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  1. The time it takes to root out deep corruption makes the issue much more problematic than it appears on the surface. For 25+ years the state of Missouri would not touch local police corruption, the Feds were called in a number of times on the same issue - same result. It wasn't until one of the local cops embezzled federal money that the little empire began to unravel. Contrast that with what happened a few years ago next to my workplace. Someone had made a homemade pipe bomb and apparently lost it or threw it out - in any case it was laying in a ditch next to the shop. Someone walking on the road saw it and called the cops. Boom SWAT and bomb disposal from Kansas City was there not one minute later than it took to drive. No time for local corruption but someone's big firecracker woke up the state. The deep corruption issue exists throughout all of society and government at all levels. It varies considerably from place to place but exists everywhere. Fixing the fiscal crisis involves fixing deep corruption and there seems to be no interest in tackling that problem. Insider trading in the congress was fixed for a few months before being undone again - as soon as the spotlight was off they went right back to business as usual. John Kerry was one of the worst offenders on the insider trading issue - now he has been promoted. I can imagine several scenarios where the US could survive and thrive in the short term but all would require unlikely political events to take place. The majority of the public simply isn't well informed enough or engaged to make a difference. They will not be sufficiently upset or motivated to make real change until things really hurt by which time it is probably too late to fix things by rational means. Hence the state rolls in to enforce a fix at the point of a gun. Dennis
  2. Too many variables to know. It could be a soft start we are already in the beginnings of or a hard start that has yet to occur. It could be any time from today to a few years from now. It could be postponed again if there are sweeping elections in 2014 as there was in 1980 and 1994. All you can do is evaluate the probabilities. With 46 cents of every federal dollar printed or borrowed, enormous debt off the books, Europe in even worse trouble, and our manufacturing base largely gone the situation is worse than during the last two times the crisis was temporarily averted. Public apathy and growth of the dependent class are at all time highs so it is not clear there will be any turning around before Great Depression II and/or WWIII hit. One way or another the books are likely cleared through the equivalent of bankruptcy because of the lack of will to cut spending and regulation. The Progressives are a minority but they control the government, education and the media. They want collapse and authoritarian socialism - I don't see what is going to stop them. Dennis
  3. I guess you have homework to do if you support Ron Paul but don't know anything his organization. Dennis
  4. Then I am a liar as well. I had come to the identical conclusions before I ever heard Levin talk about it. I came to those conclusions by discussions in various libertarian on-line groups. Levin named the names and their various former and present affiliations - even more damning than what I had already concluded. The history and beginnings of the Libertarian party suggest it has always had this problem. There needs to be a clean break with its history and start over fresh with a new party - well defined and excluding Progressives and socialists. Dennis
  5. I like to visit used book stores. Musty old volumes in their hundreds and thousands sit on sagging bookshelves. The Bad Guys cannot scoop up all the old volumes which were privately owned and found their way into used book stores. Ba'al Chatzaf I agree that the Progressives aren't going to get them all, but they don't need to. They only need to make it difficult. Until the Internet came along it was almost impossible to research portions of the history of physics. I used to have the time and access to the AFIT library plus I could have research done for me at the Wright-Patternson AFB library - research that included relevant government documents. I spent a great deal of time researching specific portions of the history of physics and even with those resource available it came to very little relative to sources available after Wikipedia and Internet search engines came along. The Air Force has/had huge volumes of information on microfiche, film and other media difficult to search. I have no idea what has become of that since 1992. When I was in the Air Force they had a very very bad habit of destroying information if it did not fall into precise categories. I know one thing - the films I saw in High School would not be allowed now and certainly not under in a Common Core educational system. Dennis
  6. From what I know of local history in Northeast Missouri racism has been far from a linear progression of bad in the past to good today. There were a small number of slaves in NE MO at the end of the Civil War. The cemetery where my great-grandfather May is buried is said to have a half dozen unmarked graves where slaves were buried. At the end of the Civil War one freed slave remained near where he had been a slave and made a living fishing the local river just as the Indians had done up until about the 1830's - one of my elderly cousins [now gone] knew him when he was a child. There was not much racism related to the Indian population here - all but a handful died of small pox from when the Spanish were in Missouri. The last young female Indian of the local tribe was married off to a white settler by the chief. There was and still are few blacks in NE Missouri. My great-grandmother let it be known that blacks working on Missouri rural electrification were welcome at their farm to get water and trades supplies as needed. I have several half black or fractionally black cousins on both sides of my family. On the May side we are all fractionally American Indian as well. It is my view that Obama has done significant damage to race relations - setting things back thirty years or more. I don't see that damage being undone in my lifetime. A shame. Dennis
  7. There are literally 3-4 dozen turning points - fog of war, technological investment decisions, weapons deployment decisions, intelligence assessments, failures in spy-craft, bad political calculations, misinformation campaigns, timing decisions, and weather on critical days/campaigns that could have turned WWII in very different directions. Throughout history technological investment in the materials of war plus the politics and tactics to support them have made a huge difference in outcomes. The bad political calculus following WWI did indeed lead to many problems. There was however an open window of time between WWI and WWII before appeasement was rubber stamped every time that Germany could have been turned and WWII prevented. Weakness in the French and British militaries and political structure left appeasement the only real alternative at the time. The US was living under Progressive FDR and had little more than a WWI military until military leaders forced FDR to start preparations for war [history you didn't hear unless you were in the right place at the right time]. The US entering WWI ended the conflict but what would have been the outcome had the US stayed home? Now you have thousands of turning points to consider. Would the US gone entirely Progressive in the WWI time frame with dictatorship to this day? Too many turning points to consider. Dennis
  8. 46 cents of every federal dollar spent is printed or borrowed. Half of the citizens are on the teat. When the scheme explodes - as they have designed it to do - freedom will be replaced by food riots in the streets, burning and looting. Then where will freedom still exist except in pockets here and there? Dennis
  9. Information I first heard on Glenn Beck's show on Fox News. Dennis I learned that 30 years ago reading up on Sanger. The day I depend on Fox News to learn history will never come. Ba'al Chatzaf On Fox News is where Beck documented how the Progressives have been buying up old books out of print, altering or destroying historical records, and destroying the ugly parts of the history of the Progressive moment to put a smiley face on it. I know that historical films of atrocities of the Russian revolution I saw in high school [32-33 years ago ] seem to have disappeared in the digital age. Beck has bought up many old books Progressives have attempted to destroy - sometimes the same pages will be cut out of numerous copies before he can find one not altered to protect the Progressives. If Common Core survives and education goes entirely digital it is unlikely what you read about Sanger 30 years ago will be available in the next generation. Dennis
  10. If you listened to why Beck trashed Ron Paul I completely agree with the reasoning. You really need to listen to Mark R. Levin to hear even better reasons. Beck's primary reason: Ron Paul embraces cutting the military and ignoring threats - the US will be unprepared, leading to war - just like threats ignored leading to WWII. Ron Paul has to distort historical and military reality to fit his narrative that somehow his fantasy world work in the real world. Levin's main reason: Ron Paul's organization is riddled with Progressives and socialists working against US interests from the inside. A serious problem anyone who has spent any time on various libertarian discussion sites can easily recognize. Libertarians need to clean house of Progressives and socialists before they can be taken seriously in national politics - until then they are unreliable partners in shrinking the size of government. They always want to shrink the military first, shrink the rest later but they spend very little time attacking the goals of Progressives and socialists generally and never spend much time talking about what to shrink later. The saboteurs inside libertarian organizations know there will be no shrinking anything later - after the military is impotent. The personal liberty stuff if largely a ruse, once the Progressives and socialists inside have power all the personal liberty stuff goes out the window. Dennis
  11. One country left in the world that has any chance of beating back authoritarian socialism from sweeping the globe. It is 11:55 on the clock to midnight for that effort to fail. Yet nearly impotent religion(s) [multiple competing religions] in the conservative movement are the big fear when the nation was founded by far more religious people than what exist in the population today? Your priorities are extremely out of bounds. When I see you spending 95% of your efforts against Progressives and authoritarian socialism I might take the effort to listen to the minor concern religions pose at this final hour before freedom leaves the Earth. Every time I hear any objectivist worrying more about religion than authoritarian socialism I have to wonder what bubble they have been living in. Dennis If you want to worry about religions, worry about those that embrace authoritarian socialism - Liberation Theology and Islam. Dennis
  12. One country left in the world that has any chance of beating back authoritarian socialism from sweeping the globe. It is 11:55 on the clock to midnight for that effort to fail. Yet nearly impotent religion(s) [multiple competing religions] in the conservative movement are the big fear when the nation was founded by far more religious people than what exist in the population today? Your priorities are extremely out of bounds. When I see you spending 95% of your efforts against Progressives and authoritarian socialism I might take the effort to listen to the minor concern religions pose at this final hour before freedom leaves the Earth. Every time I hear any objectivist worrying more about religion than authoritarian socialism I have to wonder what bubble they have been living in. Dennis
  13. In a move similar to Kansas, Missouri is attempting to take back the 10th Amendment. Dennis
  14. Rubio did the fastest switch from Tea Party to RINO Progressive seen yet - a new record. Dennis
  15. Beck wishes us to be kind to O'Reilly and Anderson Cooper because they have been good guys behind the scenes and fair over the years. To me that sounds like relativism at work - more like they look good compared to the rest of the media which is so bad it is sickening. Dennis
  16. Dennis: The protective media would have said that he was practicing being "Solomonic!" A... Good point. There is always an excuse. Dennis
  17. I should modify that - the commentary portion referred to the shows 7PM-10PM Central Time, commentary during Special Report and Fox News Sunday is 30% Progressive, 50% RINO, and maybe 20% Conservative/Libertarian - varying from show to show. Dennis
  18. Compartmentalization has Struck Again: Beck cannot understand whey O'Reilly doesn't get it after having done the right thing on ACORN. As O'Reilly often says - he is a simple man. I believe there is more truth in that than he wants to believe. For O'Reilly to go down the Saudi student path with Saudi government and Obama collusion he would have to do the kind of homework Beck does. I don't believe he is up to that task. In fact I'm not sure Fox News has the depth of bench to do it since as Beck noted they have many Soro's Progressives among their ranks [who will do whatever they can internally to sabotage such reporting]. O'Reilly is the type that has to see a short term end-game to a report. I see him as compartmentalized - unable to do open ended thinking. He is unable or unwilling to learn new information as witnessed by his grade school understanding of economics - always repeating the same incorrect views time after time. The Saudi story is too large for a compartmentalized person to digest. Fox News did the "fair and balanced" thing from the beginning which seemed to be approximately 90% middle of the road people in the morning, 55%-60% Progressives during the mid-day through afternoon, hard reporting 40% Progressive, 40% RINO, 20% conservative/libertarian. Commentary 30% middle of the road, 30% RINO, 30% Conservative, 10% libertarian. I have no research for those numbers - just my impression. The bad news is the hard reporting now seems to have shifted to be more like the mid-day through afternoon reporting. Murdoch now supports Progressive education - is it too late for Fox News? Dennis
  19. For the last several days Beck has mentioned a few times he just doesn't know what to do anymore. I think you may have hit it on the head - the critical mass of corruption has been reached where there is nothing the administration can do that will shock or interest anyone. How do you fight that? Beck more or less said only death in the streets might wake people up now. Not every story of corruption has a good narrative. When Clinton was president I used to tell friends - "Nothing will stop Clinton until they have a video of him in front of an audience of 10,000 people cutting black babies in half with a chainsaw". I saw the same kind of apathy set in when we used to have a dirty local cop supported by a dirty county sheriff and a drunken dirty county judge. Each of the 3 had dirt on each other - one was a thief and molester, one involved with drug dealing and counterfeiting, the judge a series of DUI's/public nudity/sexual affairs where the cops just drove her home each time. The apathy lasted for around 25 years with every new attempt to do something about it ignored by the state. Only when the local cop stole $54,000 from a federal fund did it hit the fan. Beck can't do it alone because the rest of the media can overwhelm him. This morning on Fox News they had a segment where someone went to California and showed most people were willing to sign a petition to do away with the 6th and 7th amendments if they were told up front it would help Obama. No surprise there. Not sure Obama could even run a chainsaw. Dennis
  20. That is why the timeline showing when administration statements were made and documents altered, then classified will become very interesting. The lies have snowballed with a half dozen whoppers told in rapid succession. I will be sad if Bret Baier becomes the new Dan Rather - never to be trusted again. Benghazi and now Boston - cover-up after cover-up with more and more people dying. Dennis
  21. He raises a good question The best answers I've heard to the question have come from Andrew Wilkow's guests and information from Glenn Beck and his guests and research. Dennis
  22. Information I first heard on Glenn Beck's show on Fox News. Dennis
  23. No need to go back many of the well made buildings and houses are still with us. Dennis
  24. Then you withdraw any claims concerning entropy and the 2nd law of thermodynamics as well - since you no longer have boundary conditions to assume the 2nd law applies. I know the surface of a 3 sphere of finite dimension is topologically unbounded. So I will not withdraw a thing. If physical space time is a manifold that is homeomorphic to a four sphere (I don't know that it is) it is unbounded. It is possible that space-time is bounded. It is possible that space time is unbounded. There exist pseudo Riemanian manifolds of both kinds. We don't have empirical data to decide the question. Write us when we have empirical data to resolve the question. Otherwise you should hold your peace. I am not withdrawing a damned thing. Ba'al Chatzaf So on faith you want to assume the 2nd law of thermodynamics applies without any empirical data to support boundary conditions where it would apply. Dennis there are megatons of empirical evidence supporting 2LOT. Like any general proposition about ALL of physical reality a finite number of experiments cannot prove it in its generality. No physical law can be -proven- in the same way a mathematical theorem is proven. A physical law can only be falsified by a contrary empirical finding. So it is not faith. It is holding 2LOT provisionally until such time as it is disproved empirically. In the meantime there is lots of evidence for 2LOT even though it is not proof. Faith is for preachers. Practical provisional holding of an evidence supported general law is just prudence and good sense, not faith. The sure fire way of proving 2LOT is false is producing a perpetual motion machine of the second kind. Can you do it? Ba'al Chatzaf You have entirely missed the point - you have failed to empirically demonstrate the conditions where the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics even applies. The 2nd Law is derived from mathematics and a small number of assumptions - boundary conditions among them. You have failed to even meet the bar of applicability. You are expressing faith that it applies apparently without an understanding of where the law even comes from. Dennis
  25. Those were the days. They used to make things in this country. Ba'al Chatzaf That is why in the movie Titanic the correct portion to cry was when we got to see the magnificent engine room. Dennis