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  1. That must have been fascinating and a very are treat. Well, I'm going to move on in my quest to find a meet-up group in SoCal. if you know of a contact person out here please let me know, Wishing you a good evening...
  2. I write anything that pays! But mostly medical advertising, medical articles for kidney dialysis and food plans. I am also a fiction writer and editor under other names.
  3. Hey I have a question. Are there any meet-up groups in the LA/OC area? Can you direct me? Any Randians that get together for coffee and a klatch?
  4. Well, the peeps in Long Beach turned out and spent their money. But people can't see the movie without distribution. it wasn't even playing in Los Angeles proper except downtown. Nowhere in Beverly Hills or west LA.
  5. Hi Adam, I hope I'm doing this right. I just hit "Reply." I desperately hope you are correct about the movie serving as a catalyst. But we need to get the message out simply, in the sound bytes that people abosorb today. "Byte" messages that will send them to finding more about Ayn in more depth. We need to augment the movie and the novel's message. I have always been a writer and an entrepreneur. I found Ayn two years ago when I finally ordered "Atlas Shrugged" used, from Amazon! Finally, what i've known and believed in as far as the self-starting individual in business was articulated and dramatized by the AS novel. WriterGal
  6. Hello and thank you for your warm and humorous welcome. Yes, i saw the movie on Saturday at a 4:45pm show in la Palma, a suburb of Long Beach. The theatre was 3/4 full, which I took as a good sign. I thought Taylor Schilling was fabulous and the production value was high. However, the cut looked as though some interference had come in at the final hour and screwed with the story. Just my intuition. The opening was confusing and the shots of the train were very dark--or else we had a bad print. HOWEVER, that being said, I'll go again to watch it. All the actors were fabulous (except for Dagny's assistant, who seemed made of wood). But hey, I was so thrilled to see businesspeople positively represented, that I'll go pay to see it again. WriterGal
  7. Hello Fellow-Admirers of Atlas Shrugged. the Novel, I'm a simple woman, really, not a great intellectual. But I'd like to point out what I see as a great thorn in America's side, and that is the disrespect the average working person has for entrepreneurs and small business. I live in southern California and everyone I know works for the government. They never give a thought to the businesspeople who pay the taxes that pay for their salaries. In my opinion, we really need to get a simple message out, devoid of complicated philosophy, that paints small business as a "friend of the people' and that draws a direct line between entrepreneurship and a thriving community. It seems to me that people equate a strong government with a thriving community, and that's where all the trouble in present-day California lies. Strong government that hamstrings business equals weaker community. I'd love to work on an ad campaign that gets this message or a similar message out. We also have to make a distinction between Capitalism and Crony Capitalism that now infests Washington. The more average people can absorb these concepts, the better our country will be. Thoughts? Best regards, WriterGal