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  1. We view the origin of the problems differently - I see the problem starting in 1904 with the failure of the greater physics community to recognize JJ Thomson's solution to vexing problems in thermodynamics. There is no such rule or time table as you say. Since I've never supported General Relativity I don't see it that way. It is a failed theory which I saw as a bad approach since I was 15 years old. Dennis
  2. That was for real. :The Scipio balistae spear thrower could pin a shied to a man's chest at 400 yards. There there was a magazine version of it, but the generals did not like it because they thought it would lead to a waste of spears. The same objection was raised against the Gatling Gun back during the Civil War. Which is why the Union never deployed "Gats" against the Rebels. Ba'al Chatzaf The Gatling gun saw only limited use in the Civil War, (Ben Butler used two around Petersburg and eight on gunboats; Porter acquired one; and Hancock ordered twelve for his I (Veteran) Corps), however, the conflict did test this weapon, perhaps the first successful true machine gun used in warfare. Invented by Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling, the Civil War model served as the precursor of more successful models. Dennis
  3. Nothing about the nature of authoritarian socialism has changed - nor is there any reason to believe it will change. You can be lined up in front of a trench and shot with a 7.62 X 54R Mosin-Nagant, or a 7.92x57mm Mauser in a K98, or a 7.62x25mm in a type 54 pistol - Russian, German, or Chinese trenches all look the same once they put lime on you and cover it over. Starvation as a political tool goes right along with ending up in a trench. Millions have died in my lifetime at the hands of authoritarian socialists, many tens of millions more in the generations of my father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. People who had been disarmed - victims because they were disarmed. Genocide continues in Africa with authoritarian socialists [islamo-Fascists] taking control of more and more. Mass starvation continues in the people's authoritarian socialist paradise of North Korea. Do you think history suddenly stopped when you starting posting a reply to this subject? Dennis
  4. According to Kuhn, the persistent problems in theoretical physics is the pregnant moment. A similar thing happened just before Planck invented quantum physics. Ba'al Chatzaf Back in the day the pregnancy didn't last for generations. You have to look to pre-Newton times to see the kind of stagnation that is setting in. Dennis
  5. I heard tell of a magazine loading cross bow. The rate of fire cannot match an MG-42 of course, but it can sure do some damage in skillful hands. Has anyone considered a machine powered Gatling Cross Bow? Ba'al Chatzaf Some of the best new gun/weapons design work you will see is on various fantasy gaming sites. Not real but possible weapons in most cases. I once saw a historical engineering reinactment show where the Romans had a repeater long distance spear thrower like a huge crossbow. I recently heard that people in England are turning to large caliber airguns for self defense. Some are sold that will kill deer but most all are very range limited - 40-55 yards or so. Air handguns become quite long to have any power to speak of. Dennis
  6. When I was in high school in Nebraska nearly every pickup truck had a gun rack with at least one deer rifle and a .22 rifle for small game - and everyone had a pickup truck. We worked on guns in shop class occasionally. I took an antique rifle to show and tell. Gun violence was never an issue. The only shooting I recall in 4 years of high school was a father and son killing 3 armed burglers who had already hit some 30 farms in the area. If only the father or the son had been home they would have wanted a 30 round magazine to combat 3 armed intruders at once. Luckily they were 2 non-victims and they had pump shotguns. The burglers had handguns. We will be dying in the trenches just like every other authoritarian socialist experiment if guns are taken away from the USA. Canada and the rest of the West will fall once the US is not there to defend it all. Dennis
  7. I have not heard any recent BS claims about Obama being the smartest guy in the room. I came across this link the first time a while ago and thought it was worth posting. First Reagan wasn't Ivy League, then the false claims about W. Bush were paraded out by the press, then when testing came out showing Kerry was less intelligent than W. Bush it became clear typical press bias was behind it all. The biggest joke of all was the creation of Obama the Annointed who has abolutely no papertrail of having any exceptional intelligence. He did beat Britney spears however. Dennis
  8. Not true at all - the best way to get yourself killed by a gun is to be disarmed then allow authoritarians to rule. Then like millions in the last century you can get yours in the back of the head or lined up along a trench for the mass grave treatment. Dennis
  9. 54 of my hometown associates have also turned up dead in the last 30 years, and so have yours. I have never run for political office, I don't know about you. Get a grip, Dennis May. How many were to testify against you in criminal proceedings? How many were you involved with in illegal drug dealings? How many helped you obtain prostitutes? I am not talking about people dying of old age and disease. I am talking about people shot in broad daylight in downtown Little Rock at a stoplight, dying in light airplane crashes, being shot in the back with rifles from a distance, being killed in "robberies" where nothing was taken, turning up dead in the trunk of a car, etc. If you were an associate of the Clintons in Arkansas and things went sour your chances of turning up dead went through the roof. If you were in the White House and you were to testify against them suicide, plane wreck, or robbery gone wrong were your options. Every authoritarian socialist regime that has come to power leaves a litter of bodies behind. The Clintons like Obama are authoritarian socialist wanna-bes. Why do you think anything would be different in America than the pattern repeated dozens of times around the world. It is the norm proven historically time and again and to be expected. Dennis
  10. "Only theoretical physics shows signs of a "crisis," or accumulation of findings that cannot be explained, that leaves it open for a major paradigm shift, he writes." "This isn't the first time someone has predicted that science's most exciting days are over." Dennis
  11. A little over 20 years ago a co-worker was telling us about his dad - he worked for a branch of the Secret Service that you don't hear about - they investigate disappearances and suspicioius deaths of wealthy individuals and/or politically connected people. This was right after Clinton was elected. A year later the co-worker and his dad died in a light plane wreck - exactly the kind of thing he used to investigate and something that turned up several times later on in relation to Clinton. I did meet a former Clinton fundraiser from Arkansas in the mid-90's. He was telling my bosses about how he still feared for his life and cut all ties to the Clinton's once he realized what all they were into. I have heard that is a common story among people who knew the Clintons in Arkansas. Dennis
  12. When watching for patterns you must analyze what is going on in a statistical manner. About 1 1/2 years into Clintons first term there were some 54 associates of the Clintons from Arkansas who had turned up dead under unusual circumstances. It is possible to explain these deaths rationally one at a time as bad luck of one kind or another. Insurance actuaries looked into the deaths surrounding the Clintons and found the chances of bad luck being the source of the problem was in the 50 million to one odds range and this was before Vince Foster, dead female interns, and Ron Brown. Like in the days before the rise of the Nazi's when hundreds of politically active people in Germany were assassinated socialism taking power generally involves a great deal of death and/or destroyed lives behind the scenes. This is something to watch for and keep in mind. Individually the stories might not seem suspicious and some will be coincidence - as the pattern fills in the picture becomes clear what is really going on. Dennis
  13. More from The Blaze - Watch the video where Kyle is interviewed about gun control. Dennis
  14. Appeared on Glenn Beck A redone version of this video appeared on The Blaze - Glenn Beck
  15. Since I'm a design engineer in a well equipped machine shop the idea of banning essentially ancient technology [semi-automatic guns] doesn't sit too well with me. Of course statists are about control not reason. Dennis
  16. Nationwide Ammo Shortages: The Ammo is Gone "If this doesn’t wake people up I don’t know what will. If the Ammo supply can dry up this quickly, what do you think will happen to the food supply during a major nationwide emergency event?" All manner of pistol/revolver shells dried up during the last panic over Obama, it has happened again. 2 weeks ago my local Wal-Mart Superstore was down to only 5-6 boxes of .40 S&W and 2-3 boxes of .45 ACP. I'm sure they were all gone by the next day. They still had rifle shells in calibers that are only bolt action for the most part. A week or so ago I heard that there is now a 2 year backorder on the most popular models of rifles. During the last Obama panic many guns were on a 1 year back order. Some very popular models have still never made it to the stores from the last panic. Magazine prices have doubled and tripled in many cases - many are no longer available period. All the old obsolete rifles and used magazines are hitting the market and being sold for twice what they went for last year. If the next Obama panic is a food panic a can of peaches might be worth $10 overnight. When I was at the store last night I overheard acustomer and a store employee talking about how gas had gone up 30 cents a gallon overnight yesterday and hamburger a dollar a pound higher at the local store. I wanted to interrupt and explain they just OK'ed printing more money again but didn't. Interesting times indeed. Dennis
  17. A topic which has been coming up more and more in my workplace the last several years is a form of de-industrialization I seldom hear discussed. Normally when you hear about the US losing its industrial base we think of the rust belt where old production closes and new production is being moved overseas. In general we assume that remaining production is still advancing in efficiency and improving technologically. That may be true in some places but there has been a growing trend of reversals - production going back to less efficient, less technological, more hand-labor oriented processes. Why is this happening? The reason is the lack of maintenance capacity. There simply aren't enough qualified people out there willing to work to maintain complex industrial systems or design new ones. Our educational and votech systems have failed to produce the workers needed. Our immigration system kicks out all the foreign engineers we educate in the US with US tax payer dollars in favor of illiterate immigrants who will vote Democrat. Where I work [food industry machine design] technology integration seems to have peaked just before the DOT COM bubble collapse and is now reverting to the technology of the 1983-1985 time frame in many cases. There are of course exceptions and bright spots where some progress is being made but the problem seems to be growing fastest within the largest companies where the Obama-Democrat recession/depression has cut deeply into production with many plants running at 40% or less production than there were before Obama. Plant consolidations and closing are happening all over. With the glut of used equipment out there and high unemployment some production is going old school - all manual labor. With Obamacare about to strike the labor can no longer be afforded. It will be an interesting time for food production. The big producers have been skimping on maintenance keeping old systems running till they are falling apart, they don't have the ability to get enough qualified maintenance men to automate production in many cases, and now labor is about to become unaffordable. Fuel is going up as well so expect food prices to explode once Obamacare hits full blast. Not to mention the exploding regulation burdens. ************* Why will green energy in the form of wind energy and solar not work - if implemented it would entirely drain all the maintenance capabilities in North America and then some while never coming close to producing affordable energy. The cost in accidental deaths and injuries of such maintenance would rival car accidents. Dennis
  18. The opportunity to run as an independent has always existed - it seldom succeeds and now many state laws have erected so many barriers to get on the ballet that without a party it isn't going to happen in most places. Dennis
  19. It would be hard to get a 3rd party going before the midterm elections but if they could it would vastly increase the chances of success during the next presidential election. The downside is that progress being made at the state level and governors might be forfeit for an election cycle or two until the Republicans Party at a nation level evaporates. Splitting the vote is always a danger but the national level Republicans have failed one time too many - the party needs disvolved and the power players now involved banished from politics and replaced by those who will fight for principle each and every time - that can only happen with a new party. Dennis
  20. After censoring conversatives an alternative has been created. Dennis
  21. Physics Poll: Has today’s science rendered philosophy obsolete? The reason theoretical physics and cosmology are in so much trouble is their abuse/neglect of philosophical considerations. Dennis
  22. I have heard this has been what the Tea Party has been doing. I expect the new 3rd party will grow out of the efforts the Tea Party has been putting in place. Rubio is now a sad disappointment with McCain leading him around by the nose with his same old RINO tricks. The Republicans have failed one time too many. Dennis
  23. I'm listening to Beck's radio show on SiriusXM but pausing it now and again. What started out as a discussion of immigration reform has turned into the Republican Party is dead - now just like the Whig Party and Beck is advocating the formation of a 3rd party. He is saying if Rand Paul announced a presidential run today as a 3rd party he could pull it off. Though few were listening I heard several conservative Republicans say the same thing about a year ago - if the Republicans go back to their old ways again after this election there will be a 3rd party. Immigration reform and the failure to address the deficit/debt is proof they intend to go right back to their old ways of appeasement and compromise giving away the country. Beck's co-hosts are trying to talk him out of it but Beck is far from alone. Today could be the beginning of interesting things. Dennis
  24. Besides requiring an unusual kind of person to be the average inhabitant of the Federation you will note the total absence of the many of peoples and cultures that make up the majority of the Earth today. Talk about central planning :-) Dennis
  25. Many things were scarce even in the Star Trek world. There always seemed to be one crisis or another so nothing really changed in the Star Trek universe. Some advanced societies had good access to the necessities - just like today, people competed for position just like today, a great deal of information was readily available - just like in the last decade, Who serviced the replicators - that involves time, who serviced the scare hollowdecks - that involves time, who designed and maintained the high technology needed to keep everyone in necessities? All of these things involve payment with reward or a currency of some kind. Some of the early TNG episodes were embarrassing in their promotion of socialism disconnected from even the realities of the Star Trek universe. Dennis