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  1. I see your footsteps, Carol.

  2. And we absolved everybody. Hallelujah! (Eat your heart out, Harvey W,) Venus Flytrap, far left in photo)
  3. No matter how much you exercise that paranoia muscle, dear cousin -- don't you ever think that sometimes that itch is in a phantom limb, that you lost long ago in battle? Rhetorical, of course, I don't expect a reply. But if there is one, please do not let it be just a retort that my delusions are way more evil and harmful and all-round pathetic, etc etc, or at least don't remind me of my obesity and idiocy - for auld lang syne's sweet sake.
  4. "I'll go upstairs! Whatever there awaits... -a raging Lil or whimp'ring Jim or worse, I won't stay down here to be mocked! No, dammit! No man compares ME to that creature Mamet!"
  5. Wow, what class is displayed in that exchange. Especially between the lines.
  6. OK, I,m naive, but with respect your answer is not that persuasive to my brain... again, Trump has nearly two years to expose the massive voter fraud,. and prevent it , and a lot of executive power to "git 'er done" --- you seem to assume that the left will outwit him and commit perfect crimes of fraud which leave no evidence ... that is really hard to believe. I don't think the circumstances of the 1960 election could be duplicated, either.
  7. Do you think the Dems are so powerful they could organize a voter fraud without being detected, before, during or after the election? It is still a long time away - Trump still has 2 years of action and voter fraud is one of his top priorities . Do you think that his support will be strong enough, whatever issues arise in the meantime not making any difference, that the only way he would lose re-election could be by fraud?
  8. Brant, You write truer slightly drunk than anyone else here writes dead sober, (Canadians excepted of course). Every man here has a shining vision of the Great Again America, one cleansed of his particular dread: pedophiles, rich intellectual snobs, poor people who don't care much about the rich, etc, Your friend died for a Great America initiative against drugs (don't know if if was Clinton or a Bush, but what matter?) Trump cares nothing about drugs except as sources of revenue, possibly legally exploitable .. maybe he will save a few more lives just through neglect of t
  9. To leave another person alone, and not bothering them, does not in my unhealthy obsessed mind, include occasionally quoting their public posts. Something like leaving multiple obscene voicemail abusive threats would be bothering them, or seem obsessive maybe to the recipient.... but we rational beings don't do that, do we?
  10. While we're asking stuff, I ask you to get a thorough psychiatric evaluation, and if you don't do it, I might call you such terrible names that you will go mad with terror and turn into a raving liberal. (Such are the heights of rational discourse on OL these days, apparently).
  11. Batters like you are indeed better than the heavy artillery.
  12. This is as elite as you get -- let the floodgates of retribution open!
  13. Does all this mean that the mass pedophile/traitor arrests will happen now? Trump could use a distraction from other news, and that would be a knockout punch of non-fake news to counteract the msm.