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  1. caroljane

    When the Catholic Church gets creepy

    Er, not really --Jesus
  2. caroljane

    When the Catholic Church gets creepy

    Agree, though I do not know how perverts make associations. I read a lot of history and the destruction of glass mastepieces of thqa shape seems to have been a favourite pastime of the Puritan army, after they had emptied out the convents. Part of the Reformation. Make of it psychologicaly what you will
  3. caroljane

    When the Catholic Church gets creepy

    When it happens in any church (or anywhere else it is disgusting, The incidence only goes up because of the disastrously wrong ancient decision to impose celibacy upon priests.. Easy fix -- "St Paul, you were wrong"--times have changed. Well.maybe not so easy.
  4. caroljane

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    So does being old. make a story less true? Obviously you had no room in your head for facts, then or now. But as not a journalist you do not need to be concerned with such trifles as facts.
  5. caroljane

    Immortal Aretha

    One fine thing in the sadness of her death, is that it looks like a good film of one of the greatest concerts ever given, might now be released. the recording of her "Amazing Grace" album. I truly wish that after that definitive rendition, everybody had stopped singing it, out of respect. I am sure even John Wesley would understand. For me, I have told my sons that if that song is played at my funeral ,I will haunt them to the end of their own days.
  6. caroljane

    Walk Away Movement

    ...and into a bar?
  7. caroljane

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    Talk about ain't that too bad? When you can sing as good as Rita, then start whining.She needed those doughnuts. She even helped harvest the Nova Scotia cannabis crop (although not wilingly) but what have you done to advance the natlon''s well-being? As a Maritimer I demand an apology!
  8. caroljane

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    I hate to admit it Michael, but I do kind of like dueillng talking points about a politician I don't like. Try to keep tongue firmly in mouth. kissing as ever, cousin C
  9. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    It is odd to me, that after the 10 plus years I have been on this site, when I thought I ha read most of your posts because I usually found them interesting. Obviously you read none of mine, know nothing of my work, my best friends, my neighbours or my knowledge about living every day with those who do not look like me and I sure hope, not like you.
  10. caroljane

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    I agree that Trump is not an ideologue. He fixes problems and he built. But now?What does he fix and build? He is the president now, and the problems he fixes are those he is used to fixing, by suing, firing, and refusing to accept any liability for anything until his opponents are worn down and out by his financial bullying. The problems are his perceived personal enemies. International coevals will just have to learn, it's his way or the Trans=Siberian highway. And what has he built? Two years is not a lot of time, but he must have made a tremendous material, financial impact on the average American's life. He has said he has, and his fans at his fund-raising tent revivals know in their hearts he has saved them from penury and raised them into prosperity. Or at least, he has reduced to penury those who did not deserve prosperity., not being born God's Americans such as themselves. That seems to be enough for" 'the base'".
  11. caroljane

    Early Onset Empty Nest Syndrome

    Jules I do not know the circumstances, but that is just the age when boys need their father the most. I am glad that my sons' father lived at least, until his youngest was eighteen, though as years ensued I knew how much he needed his dad later. He has said that Dad waited until he was 18, to die. Before that, he brought his latest soccer championship trophy to the hospital room , four days before, and we could see the happiness it made. Every minute we have with our children is etched in their hearts, somewhere.
  12. caroljane

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Huh? Well, if you say so. But what it is for sure, your Dear leader of the Republic exercises power just because he can, upon his own whim,to an unprecedented extent for presidents, ..the executive orders, the revocations, the firings of those who can be fired, the pardons - everything for which he couldn't' get the approval of Congress . He needs to be in total control. as he has for all his working life since he outlived the despotism of his own father, and does not see his present job as any different from his previous one, or as requiring any more consent or agreement from "enemies" (ie 51% of the US voting populace} than he did did the City of New York, or the hapless gulls who enrolled in his "university".
  13. caroljane

    Amy Coney Barret

    They could be knowledgeable enough in real history, as to support no one else.
  14. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    Shoe taunts are just the best. I have never watched BB, but the variety of my kid's soccer coaches were worthy of their own reality show, before there were reality shows. Most of them were European guys once removed or not,, One of our favourites was Flavio, whose gameday strategy was to mock his opposing coaches' couture. "My shoes cost more than your whole outfit"! He sneered to his opposite number, an amiable soccer dad dressed in a tracksuit. And of course, they had.
  15. caroljane

    The Left's New Darling Dingbat

    lol, i f she's all you've got you can beat her for her bad PR.