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  1. It is already known her word is good for nothing and she will tell any lie the administration wishes - [border security and administration arms trafficking to narco-terrorists]. If the Saudi is allowed to leave Obama will have pulled off another criminal conspiracy without the puppet media saying a word. Beck has been doing an hour by hour count of the Progressive media refusing to cover the Saudi story. Dennis
  3. I'm listening to Beck on SiriusXM paused delay - their chief news guy is explaining that they are working on ID'ing the suspects independently of what the government is feeding the press. Dennis
  4. That fact you have not one shred of evidence for this allegation (in the present matter) is absolute proof of the conspiracy. No evidence is the best evidence. Ba'al Chatzaf Enough is known about what happened in Libya to know a cover-up happened in that case. We know Obama is about to spirit the Saudi suspect out of the country with the paperwork saying he is a national security risk - apparently several sources have the paperwork. This happened in conjunction with a Saudi visit to the White House and the kid's family are Saudi big wigs with multiple ties to al Qaeda. The other main suspects shown in photos by the police also look to be of Middle Eastern origin. Obama has lots of explaining to do already. At this point if he suddenly attempts to pin it on a Tea Party conspiracy the nation will explode. More likely one or both of the students in the police picture will take the fall and it will be called a lone wolf incident The Saudi student will be gone so Congress will not be able to investigate a primary lead. Will the Progressive media even say these are Muslim students or will that again be marginalized as part of the discussion? Dennis
  5. Dennis: Seems like this is getting to the point of confirmable, as I noted in post #92 supra. Apparently, he is going to be "deported" under: ttp:// Curiouser and curiouser as Alice looked down the rabbit hole... A... As long at the vast majority of the media is Progressive lap dogs they will go with whatever story Obama's crew comes up with. The Saudi student will be long gone and untouchable - all the paperwork classified and none available until Obama is long gone out of office. One or two kids will take the fall for the entire cell and those who guided their actions - cutting connections back to Saudi Arabia. Obama's claim that al Qaeda is on the run will stand because the Progressive media won't challenge Obama's complicity in covering up Libya and now Boston. Dennis
  6. Beck in the process of breaking news [with reporter Sara Carter] that Saudi student was involved in the bombing and Obama is going to spirit him out of the country because his mommy and daddy are powerful in Saudi Arabia. He was involved with 1-2 others. Obama will make one of them - 2 at most lone wolf or wolves pretending there was no cell operating in the US. Bigger than Watergate cover-up in progress. Beck has at least 2 sources [uS Government and Saudi Embassy] plus documents gathered before they were classified by Obama. He is attempting to shame the rest of the media into following the real story instead of helping Obama in the cover-up. Dennis
  7. The house I lived in during High School - zoom out to see how rural. Dennis Ah. Perfect for drone target practice. --Brant drones away! Collateral damage - two cows, one horse, and a badger. Dennis
  8. I am comfortable in rural areas and GOOD towns and cities. There are shit-hole cities [baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago - ones I've been to], There are good cities [Omaha, Columbia, MO, Springfield, MO], and there are mixed cities [Dayton, Florida Panhandle cities]. Small villages vary as much as cities being good or shit towns. In all cases it comes down to how much corruption has been tolerated for how long. As far as under-reporting/false reporting it is a problem city and rural. In cities murder is reported as suicide, in rural areas drug overdoes become allergic issues, in rural areas death by hitting deer become reckless or drunk driving. The one biggie is missing children - in rural areas it is murder, in cities they are runaways. I knew people working a case in Omaha when I was in college and knew of other cases when I lived in Dayton. It really opened my eyes about how big the problem is. Overall corruption of public officials is by far my biggest criminal concern. Sustained long term crime doesn't happen without it. Fix government official crime, keep people free, and most of the other problems go away. Dennis
  9. The house I lived in during High School - zoom out to see how rural. Dennis
  10. I went to high school in a very very rural area of Nebraska but unknown to me at the time that part of rural Nebraska was many years ahead of most of the rest of the country in many ways. Nebraska hasn't changed a bit so Missouri has almost caught up 30+ years later. When I was 17 I went to a NSF Summer Camp of Physics at Drake University - my first eye opener about how I didn't miss a thing being from rural Nebraska. When I was 20 I was the 7 state area representative to the Society of Physics students - going to Washington DC and Baltimore. 2nd time I realized I didn't miss a thing. I still view much of what goes on in urban areas as backwards, behind the times and often plain bad news. Many of the locals here have been to Iraq and Afghanistan - I wouldn't blink seeing someone come in with an M60 and a full belt. They would either be showing off or want some repair work done. Advice to Texas cops - lighten up Francis. Dennis
  11. I'll have to try to watch that later on The Blaze, I was listening on SiriusXM on a long delay and lost signal on the Internet.
  12. I am absolutely sure the big cop who caused the problem is an out of control fucking asshole who needs to lose his job. His pencil pusher CYA boss needs to go for being incompetent in allowing the arrest to cover the incompetent big cop. The man properly asked to talk to the bad cops boss who happened to be there and the issue could have been resolved but the CYA boss make things worse by protecting a bad call. Dirty cops are famous for stealing firearms. It was a serious issue when I lived in Dayton and it has been known to happen here locally. Dirty judges cover for dirty cops [used to happen here locally all the time]. To voluntarily submit to a cop in the wrong is an interesting question. I guess it depends on the context and circumstances. The question becomes more interesting when living under statism where the law is always about the gun and nothing to do with objective law. There are places in the US right now were outright statism has taken over concerning some civil rights - the 2nd Amendment being one of them. Vote with your feet if you can, if not things then become interesting. Dennis
  13. In this day and age we need police who know and respect objective law and uphold their oath to the Constitution. We don't need urban liberals disguised as policemen pushing PC at the point of a gun like PC is an objective law. Beck was talking about this case today to a policeman caller from Oklahoma and voiced pretty much the same thing - now more than ever we must insist our police do the right thing when it comes to our 2nd Amendment civil liberties. You can't just assume the police are the right side of the law or the constitution - many are not. The policeman in the video would not say any law had been broken - only that he is the law. That is the rule of a man, not the law. In the context of protecting civil rights are we going to look the other way and be compromised or draw a line? Dennis
  14. First problem: a complaint with no probable cause to do anything about it - no crime was being committed. Only a very stupid over reacting cop would have proceeded to disarm someone based on such a call when there was nothing indicating a problem. The cop did not ask him to give up the weapon - the cop attempted to grab it. It would not surprise me if that cop turned out to have come from an urban area and was kindergarten clueless about guns and hunting - much less the law. He clearly does not have the proper mentality to be a policeman. Dennis
  15. In New Orleans they would have taken the camera, beat the piss out of you, and/or you might have been shot as many innocent people were. This is only the case of a stupid over reacting cop being protected by a stupid supervisor. Stupid over-reacting cops get people killed. This one and his supervisor both need fired. Dennis
  16. When I was an Air Force Officer I had a similar - in substance - but less dramatic event happen to me in Dayton OH. Luckily however in that case the supervisor knew right from wrong and stopped the brain dead cop from disarming me. Back before Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, myself, and a few others were having a gun control discussion on-line and a misunderstanding of the context of a statement I made caused Jimmy Wales to chide me for inaccuracy. I was talking about how they were going door to door in California confiscating guns. I was speaking in the context of police answering a call about a fight then going door to door disarming people in the immediate area without warrant or probable cause - the same kind of thing that nearly happened to me in Dayton. Of course we now have hindsight about New Orleans when the cops broke down doors and beat old women taking their guns - never to be returned. Registration will lead to confiscation which will end in dictatorship. Clueless city dwellers made afraid of guns by government will be the end of America. Dennis
  17. Scientists Transform Cellulose Into Starch: Potential Food Source Derived from Non-Food Plants "The new approach takes cellulose from non-food plant material, such as corn stover, converts about 30% to amylose, and hydrolyzes the remainder to glucose suitable for ethanol production. Corn stover consists of the stem, leaves, and husk of the corn plant remaining after ears of corn are harvested. However, the process works with cellulose from any plant." In the next generation of research to produce human digestible starches one could imagine storing hardwoods or sawdust blocks in large stacks [indefinitely] then processing into a starch based food product whenever you wanted to. Some fourteen years ago I was really into alternative foods research. I had a resurgence of interest about five years ago but haven't looked into it too much lately. There are many routes to alternative foods but very little research outside of the conventional is being done. As long as socialism hangs over the head of such research I don't expect much of interest will be done any time soon. It is a huge open field but all it takes is one media hit job or government thug and all your investment is for nothing. There is no "real" food shortage - there is however a severe brains shortage leading to many starving or living in hunger. If I had an "off-site" research capability I would be very interested in many such lines of research. Under our current government - not so much. Dennis
  18. The Islamic recipe book for bomb making covered it - I recall Beck talking about this "how to make bombs in your mom's kitchen" jihad information about a year ago. Dennis
  19. Obama doesn't have to attend - someone [Kerry] should have attended. Dennis
  20. Don't know - I guess it depends on if George H. W. Bush knew if he was a Soviet spy or not. Dennis
  22. One scapegoat loses his job. The Feds cannot be trusted with any lists and will lie about what they have and how they got it. Dennis
  23. Several people have already chimed in on Facebook. Keep your eyes on the gun debate and immigration. If things are pushed through without debate because of the bombing you will know we are in 1933 Germany. Dennis
  24. I have a poster that says Ski Missouri - it has a guy in a pasture wearing a straw hat on ski's with no snow and a mule watching him trying to ski in the mud. Dennis.
  25. How can you take that buffoon seriously? Who do you take seriously? The dominant media has entirely failed to provide news that can be trusted. Even today we found out that Rupert Murdoch is helping the Progressive's in their final takeover of secondary education in the US - via the common core educational program. Until you have an answer on whom you do trust to provide news all I am hearing is name calling. Dennis Exxon-Mobil is running ads in support of Common Core as well. Beck and callers speculate it is a pay for play move to get the feds to release the federal permits for land they have been leasing but unable to drill on. Dennis