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  1. Cool - was he related to Zach Whiteclouds' ancestors.? A real knight in action!
  2. Do you mean Pennsylvania? I've read so much. John OHara (so underrated now ), are you more of a Julian English or an Alfred Eaton, or maybe Pal Joey? Can you speak Pennsylvania Dutch like Lawrence Welk?
  3. No, that is a description of the way they operate, which is super-effectively. What they are for, is to and kill or at least wound living beings, and they serve that purpose magnificently. The reasons for a civilian to own or use a gun are as various as the individuals who do so, which category seems to include most Americans. But the brilliant marketing of the armaments lobby has eradicated the process of correct identification in this case. And of course, the fear- mongering of the lobby's useful idiots, the politicians.
  4. Enough,I am still trying to figure out hanging Brads from the Bush landslide.
  5. Every single headline they promise a blowout, but when you check out their photos, their hair doesn't look any better than it ever did. Change your stylist guys, or else your headlines. (No more explosive! Or Shocking! either. You don't need to advertise that you were laid off from the National Enquirer.) Somebody had to say it. Carol Discriminating trash tab consumer
  6. Lol. I believe the literary term for thetechnique employed by this scribe is called " reaching". The mixed- metaphor -titled utterance correctly checks all the mandatory spite boxes, and does hit a few well-worn marks, but I can't reach down far enough to grasp them.
  7. Meanwhile, a Canadian province is stalled from reaching Green status by falling just short of 75 percent of the population at least once.-vaccinated. And I think I know most of those refuseniks! (N.B.'s population is not large.) I think I better go out and harangue them. They'll probably take the needle to avoid that.
  8. Equate all you want, but black lives do, in fact, matter, while to the Camp Auschwitz crowd, Jewish lives don't. For starters. A bit of a distinction in philosophies there.
  9. Thanks for for the tip Brant, but I've already tried them. Sebriously, I was echoing tmj's phrase in his preceding post. And he was using it sarcastically in evocation of me clutching my liberal pearls. As you probably already know, Granite Skin. Ol' Ecru Carol
  10. Yes, there are white people everywhere who are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with White supremacists,antiSemites and assorted loose cannons aimed at anybody they don't like the look of, if that is what it takes to get Trump back into power. I think they are in the minority of white people in the USA, but I suppose all these recounts will prove me wrong.
  11. Find where I ever called Trump a racist. I don't think he is, never have. I explicitly refer to HiS BASE,HIS SUPPORTERS, whose votes he needs. He panders to these "very good people" with swastikas on their skins, and no, I don't ,think he is a neo Nazi either.. He is just a politician who has an excessively low ethical bar, even for a politician.
  12. .Well, .. if you say so. I never read PARC nor have I heard Valliant speaking about them, but I know the whole story as it played out here. I was and am pro Branden, not that it matters for present purposes. Barbara more than Nate. Do you really see everybody now , as human beings, only in terms of Donald Trump and what opinion they have of the guy? Is he the moral litmus test not only of America but apparently the whole world? Sorry, but I have not become part of the hater herd, Trump or no Trump. Little did I know when I joined OL ten years ago, with its multitude of topics and individuals, that I would end up a conscript in the Hundred Years' War.