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  1. I have just read "To Whom It May Concern"---Ayn Rand's letter to her readers outlining the reasons for her break with the Brandens, and I must say it is as lucid, clear, reasoned an essay as anything she ever wrote. What "clay feet", as one poster described here? I'm not a "cultist" or follower of Rand, but the Brandens were clearly a dubious pair. I just will never understand the uproar over this statement of Rand's, or over Valliant, for that matter (excepting the short-comings of his dramatic writing style). Whatever "mistakes, flaws" and personal idiosyncranices one can mine out of Rand's 77 years on earth, it all bears no consequence to the consistency she demonstrated intellectually and morally. I have read the nitpicking on this site and others about her personal life and it is ghastly and tasteless. Should you not be all engaged in more, ah, shall we say, productive pursuits? What a waste of a great intellectual movement. I regret I ventured into finding out more about the "Objectivist Community". I like Rand's statement in her "To Whom", on the second to last page, where she says she never wanted to be the head of a "movement". She knew what would happen. It has happened. I'm sticking to Atlas---that is all I need to know. Ciao...