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    I'm in the middle of a career change right now. Have been in electronics for many years, then publishing/printing/prepress, then video production and finally radio engineering. Now struggling with a startup business as an independant representative with Primerica Financial Services.
  1. There's one more problem: rising property taxes. I have had no mortgage since 1966, but my taxes have gone from being one weekly paycheck to almost my entire annual income, even though I own the home free and clear (or thought I did, anyway). Aside from mortgaged folks, a lot of senior citizens will be seeing revaluations of 300% this year, despite the collapsed housing bubble, a paradoxical situation that seems almost like a mass land grab by municipalities, since few are in a position to pay triple the property taxes over last year. My taxes exceed the sum total of ALL other expenses, includ
  2. There are times when the extremes that some Liberal left-wing individuals will resort to is just amazing. Case in point: 3 years ago, I partook in a forum thread about unruly children in restaurants. I merely commented that I too had had a feeding situation with my child that resulted in some mild, and appropriate for her age, corporal punishment. Well that didn't go over with one of the members in the thread, who proceeded to judge me as some maniac who goes around beating children to death. Literally. To read the guy's abusive writings about me is just shocking to people of Objectivist point
  3. Just wanted to get the word out about that 'other' forum... For those of you who wonder why my presense on OOL is so rare in the past year, it’s because I’ve been put on Moderator Watch, which was sometime about a year ago. The individuals who initiated this action, David Veksler and David Odden, aledge that it is because I fail to use Reason in my posts. I don’t know about you, but I have noticed a lot of whacky posts on OOL and they aren’t put on mod watch. So I sense something going on where I am selectively singled out. Now before you write me off as a looney, hear me out… A few years bac
  4. Worthless Individual, Round 4 Laure: Where did you get your information? Most of the online sites have wildly erroneous and out of date information. I stated, on one of these forums, I don’t recall if it was here or OOL, that the average annual property tax in this town is $15K, a figure which came from Mine are not quite that high, but still 8X higher than all of my other expenses COMBINED. All of my neighbors earn over $100K/year. In fact, citing the same source, the median income here is $130K. My neighbor to the east of me is ultra-wealthy—he owns the largest m
  5. Worthless Individual, Round 3 Starting with Judith: It is near-impossible to assess the extent of the psychological damage that the childhood abuse has had. Once self esteem (which I had little of to begin with) is damaged, it is nearly impossible to repair. As a note, when I was 7 years old, I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I was conscious of my ugliness at an early age. A smart fellow would have found a way to capitalize on that ugliness (circus freak show, actor playing the devil, etc.) While I intellectually understand that what happened in the past is the past, emotional
  6. I have to applaud your stance on self defense as well as your weapons savvy. Good argument on why shouldn't the public have the same weapons as the military! If the 2nd Amendment's purpose included the prevention of tyranny, then we are indeed under-weaponized today as a public. The military has tools and weapons that are not even made public. We have the potential of a really bad dictatorship gradually taking over, and once the public is riled up enough to revolt, the tremedous force of our military would be brought to bear, to utterly squash any rebellion. We have no more control over gover
  7. There is no ephinany here; there is only a slow series of realizations of how immoral, contradictory and self-serving, my life’s path has been. As usual, responding in order of posting: Laure: Yes, part venting, part hoping that some answer will resonate with my inner pshyche, causing me to have that ephinany that has so far eluded me. I don’t think of myself as a tax cheat. A conviction in a court of law does not pronounce moral reality. Not if the laws are made by evil men who steal from producers and give to non producers. I think that people who pay their taxes are tax fools. I hold all ta
  8. A good business owner treats everyone as a "win-win" prospect. Traditional employment however, exists to pocket as much money as possible, while paying the employees as little as possible. I enjoyed not a single advancement or promotion throughout my employed years. I felt used, abused and taken advantage of.
  9. Once again, I’m responding individually in one post. Victor: I feel lots of guilt for taking shortcuts when I was younger. Looking back, I realize that I made a lot of evasive choices. I made those choices because, at the time, the one thing that I wanted, a certain type of romantic fulfillment, was beyond my reach. Forty years of constant rejection by the opposite sex does strange things to a man. I developed odd ways of coping with that. I became deeply materialistic. I’m afraid that’s not going away any time soon. This IS the Rants subforum, and, I guess you could say I’m venting my frustra
  10. Since so many of you have replied, I’ll try to respond in one concise reply. First, Brant: Yes, I agree, and gainful employment is what I have been seeking ever since retirement. But also emotionally-fulfilling employment, which has eluded me thus far. I admit, I’m not a good menial tasks person. I tire easily of such activity. And I don’t last long at most of these jobs, when younger, more energetic people are clamoring for the same job. These jobs are for kids in high school, not persons who have worked a whole lifetime and nothing to show for it. Yes, the house is weighing me down, but at l
  11. What does it mean to be truly talentless? What does it mean to be so socially inept, that nearly every encounter with another human being results in the making of a new enemy, instead of a friend? What does it mean to be so uncreative as to not see any opportunity in failure? What does it mean when you read many books, but your fundamental approach to living remains unchanged? What does it mean to be a slow learner, to be always the last one to “get the joke”, to be unable to grasp mathematics, or how to diagram a sentence—despite years of receiving tutoring as an adult? What does it mean to b
  12. Frankly, this "global warming" is great. The warmer it is in winter, the less I depend on oil, which is rapidly becoming out of financial reach. So bring on the global warming. I want 70 degrees F in January. And February. And March...
  13. Thank you. It was inspired by a Spanish performance I saw on YouTube last year. I spent a whole week of evenings on it, tweaking the registrations, adding layers of MIDI controllers and patch changes to provide the wide range of tonal colors you hear in the finished production. Initially, I was trying to duplicate the Spanish performance, but about halfway through, I said to heck with that--I'm going to arrange it the way my mind's ear wanted to hear it--my vision of how it should sound. By the time I was done with it, I found myself actually ENJOYING the finished result. 'Glad you enjoyed it
  14. Having produced the organ soundtrack last week, loosely-based on the Lemare Transcription, I decided to put it on some of the video sites. I needed some visuals, so what better than to use images of the organ these samples were collected from. The sample set is sold as Post Organ Toolkit. I have tweaked and adjusted several of the samples for even more realistic performance. Played on the Kurzweil K2600RS, these sounds are incredible. Listen to the recording on a very high end set of loudspeakers, or a high end set of headphones and the experience is rich, sonorous and detailed. As so, we have
  15. I fear for future generations of rational people, for the irrational populations are the ones multiplying at the fastest rate, and, yes, soon rational culture will be obliterated by sheer numbers. It was said on the radio last week, that the new Islamic goal is not the violent overthrow of America by terrorism, but the infiltration of its government by Islamic people, through the influx of large numbers of Islamic people. This is a war that will be won by attrition; American rationalists will be overtaken by Islamic fundamentalists. We see the trial balloons already, with inroads into our pol