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  1. It just takes discipline, that's all. So you have to "suffer and do without" for 5 years, so what? Then you are free to do nothing that you dont WANT to do, for the rest of your life. the average American just THROWS AWAY 20k a year(AFTER TAX income). The average apartment now rents for $900 a month. That's 11k a year, right there, just to have a place to lay your head, really. Then there's an average of 4k a year of utilities, and an average of 4k a year of vehicle or other travel expenses, then there's bs expenses, like makeup, new clothes, candy, pastry, coffee, soft drinks, and other stuff that's of no value, or is downright harmful to you. Look at smoking. $5 a day, for a 1 pack a day guy, plus the time and money spent on going and GETTING those cigarettes, don't forget. As much more on beer, for most such people, too. 3k a year, just blown on provably harmful consumption. No, you do NOT have to pay utilities and rent. No, you do NOT have to pay $15-$30 per day for restaurant food, either. No, you do not have to spend 1-4k per year on shoes and clothing. Shop at thrift stores, and don't have more than a week's worth of outfits, and do your laundry, that's all. A solar shower on the roof of your trailer can clean you (standing in a kid's inflatable wading pool) as you take a "sponge bath". Or you, can take 1 class per semester at a jr college that has a gym, and use their showers. Ditto the YMCA or some karate school or workout-club. A tank's fillup of gas gets you a free shower at truck stops, or $5 gets one. Ditto, give $5 cashto the motel maid, early in the morning, without seeing the mangager, and she will let you shower in a used room that she has not yet cleaned up.
  2. What you can do, see, is live in a van or trailer, parked on BlM property, a mining claim is 20 acres, for $100 per year. During that year, you have all the rights of an owner. You can run people off or make a citizen's arrest if they fail to leave after being told to do so. you can hunt and fish, and nobody is going to care if you have to haul in black dirt to garden with, either. You can have small, penned livestock, like goats, rabbits, chickens, protected from predators, too. So, instead of spending 4-6k on food per year, you just do some chores. With hay-mulch on your garden plants, there is a lot less need for irrigation, almost no need of tillage or weeding, either. If you dont commute, and don't have rent/utilities to pay, live in a 1k pull trailer, and ride a mountain bicycle back and forth to town, where you have left your 1k, 10 year old mini-van and 10 year old, 1k 450cc motorcycle, in a public storage shed,and dont have to buy food, what is left to spend money on, hmm? Med care and entertainment, that's it. If you live in the little trailer, parked in a friend's pasture, on 1k a year rent, you have money to buy and prepare food, do you not? Probably, the friend will let you garden and have the animals for another 1k a year, too, and now you needn't live 10-20 miles from everything.
  3. That's real 10%, after taxes, SS, and inflation. I've lived in a van, had a ball, on 5k a year, and not long ago, either. It costs nearly nothing to post/read on a laptop, for instance. A solar charger can deal with the battery drain, or you can run a small, quiet, Honda generator, and recharge that way, or just find an outlet someplace, like at a library, and recharge there. If you will negotiate with insurance companies, you can put together some "custom" packages for medical care that are quite inexpensive. You just "self insure" for the first 1-2k per year, and have that big a deductible, up to say, 20k max. That will cost you maybe a grand per year. Then you get another policy, with a 20k deductible, max of 100k. It will cost you about 1k per year. Then you get another one, for up to 100k, overseas. If they can't get you stabilized enough, for 100k, to make a trip overseas, you are almost certainly ruined, healthwise, anyway, and might as well kill yourself. the 3rd world med insurance will run another grand or so. Overseas, (especially in Thailand), they have a BETTER rate of success than US hospitials, for about 10% of what the same care costs you here. So your 100k policy, used overseas, is like a million $ spent on US medical expenses. If that can't save you, you might as well kill yourself, because you are ruined, healthwise, no matter what amount you spend. So you CAN provide for your own health care, quite cheaply indeed, or no amount of $ or insurance, can do you any real good, and you need to just get out of the way of the ones Nature has selected to replace you.
  4. He said in his books, that if you can't average making 20% per year, it's cause you are not even trying. He said that 90% of his investments (for his Fidelity Magellan mutual fund) were bad investments, because he couldn't legally find GOOD investments for more than about 10% of the money he had to deal with. By law, no one client can have more than a given % of a publicly-traded company, and a fund's bylaws often restrict it to a given part of the market, or to only a given % of total funds going into a particular sector of the market. Also, when you have billions to invest, you can't dump it all or buy one thing with it all. There isn't that much stock in any one fast growing biz, for instance. Or, if others see such a huge buy order, they jack up the price of what you are trying to buy. Ditto if you try to sell a big bunch at once. So it takes you a week or more to move into or out of a big investment. Small investors can sell or buy in a minute flat, on the Net, so they can take advantage of what they see the "big boys" doing. Also, mutual funds CAN'T just sell out, and hold gold, during a bear market. Small investors can do so. If you make 40% during a good year, 20% during an average year, and lose 50% during a bad year, you total 10% to the good, divided by 3 years, =3% annually. Since you pay taxes on that 3%, and there's 5% annual investment, you LOST more than if you'd simply held gold coins. However, if you make 40%, 20%, and aren't IN the market during a bear year, your 3 year average is 20%. Is that better than 3%? After tax and inflation, 20% is really 10%, at best, really. But after tax, 3% is 2.5% and after inflation, it's a NEGATIVE 2.5%. Is a positive 10% better than a 2% loss? You damned right it its, WAY better! Also, if you have $100, and you take a 50% loss, you have $50 left, right? Now, let's say that you have a 50% profit, what have you got? $75, right? You need a ONE HUNDRED % increase, just to get back to where you were! If you had just gotten out (and there ARE PLENTY of signs that a serious bear market is coming) you needn't take that hit. The INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY newspaper, and publisher William ONeil's book HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN STOCKS will guide you very well. Just don't beleive his BS that a mutual fund is a good place for your money. It's not. If you can't make 20% in the stock market, then just hold gold coins, and/or spend your money on training/education on how to make more money, and try to discipline yourself to spend the minimum amount, saving up so you need not work anymore, at least, not at anything that you don't LIKE to do.
  5. I believe that some mutual funds charge a similar sort of fee, but not as big, I suppose? The mutual funds, in many cases, have ADMITTED to aiding and abetting fraud, by taking money entrusted to them, and giving it to Bernie Madoff. They charged their clients, for doing NOTHING. I'd bet that most of the rest of the funds did the same. They CLAIM that they are 'working" to find good investments for you, but they are LYING.
  6. copy-paste is not an option on the PCs to which I have access. In a few months, that will change. Thank you for the tip, tho.
  7. Addicition to alchohol or drugs is not going to happen to me, because I feel just fine about my normal mental state,and peer pressure never made me do anything that I didn't want to do. Indeed, it is incapable of stopping me from doing what I want to do. So, while I am willing to have the origins of addiction explained to me, I very seriously doubt that I am going to not "judge" about the failure to recognize the sheer waste and non-necessity of it all. There's lots of other things to do, ya know? I think that it's basically a form of suicide, without the desperation/frustration necessary to go all the way "out", or the discipline needed to fix the problem that the user is using drugs to "run from" in the first place. I await any "enlightenment" that can be delivered here.
  8. Why do they risk Inhaling glue, etc, ANYTHING in order to not have to bear up under their normal mental state? That is the real question, in my book. What's so bad about just staying clean and dry in the first place, hmm? Why do so many people feel "driven" to alter their mental state, most of them in any way they can, at literally the risk of their minds and lives? Sheesh.
  9. yes, later editions had Nat removed from the dedications. Ayn was quite vindictive, in any way that she could safely arrange, apparently.
  10. so you happen to know a few mild mannered ones, who are not in the majority here. Do you see them rejectiong the tenets of the Koran? does not the Koran call for forcing infidels to convert, or die? does it not say that those who believe god is 3 (ie, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) are to be put to the sword? Why should anyone risk lending money, and not make money thereby? Paying interest is the only way we have attained the productivity that we have. The ban on charging interest is stupid on the face of it, regardless of who is propounding it.
  11. Except Ayn and others never SAID it was best to not smoke, not exercise, etc. They apparently really believed that it didn't matter if they abused/neglected their bodies!
  12. Self employed people know very well that THEY pay 15 % Ss. People who work for others, however, are often misinformed,deliberately so. Let's say that, magically, SS is done-away-with. You, as a boss, have to be able to show a PROFIT on each worker that you have, after ALL expenses related to that worker have been paid. Let's say that I work for you for $10 an hour, (declared wage). You REALLY have to pay about $12 an hour, because you have to kick in for unemployment, workman's comp, and social security. Now, after ss is done away with, you THINK that you can just KEEP that "extra" $2 an hour of MY money? Wrong, your competitor will offer me $12 an hour, because it's no more than he was paying when SS was still in effect. I quit working for you. So it IS ALL YOUR MONEY that goes into the SS pile. NONE of it is coming out of your employer. That is simply a lie, and SS is thus an income tax, a HORRIBLE extra 15% that is taken from you, literally at the point of a gun. If you don't believe me, TRY not paying it, and then TRY resisting the cops when they come to lock you up for nonpayment of your taxes. You'll quickly learn how "voluntary" our tax system REALLY is. Cops will kill you over a parking ticket, if that ticket results in a warrant for your arrest, and you actively resist that arrest. Never doubt this, because it's easily proven to be so!
  13. The earliest recipients never paid into it at ALL, making it an outright theft from the productive. I've read that the average person drawing SS and Medicare uses up all the $ he put into it in a very few years. If we all just made prudent investments with that 15% of our annual income that is stolen by SS, we could end up with a LOT more $ and services than gov't gives us when we retire!. If you DON'T/CAN'T so invest, you dont deserve retirement. Perish in and of your own void, as Nature intends for you to, that's all. You've been found unfit, and you should suffer the consequences. The unfit pollute the gene pool. You can dislike that fact all you want, it's still a fact.
  14. what you WANT, and what's good for you, the kids, and society in general are quite often at odds. So your point is no point at all, actually. you can want to sit around and do nothing but eat ice cream, and it can be "your joy", too. But the end result is your destruction. People CLAIM that they "enjoy" smoking, too. They claim that they "can't stop". Well, bs, because millions have proven that it's readily done, if you REALLY want to,or HAVE to. For instance, if I held a gun to your head, 24-7, forever, telling you that I'd blow your brains out if you smoked, I bet that SOMEHOW you'd manage to overcome that "unresistable" addiction! :-)
  15. you do NOT buy the mailbox, you RENT it, actually, if it's at the PO, and I suspect that the law considers the box that you bought, for rural mail delivery, to be also "rented" in some way or the other.
  16. The law is used as a rule of thumb, to roughly be able to gauge compound interest. You take the rate of annual interest, divide it into 72, and have a close approximation of how many years it takes your money to double, if you let the interest stay in that investment, earning interest on that interest. So, a rate of return of 3% per year takes 24 years to double your money. A rate of 10% takes 7 years to double your money. We have experienced an average rate of inflation of 5%, since I started watching it in 1970. Gold was $135 an oz, gasoline was 40c a gallon, a big, nice new car was $4000. Prices have doubled every 15 years, on most things. Some things more, some things less, but on average, a 5% per year loss to inflation. Now think about what this means. If your investment makes 7% per year, and you pay out 40% in social security and income taxes, you clear only 5% per year. Inflation takes all of that, so you risked your money for NOTHING. The price of gold does not steadily keep up with the rate of inflation, but it DOES "catch up" in price, eventually. So you can't put money you need within the next year into gold, because of the risk that the gold price will (temporarily)go down, so you lose if you HAVE to sell some gold to pay your living expenses. Minimum wage was $1.60 in 1970, you cleared $1.25. With one hour's minimum wage work, you could buy 3 gallons of gas. Today, with gas at $2.80 per gallon, you'd have to clear $8.40 per hour at your minimum wage job. However, you clear about $4 per hour. In order to clear $8.40 per hour, you'd have to gross about $12 an hour. With the other wages based upon the minimum wage, a skilled mechanic, etc, should be making $70 an hour gross, but he's making $20 an hour. That's why everyone is hurting so badly, compared to how it was in 1970. The vietnam war nearly ruined our economy,basically. As this stupid Muslim war is doing to us today. A guy puttig nuts on bolts, at a union factory job in 1970, cleared $5 an hour. Today, he should be clearing $35 an hour, to be as well off. He'd have to gross nearly $60 an hour to do that. If there's 5% annual inflation,and you bury, say, $100,000 in US currency, when you dig it up in 15 years, it will buy only $50,000 worth of goods and services. If you bury $100,000 worth of bullion gold coins, tho, it will still buy whatever that many ozs of gold will buy, in 15 years. Almost no risk to you at all, as long as the gold is hidden, and scattered amongst several places, and you tell nobody about it. you most certainly CAN buy and sell gold coins, without showing any ID, too. Just beware, a lot of gold dealers GOUGE you on the price, as vs the "spot price' of gold. Search carefully on the Net, to find someone who charges onl 3% above the spot price, and who pays 97% of the spot price when you sell to him. You have to travel to this guy's locale, or you have to pay the PO a lot for insured mail, and take his check (ie, tell Big Brother about your deals) Others charge as much as 15% each way, so you are getting ripped off if you deal with pawn shops, etc. Small time purchases of gold coins have to be done at coinshows, gun shows, etc, between private parties, only for cash. Otherwise, you risk bringing Big Brother into your affairs, and not doing so is really what dealing in gold is all about. If you make 20% per year on an investment, you pay out 8% in SS and other taxes, so you clear 12%. Then you lose 5% to inflation, so you REALLY only make 7%, on the HIGH RISK investment necessary to gross 20%. Now do you understand why so many people seek the 40% per year returns offered by the better hedge funds? The hedge fund manager charges 2% of GROSS, each year, whether he makes you any money or not! If he does show a profit, he charges 20% of that profit, too!. So, let's say you give him a million $ to invest for you. He is going to charge you $20,000 per year, just for "letting you into" his fund. Let's say that he makes 20% for you. That is $200,000, right? Except, he takes $40,000 of that as his fee, PLUS the $20,000. So you end up with only $140,000. then you lose 40% of that to taxes and SS, which reduces your take to about $85,000. Then you lose $50,000 to inflation, which leaves you with a whole$35,000 return, on a million $ invested. That's right, a whole 3.5% left of value increase, out of $200,000 your manager "made" for you. :-) So of COURSE such investors want to make 40%, per year, because all they really end up with is 17%, actual increase in value. For high risk investments,you'd BETTER make 17% after all is said and done. Or you have to get your money out from under Big Brother's thumb, and doing so is illegal, if you live in the US, or if you live overseas, but retain your US citizenship. The entire system is rigged to see to it that the "little guy" REMAINS a wage slave. It was set up that way over 100 years ago. You CAN beat this system, but it takes levels of discipline and risk taking that very few are willing to put forth. If all you are making is 5% on your money, and you are paying taxes on that interest, you are LOSING money, due to the 5% inflation rate. Government NEVER admits how much inflation really exists. Doing so is likely to scare the sheep that they are busy shearing (by printing ever more money).
  17. I don't favor ANY religion, because one and all, they are an assault on the mind. However, from what I've been able to learn, the Muslims have been trouble everywhere they've gone. Sharia law is a real problem, if you ever let it get started in banking, etc.
  18. the socialism is much worse in history and economic depts. I once had to repay the GI bill for flunking a class. I flunked because I dared to challenge the Marxist teacher, who claimed that giving a 10% profit to a private company, to do something that the "govt can do" was just a waste. I stood up and asked for an example where govt did ANYTHING for 1/10 what a private company did it for. I used the PO as an example. If UPS tried to run itself the way the PO is run, the company would be in bankruptcy in a month! UPS has no trouble at all delivering i 24 hours. The PO CANNOT make a claim, and back it up, for delivery in 48 hours, despite literally having POLICE powers. Were you aware that an armory full of pistols is in EVERY post office?
  19. that's what happens when overpopulation crowds out the ability to live/be educated properly. Everyone becomes so stressed about "making a living" and defending his freedom and possessions that high-level thinking goes by the board. I believe that I've read that Aristotle said that it was necessary to have slaves, so that the slaveowners could have the free time to think at the levels befitting a proper human life.
  20. or, more especially scared to initiate a given topic? Or is it laziness, as manifested in the constant barrage of "gimme a link" demands, because they can't be bothered to Google a given topic?
  21. aren't we skipping a VERY important point? You will never GET universal consent to any sort of gov't, because so many people are hateful, spiteful, disagreable just for the hell of it, if not out of a sense of entitlement,etc. A good % of people would pay no taxes at all, to include myself. If you can't get me to agree to give you the money, then you can damned well bet that I will do all in my power to not let you TAKE my money, too.
  22. I don't see where he is wrong about "limited" gov't not STAYING limited. Nor are the opponents of anarchy wrong about the fact that competing "police agencies" would be hired by those who were unhappy with the results under any given first police agency. People are just too determined to have their own way, regardless of the effects on others. They WILL initiate the use of force, period. The best we can hope for is to be left free, as much as possible, to resist such bs. I am quite active with the survivalists on the Net, pointing out to them that they can't even get their "group' to agree on what model autorifle, caliber and load to use, so that training, parts, mags,and ammo are interchangable. So how are they going to agree on guard duty, disciplining kids, etc? Of course they are not going to agree, and the result is that you have your worst enemies inside your "castle' with you. Somebody always actively resents not being the Big Boss, and works behind the scenes to stab him in the back, poison him, betray him to his enemies, etc. Roy was not wrong in his attack upon gov't in general. He was mistaken, tho, about the abiity of mankind to leave each other in peace.
  23. What possesses brilliant people to just disregard the obvious need to also exercise the body and eat right? Rand, Childs, Einstein, and a horde of others seem to believe that their minds can carry on while they neglect/abuse their bodies. Well, surprise, surprise, when your body dies, or "just" fails to work properly, your brain dies with it,(or is grievously degraded in its ability to function properly). Rand castigated dopers, while she herself was taking speed, so she could continue to not exercise and indulge in eating lots of chocolate. Long after the 1960's revelation that smoking was very deletrious to health, Ayn continued to smoke. Beg Pardon, but the dumbest of animals instinctively "knows" not to inhale smoke! Sheesh. Ayn also castigated a man for being an adulterer, all the while indulging in adultery with Nathaniel.
  24. Naturally, you can read this book for free, thru the Interlibrary book loan system. Davies does a fine job of using layman's language to interpret a much larger, medical language text. It refers to the fact that mini-"charlie horses" can and do get set up in the "belly" of nearly all your muscles, at one time or another. Most such triggerpoints will not ever relax without either injections of relaxant chemicals, or(painful) massage. He teaches you how to massage them out yourself, by using a rubberball in a pair of socks, rubbing it on the floor or the wall with your back, the back of your legs, etc. One of his main tenets is that where you feel the pain is often quite far away from where the pain is. For instance, a lot of what is known as "carpel tunnel syndrome" is actually caused by triggerpoints in your neck muscles. These "cramps" in the neck restrict blood flow to the muscles, right where the nerves and blood vessels emerge from the spinal cord. If you will give this massage a fair try (say, with severl repetitions per muscle group, per day, for a couple of weeks, you will agree that it it majorly helpful.
  25. I've read Brown. Do you understand demographics? Have you ever looked at an Almanac? If we don't have a MAJOR pandemic or war, we will have 12 billion people on the Earth within 25 years, then 24 billion in another 20 yrs, or something like that. Do you really believe that your children will have any freedom at all with that sort of overcrowding? My post was not for the kids. As I stated, I have no concern for the kids. I did, at one point, when I was a kid myself. I posted that issue for those of you who do care about them, and for what freedom that those who are already living still have left, in the interest of not reducing that freedom further. If my postings are so far "off base", how about you enlighten me with the details? Assuming, of course, that you really can do so. I've read several of Brown's books. He's quite inspiring. Just how much room for all that sort of thing do you believe we'll have, once there's 24 billion people in the world, hmmm? No, my information is not inaccurate, either. You PRESUME to take MY tax money, and use it to help educate your kids, that's all. After you check out what it costs to have full time nannies so that the parents have enough free time to stay sane, and not impose on the grandparents, neighbors and friends,and treat the kids properly, as well as adequately prepare for retirement, and after you check out what PRIVATE schooling costs, you'll see that my numbers are actually very conservative. You also assume that people WANT to work for 45 years,never have anything, do anything, go anywhere, just raise kids and grandkids, so that Big Brother can have more taxpayers. Well,most of them do not really want to do so, they are just unaware that other options exist, or they are unable to resist the lizard-brain type peer pressure that you are trying to impose right here and right now.