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  1. Michael-I was listening to Michael Savage and he suggested Obama defended the uprising in Egypt because of the possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood being behind it and and didn't support the uprisings in Iran because they weren't Muslim generated.

    I am just throwing this out there-I sincerely do not know all the specifics.

    He also said if the uprising wins in Egypt both sides of the Suez canal will be Muslim controlled and oil prices will skyrocket. I know he is an alarmist (probably for the sake of ratings) but I thought it was interesting.


  2. Furthermore, tearooms and coffee houses were hotbeds of intellectual and political debate during the Enlightenment. Tea Parties are said to be their intellectual heirs.


    Well, if you're engaged in political activism, it might come in handy to know this stuff.

    I'm just saying.

    I already knew it. Thanks anyway.

  3. Thanks. This leads me off topic a bit to something I've observed in a very limited anecdotal way- that a main common characteristic of people who became and remained objectivists,

    I am only speaking of the few people I knew personally, or knew slightly, or knew about, probably fewer than 30.

    You draw a conclusion based on very very limited premises-you admit it yourself.

    You are claiming Objectivists were traumatized and that is why they are Objectivists? Honestly!

    Post all the catfight snarks you want but Daunce treats this place like a witty fluffy inconsequential tearoom rather than a serious forum, I think it deserves more but maybe I am wrong

  4. Does Savage take more days off than other talk radio hosts? I don't know because I only listen to him, but my goodness he is off alot (plus live content is 2 hours and the 3rd is filler).

    I also do not care for his fill in, Jeff Kuhner, he is too much of a sycophant.

    Just wondering.

    Still a fan though. :)

  5. Barack Obama's "g-dropping"—substituting an "n" for an "ng" at the end of certain words—always seems calculated to me.

    Robert Campbell

    To me as well. It is like he is trying to play to the lowest common denominator. And they say Sarah Palin sounds stupid!

    The education emphasis REALLY bothers me-what is the point of an education if there are no jobs and/or the jobs that are available pay minimum wage?

  6. Pippi,

    I suspect that ain't you talking from your core, but instead from what you've been told.

    I say don't ever let that part where the spunk comes from die.

    It's precious.


    That was very thoughtful of you to say Michael and I appreciate it.

    It may not come from my core but it definitely hasn't helped me all that much. It has made some things more difficult (i.e. employment wise)

  7. I got this in an email forward-which claimed it was enacted by the Obama administration. According to Snopes it is true but was enacted before Obama got into office.

    Either way it is upsetting. :angry:

    SafeLink Wireless is a government supported program

    that provides a free cell phone and airtime each

    month for income-eligible customers.


    Snopes info http://www.snopes.com/politics/taxes/cellphone.asp

  8. He has a shovel full of something for sure.

    I watched the first 30 min. His folksy speaking style (leaving off Gs on words. i.e. leavin' instead leaving, irritates me, he seems to need to stupidify himself-unless that is the way he naturally talks.)

    It was a speech written by the sheeple for the sheeple. Those little human element stories were so fake. He also said now that we have come out of the recession we need to focus on the debt. UM we are NOT out of the recession by a longshot, and the recovery is a fallacy.

    He is living in a dream world-more education? Why? So the students can come out with degrees like those in India and China?

    Hello they make about $5 an hour or less after all that schooling.


    So sad :(

  9. I perceived Pippi as a wannabe manipulator, though certainly not as the devil.


    May I suggest youthful fire--or excessive zeal if you prefer to use that kind of language?

    What do you really want? Would you extinguish youthful fire to foster a self-image of political righteousness?

    I don't find that a good choice for my life.


    Michael that was so wonderful, I thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)

  10. Ok. Just wanted to do the full disclosure thing. He is very bright and extremely satirical so I love to listen to him, but I can't take too much of him when he goes on one of his rants because I know him so well, I know where he is going.

    Have you ever listened to Phil Hendrie? He is also quite insanely funny. He does off the wall interviews with different voices which are hilarious.

    I will look for him maybe, I just enjoy Savage (unless he goes on a boring tangent about some conspiracy theory, then I have to zzzzzzzz-aka his obsession with Wheeler)

    You seem to have some respect for him and know him personally in some way-I find that combination encouraging-at least you don't hate him :)


  11. He is extremely edgy. I am sure you are aware that he has been banned from England, correct?

    Also, he is rabidly anti-Islamic.


    Oh my, I know all that already-I am not trying to sponsor him for sainthood, I just enjoy his show.

  12. Pippi:

    You have posted Savage clips before, I am frankly surprised that you are a fan of his. I have listened to him for decades.

    He grew up within two (2) miles of where I grew up by Utopia Parkway and Union Turnpike, near St. Johns University. I used to run into him all the time. Remarkable individual. Degree in immunology.

    He is quite off the wall at times. He lives in San Francisco. I am sure that Riggenbach must know him as they are in the same industry and area.


    I am surprised you are surprised :)

    I adore him!

  13. When I first saw Pippi's grotesque comment shortly after the service...


    Let's unpack this "grotesque" thing.

    Especially when they use things like a funeral to sneak in enmity under the strong emotions. What about decency? That's grotesque.


    Excellent post Michael!!! I of course agree 100%.