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  1. Weill, look at my profile. There is no mailbox on there now th Though I sent a pm before .
  2. No-name dropping, the hottest new trend among elite influencers! Daunce Lynam -Elitist
  3. I'm not dead! No, I don't need the cart ..I think I'll take a walk

    1. william.scherk
    2. caroljane


      That previous message should have gone on my profile, not the board - browsers then could continue to think ( was dead and communicating from the Great Beyond. Oh, well.

    3. Michael Stuart Kelly

      Michael Stuart Kelly


      ... browsers then could continue to think ( was dead and communicating from the Great Beyond.


      Hi, Carol...


      I can't see the browsers thinking that. You don't vote for Democrats in the US like those from the Great Beyond do. You're Canadian.



  4. Who's for desert? well, somebody did say that if he managed to lose to the worst candidate "who ever ran IN HISTORY" , he might have to leave the country...
  5. from the desk of the Hon. Clarence Thomas... Dear Hillary, OK,OK. You win the bet. I spring for dinner at Joe's and I affirm There really were deplorables in that basket. See you at 7 next Friday. But I ain't wearing my Afro wig! C'mon. I,ll throw in dinner for two guests instead. But not Bill! Ruefully, C
  6. I see your footsteps, Carol.

  7. And we absolved everybody. Hallelujah! (Eat your heart out, Harvey W,) Venus Flytrap, far left in photo)