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  1. I guess Wednesday's schedule wiped him out... http://www.whitehousedossier.com/
  2. Really??? I read the Grapes of Wrath about a year ago.
  3. Let me quote this gem, before it evaporates. Please do
  4. I am sorry but I find this title funny, I will restrain myself
  5. I don't trust anyone whose posts are shorter than their list of interests
  6. Joel just click the link in my signature that should work to get you to the group page, Daunce if you want to participate that's up to you of course.
  7. Update: our small group has decided on reading Atlas Shrugged starting 4/1/2011. It will probably be a few chapters every couple of days, format/time table has not yet been ironed out. Anyone else willing to join is welcome-I think it will be interesting and yes, fun. We already have a few OLers on board, anyone is welcome to participate. If interested, the link is in my signature.(thanks Michael for letting me put that up.) Pippi
  8. I understand your point but the reverence of the moment is WAY over, and I doubt he has ANY sense of history or sentiment toward the USA.
  9. Just walk away slowly and maybe he won't notice us.
  10. I think we need a Daunce corner more than a Phil corner.
  11. Ptui indeed. My mouse may need disinfecting but I went back to the site and here is the answer to 'what are they doing now'? Is anyone surprised? And last but not least I know this is a waste of energy and I won't post any more on it-I already feel icky that I posted this and put thought into it, but it is like looking at a car crash to me I can't resist... I am just amazed at what I used to think was good and how full of shit some people are. Pippi
  12. Yep there are some grains of truth in what she writes-every bit of brainwashing contains a grain of truth, that is why it is so effective. As I said-I subscribed to this theory in my (misspent) youth. I can also see how a person with this mindset would like Objectivism - individuality over "the man", I get it, I got it. Good:)
  13. If anyone here is interested I am trying to start a reading group of either The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged, probably Atlas Shrugged. I think it would be interesting to read chapters as a group and discuss them, maybe a few chapters or sections a week or every few days, not sure. If anyone wants to read more they can follow the link in my signature. I hope to have the book discussion running by 4/1 Thank you
  14. Daunce I hope you are writing a book
  15. I actually watched the first few minutes of this-it is even worse when you actually watch it and not just read about. I am at a loss for words... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY6Bzv-mm1E
  16. Pippi, I don't know of any book that starts like that. Are you referring to The Fountainhead? It starts like this: Don't feel bad, though. I've made my own share of elementary blunders--as we all have. The trick is not ever to make that one again. Michael omg LOL! Thanks Michael
  17. When I was young and angry I thought this person in particular among others was so right and cool, she had a website and a forum and followers (what radical yuppie didn't?) I grew up and it's sad to see she has not-I guess being a total dipshit pays. Her leave a comment is disabled. Surprise Surprise. Warning-this is a bunch of crap http://radicalunjobbing.wordpress.com/
  18. Good question, but the real question is why it is shocking or refreshing that it was asked at all.
  19. "Polysllabic latinisms" - how cute. Of course the word tiptoed implied an uneventful week, the phrase was just icky to me, it just was too tritely convenient and awkwardly clever, if the wider context redeemed it I would never have posted this. I read the context up to this sentence and felt it wasn't worth going on. In other words - see thread title and take it from there. Thank you
  20. Well, then, I hope you're not divining my thus being "terrified." "Greybird" is closer to being unique, it has personal resonance (I'll explain if anybody gives a damn), and my real name (a boring one, unlike yours) is on my profile page anyway. I do not think he was referring to you mr Bird. Maybe he was but either way this thread has gotten unfun ------------------------------------------- How about trying to make these BAD sentences at least readable? "The week tiptoed by." should at the very LEAST have been "An uneventful week tiptoed by and then we realized..." I don't think "John Galt laughed" is as bad phrase as the one I quoted. UGH!
  21. I LOVE the word cackle especially here: "“Stop cackling, Marion, I've been waiting ten years for you to lay that egg!” I Love Lucy
  22. "A week tiptoed by." UGH! It just seemed so precious and idiotic I shut the book and will never pick it up again.