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  1. I disagree- I believe she would/could do an amazing job. Don't let her looks fool you, she is an intelligent woman, eccentric maybe, but nonetheless intelligent. She has good depth and scope...she is one of the few actress now a days that could pull off the part. And I might of the few actress with enough clout to see her "pet project" come about.
  2. I am still alive I promise!....and still a"work in progress" Real life has kept me at bay from the boards for a while- Unfortunately I also lost my mom this summer, so there were a few trips back and forth to Ohio. Emotionally, mentally and physically enduring. It looks like things have been updated around here, so once again it will take me a bit to get reacquainted. BTW I like the new layout. I have also decided to try my hand at writing again. I figure this may be my last year as a stay-home-mom, so I want to try and take advantage of any sliver of time. My librarian is *not* liking me right now due to the amount of research books I have requested . When the time is right, I would love to bounce off some ideas and concepts your way and see what thoughts and opinions may be out there. I may just end up writing for me...but that is ok too. If I learn and am strengthened by it...then all the better. Its good to be back and see some familiar faces...I will do my best to frequent more often Cheers ~Amy
  3. What I found interesting is it is the part of the brain that reacts more or less to visual stimuli. I wonder if this has any coorelation to the fact that as a society, we are spoon fed acts of altruism as a good thing. From cartoons to movies to the media, selfish is bad -selfless is good. My curiosity lies with the possibility of the brain being triggered by the video games. Visual stimuli triggering visual memories.
  4. ok....something I can chime in on w/out additional research . It is best to see these from season one...if you would rather read than watch...they have a pretty good play by play on the Fox site. As far as Jacks bro....He is way too smart and devious to be the "stupid guy that was careless concerning the nukes" Last season he had the president on puppet strings...but, he was also working with/for who is pulling his strings? and point of note: the female advisor that resigned is married to Bill Buchannon, head of CTU. I think the "bimbo" might be undercover...she quickly recovered after he threatened to put her to the curb. Restricted access girl???? Did Milo make a big mistake placing his trust in her???? We are due for another spy in CTU. The pres's sis- Political platform? yeah prolly...pain in the ass, most definately. Dead before the season is over? more than likely. No family love los in the Bauer residence thats for sure- Oh one more thing....methinks Graem's son is really Jack's kid. Is it a coincidence that they have been estranged for exactly 9 yrs...the same age as the kid? I do LOVE this show!
  5. I stumbled into philosophy by reading fantasy. I too read to enjoy the story...but this one reminded me like I said before, how much I enjoy learning. The philosophy came to me a bit slower because I had never heard of O'ism at that point. The story itself resonated with me so much I eventually found Mr. Goodkind's site and learned about O'ism. The storyline itself peaked my curiosity enough to search for more information and folks of caliber to discuss the novels. Mr Goodkind is a kind and endearing person, even if he does at times come off as absolute. As you know, O'ists are looked upon as uncaring when dealing w/ absolutes. ~waves to all again~...apologies for my absence...extra time has been ellusive as of late
  6. wow....POC was definately not the first I would have reccomended. My first initial opinion was that was one of his weakest in the series. It is an important change in the storyline, but not his strongest...and yes Oba ..../ Upon my second and third reading of the hit me like a ton of bricks; that the root of the novel was to introduce prejudices. It has been debated that Mr. Goodkind deliberately introduced new characters not only to further the storyline but to demonstrate how easily we can fall victim. For years he had been critisized even amoung fans that this was his worst like it the least etc. etc. Not only was the main character demonstrating prejudices but the fans were as well. Its a novel not like the others, the main characters of the series were not even seen until the final chapters when Jennson had to utilize her own mind and knowledge to make a decision. I have yet to discuss this with Mr Goodkind, to know if it was intended or a side effect. I can't help but thinking it was indeed intended. He's like that...he likes to make you think. It is extremely hard for me to pick a favorite of his. Most of his fans would instantly say Faith of the Fallen. Most see it as his homage to Ayn Rand. Wizard's First Rule, his first, had me hooked and wanting more. He reminded me how much I enjoy learning. I am eager to discuss any and all with you. <big smile> If you liked POC I can't wait for you to read the others! He is one of the few authors I can re-read. I seem to learn something new everytime I re-read it. Kinda like Atlas does for me. and No I have never used literature looks cool, I'm gonna check it out. Though lol...I havent read any of the others "close" to him. Ayn Rand isn't even on the page!?! I think that tends to vary what you get out of his novels...I don't read them for the fantasy was a fluke, and a gift. I laughed cause its one of his pet peeves, yet he turned me on to the fantasy genre. Thanks!
  7. thank you reading list seems to never end now...which is a good thing w/ the exception of time stated elsewhere but I have read Atlas, Fountainhead, Anthem, We the living, and have The Romantic Manefesto and the Epistomology(?)....waiting for me at the library. I the end it is my own opinion and interpretation that matters, but I was just curious. Thank you Michael, for your reply because it was one of your comments I was referencing and its nice to see you hold up to my original opinion. Don't get me wrong...I wasn't fishing or testing, just curious. Wow your list of names is indeed impressive Every situation has two sides, especially something as intense as this split seems to be. Coming from someone so new to Objectivism, it is truly a pleasure to see my (ahem) "faith" in this site has proved to be valid. I will eventually read both Peikoff and the Brandens works, I was looking for a starter direction. for me No, I do not think Ayn Rand is infallable- Yes, I have come across a few of these zealots. From what I have read thus far, this site is as you and Kat intended Michael. and just the kind of place I was looking for...a place to not get instantly bashed as soon as you bring up an alternative POV. A place to learn and share ideas and to further my own growth. As biased as you may be, you still have the fortitude to venture "across the lines" and inform. Thank you again. oh and BTW-what is PARC?
  8.'s the fluff, and....LMAO I have no idea what you are referencing with the site or the peeps involved. I am truly the :baby: in the woods here. Even while you call him a troll, you mention his intelligence...... Bottom line, does he warrent my time reading his works? Which is better to further my understanding of Objectivism? I'm not looking for a stud, lover or playboy...just a decent understanding of objectivism on a deeper level. Like I said...I am still working my way through Ayn Rand's writings. It would be nice to have follow up and an addition POV, an addendum in more modern times if you will.
  9. The start of the silly season has kept me busier than anticipated...still here...still reading.... ;)
  10. As a newcomer to an O'ist way of is a valid question that bears scrutiny. You literally cannot read about objectivism without stumbling across this topic. Even on this board it is blatently obvious. O'ist seem to side with one or the other. Split barely touches the contraversary. I personally am just now learning more about the Brandens. I still have yet to form an opinion (lack of knowledge), but am willing and have an open mind to see both sides. Thus far I have only a "hollywood" examples to pull from which I take with a grain of salt. In the two movies I have seen, one from Piekoff and one from B. Branden it is apparent that POV is/was a main ingredient. For whatever its worth...IMO A Sense of Life (which barely touched on it) was more....forgiving I'll say than The Passion of Ayn Rand (which was more the theme). One of the biggest things I took from TPoAR, was that Ayn Rand was human afterall In my experience O'ist do place her on an immortal pedestal. While I do have a very hard time with some of the chosen script (ie: Ms. Rand faulting B. Branden for being "selfish") I can only take in consideration that it was an axe she had to grind or that it really happened the way she said, or that it was the hollywood spin. In any case (considering her involvement), I did grasp the final concept that only those who were involved will ever know the final truth in the matter. What I am curious of is why is Peikoff such tabboo here? I have not yet read his or Brandens works (but plan to read both); but for what seemingly seems like such an open forum on "Objectivist Living" I am perplexed by this. He (from what I have thus gathered) has an important role in forwarding the O'ist movement. Please parden any ignorance I may demonstrate in this...I am said "virgin" in these here waters I would think( from what I have thus grasped from you fine folks) that at least his POV would be considered more than the "nameless one" or "that other guy". Do their opinions vary that much? Is it just different context or is it personal preference? Does anyone have suggested readings for either? I am working my way through AR works first...but curiosity bodes answers on which to read next.
  11. Going a lil' nutsy today- ....Have to finish cleaning one house for a party before going to grandmas for a day of Thanks...she spoils me and the kids so I am very thankful for the break! If I don't find the time to pop back on before we depart...I would like to wish all of my new friends the happiest of Thanksgivings- Take time to appreciate the good things in life! I will be back! think you folks are stuck with me I have greatly enjoyed the beginnings of what I hope will be mutually beneficial friendships. Cheers to you all! ~Amy~
  12. Mark- As for the strict and rigid, I had encountered some of that on, to my delight and surprise then when I met the individual he was nothing like how he came across on the boards. I was initially intimidated and learned a valuable lesson with him. I learned it was simply his convictions that came across so strongly. I have never been one to be intimidated easily; but I also know when I am out of my league. ;) I have never studied physics, quantum or any other kind. My interest in science has developed in the latter yrs. I hope you are all tolerant enough to work through my ignorance. I'm not asking for a handout of kowledge...I'll do my own homework, I may have the occasional question or two. ;) Dr. Leonard Peikoff, I have heard of, but only in assocoiation w/ Rand. I am working through her writings before delving into others. "Her intellectual heir" has always impressed me. I have an open mind.....I am absorbent as the perverbial sponge but in the end rely on my own judgement. ;) Chris- Thanks I'll check into it. Judith- ~waves~ ~~jots down title for list~~...Hi and thanks Victor & two positively gush ~Amy~
  13. To any and all- Here is a link to wiki for the rules. Wizard Rules- Wiki A more detailed on can be found HERE, it includes more story line details and counters if available. In a nut shell: 1st rule "People are stupid" They can be made to believe any lie out of fear or desire. 2nd- "The greatest harm can result from the best intentions" 3rd- "Passion Rules Reason" (a biggie for me ) 4th- "...there was magic in forgiveness, Magic to heal. In forgiveness you grant, and more so in the forgiveness you receive." (not neccessarily O'ist but I can appreciate it) 5th- "Mind what people do, not only what they say, for deeds will betray a lie." 6th- "The only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason." 7th- "Life is the future, not the past." 8th- "Deserve Victory" 9th- "A contradition cannot exist in reality. Not in part, nor in whole." 10th- "Willfully turning aside from the truth is treason to one's self." 11th- TBA
  14. Sorry for the interruption the children insisted on being fed CNA to briefly finish up- I have not kept my family completely in the dark either. My sister and mother both have been invaluable during "my quest". My opinion is that they know I have been questioning religion for years, what they may or may not know is the indifference to God. I have revealed quite a bit, but never came out and said spefically. I know this is not being true to myself, but the above mentioned details are my reasoning for my parents. My sisters and other members in the family...I have no issue with them knowing...I have at least shed that part of my guilt....but have not volunteered the info because, as in any family, it would instantaniously get back to my folks. I know....its an issue I am working on. ;) Ross- Thanks and HI! Redundancy prohibits me from responding more . Paul- ROFLMAO- Do I know?!?! Oh the stories we can share What I am desparately trying to do is to not fall back into the traditions of threat, intimidation and guilt. Again one of the reasons I was keen on the parenting forum...I know I need help or a better understanding in this arena. I am also undergoing "the great Santa" debate. I am struggling with the justification of essentially lying to my kids, but to deny them the enjoyment of being children when they are children is a tough call IMHO. Amy is my full name. Amy Dominique ;) **** ***** to be exact! My daughter is 5 yrs and started kindergarten this year. My son is 3 and "troublicious" is my nick for him Chris- Thanks again...and No I have never been...never heard of...but am interested! I live west of Fredericksburg, about an hour to hour & a half away from the city. I grew up in MD, lived in Delaware and now call me a "Delmarva" kind-a-gal! My folks lived in DC for 12 some yrs before retiring in Ohio...retiring in Ohio...who does that!?! LOL ...they are good peeps, I actually picked up both Anthem and We the Living up from their library. I just can't believe they read them . I told Dad for xmas that I was going to get him the audio of Atlas Shrugged, I though he needed a refresher course ;) . especially since he had been President of the Railway Association ~Whew~ I think I replied to all! thinks it great! Thank you all so much for the warm welcomes.
  15. WOW! Warm welcome indeed! Thanks to one and all- Lots to reply to- I will do my best. Kat- First off- I'm guessing it is primarily you, and Michael I should be thanking, for providing such a welcoming and open MB. It seems both eclectic and well presented, which demonstrates the caliber of folks you draw to it. I agree with your comments on raising children- It will definately be a challange while living in the "Bible-belt". One of the main forums that caught my eye here was the "parenting". This is exactly what I was looking for. Another part of AS that was key for me was from "the woman who owned the bakery"- when speaking to Dagney in Galt's Gulch, "They represent my particular career....They're the profession I've chosen to practice.....I came here in order to bring up my sons as human beings....." Now I just have to figure out exactly how to do that. During my discoveries, I just realized there was nothing the church could offer that I could not provide. I will introduce them to the concept, and have (though reluctantly and usually with the precedent of "some people believe....") if they ever decide its for them, then I will support it....Its their life and they will decide, but an informed decision. I feel this so strongly that something as simple as piercing my daughter's ears I have not done. Its her body and that will be her decision...yes I think its cute, but its not for me to decide, she may not want it, doubtful, but there is a chance...and its her body. As far as Terry Goodkind novels go- no I would not reccommend it for children. There are explicit scenes that have even turned some adults off. There are torture scenes that border, what have some called masochistic. It is a small but significant part of the storyline. Mr. Goodkind was demonstrating an extreme example, but the "haters of Goodkind" have blown it out of proportion. It is a mature young adult series IMHO. and yes, I will happily post the rules. I know I sound nothing short of a Goodkind cheerleader, but in essence his writings lead to the start of a life altering change for me. I have also had the priviledge to do some "work" for the site I mentioned. To clarify I am NOT a came here to advance my understanding of what he introduced. ;) Mark- HI back! I am very happy to have found this place....especially because you were not the first to warn me of "other O'ists" sites. I am just now starting what you have had 40 yrs to extrapulate on, I am eager to hear yours as well as other opinions on things. I *wish* I had been introduced to O'ism earlier in life. Not that I regret any choices I have made, but there were times in my life where I could have used it, and not let life get me down but to embrace it fully. It's more of the "attitude" I wish I had embraced...if that makes sense. I am hunting down the various writings of AR, the ones I have read thus far are : Anthem, AS, Fountainhead, We the Living, , I have started The Romantic Manifesto but just started it. LOL....I am almost embarrassed to say I had never heard of NB until recently through "AR- A Sense of Life" the most favorable, but I take that with a grain of salt. It wasn't unfavorable and the fact that AR was obviously attracted to his intelligence says an enormous amount for him IMO. I look forward to reading some of his works. My husband also is "not into the philosophy scene" He will discuss various points I may raise in conversation so thats a start...especially for my lil' "sports junkie" ;) are times when he admits "I hurt his brain". CNA- Its kinda funny....I think your "Looking for a real life John Galt" was one of the first non-philosophy threads I came across. You described yourself as shy...and not a MB poster, then I looked at your post count and chuckled...then I stumbled into your love affair confession with Victor my how times change! He jokingly stated how he was the one, and damned if it wasn't true! It tickled me. I guess he answered all the questions right. ;) My family was/is my hardest struggle. I have yet to "come out" entirely. To make a very long story short- My parents and family are devout Catholics. My parents currently have very poor health. They would see my change in life (ie; no longer believing in God) as their personal failure. While I don't deny any direct question, I have yet to volunteer the info either. Another issue I would like to overcome, but this could truly hinder them more than help me which I wonder if its worth it. More on that later- ~I'll finish in a bit~...KIDS