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  1. If he lives past that can he be thrown back in jail? I am sure the answer is no.
  2. I really wish you would stop doing that. Every other post by you I see you've deleted. I know, sorry about that. I will try to be less impulsive. (It's a toy gun )
  3. All Anita seems to want to do is pick this forum's collective brain and give nothing in return (so far) isn't that a little like poaching? If she is writing some sort of paper or study she should be forthcoming about it. I am sure she would find alot of help and information. I also admit I don't give most posts my full attention, many are too unclear to me , but that is my prerogative. It is bothering me she gives so little but takes so much. Pippi *edited to fix spelling*
  4. Nope, the first question you have to deal with is whether your opening statement is valid, sound, true, meaningful. You cannot simply assume it is correct. OMG I agree. In what way would one's ideology create suffering? Wouldn't it depend on what ideology it is? I would love to hear the original poster's answer to this.
  5. Maybe so but why would the graffiti say Freedom? I am impressed at how learned and/or fact filled many of you are here. I admit my slackerdom in many categories of thought. Pippi
  6. I heard he was a conspiracy theory kind of guy, thanks for the warnings. That joker face paint is a little unsettling. I suppose I should hear him out though when I can. On the subject I would love to see more of this especially among populations that now have our outsourced jobs (India, China e.g.)or the people here who do the 'jobs Americans won't do' and most importantly right here in this country among American citizens. It is a start though and a wonderful thing to see.
  7. I heard he was a conspiracy theory kind of guy, thanks for the warnings.
  8. That's wonderful! I can't wait to see more pop up. Especially here Alex Jones is trying to start a sign campaign, I don't know much about him but here is a picture and link. DHS Occupation of America
  9. Sorry for all the empty posts I am trying to be less reactive, if there was a delete post button I would surely use it.
  10. You are llving in a dream world. I am disappointed. I thought your ire might have had a backbone.
  11. Oh, they're all real--real statists. It's tag-team bitch-slapping of the citizenry, most of whom seem to like it. --Brant Very true. Are we as pathetic as "third world" countries in our subservience? I guess it is way too late to ask that question.
  12. Thank you for your answer. I am genuinely interested to know what everyone who has thought about this hypothetical situation would do. This "situation" isn't hypothetical (if you think so please explain)). What did you do about it?
  13. It is more than psychotic, it may be evil. I noticed as well and it is upsetting.
  14. YES! Palin 2012 I have decided I like her, that could change but I doubt it, she is the only real person out there. NBC/CNBC/Comcast and Obama's newest czar who is the President of GE (who owns all of the, companies I just listed) know money talks and they know the last dregs of it can be scraped from the workers of America, too bad it will bite them in the ass. (I hope)
  15. Daunce, Young man? And a thank you to boot?!! Dayaamm! That's it. You done crossed the line. You have a friend for life. Michael Edited to remove snarky comments. Pippi