics is a bitch.
  2. Instead of starting a new topic, I decided to just append this one with another question that is tangentially related to my creative writing. I am trying to determine which formula I'd like to use to measure advanced civilizations. There are a few different theories out there, including: The Kardashev scale, which measures civilizations by the energy they consume; Gerhard Lenski's scale which measures civilizations by the amount and use of information; Robert Zubrin's scale which measures civilizations by how wide-spread the civilization is in space. I am wondering which of these three posited
  3. Thanks for all of your responses and sorry for the typo in my post. I ask because I have taken on a personal project of formulating a fictional constitution of a objectively proper government. I had originally left the expansion of inferior courts up to the supreme court, but realize the error in this. To advance the conversation a bit: what are your thoughts on term limits on judges?
  4. Who do you believe the framers left the establishment of inferior courts up to the congress and not to the Supreme Court? Is there a conflict of interest in allowing the judiciary to expand itself? I suppose congress, in its power of the purse, would need to approve such expansion, but why at its own behest, and not of the Supreme Court's?
  5. Objectively speaking... Would a security alliance between two states be a proper exercise in government authority? If so, would an agreement including the clause that an attack on one alliance member is an attack on all be rational? Thanks, J.K. Gregg
  6. Thank you for all of your posts and book ideas. Mr. Marotta touched on something important. My novel will take place within an Objectivist society; the vast majority of individuals subscribe to an individualist, Objectivist culture. The conflict will occur between the Human race, and another species that is non-objectivist.
  7. Hello again, everyone. Hope all is well with you. I am working on a science fiction novel based in a futuristic Objectivist society and need some help crafting the universe in which my story will take place. I have asked friends and family for their insights, but they tend to be influenced by altruism or other non-objective positions. I really would like to spend some one-on-one time with a fellow creative Objectivist that is willing to work with me on my terms. In particular, I'm trying to establish a view of what a purely objectivist state would look like. Anyway, let me know if you are inte
  8. Is time objective? In my free time, I have been working on a science fiction novel based in an Objectivist, human society, and as I was developing the universe I began to ponder the nature of time. We take time for granted, but upon review, it seems so subjective. It's based on the rotation of the earth, and its orbit around the sun. We've developed seemingly subjective months that have, over the course of human history, has changed in number and length (and even those changes were subject to moods and opinions of roman emperors). So, is the current way we mere mortals measure time objective?
  9. Well, allow me to describe -- in brief -- my political maturing. I became interested in politics on September 11th, 2001. 9/11 was such a dramatic event, it really sparked great curiosity within me to learn more about the world (i.e. why this happened; who did it; what do "they" believe; what do "we" believe; etc.) My family fostered that curiosity in a conservative context. My Grandfather and Uncle -- who are the political ones of the family -- are very conservative and guided my thinking towards conservatism. It wasn't long before I became a flag waving, gun-touting, kill-em-all neoconservat
  10. I had no idea! Very interesting. Thanks for the heads-up. Fear not Mr. Marotta. My skin is as thick as they come. Thanks for the warm welcome (and the visit to the blog).
  11. You obviously have the potential to deliver insightful opinions.

  12. Thanks for the welcome William.

  13. Welcome to OL. There is a lot of scope for discussion here -- hope you enjoy yourself and get the Oish talk you miss at home . . .

  14. Hello fellow Objectivists, For online purposes, my name is J.K. Gregg. I've been an Objectivist for only about five years and am still very new to the philosophy as a whole. I have read a variety of Rand's books, including Atlas Shrugged and Anthem. Anthem in particular was the first work of Rand's I read, and it began a monumental change in my life. I have been an active member of the Google Group OActivists - a group of Objectivists that try and advocate Rand's ideas in the varying mediums of journalism. I have a blog that I use as an intellectual playground, Persona Non Grata, and I've also