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  1. O God! Mice with human lungs! This is what replaces "apes with angel glands" in modern thought ?? Never mind Godbeingdead, now poetry too!!!' turning over in my grave though not even dead.
  2. Too bad Brant, the constitution means only what Trump thinks it means, sorry, I mean knows it means. If Peter is just making mock of that, he will be sorry!
  3. Even Ayn Rand herself was not immune from this kind of instinctive subjectivism, as when iIn the hospital (as I recall the anecdote) she insisted that a telephone pole outside the window was in fact a tree. I don't recall if she lashed out but she did insist that the evidence of her senses was paramount over anyone else's' senses. Your analysis of this phenomenon is very interesting.
  4. Whenever I hear the phrase, ""let me be very clear" I reach for my water pistol. Just saying No score in the first.
  5. Since your senses, and your gut, always render the only truth, I have no defence against such evidence. I must just make the best of it. Even a second-hand soul is better than no soul at all. Just off to my Ghouls Anonymous meeting.
  6. Did you read the whole article? I did. It was well-written and researched and quite mild in tone. I was impressed. So I looked up the writer, Tyler Durden, and th publication in which the piece appeared, Zero Hedge, financial publication outside my grasp. Do you regularly read Zero Hedge or other articles by Durden, or did you just pass on the headline as it fulfilled one of your prophecies? It is good to know the source o,f information as you are always saying, so we can use our own eyes and ears etc. effectively. As you may know already, Tyler Durden is a winking pseudonym and ZHedge is owned by a company registered in Sofia, Bulgaria . If it is important to know that a headline can be automatically assumed false if it comes from all Msm outlets, is it not equally important to know that it comes from a source tied to a foreign country?
  7. Peter Keating, if I remember correctly, was a plagiarist who passed off another person's work as his own , albeit with the connivance of the real creator. I don't live in that ville and I don't need to prove it by watching anyone else's videos. If you keep spreading that implication I will have to hire this wunderkind to sue you..
  8. J'accuse .... un cruel destin seulement. There is a direct line, but in events, not individual people. You noticed this yourself by switching from a defense of an armoury in18th century Concord, to people now defending the right of individuals to have armouries in their garages.The history of the gun rights movement is easily traced. It is easily understood. That does not mean it should outweigh the lives of people now living. In an age of incredibly effective personal murder weapons, I think it is dangerous for them to be widely distributed among the civilian population. Those who profit from the weapons which kill the innocent, whether financially or politically, yes I personally would hold culpable. But for believing in or supporting an idea, however wrong, people cannot be culpable, because they do not act but only think.
  9. Yes, I have often thought that a true civil war is the only logical outcome there and I hope History is not so logical. Of course I am glad to live in my home country, and dread to see, literally see, where my cousins would have to fight in their own home country. You ask two questions and I am not sure how wide your philosophical scope is here. I just meant that owning weapons is a constitutional right of every American, and nobody can disallow it, obviously. By weapons I mean of course not bread knives or piano wire but the guns which have quite literally become weapons of mass destruction, as in mass murder.
  10. This one so hurts me, I need to write , although about it nobody here has any more to say, than has already been said over and over. But my son is a transit worker , stationed at a similar workplace, and, may have made enemies there, how could I know? A relative of a murdered worker said that he was told, that the murderer had chosen whom to shoot, and whom to let go.. is allowing everyone these Godlke powers really an essential foundation of liberty?
  11. Off topic, but why did you edit out Peter's original designation of Fauci as Italian-American? Or maybe it isn't off topic, since I know nothing about the issue and wondered why it was in this thread, and was composing a query about that , with suitable original witticisms. I had thought we were talking about Chris Langan and still don't know what the guy said. But often I don't know what anyone is talking about around here.
  12. What are the first-hand sources from which you can draw on for every event or issue that we talk about, except the statements of the people concerned, and of course your own internal narrative? Can videos really be trusted, since we know they can be edited? I have never used anything second-hand (without attribution or similar acknowledgment) in order to sound witty, and I never would. Take that remark back, please. I have been defamed plenty by the oligarchy here, and I am a peaceful person, but some unfounded insults I will not abide.
  13. Cute one, Kelly.... and sure, O'Keefe is a grand old name....
  14. I am intrigued. But I never watch videos, because I can't hear the audio and do not have patience for them, so I rely on others (you ). To capsulize the ideas which you all find collectively scattered, incomprehensible and retarded... I have certainly always wondered what is the purpose of this universe, and all the other ones if there are any.
  15. Well, Mike Pence was totally behind Trump on Operation Warp Speed and supported him in every way we know of, and likely more we don't know of. Shouldn't he get some kudos for that? Likewise if he supported Trump in any mistaken decisions, he should share the blame. But come on, a Vice President is about as responsible for what his boss does as the First Dog is. Who knows, if dogs could just tell us, maybe less.
  16. Ok. the headlines and the opinions in the big bubble have never given me any indication of the guy,s legal record. I get most of my alt media news from here , pretty much all of it since I mostly indulge in my local news here. So in the interest of amity I am looking beyond, and I don,t see anything new about OKeefe, which is fine by me. If you have anytIng new for my eyes and ears to process, let me know. I still come here for the reason I originally did, you know, to talk to people and argue (amiably, for choice) and understand what other people who are not like me know, and care about, and occasionally connect on neutral topics. If you can bet I am only interested in the background of this obscure lawyer to try to play gotcha , then I can bet you are a little bit paranoid. We are both more complex than that. As is everyone, on whatever side.
  17. OKeefe is a one-man lawsuit factory! as he has never lost a lawsuit, is there any record of lawsuits he has withdrawn, or settled out of court or otherwise not litigated? Has he ever been sued himself? Enquiring minds.... Go Leafs! Go Isles, the lhomeless team that could! Beat unspeakably despicable Boston! On Dasher, onDeker, on, not so fast Slasher....
  18. Anything but another Pig War! Those pigs do not fight fair. An ancestor of mine was permanently disabled by razor-sharp trotters deployed by the enemy. Another challenge looms on our usually unclouded horizon in the sometimes-porcine shape of Chris Christie,who is calling on Biden to force Trudeau to let vaccinated Americans into Canada, or else! Will American presumption never end? This is the worst insult since the premiere of Argo.
  19. And so do you, and so are you, dear cousin. And the world is a much better place exactly as you say, Horatio, than professional haters can dream of in their philosophies.
  20. This analysis makes a lot of sense and I find it, well, pretty logical. Michael's following response, to my mind does not, and is not. Just for the record, I am not the person I have loved most in the world, and I have certainly hated myself for some things I have done which I will always regret, but this self hating thing is just imaginary. Michael evinces hate towards others which he justifies by citing their evil. I can understand and feel that too, but hate is a small part of my life and I try to waste as little of it on myself as possible. Righteous anger is too heady a brew to live on.
  21. Since you have not been shot, -as a decent person who does not deserve to be shot,- it is rather sleazy of you to imply that someone else deserves to be shot because in your view they are wicked and evil. In no way did you say this, of course. You have decided that if you were shot, however, she would wish you to die. Again this is the Implication I derive. I hope I am wrong.
  22. Of course you would like it, you unfeeling brute, connecting the name of a Respectable Widow like myself to such unwholesome thoughts. Archetype is a little overblown for this feverish feat of the imagination, stereotype is more like it, and maybe you could persuade your new amigo to disclose the mixed economy altruist hell he endured before he learned better. He gives the impression it wasn't Canada but he doesn't claim proud Americanism either. He knows all about us but remains a cipher himself. Having vowed not to be negative during this holy season I will congratulate you on continuing to attract different and intriguing characters td the site. SL is our first reformed tyrant, and I hope not the last. I don't know why that bolding appeared and I can't get rid of it but I m not whining, just informing, honest! meekly, Old Lady Lynam
  23. Game on! Several Canadian teams won., not mine of course, and J , I know you don't care and your mind is on higher things these days, but Vegas beat you all to hell, dooda, dooda.... Just saying. Golden Knights gIve me hope for America. What a narrative! Long live Big Hockey and the Deep Skate.
  24. Is self-satisfaction strictly compatible with self- hatred, Strictly Logical? And please supply a list of tyrants noted for their politeness. Thank you so very much in advance!