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  1. What's your point? That nothing in the entire situation could have possibly turned out better than it did? That our authoritarian, immoral method of governing has created the best possible utopia? Shayne, I thought that my point was illustrating your point. Competent people carried out a task. A superimposed government yakmouth made an uninformed announcement for his own unfathomable political reasons. The tsunami did not destroy parts of our west coast so yes,nothing could have turned out better than it did. Shayne I couldn't have said it better myself-nice post
  2. and I thought this was a St. Patrick's day post
  3. re: compensation bargaining http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/mar/10/wisconsin-republicans-cut-collective-bargaining-unions
  4. I understand it removes all collective bargaining rights except for the right to bargain for compensation, no? Either way it is a good thing.
  5. You all embrace each other-some of you were jonesing for Daunce to come back to prop up your superiority issues. AH exhale she's back, no need to think anymore. nite nite
  6. omg LOL you are all still so sad! Can I wrap you in a nice blanket and tell you it will be alright-ignore the big bad Daunce? But then again you would want yourself wrapped in the blanket with her. Enjoy your quipping...you can all eat your cucumber sandwiches and sip your tea - I would prefer a steak and a beer but whatever. There is no substance here anymore, I think I saw some when I started my membership on this forum. What would Howard Roark or Rand even think if they happened to read this thread? I honestly would like to know what you think they would ascertain from it, Objectivist living or Objectivist dying? I think I know which it is. Quip on - it just makes me sad. your favorite troll/cartoon character-aw shucks pippi
  7. Wow you people are pathetic. Are you that starved for someone to prop up your pretension? Amazing
  8. More Hilda Solis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_dIWgY7Hms
  9. Me too and ya I have a problem with them.
  10. They really said they dont like that freedom stuff? How repulsive Dont engage the dunce though, she loves canada references, they are like cat treats for her-they all circle back to her self absorption. have fun you all I guess I am just a dumb ole bumpkin, I dont talk pretty but yee haw - I pay my taxes!!!
  11. I never trusted Daunce's posts and find her to be fluffy fodder that looks good but says nothing. - do a search if you need to see the ugly details about my 'relationship' with him/her (I have been severely trounced, insulted and compared to a cartoon character (hi msk ) -so be it, I may have attacked her without much style but it came from the gut. I have also been amazed at how many were so charmed by her way with language that they ignored her intent. I also think she is a detriment to this forum but it is not my place to decide that. She pushes for attention, she has used me to push herself forward and now she is using others as well. I think GHS has a very good point about her intentions, why would she want to make a home here among wolves? (Even when most are willing victims)
  12. George H. Smith- you are officially a rock star
  13. Michael I do apologize that language was uncalled for. This visit to your home was interesting but not particularly pleasant, good luck with the site.
  14. *ugh* trying to be charitable (gritting my teeth!)
  15. You are unclear as usual. Why do you bother? Damn you are so affected! How can you live with yourself? source dictionary dot com
  16. Not me. I use Agent Ransack. Ack, any reason you didn't tell Phil earlier in the thread?
  17. How is America crying to it's Galtian betters to complete their emasculation specifically? I agree re: the outsourcing, chickens coming home to roost indeed. Very sad.
  18. For crying out loud, like I said before - the software is FREE! You may want to look into a pc search engine you could pay for for better performance. Google "search my pc files" or "search my hard drive" Honestly.
  19. You are welcome. I have never used it, just did a Google for my BFF Phil and it looked good.
  20. Well, Google desktop and filehand are both free so I guess you get what you pay for. ;)
  21. Where is the virtue? Please explain.