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  1. caroljane

    Coach of the Year

    lol I gather your li'l wrangler is an angler.
  2. caroljane

    World Cup 2018

    Hey, thanks for the praise, but it was not my joke . I will pass it along to the guy who said it, however cautioning him not to quit his day job, but he is like I would have to be, a sit-down comic at my advanced age, and he is a bus driver who does a routine as a tour guide on his route. He does not get booed much, even when he does the late shift on the Church Street route (don't ask), he gets double time. Politics is deadly, but comedy is harder. I'm not as funny as Roseanne Barr, and I would hate her guts, if she had any, but she is a great comic. I do not think, despite scurrilous rumours, that you should refer to M. Macron as a "delicate, helpless lady." He is in enough trouble with Mme Macron as it is.
  3. caroljane

    William's Diary

    Dear Diary, Just returned from checking on Grandmamma, as it is my turn in rota after American visits for the last year or so. She was lying upon the sofa in the Blue Withdrawing toom, with a cold cloth over her eyes, but sat up and called for tea immediately. The Trumps were not too bad, she reported, although he did keep darting his eyes around as if he were evaluating a property for sale, and Mrs T noticed that and said to me loudly, "Nice Palace you have here, Ma'am" as if to distract from him. Grandmamma thought that was rather endearing, as she recalls many such occasions when dear Grandpapa caused awkward pauses in convrsation., The president praised the beautiful grounds of Balmoral , which he had seen on Fox News on the Illuminati, whatever they are, and asked if Her Majesty had played golf on them. Years of training gave her the answer -- broad beaming smile, while she thought of what on earth to say. The president took a sip of tea, curling his little finger as hard as he could curl it. It was hard to distinguish from his other fingers. "No, not yet," she replied, "But I hope someday to say "Tee off!" Ich dien. William
  4. caroljane

    Coach of the Year

    First, a request. In the local paper today I saw a small photo of a large painting in progress, of the Thai youth soccer team so gloriously rescued recently. If anyone could render a bigger image of it here, I would love to see it. I am a paleotech as you all know. How could this not cause everyone on earth, to feel that they were not part of everyone else on earth? Of course, as I've written over the years, as a soccer/hockey parent, wife of a coach, etc etc I know what the bonds and the fun and learning are for children and young men. In a way, like milliojns of women over the world, I was married to Coach Api (not speaking Thai I am guessing his kids might have called him that) and know his strange-to-me but instinctive-to-him leadership over his team. It is good that the coach was young with reserves of strength and health which he would need for his young charges, Modern science is wonderful, wonderful. Navy Seals beyond praise.
  5. caroljane

    World Cup 2018

    Yes! Men and Women in Suits, elected leaders of their countries, getting rained on like losers, which only one of them was, while the host gets 4 umbrellas, Vlad's good friend Trump must have laughed his ample you know what off about this, especially when that overweight woman whose country lost the game got her country's team jersey drenched. And Macron's wife will be furious his new Armani is now ruined! It was a great game actually and the rain must have been a relief to the exhausted players. I watched it at my son's place and regret to say that his friends made sport of the one-umbrella -3 leaders situation, if USA had made the final. Their odds were that POTUS would have elbowed the fat lady out of the way to get his hair under shelter.
  6. caroljane

    After the Apocalypse, Try Reason!

    Good idea! Chewing on ideas is way better for the canines and the incisors both.
  7. caroljane

    lecture about fasting by Dr. Alan Goldhamer

    I understand your stance. The restaurant owner two doors up did not trust the government to evaluate electrcians for her, hired her talented student nephew using her own best judgment to wire the place.,and she is still in the hospital. True story! Just an anecdotal aside but true. No universalizing going on here.
  8. caroljane

    After the Apocalypse, Try Reason!

    Hey hold on, I never said or thought the one way you were using them, was the only way of using of analogy or metaphor! I have way too much respect for language than to think in those terms.. But the one way you were using them, yes I did object to. As to trivial gotchas, I will likely continue to overuse them, and cannot be bothered to keep track, so you can take all my Bubblemiles and declare yourself the rightful winner. No harm no foul. IOTE , I actually did read it --so long ago that my impression of it is so overlaid with my own commentary, sort of like trying to attend yeshiva again at approximately the age of Methusaleh - I could say I would read it again, but I would be lying. I will just apologize for previous errors of interpretation, try to correct where I am in error, and stumble along in my own version of awefullnes, while respecting yours.
  9. caroljane

    lecture about fasting by Dr. Alan Goldhamer

    Doctors everywhere are grateful that you have no status to evaluate them at all. Doctors of chiropractic, philosophy,dentistry, law and many others will all rema8n happy to take your money.
  10. caroljane

    lecture about fasting by Dr. Alan Goldhamer

    Probably he could, starting with John the Baptist and Jesus and ending up with concentration camp inmates and up-to=the minute anorexics like Lily-Rose Depp and Angelina Jolie, but I am pre-empting him because he has been toting the weary load of trying to speak to you reasonably and needs a respite, he is a friend of mine.
  11. caroljane

    lecture about fasting by Dr. Alan Goldhamer

    Oh yes? I did not lknow Chiros were licensed to treat terminal patients dying of all known causes let alone bring them back to life! Think what a burden they must all be on the health care system. This must be looked into.
  12. caroljane

    After the Apocalypse, Try Reason!

    Damn!, I mean holy galt. A vision came to me, clear as day, of my favourite classic movie, Airplane, and its soul-stirring last line, "Let's get started. Somebody's got to rebuild Rio de Janiero! And immediately I heard a harsh, stern and authoritative voice saying, "Never mind Rio de wherever,Somebody's got to rebuild Epistemology." What can it mean? I'm way late to Damascus aa it is, I don't need this! Awed. Carol
  13. caroljane

    After the Apocalypse, Try Reason!

    I have not looked it up but it occurred to my ancient memory that the original meaning of "begging the question" may have been the term I was thinking of - meaning, to forcefully state a position, then build upon it to make an argument which was not challenged by the other side. If said memory is faulty I will stand corrected. ie expecting rhetorical questions to be answered, etc.
  14. caroljane

    After the Apocalypse, Try Reason!

    Your key phrase here of the quote is "building blocks", and I love stories as much as the next person. But playing Legos with apples and oranges can get, well, rotten. The above I apologize for , for being a sketchy metaphor, because I for my own part am tired of the often-inappropriate use of metaphor and analogy to repeat one side of a discussion as an agreed fact. It is a sketchy metaphor for some debate tactic which has holes in it. I forget the name of the tactic but there is something logically wrong with it.
  15. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    Thanks for that, I laugh genuinely at some of your cute remarks even when I don't agree with them, and I genuinely am grateful that you don't find me a one-woman olfactory epidemic!