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  1. and the tree's survival has what to do with the price of apples?
  2. I found it to be a truly wonderful read, full of good info and a lot of insight. Barbara is obviously a great writer and a fine person. I think Nat screwed up, big time, over that one. Sorry, Nat.
  3. given what the Feds have ADMITTED doing, and other things that we know damned WELL that they did, it serves them right that nobody with any sense believes a word that they say.
  4. This "oh, the pooer Mexicans" is baloney. Why stop there, hmm? Why not the 5 BILLION others who are in bad situations and would LOVE to come here? It's like religion, once you let it loose in your mind, there's no limit to how far it will go, or what it will destroy. Mex's problems are not our problems, let THEM solve them, THERE, I say. So we have to invent fruit and veggie picking machines, and pay Americans a decent wage to run them, so what? So we have to pay 2-3x as much for produce, so what? It's probably a whole 1k a year, and the illegals cost MORE than that, with all their "loads" upon law enforcement, education and medical care. Even if the cost was a direct increase, why not just pay it, to get the reduction in overcrowding, pollution, etc?
  5. Yeah, why DID you do it in the first place? The pot, I mean? Why does any animal go so far against its own survival programming and inhale SMOKE, of all things? Everyone who tries it chokes, sputters, spits, nearly pukes, etc, and yet they FORCE themselves to ignore ALL those bodily warnings, and "get used to it". Why do so? What is the "gain"? Everyone knows the potential losses, at the very least the damage to your aerobic system, the waste of time and money, the stink, the litter, the disapprobation (sp?) from more intelligent people. Naturally, all this applies to tobacco, too.
  6. I hope you don't include Ginko Bulboa. :-)
  7. Why not just get together some $, pay some US gal to marry you, and get the hell out? If married, need twice as much $, divorce her, and pay TWO people, one to marry her, one to marry you? If that much $ is not possible, can probably just learn to sail, get an inflatable by one means or another, and get out. The Polynesians crossed much of the Pacific in canoes, without sail, you know? I'd look into bribing the captain of a freighter, or really effectively stowing away (say in a sealed crate,with water, food, waste management gear,gear to listen-look outside of the crate (thru a little hole) and a way to break out of the crate, too.
  8. Actually, I have read that the PROPER translation is"Thall shalt not commit MURDER". Self defense is not murder. Killing in defense of one's nation is not murder. In some areas, killing in defense of personal property is not murder. Murder is defined as "UNJUSTIFIED homicide."
  9. I believe that the assertion of an objective "fact" also includes what can be established in REASON, not just detected by the senses. In reason, we have a mind, not just a brain. In reason, there is no basis whatsoever for postulating a "god". I probably haven't said it correctly. It's been 18 years since I read OPAR.
  10. I never said I couldn't google anything. so why bring such a lie into it? What I said about cut and paste is simply the truth. My comments upon overpopulation are just obvious facts, visible to anyone who will open their eyes. What's your problem? Are you an altruist?
  11. I've HEARD that immigrants get special loans and grants to help them, but dunno if it's really so. If it is so, that would explain a lot, too. I get less and less "altruistic" every day, because those people are no longer ignorant of the rest of the world, as used to be the case 30 or so years ago? Why do they STAY in such filth? I'd get out, or die trying, rest assured of that. One and all, the Marines VOLUNTEERED to go play "bully", and if some of them get blown up, tough stuff, in my book. We have ZERO "national interests" outside of our borders. How would we like it if Holland, Greenland, Panama, etc, asserted that somebody HERE had violated THEIR "conspiracy laws" and came and kidnapped US citizens, invaded, say, Hawaii, to "free" the Native Hawaiians from the US. After all, we DID take HI by force of arms, you know.
  12. I have to object to this, because it's not a "rant". :-)
  13. I know nothing about most of the above, but I know Hendrix was a LONG ways from the rest of that bunch.
  14. If you can't answer the question, why post? Black Jack Pershing put an end to the Muslim Insurrection by capturing about 40 of them, making them watch troops greasing belts of machinegun ammo with hog lard. Then he made them dig a pit, and get into it. Then he had the troops pour hog guts all over them, and released them. He told them"Now, go tell your friends what you have seen us do". Since contact with hog-fat condems a Muslim to hell, he's no longer willing to suicide attack anyone. End of problem. Today, they are not THAT serious about the Koran, so you have to nuke their cities, kill every Muslim male over the age of 6, burn all the Korans, blow up all the mosques and minarets, or you can't win and might as well just withdraw from the area and stop wasting your money on Isreal. They will nuke the Muslims for you, actually, and you can just remain above it all.
  15. dang it, this was supposed to go with the thread about sinking below the enemy. Might I suggest moving the "start a new topic" button to the other side of the page, to avoid this sort of error?