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  1. Also don't forget they only work 9 months out of the year. The unions got greedy and need to be dissolved or reworked. They don't deserve well padded pensions, benefits and salaries if they are breaking the back of the state they work in.
  2. They are well deserved depending on how well the INDIVIDUAL performs their job, making a blanket statement that they are 'well deserved' because they got a teaching certificate is just plain lazy.
  3. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_wisconsin_budget_unions Supposedly over 25,000 protesters showed up at the state capital to protest modest cuts in union benefits and being denied their bargaining power as a union. I say good, I was a goverment employee as a kid and I was paid minimum wage. Working for the state/government was never desired when I was younger, the pay was just way too low. Now the pay and pensions are way beyond the private sector. It is wrong and the protesters in Wisconsin are being selfish. IMHO Pippi
  4. If Mitt Romney (or his ilk) is the face of the tea party it will be all for nothing. It is pretty disheartening if that is all the tea party wrought.
  5. Beautiful picture it exalts the human spirit of ingenuity and progress. Unfortunately the US has abandoned the shuttle program and has bastardized NASA
  6. I went to the IMDB page and most of the actors were born in the mid 60's with the exception of the actress playing Dagney who is 20 years younger than them. I would put most of the male characters in Atlas around 40-43 and Dagney around 30. The movie looks very very good, I am happily surprised, I expected to be disappointed.
  7. I don't think at this point anyone will question Obama-they never have and never will. Most are too scared of the race card to get down to brass tacks with this person. It is part of the reason why this country has descended into a pathetic jelly mass of ignorance and denial. It is political correctness aka the fear of being sued. I don't like Putin but at least he isn't afraid to be a man.
  8. I don't see how any group calling themselves the "Muslim" brotherhood can be secular. You all have cited many things I should read. But I don't think I will. Either way. Thank you
  9. http://www.politico.com/blogs/joshgerstein/0211/DNI_Clapper_Egypts_Muslim_Brotherhood_largely_secular.html
  10. I think I just heard "Daunce's" head explode.
  11. Have you listened to him over time? He is unique, insightful, incredibly intelligent and sometimes quite touching, today's show especially was very sweet. He may be an acquired taste but I find it absolutely worth the effort.
  12. Ted are you an objecivist? Is Phil an Objectivist? I haven't come across one person who will tell me they are an Objectivist here and that is kind of scary considering the title of this website. I have heard from socialists and non comittals all over the place here-what is the point? Pure Objectivism is basically undoable-the proof is in this forum If some one starts talking about cells and organisms I shut down-cells and plasma aren't people You all should rename this forum Academic Living and take it from there.
  13. Rand exalted the individual-if you want to be validated as a worm - there are tons of places to assuage your sentiments. They all in the .gov domain
  14. I haven't seen any immense faith among Objectivists ;) Shayne True faith and objectivism are opposites, but what if you put your faith in Objectivism? Guess you are sunk
  15. I have not seen any immense faith in psychiatry among Objectivists.
  16. Edited mean spirited post. No need for it.
  17. Of course depressed people are the most realistic in some ways but they also defeat themselves in many ways as well. IE they don't try because they don't see the point, they don't cultivate interests because they are too caustic to let themselves be vulnerable. now I am rambling.
  18. Shifty that is a wonderful sentiment I find it difficult as well but if you think of it as a battle that seems to help Thank you
  19. You are young or maybe you are not-you still care what your father thinks-that takes a long time to shake. btw america isnt too cool for fleas seriously tho It isnt better
  20. "Every man has somewhere in the back of his head the wreck of a thing he calls his education." Too bad Ayn Rand didn't read Leacock. He could be right up there with Spillane on the A-list. I think Rand would hate you-why do you want to post here? Your posts are tearoom pseudo intellectual fodder-I am sure there are forums that would be more responsive-google virtual smug cyber coffee hauses? I dont get some of you I am on min wage and get 40% or more taken out of my pay-dunce et al cannot understand-the puffy privileged are too complacent to even move, slothlike. I will continue to work but I hate the fact I subsidize the likes of the pretentious gits that post here Where is your pride?
  21. Why do you care so much what people think and let yourself be at their mercy? (btw I have the same issues) My favorite Rand quote. "My life is the highest of values, too high to give up without a fight."
  22. I will allow you to retreat. Carol: Now that was quite uncool. Adam Yes it was and I am not surprised.