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  1. Glad that someone finally agrees with me on something! Thanks,Randter. Dauncee Fatale
  2. well, OK, if you say so. But really I was just kidding about those kidnappings.
  3. Warts? If he gets out, I hope for your sake he doesn't. Move next door to you.
  4. I just came across this..d you mean that the smiley rating is a negative one?....I didn't know that, I have used it it for thIngsthat make me smile, either because it is reall,y funny or I think it was well said or I agree with the point of view expressed...I save the sarcasm and irony for the content of my posts. I think the old timers know that... That,s why I almost never use emojis, Another aid to communication that only confuses me further!, I don,t know what happened with Jules but you have to remember the guy is from Alberta.
  5. For keeps! Yikes , that is ominous. President for life?. Maybe he could take the presidency, sort of like a reverse mortgage, and only give it back when he, you know, decides to move. So to speak. Tom Selleck explains it all better.
  6. Further on hating, this just showed up unbidden - did you used to chant Latin is a language dead etc,? Hatred is a virtue dead, /tho' righteous, that's still true It killed young Andrew Breitbart / and now it's killing you.
  7. Karen? Also not a Gaetz fan I gather, unless she is some screeching muderess I haven't heard of. I don't seethe much, but you always assume When I write anything negative it is out of hatred, so I won't try to prove that particular negative again. I did not intend to transmit joviality. What you perceived as hatred was scathing contempt, so at least I was in the ballpark of what I wanted to convey. I do hate those amoral fratboy types with the dead, mean eyes and the glee in getting noticed, no matter for what. Especially when they are what you call elitist one percenters, but in real li
  8. Matt Gaetz has stood staunchly by his creed of freedom to use his personal property as he wishes, and to pay travel costs for girlfriends if he wanted to, and has unabashedly enjoyed the sexual freedom available to young, unmarried, wealthy and successful men of his unique calibre. He has always stood out from the crowd, and for these things he is now being persecuted! He was the Only legislator to stand against the Sex Trafficking bill in 2017, defending his principles when the rest of Congress crnavenly caved into the majority Earlier on he had opposed an anti-porn bill, claiming his
  9. Oh, yes! Coming soon to a theatre near you, "Dead but THEY WON'T LIEDOWN"!! Now shooting (sic) with an all star cast on location at exotic Mar a Lago.
  10. Since the tiny possible benefit could be my life, I am quite happy to ruin your life to save mine, and you would still have a lot of life left, being young, even though it was ruined. I wouldn't sacrifice you though, that would be wrong, at least not until I'm through sacrificing my own young relatives and random strangers I kidnap on Halloween.
  11. Mark and his fanboys are pretty cavalier about the decrepit and not-so-healthy portion of the world's population, and as internet ambassador of the DUH community, I wish to register the strongest of protests against their hurtful dismissive attitude. We have feelings too, and the feeling that emanates from them says, "Why should I smother myself in a dorky mask and cover up my best features, just on the off-chance I might get near to some old wreck with pre-existing conditions? People like that should just stay home, anyway." And we do stay home, if we have one, quite a lot anyway.
  12. oh Michael, what exciting, bold and beautiful concepts of art will be realized, I shall reserve advance tickets now for the opening, if I last.. But in your enthusiasm you have mislabelled these three thrilling inspiring objets d'art, you silly boy. The wings are obviously embodying the soaring spirit of Pocahontas, taking flight to get away from those smelly Englishmen and their imperialism in the boundless liberality of free womanhood! Edison is perfectly captured in that playful futuristic jumble, hinting of the big hot mess all his inventions have come to. And noble Was
  13. Ellen, I can't seem to locate the unanswered question, please repeat.
  14. Yes, I certainly mean that.. An unvaccinated person is capable of contracting and spreading Covid without even showing symptoms himself, and there is no way to know who, masked or unmasked, is vaccinated without proof. Until everyone who wants the vaccine has had it, I don't want to unknowingly encounter my possible killer among those who refuse it,and then join the other few old corpses who were not in the lucky survivors category. I especially don't want it for my children and grandchildren among whose age groups, because of variants, are showing up more and more in the new cases , eve
  15. Yes, I did get that, and it illustrates my point. A public health measure is not viewed as what it is , a measure to limit the initiation of force by citizens upon each other, but as - well, what? An infringement on your sacred right to get sick, and make others sick?
  16. Sorry to disappoint you, but I actually agreed with Peters comments on replacing signature comparisons (too subject to subjectivity) to more objectively solid forms of ID. I was really talking about context,as perhaps you picked up.Stringent voting laws in Georgia, good. Stringent mask laws in Georgia courthouse, bad. To extend the point. The expected outcomes of such laws are good, but nobody believes in anybody's good intentions anymore.
  17. When are the Arizona and Georgia Pulitzer audits going to start? They will have to be consecutive, or won't they? No news maybe you have more recent intel.
  18. Six degrees of Jeffrey Epstein : His first boss was Don Barr, who hired him for a teaching job at the Dalton School for which he was not qualified, and later fired him. Don was the father of Bill Barr who authorized the Investigation into Joel Greenberg which resulted in sex trafficking charges . Greenberg was a Florida tax collector accused among other things of providing false ID for underage girls , using info from the tax office records. Greenberg was a close pal of Matt Gaetz...only four steps. Oh, well. Creepily enough, the exclusive Dalton School was where young Manriel Hemin
  19. One sure way to rile up the right to make any decision at all about public buildings, public lands or public areas in general. I believe that theoncept of a public is problematic to those whose standard of value is the private individual and his private rights. I know an exO'ist who believes that there should be only private property - every single centimetre of land on the planet should be privately owned ( I'm not sure about bodies of water). The concept of public health also has a suspicious ring about it, health care is strenuously private in the US despite worldwide trends in the o
  20. Last note on Matt "Pearly"Gaetz. If he gets charged with anything (still dubious that might happen) do NOT join a GoFundMe for his defence, it will be a scam! His future brother in law is a billionaire, not a to mention political soulmate and friend Trump - he may not be a hit with fellow pols but he is pretty comfortable among the 1 per centers. Trump
  21. The Guardian(U.K.) has reported that few top GOP leaders have expressed support for Gaetz because he is a "lone wolf" in Congress. For the sake of young Congresswomen, I certainly hope he is ! Nice allusion, Guardian.
  22. This is news - showing that Israeli spies are as hardworking and competent as Russian ones , or American ones. If it implies blackmail, it also implies that there is evidence of a blackmailable offence sufficient to convene the grand jury. Hand me the popcorn....
  23. Ah, yawn, back to normal in dear old Canuckistan. Maybe I should start up Canadian Boring again,to soothe today's anxious spirits with the comforting monotony of politics in days of yesteryear..once upon a time in the North...