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  1. I dont agree-I made a few sincere first posts, actually all my posts are sincere and he slammed on me like a mallet personally attacking me. He has called me stupid more than once. Also see his hateful posts in the AZ mourning service thread-I didnt start this and didnt ask for it. He comes into any thread I start or comment I make and insults me for his own amusement. If anyone deters people here it is mr shirk and his like not me but I understand alot of you are fond of him like an old sofa, he is quite the fixture here. I am sorry I came into this thread-apologies, if anyone wants to reply please start a new thread. BTW my dismissive missives are simply self defense - why should I take his nasty behavior and be silent over it?
  2. Adam no no no-so many of them are checked pants Repubs-we dont have time to wait for someone better! I really like Chris Christie a ton (no pun intended) , he is a little soft on the gun issue though but no one is perfect I guess. Fantastic Christie moment:
  3. Just dropping in, don't mind me but it seems you arent just a dick to me-you spread the wealth around. Let's hear an original idea from you, aw maybe if you formulated one and posted it here you might get , i dont know, shredded to bits? Coward. You could never hold a candle to MSK or Selene or any of the other real thinkers on this forum - they are precise and clear in their posts-yours are muddled and nasty with alot of large words and obscure phrases that basically say a whole bunch of nothing. signed, Pippi and her magic crayon
  4. Wow, you could almost taste how much Stewart hated those men. Is he still this good? The video was awhile ago and I was under the impression he was just another Obama worshipper. Thanks Joel
  5. From what I read it was done by a student group at the university. Also, what does "Together We Thrive" have to do with a memorial service for shooting victims?
  6. This is beyond scary if it's true-especially the first part.
  7. And proud of it! (Unless you were maybe talking about yourself?)
  8. How Mr Shirk? Most replies agree with me, don't lump me in with the sociopathy of Chris on the massacre thread (I thought what he posted was very disturbing)- this is NOT the same. As I said before if you dont like me DONT READ MY POSTS! Do you ever come up with an original thought or get excited about anything other than mocking people on internet message boards? You are a sad little man Mr. Shirk. Please do not respond.
  9. Yes Robert-it is like Fort Hood didnt even happen with the almost complete silence of Washington and the media, creepy. Didn't Obama get in everyone's face after Fort Hood that we shouldn't rush to judgement and the media complied? He should have done the same thing here but no he let it go viral-probably with his blessing, no not probably definitely I am sure. Here is a link to a story and discussion on the blaze about this subject. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/rush-az-memorial-t-shirt-slogan-came-from-dncs-organizing-for-america/ I am sure either Obama or one of his people knew about the shirts-he could have had them removed, the whole event was more like a pep rally than a memorial service as Michael pointed out, shameful.
  10. Thank you Dennis-that article led me to the Association of Libertarian Feminists and The Cato Institute web pages-what finds! I'll never get off the pc at this rate. http://www.alf.org http://www.cato.org/
  11. Exactly! I am certainly not one to kowtow to any self-proclaimed 'experts'. You are right McCain would have been an epic fail without her and she sure helped last November. I am going to research Sarah-I love that she bothers people! ;) Thanks
  12. True true-I canceled keeping my phone # unlisted for the same reason (why pay for something that is basically worthless?) I'll post it here soon so all my buddies can give me a call
  13. I am probably going to support her-I like the fact that she is detested and feared by so many-where there is smoke there is fire. So true! Thanks Adam
  14. WOW That is pretty scary, thank you Adam for finding this (sort of). What can we do about this? I guess just being aware of it is helpful. (I am afraid to go on website with .gov or the obama site you listed-I dont want any of those cookies dropped into my pc.)
  15. Michael-alot of so called 'experts' from what I hear anyway seem to think she will just end up getting Obama re-elected (which would be the end for this country I think and that is pretty scary) You disagree? If so why? That is my main reason for not supporting Sarah Palin and would love to hear your opinion on it.
  16. Sarah running would just be a spoiler-she would get Obama re-elected, that is my main concern about her. I like her sort of a little just not as a candidate for president.
  17. Personal dignity for one. Can you imagine Sasha or Malia or Michelle on dancing with the stars? Or haranguing with their kids on broadcast tv (ala Sarah's Alaska? ugh) I am no Obama fan at all but at least he hasn't stooped that low. Call me crazy for asking this but what would Ayn Rand think of her? Good point. I mean Abraham Lincoln's wife was clinically depressed and basically insane. Ronald Reagan's film career with a monkey certainly was dignified. Bill Clinton certainly had personal dignity. I see what you mean. Any other elements that make a person presidential? Selene Lincoln's wife's problem was not of her own making. Ronald Reagan's film career was king of embarrassing true. But Bill Clinton and dignity in the same sentence????
  18. Well, you could start with a Letter To The Editor. With the blue crayons. You are bitter little man arent you? Why don't you turn that frown upside down? LOL
  19. Thank you Michael-I hear the bells too. Obama must have know before hand about the logo and shirts-he could have stopped it. Did they hand out shirts at the Fort Hood memorial? No. Was it even televised? Twice as many people died in that tragedy.
  20. Damn, I kind of know how Sarah Palin feels when I come on this board. daunce cant you form a proper post? It's time to take that extra a out of your name you dont need it - ty What a bunch of snot nosed inconsequentials here (there are about 4or 5 exceptions but that is all I can see and I appreciate all 4-5 of you). I ask you all again - if you don't like ME or my posts - dont read them or REPLY to them mmm kay? I must get under you all's skin somehow I guess-I kind of like that B)
  21. Thanks for clarifying that Robert but the President could have said 'um this tacky' and taken them away no? pippi (still waiting for my Fort Hood memorial T shirt and cap - and the coveted coffee mug)
  22. Personal dignity for one. Can you imagine Sasha or Malia or Michelle on dancing with the stars? Or haranguing with their kids on broadcast tv (ala Sarah's Alaska? ugh) I am no Obama fan at all but at least he hasn't stooped that low. Call me crazy for asking this but what would Ayn Rand think of her? I find her to be a low rate 1st hander-she couldnt hold a candle to Eddie or Cheryl T
  23. Sorry folks. What do you mean by that? Just asking because you put my post up top there. I agree with her alot of the time-most of the time actually, I just dont think she is Presidential material-hence my disappointment at the pronunciation of the word pundit.
  24. Joel-you are right it is more creepy than any other adjective. I guess our tax dollars also paid for all those t shirts and pamphlets. I will read the link and check out the book as well, I find the subject fascinating. I dont understand why these types of things don't bother people more...guess it is part of the problem. p.s. does anyone find it unsettling all the hugging that Obama does? It seems undignified, what happened to handshaking? Editing to add-what can we DO about this? A question I asked in the 'calm down' thread that remains unanswered.
  25. more at http://patdollard.com/2011/01/unmasked-obama-coming-to-tucson-to-campaign-not-support-mourners-sham-exposed-see-the-tragedy-campaign-slogan-and-wait-for-it-logo/ Ms Pantihose (well, as Mr Boydstun indicates, you don't seem to have a surname so I thought I would help you out). Lincoln could have used the Gettysburg Address in his campaign platform.If you were around then, I suppose you would have pointed that out at his funeral. Quick let me put my full real name on my account ASAP - you are all friends after all. Man why dont you wet rags leave me be? If you dont like me dont read my posts or respond. Thanks! btw I guess you take no offense re: topic of this post? and if not-why? (Believe it or not my intent was not to start a let's beat on pippi thread-again)