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  1. I hesitate to report something kind of interesting from the hinterlands of the Winterlands. Here in NB a split down the middle between the Conservatives and Liberals has left the balance of power in the hands of the ultra right (PA)) and the Greens (self-explanatory) with 3 seats each. It will not be boring to see how the neo-traditionalists and the futurists grapple with each other and the two deadlocked opponents to keep us going into our new Irving years.,
  2. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    "They laughed when he sat down to play...' Well. they did.
  3. Which reminds me of the quote from a famous Bloomsburian aesthete in the Oscar Wilde mold, who was a passionate WW1 conchie. Arguing with a belligerent flag-waver who asked him what he would do if he came upon a huge German soldier trying to rape his sister, he replied in his most measured professorial tones, "I should endeavour to get between them."
  4. This is for Marc, in case he is having trouble sleeping what with all the excitement of anticipatory world domination of the Anointed One. You remember my friend Trudy? I went to see her at PC headquarters today , first time since I arrived, and announced I was ready to vote early and often. I do not think much of Greg Thompson frankly, and I think he did damn all for the veterans as minister, but I have to stand with Ford Madox Ford as many must do these days. If I am forced to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I would have the guts to betray my country. Easy for me to say. Not eligible to vote until I have been in residence for 40 days. I could have lied but --- that is the alt-right's specialty. Don't want to tread on any toes.
  5. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    We already have one, Canadian Boring in Politics, though alas our politics are no longer really boring. I am now in NB where there is a provincial election in a month (you can tell because they are paving yet more roads again) and when I recover from the rigours of travel I shall report. As mentioned my pal Trudy is very local conservative and the C-C-candidate is former federal vet affairs minister G. Thompson, the town is full of veterans who think he was a spineless Harper stooge who did nothing for them, so stay tuned. Needless to say I did not get this assessment from the aforementioned Trudy. My informant's impression is that the younger people (there are a few of them) favour the Lib or Green.
  6. caroljane

    William's Diary

    Dear Diary/ What a kerfuffle the anti-social media have decided to cause, when the band of the Welsh Guards played "Respect" on the day of Aretha Franklin's funeral during the changing if the guard at Buck House. Dame Shirley Basseyl,being Welsh, has already claimed credit for the choice,and of course Megs is said to have asked for it, and some even have said that Aunt Anne, carried away by the eloquence of the bishop at Harry's wedding, said that it needed a musical accompinament. Grandfather was just restrained from commenting that plenty of respectable Britons were buried every day, but nobody wrote songs about them - the worst thing is that George and Charlotte now go around chanting "give me a little respect, uh-huh" until I think I will go mad. I do understand irony, we did it at Eton and again in Art Appreciation at St A's. sort of. But I do not think I can explain it to them. Ich dien, William
  7. caroljane

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    Hey, I thought yon meant Tessa on the Young and the Restless! But this is pretty good too.
  8. caroljane

    John McCain is Gone

    I did not realize that McCain was born with a silver professional spoon in his mouth and only had a wealth-and-influence- powered early advantage in his career. And here I thought the military was a meritocracy. And what a terrible academic record! How he was retained in the military I can't comprehend. Thank God the days are past when some war heroes could have hardly any education at all! Your sharp-eyed classmate was no doubt a far more successful and accomplished military man. Maybe even a real hero.
  9. caroljane

    John McCain is Gone

    All that we have left when we die,is our own individual honour -some would call it a soul. All of us, everyone. You Brant have done deeds of valour for you country, and if you say John McCain had nothing left except being anti-someone, you are doing yourself a disservice, as well as him .
  10. caroljane

    John McCain is Gone

    Snap. I love Clavell's sagas, though I found the Tai-pan series tedious at times, but I thought King Rat was hist best-written, with Shogun a good second. The movie was pretty good too. But for me no POW story could surpass that bridge on the River Kwai.I also thought Empire of theSun was brilliant. Changi was unspeakable. One of my husband's uhildhood neighbours died three.One of the survivors came to visit the family after the war. Not Clavell but equally a hero. What a hard job to tell the truth to mourners, but probably not the whole truth.
  11. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    Yes indeed, like a larger parasite cutting off the smaller one.
  12. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    but I bet your kicked-in teeth and steamy ears will be repaired by your employers; insurance , and any shortfall would be picked up by us -- yes, I pay taxes too. Not as much as you, of course. I do not understand economics but on the face of it a flat tax seems reasonable.
  13. caroljane

    Mad as Hell in Hell

    Notice to all our co-ligators: our counsel is taking a needed break after the McCain verdict, which case Advocate Cohn assured us was a "shoo-in" whatever that may be, but which he now assures us is a , temporary set-back. He says many knowledgeable souls consultants will be here soon to overturn St Peter and discredit Captured John, who will not enjoy the many mansions or the fields of the Lord much longer.
  14. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    You are becoming used to bowing down to a President, though ....?
  15. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    Well jeez, she was in his way! Maybe he was late for a golf game!You know what Ayn Rand said about people in her way.....