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  1. And Marc better stop walking around and scaring people!
  2. Faulty logic, and specious to boot. Anyone can be wrong, of course. But one non-scientist being wrong ( nearly lethally wrong in her case) about an important scientifically- proved health issue, does not equate with the entire scientific community going into fits of conspiracy for no discernible reason. Come on. How many scientists do you actually know? Most abandon hope of omniscience at the entrance to Academic training hell. Btw , I wonder how many Rand followers quit the weed when she did? Quite a lot I would think.
  3. I do remember that occurrence, and that she did quit right away, but what I don't remember are any statements reversing her previous public denials of the cancer/smoking proofs. She was also persuaded to get social security health benefits, although she vehemently opposed this . Sensibly she put her own wellbeing before her previously avowed principles.
  4. ....And so could She, as we have seen.
  5. Cannot agree. It looks like lame cherry- picking from a person who could only endorse scientific conclusions she had philosophically approved of. Tobacco studies, anyone? I don't recall her ever admitting her own lung cancer came from smoking, although I could be wrong here.
  6. But we do! It's Marvel Alt-right Media SuperHeroesTM!! ..leaping tall towers of logic with a single bound, and slaying those enemies above, plus many more who haven't been identified yet, stay tuned for more amazing adventures!!
  7. I am so homesick for Yonge St and my neighbourhood Chinese barbecue duck best in world for five bucks! Some things are just more important than political philosophy, you know it's true.
  8. That I must s not a joke about writing, it is a page from my advanced ESL course, literally! And when I say literally, you know what I don't mean....
  9. They were kind of wow, actually. As a livable city I can't imagine any better. Wish I could have met you for a beer at the Brunswick Tavern and set you straight on political philosophy, when I had more of my wits about me.
  10. Footnote on the basketball, the first basketball court is arguably right here in little and ole St Stephen. Unarguably the. Chocolate bar was invented here by the Ganongs. I do not count the historical revisions of Big Chocolate in the US as credible. Just saying.
  11. Ok, I bow to the Power of Love. Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediment. Incidentally, Tho I was a fellow Ontario for 40 or so years, I,m not Native one as my sons are. I grew up here in NB until university and moved back three years ago ..just before Covid. Man was I lucky. I love Toronto passionately but living alone as I did throughout the pandemic, I shudder to think. Vive l'Acadie!
  12. I guess he'll just have to fight out in the alley in the great Ford tradition!Sneerk, sneerk.
  13. Marc, do you ever read beyond th headlines? "Voting system" does not mean "election results". "Probably have to get new voting machines" does not mean "have declared Trump the president." And Trump has not piled up any wins since 2016, which will get him back to power,,except in your infatuated eyes.
  14. Oh, only for 43 Years, Until I moved here in 2018. Clearly you have never read my posts in the ten years I have been an OLer. I'm hurt.