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  1. caroljane

    Credit Where Due

    Michael! What system of logic leads to the conclusion that disapproval of torture and murder in general and specifically , to whomever it happens, means approval of the torture of others ???? Not Ayn Rand's, surely. Not mine for sure.
  2. caroljane

    Credit Where Due

    The hyperbole virus has got you too Brant. It is , maybe,debatable that simply by existing, a State is a torturer. And socialistic state practices do affect everyone, But being able to afford pain medicine, because others as well as I pay taxes, is not a torturous effect, for example. Quite the reverse, trust me. And since there are states, none of them should be patted on the back by other states for deliberately and flagrantly torturing . Just. Should. Not.
  3. caroljane

    Credit Where Due

    Got me there, J. I have hardly any grip to get. Never could open JARS. But have taken a break from outside world, and have now been inside for two hours. Still trying to figure out if you approve of state-approved torture and murder of citizens without trial, etc. For any state whatsoever,since it is about broad moral principles we occasionally debate here, or at least used to in the past.
  4. caroljane

    Credit Where Due

    Since becoming president, Trump has accomplished the highest toll of gun deaths the United States has ever seen! Just an offshoot of the booming economy, you might say, but he is responsible for that too --with the bonus that most of those dead civilian losers asked for it, probably. Well done. I love unintended consequences , don't you? They are so-- original and challenging.
  5. caroljane

    Trump humor

    Your hyperbole called out mine, cousin -- if you are doing analogies, like should be somewhat like. Admittedly I know nothing about Khashoghi (likely spelled wrong) but surely I would have heard if he had personally caused the execution of a good chunk of the European population. And the orange man was bad not to be revolted by torture and murder and say so, because I think in fact orange man is, if he would just think about it. Bullies' victims do not always deserve what they get.
  6. caroljane

    Trump humor

    Ooooookay. But I maintain that if even Hitler was murdered while dolefully working for an American company on American roads, so to speak, the American president should not congratulate the murderers. Just ain't decent .
  7. caroljane

    Trump humor

    If being Canadian just comes with righteousness, how can I help sharing the wealth? Yeah, that is our Mounties , they always get their businesswoman, when asked nicely to get her.
  8. caroljane

    Trump humor

    fair do's. Getting ISIS to stop chopping off heads in public is a wonderful accomplishment, and getting out of the war for profit business is damn near miraculous. Would it have been so hard therefore, for the wonder-worker to have got Saudis to at least apologize for torturing and murdering an American employee? Instead of toadying to them as if it was Arabia First? Just asking.
  9. caroljane

    Trump humor

    But to us bad guys, the "issue he is doing someplace else" is often more foolish than the previous folly,-- so tediously, like the befuddled fools we are, we continue to examine what facts are verifiable, and leave the obvious brilliant analyses to the good guys.
  10. So is eternal torment in you-know-where., brother..mwaaahaha... Lucifer see you later, or maybe sooner!
  11. caroljane

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    And you're bilingual too- in both American and British insults! Truly, a Renaissance man of the new order.
  12. caroljane

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    I know your question was to Jules, but since it followed on my comment to you, I will chime in and say I was teased and bullied on first entering school, generally for being a newcomer and specifically for my hair. My mother made me wear long curls until I was 9 years old (she was a big Shirley Temple fan. I also had to take tap dancing.) She put them up in pincurls every night and those pins were tight and often hurt! And the other kids played a game called "Milk the Cow" (there were a lot of farm kids ) and pulled my hair. Also it got quite long before she finally would let it be cut. having your hair pulled every recess was truly painful for a whole year although it did teach me endurance. So you see, not only conservatives have suffered wrongfully, through no fault of their own!
  13. caroljane

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    out of the mouths of , you know, what you call those very young uneducated know the quote, but under no circumstances could one call Jan Letendre a babe. However , that charming Billyboy has more class than nearly everyone we know, is indeed wisdom, and worth any amount of baked goods.
  14. caroljane

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    I don't quite understand you -- "violence so much more from the left than the right."..what generalized and particularized violence is that? Who has been killed that we don't know about? Who on the right has died so far? Where are these millions of violent leftists, whom your hundreds of millions of freedom-loving guns are so willing to execute? Jeez Brant, and you call California nutty.
  15. caroljane

    Fake News

    Yo, bro! A high-five on the high road, yes!