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  1. sort of OT/OnT was watching some carlin after reading another thread here and came across this


    He's half right -- just look at the 2008 fascist bailout. But I blame people for their own ignorance. Most people let politicians get away with it, and they like it that way. Fat, dumb, and happy. The want someone who will tell them what to think -- which is just what their leaders give them. They deserve what they get. Unfortunately we get sucked along with it.


    Thanks Shayne-I blame them too but voting for 3rd parties just doesnt get anything done either...not sure what the answer is.

    I like objectivism alot but there are so many shades of grey in trying to live that way and Rand never addressed them imho (and i mean humble-I admire Rand greatly)

  2. ugh I hate feeding the troll but guess what - my job stresses UNprofessionalism-yep

    dont use business platitudes like we appreciate your business-they say it sounds stiff and unfriendly

    using slang terms and no punctuation aka being "one" of the people is ENCOURAGED

    dang i am so mad i reacted to this

  3. The economy offers stability, if you are wealthy enough. For a great many others it entails jumping from one end of the city to another to get slapped around by progressively worse pimps like a two dollar whore.

    it certainly seems that way

  4. I love Carlin! Think I have seen all the youtube videos out there of him. I think this forum may be a little too 'highbrow' for me sometimes-I could do it certainly - have the capacity - just not the energy or the ambition to participate fully...maybe some time.

  5. thank you daunce! I will surely look into it-sounds good to me.

    uh oh it looks like they require relocation-doable if the assignment is only temporary.... Do you have anymore info? PM me if you think that is better than replying in the thread - thanks

  6. oh my goodness this has gotten messy.

    I am in my 40s and live in the northeast.

    The military is not an option for me. Thanks though very good idea!

    I did work as a tech professional for about 10 years then changed fields for the last 8 or so-now I am just basically looking for anything that pays more (even $9 an hour would be an improvement.)

  7. thank you both.

    I used to work tech-there are no jobs where I live now doing tech work. I had a tech support job over the summer (phone support) that also just paid just over minimum wage.

    I am posting normally for the reader's sake not because of bullying by someone who will remain nameless.

  8. ugh!


    do a google on outsourcing made easy as well if you really want to get mad


    I used outsourcing to help with an email promotion I was struggling with. They sent the email for me for $100 and it turned into over $60,000 in sales.

    ~ Cathy Bliss. Gold Medal Ice Skater

    I started off with a small project that only cost me $25 and it saved me over 20 hours of phone calls that I was going to personally have to make.

    ~ Aurelio Ramos. Business Coach

    Ever since I learned about outsourcing my life has been so much better. I went from struggling with running 1 company to having 3 successful companies and I have more time to spend with my wife.

    ~ Ray Taegle. Business Owner

  9. ok for reasons i dont want to explain (because it is boring and self indulgent) i have 2 pt jobs

    one is very low paid

    this low paid one is the only permanent one i have so i have to deal with it

    they just changed our shifts and one of the days they gave me I cannot work-I am worried I will lose the job...not sure how to proceed except to change my life to fit this low paying job. (it is pennies over min wage)

    most of this company's workforce is outsourced so I suppose I fit into the 'you are lucky to have a job' category-it still makes me mad tho-getting damn tired of doing a good job only to get kicked in the teeth

    I also find that when I think about it - most ppl I know are either on gvt aid or living off a significant other and that makes my stomach turn.

    Not sure what to do here -not sure why I am posting this but I love ayn rand's philosophy and hope someday it will all pan out on "our" side


  10. "Adults" grow stagnant , they become complacent in their thinking and become inflexible in there thinking. This is what I refuse to do

    generalize much? and who exactly cares what you do or dont refuse to do?

    (btw how about a spell check?)

    and yes I wear longstockings when it is cold :)

  11. Somebody wrote:

    "And now Grandma and Grandpa because YOU slept, because of YOUR incompetence YOU think you have a Right to enslave me so you can retire at 65? YOU broke the bank, YOU LET yourself be robbed, now its time for YOU to pay the piper."


    That's a pretty good way to put it.

    I agree