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  1. My views exactly. The idiot was pond scum. But he has a First Am right to burn a flag. But private citizens have a First Am right to shun him and make his life a living hell (to the fullest extent of the law). - Bal
  2. Until we remove the most unpatriotic POTUS to ever serve, Americans' Constitutional rights will continue to be trampled. Even if the Supreme Court overturns this, I expect the march of soft tyranny to continue unabated. - Bal
  3. Of course, war is not the main thrust of my opener, but a consequence of what happens when rationality and/or good faith break down to the point that bullets form the medium of communication. And I would suggest that not all wars are equal; nor are the participants to wars to be automatically vilified, unless we are going to vilify men, since women have mainly been the victims and the spoils of war rather than direct participants. In terms of factors, is anyone suggesting we place the human Y chromosome on the major list of evolutionary villains, and perhaps the main components of irrationalit
  4. The word she used was "religious," not "civil." --Brant Mike and Brant - I don't know what Rand wrote. Googling didn't produce a quote that seems on point. But leaving Rand at the side of the road, let's look at this on it's merits. Questions: Was Hitler's war (12 million+ killed) a religious war? Was Stalin's reign of terror (23 million+ killed) based on religion? How about Mao's takeover of China (50 million+ killed)? Never mind Pol Pot or Kim Il Sung. I think religious conflicts pale by comparison, or am I missing something? - Bal
  5. Adam - thank you for your response. And thank you for the challenge. The problem is that your downstream could be my upstream. From what I remember in my history classes, the upstream people often didn't give a rip about the people downstream from them. While there may have been some contracts between towns, it took "government intrusion" to "fix" it on a large scale. This is one of the core functions of a democratic republic and civil society. Supposedly rational people, without the agreement to have government and courts take control of the commons tend to not care about what happens down
  6. Mike, William and Adam, I appreciate the thoughtful replies. Here are my responses. Mike - I can't disagree with anything you wrote. I am especially "shocked into recognition" for the umpteenth time by what you wrote here: "And think hard about the people you know here and on other Oist boards. Anyone who advocates nuking Teheran will have no problem justifying their defensive first strike against you for something you had no idea was so important to them." So true! There are many liberals and people who "believe things" that I do not, yet who I get on with wonderfully. And there are peop
  7. Thank you Ba'al. I infer this to mean you enjoy our conversation; me too.

  8. I think a variety of small-town sized, planned pilot efforts (this goes beyond "studies") could move the ball forward, if just a little bit. They would form their own charters, have their own internal agreements, much like countries and states (at least in America) do now. I don't know how independent and "sovereign" states/provinces are in countries like Canada, Australia, etc. But I'd imagine the economies of scale would grant some degree of independence. If located within the USA, they would surely have to comport with United States laws, federal, state, local, etc., so the efforts could n
  9. One Ba'al to another Bal. This is precisely what we have now. A Mixed Economy is a mutt economy. Ba'al Chatzaf And as one Bal to another Ba'al - Agreed. Unfortunately, for a long while the country is likely going to grow "muttlier," with intensified movement toward socialism. But at some point, there may be enough pain that people begin waking up. This happened to some extent with the rising up of Tea Party movement; it would nice to see it accelerate. I think there is a race on between the level of pain we feel and the speed at which we become a stupider society. At some point stupidi
  10. Hey Peter, I get the view that holds that America is doomed. As a nation, America has swung so far to the Left that we could establish a Left Pole, where any movement from it would be toward the right. And I think we'd agree that political correctness makes truthful public diagnosis difficult at best. Add to this the overbearing IRS, TSA, DHS, etc. and it would seem to require effort that is more than heroic to change society for the better in any significant way, which is why I thought of pilot projects. As I wrote the opening post I thought of communes, which seem more like socialist enclave
  11. You are a smart fellow.

  12. Hey David, It's on my list. Thanks. - Bal
  13. I begin with a couple of postulates: 1 - Most people don't understand liberty and contractual agreements. 2 - Most people don't rationally evaluate the phrase "self-interest" to include long-range and ripple effects that can lead to outcomes that they themselves would not choose. If the above postulates are valid, and I believe they are, then perhaps it would be helpful for Objectivists to explore Garrett Hardin's construct: Tragedy of the Commons (TOTC) (described at Wikipedia here). Searching the OL forum, I have seen this referred to a few times (mainly by Brant, and once by me), but so f
  14. Hey William, My participation was with a forum that was a listserve back in the 90s. Overall, I had an enjoyable time. The people in that forum ran the gamut. People who loved the exploration of ideas, implications and extensions more than any particular conclusion or line of thought. People who seemed to operate on the principle that Alfred Korzybski was THE AUTHORITY on GS. Well, technically speaking, he was; much the way that I am the authority of BalSimonism. It was his baby; his creation; who could know it better than him? But from the standpoint of one's own participation, having an aut