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  1. Snarky reply deleted- carry on - my apologies. :tempering my temper: it is a little unnerving to be posting in the Garbage Pile (even tho my initial post got me here)
  2. He is appalling. I wish he would go away. No one wants these career criminals any more from either side.
  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. Today I received a large shipment of books from a book dealer in Western Canada. There were so many books in the order, they wound up shipping it (the order) in an 18-wheeler, shrinkwrapped onto a palate. JR Aren't you smug mr. spellchecker. Tooshay.
  4. NB's work is outstanding for its sheer quantity, its excellent quality, and its guiding and healing powers. Thank you again Roger and Mary as well. I am still waiting on both of those books from my library loan request-looking forward to them. I can already tell my reading of the "pillars" has made a change in things, look forward to reading more Branden.
  5. I have no response to this but thought I would "share". http://gatewaypundit.rightnetwork.com/2011/01/weird-pep-rally-continues-together-we-thrive-bus-benches-pop-up-in-tucson/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+gatewaypundit2+%28Gateway+Pundit%29
  6. I am so sure this isnt the same Adam as the Adam/Selene who posts now.
  7. Selene that video was funny but it almost was too realistic. Here is another sort of haha:
  8. Update - there is officially another member other than myself on my new forum I put up a post as well. Pippi
  9. What book on Objectivism of Piekoff's is this? I would like to take a look. Thanks. Jethro
  10. I feel your pain. I like Peart's lyrics but some seem self-indulgent, I am probably wrong I don't know much about Rush, I never liked them because I don't like Geddy Lee's voice. Pippi
  11. Roger Bissell-great posts! btw-Wo hui shuo ydiar putonghua. Ni hui shuo putonghua ma? (pinyin bu hao. dui bu qi. xie xie)
  12. I am so sick of this charlatan and his bowing-I hope someone kicks his bent over butt next time it happens. Unbelievable and yes, sad as hell. I am ashamed of him (again).
  13. I have started a forum where I would like to focus more on practicing Objectivism rather than discussing Objectivist theory. Anyone interested can find the forum here http://practicalobjectivism.phpbb3now.com Thank you.
  14. pippi


    Goodbye to the horrid pseudo intellectual self congratulatory circle jerk that is Objectivist Living. What a horrendous waste of time this has been. I have started my own forum "Practical Objectivism" here [link removed] Any replies in the vein of "dont let the door hit you" will only further prove you for the moth eaten worms you are. (Not intended for the handful of supporters I had or any lurkers who do not post) Sincerely, Cherryl Taggart's ghost
  15. thank you The advice for which you came, I was among the first to give you. The name is an anagram of a writer whom I admire. I'm staying and so are you. 1. you gave me nothing 2. who gives a shit 3. no i am not
  16. it all depends on how many are willing to be slaves
  17. I have no response to this I seriously just came here for advice (see the myjob thread) I adore Rand and her pure vision, it is probably not realistic but I still love it and admire it, that is why I came here it was never my intention to start a fight I am pretty saddened over what has happened here-the term 'cat fight' i find theatrical and insulting way to go OL I wont be back and yes thanks you horrid people you pushed me to tears.
  18. If that is the case poor Phil I hope you find a good caregiver. Seriously though that was funny as hell!!!
  19. What? Please google "how to post on internet forums". I mean this sincerley I am not trying to be nasty, you have trouble with it and it is easily fixed. Btw, you are obviously trying to provoke me, I dont know why, I never came into your threads and attacked you until you did it to me. Maybe you crave attention? Could you please stop?
  20. What is your point? I actually put the effort into reading your very unclear post and although I understood it I felt tragically uninspired. (sarcasm ON) Words like nascent and analogous seem to mask the fact this post has no substance or clarity hence (and yes I hate that word) it follows that there were no replies. Hey, Ayn Rand is allowed to quip over her own creation! Of course schools dont teach reason-they are more worried about birth control and whether mom's dad is a mom-school has been a mind control device forever except for the hard sciences. Your post is muddled at best. Here is an original clear as a bell idea http://reliableanswers.com/hs/six_lessons.asp You state your points like facts- can you back them up? Go ahead call me stupid I welcome it.
  21. Jerry thank you I will look for the videos on that website (I do not have cable). I admire Stossel-I remember him being on a local NYC news channel a long time ago. Glad to see he is still kicking and (sort of) screaming.