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  1. .Michael, I do not understand your saying "finally" here, when those gloves came off over two years ago, and helped elect Trump, and are heard coming off again regularly at all his rallies again the media are booed, shouted down etc. What is new here? It is a constant part of his platform.
  2. Anna Silman also produced a podcast report on Faith Goldy. In it, you can hear Faith in her own words, and make up your own mind as to her likely future ... How la belle Province attracts les belles! Faith is very attractive, not as aupres-de-ma-blonde as Leanne Teale, say, but tres chic for these times.
  3. I have often wondered why Rand called Objectvism " a philosophy for living on earth". I mean. where else were we supposed to live? She certainly did not believe in heaven, and even she was not up to priming us philosophically for living on the moon, or other gravity-challenged environments. I found it a bad guide for living on my own patch of earth, but perhaps it was my discipleship that was at fault.I just got so tired of seeing life as a series of moral tests of my own character, which I could never pass.
  4. She was so underappreciated. Even those who appreciate her do not spell her name right! She chose to be Janis.
  5. I applaud him for that statement. It is a huge turnaround from previous immigration comments which emphasized restricting immigration (and refugee asylum)as much as possible, for security and job-protection concerns. I know he can make "the largest numbers ever" a reality, and only intractable xenophobes would oppose it.
  6. Tyrants tend not to have ideologies these days; they use the multitudes of idealists who are desperate for a leader to realize their ideal, and the aspiring tyrant uses them, or kills them as is politically expediient, until they achieve that power. You used to know things like this Jonathan - when was it that your memory started to fail? I noticed mine was becoming annoyingly selective after I turned 112.
  7. Wasn't that Mussolini? Hitler made the trains run on time to Auschwitz, that we know.
  8. Yes, pretty sure, I don't remember reading or hearing any Trump statement about Nazis being good people. (Tyrants like Kim and Putin, yeah ... but I can't find anything in my own comments about Trump praising Hitler et al.
  9. No, you're not. I don't even remember hearing that particular lle -if I (don't) remember that correctly. My memory is not that infallible though, so if you have any quotes fom me, I will stand, you know, corrected.
  10. this is concise, objective political commentary, which this subject sorely needs.
  11. This revolting report of a fakhealer, slaveholder and murderer in Brazil, should be known if his accusers are proven true. He fooled Oprah (not exactly hard to do) and that enabled him to continue his crimes, she should writhe with shame and try to make some compensation , if there could be any. But what exactly has this to do with Northam and abortion?. This Brazilian allegedly bred women like cattle, sold their babies and then slaughtered them after 10 years. (History tells us that women who bore a child a year for 10 years or more died of childbirth-related causes at a much higher rate than other women, although their deaths were accepted by them and their husbands, as the will of God or the price of sacred procreation or some such foolishness. Abortion has always been used, or attempted, in desperate attempts to avoid the far-too-often fatal results of pregnancy. Anecdote - my own grandmother died of "complications of pregnancy" when pregnant with her eighth child, at age 39. There was no coercion here - it was a happy couple and family who welcomed and loved all their children. But there was no contraception either, and no abortion). Again, your post is not about Northam nor abortion, as per the tags, nor humorous as per forum title. I suggest you move it to a serious forum more relevant to its subject. I know conversations meander,,, but this is a meander too far, it seems to me.
  12. IMPROVED VERSION Edit OK, I'm in... just no groping, please! You would not believe what liberties some old men think they can take just because a lady is 113 and still breathing. Perverts! Seriously, Republicans have not exactly had a week at Disney World themselves and this must be a godsend and a "thank god" moment too, that when they wanted him to become a Republican, he declined! Enjoy, everyone. As the above was posted on the LOLOL forum, I did not originally note that I have a problem with a lefty in blackface, bigger even than I have for righties in same because of the hypocrisy involved, a big large problematic problem do I have with it, so I am editing this for the record, although I try not to post my problems on this forum but bear them alone, uncomplainingly, though they are crushing and many. What kind of military school turns out lefties, anyway? The voters of Virginia should've bewared of Northam from the start!
  13. Missed this Q the first time around. I learned mainly what all instructors of anything learn, how to help an individual learn something, in a group setting. An interesting career-long adventure for the teacher, who hopes her classes forgive her for getting paid to endlessly experiment on them! I also learned many things about various parts of the world, some of which I had never even heard of, much of which I would much rather not know. Especially in my year at the Survivors of Torture Centre . Facts on the students' backgrounds and experiences I learned from the other staff. The reality of their astounding, commonplace endurance and insistence on remaining stubbornly themselves, I learned every day from them. It was one of the faster-advancing classes I had. English is relatively hard to learn, especially if your native tongue is not in the Indo-European ballpark. But hard is relative, too. Utterly so.
  14. Your prez's report that women are trafficked across the border gagged with duct tape. Canadians are sick and tired of the elitists sneering and smearing our beloved National Fastener . " Buy new tape, but keep the old - the new is silver, the old is still good for a few inches"
  15. Is nothing sacred? Sure, go ahead, blame me and Canada. Wrong border, Trump, you bozo! The sordid culture of today takes another beautiful thing and degrades it to the dust. Bitterly, Red Green