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  1. By subjective you can mean three things. 1. Subordinate to whatever you wish/believe it to be. 2. Varies from person to person / optional. 3. Primary to perception, cannot be proven or disproven through the means of logic or argument. The first definition is the one that Rand tended to use. Subjects which are or properly can be 2 or 3 don't justify treating them as 1, so Rand's universal condemnation of subjectivity is correct. Qualia (if it exists, I'm not implying a stance on that one way or the other) would be the third. That no one can debate it doesn't mean it's not one way or another. Th
  2. Mediocre = not especially special. It could also be called the principle of unprivilege. In the Newtonian-Keplarian gravitational model there is only one privileged point in the solar system: the barycenter or center of gravity around which all the planets and asteroids revolve. It was very important that people realized that the earth does not occupy a privileged position in the scheme of things. In the same way it is very important for a young person to learn that the world does not revolved about his head, regardless of appearances to the contrary. We all start out our lives thinking
  3. "Our sun wasn't required to be where it is, with the luminosity it has — it just happens to be there, and our existence follows from this opportunity." This is a standard case of the analytic-synthetic dichotomy, written from the analytic (rationalist) side. It is there. Beyond that, what would it mean for it to have been "required" to? There's no authority to require it. The "rules" (laws of physics) that may require something are based on our observation of what is; what is isn't an implementation of rules, that can have "necessary" and "optional" parts, like the recipe for baking a cake. Th