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  1. You're welcome. (I don't do emoticons) I am disappointed in this reply. I should have known. Fool me twice I suppose.
  2. I don't take this website as recreational-I guess that is the main difference between us. Thanks for the sincere reply
  3. Wtf is a riposte?-my first post that I said Huh to? That is what I meant - HUH? What was your point? You cannot see beyond your upholstered stuffy tearoom domicile can you? Here come the catfight images - ugh I dont care - my main point is WTF would ppl like Daunce and Shirk post here except to pollute the communal waters with their smugness and one upmanship hair splitting. D what exactly was the message of the first post on this thread-do you even know?
  4. It is an anagram of Dunce Layman. Good guess, but not quite keeredt. I can't care-your original post made no sense whatsoever-you may be literate and lyrical with a large vocabulary and the ability to quote but your posts have no point or substance. Why do you bother? I sincerely would like to know. How can there be any satisfaction in being smug at the expense of clarity?
  5. Thanks-I think she may be this country's last hope I sincerely hope she runs-I will do what I can to support her-her time is now.
  6. Absolutely MccANT must go I am starting to really like Palin she has the knowledge and the nerve-she IS brave-I cannot even imagine how her life has been threatened or compromised yet she still knocks it out of the park whenever she can-I would surely be so scared if I were her. I am thinking I should be a fan
  7. wow nothing 2 hours later when other topics were topped off again I am disappointed MSK it is so cool you care and pay attention. I really dont get why so many smart people are so complacent.
  8. It sure looks real. I have yet to see any reaction to it. Obam is looking like a traitor and all the Reps who signed off on this bill are as well. It is a sad statement about this country that this could happen and it isn't even reported except on a few websites - and Obam wants an internet kill switch similar to what happened in Egypt so getting information like this may never happen again... I am sincerely starting to get worried and I don't like it. I know it isn't politically correct but any white conservative leader who had done as much damage as Obam would have been gone way before this-will this country die a silent death because they don't want to hurt anyones feelings? It is looking like it and that is damn pitiful. People are punished here for being intelligent and strong and rewarded for being weak and needy. Not a good combination.
  9. I agree with this. Joel, do you not? If you agree why the question in the first place?
  10. Why? Are you saying it is up to the employer and the employer only to compensate as he sees fit? Such is my understanding of Objectivism. Is there something I'm missing? Nope. Just trying to understand your post. It is a very good question btw.
  11. Why? Are you saying it is up to the employer and the employer only to compensate as he sees fit?
  12. I don't understand your point , you mean you have to crack some eggs to make an omelette? What about what is right or wrong? I just want to throw some vinegar on these threads - they descend so readily into esoteric chatter, they need to be cleansed sometimes (imho that is) I don't get what our opinion of the Egypt situation would matter in the scheme of things.
  13. Can you not speak clearly without labels and antianarchomonopistichanarchocapitalistobjectivistmaterialistdisestablishtarianisnmanorchorealistic rhetoric? Just sayin'
  14. I have heard they were there to promote democracy, same reason different day I suppose-whether the people are ready for it or not. I don't pay much attention to foreign policy because I honestly do not care any more, I am going to start not paying attention to domestic policy as well-there is so much out of my control I am getting tired of paying attention. They keep draining me with taxes because I actually am on a company's payroll that is in the USA, I would not be surprised if soon I was taxed 50% of every dollar I earn (maybe I already am, I am afraid to check) who would want to work if that was the case?
  15. Edit: I need to finish watching the videos.
  16. EXCELLENT! Thanks Michael, what a fantastic post.
  17. As far as I can tell I have not posted much here I already admitted I don't know the specifics - I just get the feeling Islam terrorists are behind it-I hope to hell I am wrong. Let me get back to my Familyguy youtube clips? TY
  18. Last I checked he was an ally of the muslim brotherhood. This was the headline on the stupid yahoo homepage. We are being manipulated. I don't know foreign policy at all but I have read this man is dangerous-and Nobel peace prizes are a dime dozen, I put NO stock in them. Does Obama care? I guess not-link from drudge. Whitehousedossierstory
  19. As well as the brakeman (I think he was a brakeman) who was whistling Halley's symphony on the train. No, the brakeman was Halley's pupil. We don't say there was a place for laborers because Galt worked as one in the Taggart tunnels. --Brant I don't remember that at all but ok. What do you mean "we" don't say there was a place for laborers? I don't understand that sentence.
  20. As well as the brakeman (I think he was a brakeman) who was whistling Halley's symphony on the train.