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  1. So, Rag, how many books have you written? (Two for me.) How many magazine and newspaper articles have you written? (300 for me). How many peer-reviwed placements? (Just got my first!) How many places did you fly yourself to, rather than taking a commercial flight? (I have 100 hours in the cockpit.) so you need to be a self congratulating bragger in order to be 'allowed' to post here? some of you people here make me laugh (btw mem not that i care but phil does-you spelled reviewed wrong) i think it was a valid question and Starbuckle's answer was quite correct.
  2. he seems to have abandoned the my job thread
  3. For real? Are you one of my people? What state? Double-wide? No I dont live in a trailer-that is a real nice setup you have there! (I didnt mean to insult anyone living in one either - guess i was indulging in cliche-like my new bff phil-i am sorry) I like your point about integrity-it sure helps one sleep more soundly. I also like the idea of lawn mowing-cold hard untaxed cash sounds good to me-in my case it would be snow removal right now. Internet marketing sounds interesting too-will google some of the things you mentioned thank you! I dont think any of those things sound low at all-like you said i am sure they sound low to some people but who cares. what do you mean integrity sometimes looks funny upfront? so you are basically saying 'think outside the box' right? (god i hate that expression-who doesnt? but it sure works in this case) I am definitely an individualist-have had a number of jobs in my life (high and low) and question authority way too much-not a good factor when the employers offering 'real' jobs expect their workers to practically (insert off color remark here)-I sometimes think i may have oppositional defiant disorder. pippi
  4. pippi, I'm with you there. I mean sometimes I think I'm signed on to Objectivist Theorizing, rather than Objectivist Living. I love the theory, and taking and giving of it as much as my own intellect limits me (which, btw, is one marvellous aspect about O'ism - hierarchically, you can make it as simple or as complex as you choose), BUT I require two things from my philosophy. 1. To satisfy my own craving for truth and reality; 2. To have a system to live by. There are many great minds here, so academically I have no complaint. However, where is the nitty-gritty, the day-to-day...the APPLICATION of Objectivism to personal life? (One theory I have is that O'ists are super-cautious about exhibiting any prescriptive tendencies for fear of that stupid ogre - the cultist label.) I'm a bit skeptical regarding its chances, but why not start a thread, "Day to day Objectivism", or the like? Let's hear those anecdotes about minor and major decisions, setbacks, and triumphs, where O'ist methodology has been implemented in our 'ordinary' lives. Go for it! Tony That sounds exactly like what I was looking for when I came here! i.e. how can I use objectivism in my work when I basically have to lie to the customers when they call? (i understand i am providing a service to my employer but it sure is a sloppy lousy service) If someone else doesnt start a thread like that I sure will. Thanks so much Tony for putting in words what I have been wanting to say.
  5. and yes this site was down for awhile I thought i was banned for a minute there
  6. Brant I am so sorry about your sister Thank you for the clarification as well-personal integrity is higher than any value one could hold - if that is what you mean I completely agree again I am sorry and yes I certainly think she did the right thing re: her refusal to sign-maybe she suffered because of it but she had her peace of mind-and who has that anymore? ty for the reply
  7. wow I am sorry i missed this-i completely agree - so what next-I cant see it being correctable... this is why I (i) waiver so much with Oism-it doesnt give a workable model of how to sincerely proceed in day to day life-it is grand to look at but hard to implement
  8. ok but werent all of rand's heroes basically the same? I cant think of one who was an 'ass kisser' for lack of a better term...they were too smart for their own good and prevailed - when does that happen in reality? in other words if Roark was a rarity why follow objectivism at all (except for the annoying fact you will have self respect)? looking forward to brant's reply as well as chris's thanks
  9. That's really a very minor or even non-issue compared to all the rest of the benefits big business gets. Shayne very true i.e. the bailouts you mentioned previously
  10. well-i guess i am dense I am still not getting the point (have fun phil and co) roark didnt play the game and he succeeded-is the fact you put 'the game' in quotes mean that rand had no respect for the game and didnt want to win it? thanks
  11. GE and Bank of America paid no taxes for 2009 because they 'posted losses' and could not be taxed on 0 profit-nice http://money.cnn.com/2010/04/16/news/companies/ge_7000_tax_returns/
  12. I didn't know you hadn't yet read The Fountainhead. --Brant I read the fountainhead and atlas about 5 or more times each-things arent that black and white especially now-what sjw wrote is true big business is only big alot of the time because the government is 'helping' them (and the unions) I read awhile back there were whole years when GE paid NO TAXES-I will find a link And roark would have been fired after 1 day in this job market for not being a team player. It isnt enough anymore to just be polite-you have to go the extra mile (you all know what i mean) I highly doubt Roark would have survived going the route he did in today's world (starting his own company with no name no degree and no friends) Brant can you explain more what you are meaning by your comment?
  13. i wish i could disagree with you chris but i dont...that is why i have a hard time with objectivism and the 'real world' they just dont seem to gel alot of the time..esp esp especially now with the job market so poor my min wage job just told me i have to take responsibility for errors that were out of my control (it is customer service work-aka the pit of hell) i.e. the company didnt deliver what the person ordered or overcharged them etc- and i am getting a written warning over it. i was even told by my supervisor even if i disagree with my rating and warning i have to pretend it was my fault. ps thanks selene !
  14. um this is a chat list sparky (not an employment application)
  15. beats me (sarcasm intended) http://www.objectivistliving.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9859
  16. a few pompous bozos is not enough to humiliate me quite the opposite I am quite appreciative of all the advice and support I got. no one is going to keep this uneducated slovenly bingo playin trailer park queen down you betcha! see i can even use punkchuashun gollee
  17. Thanks didn't think of that-I will remove the text.
  18. Why isn't citizenship required to vote in some states? I see some states ask for ID but that doesnt necessarily follow that they have to be citizens.
  19. Thomas Sowell is a very intelligent person-I found this column especially interesting. I am not saying I agree or disagree - need to digest it further and put some thought behind it, but it is an interesting column to say the least http://jewishworldreview.com/cols/sowell010511.php3
  20. Michael Thank you- I do not find either quirky or delightful but that is me-I can see their point but since neither are admins and they came out with both guns blazing on attack mode especially ruthlessly - I took offense. I was thinking about AtlasShrugged-would Dagny have expected her railroad men(women) to speak perfect english? No - they only wanted a good job well done with expertise and intelligence. I apologize for my lack of decorum here I suppose - is there a FAQ where these grammar/spelling rules are outlined? Thank you again. (btw I AM a native english speaker - that made me laugh a bit when you asked that) I still welcome any responses that aren't OT-if you want to write about my posting style I would appreciate it if you would start another thread and keep away from this one Thank you
  21. condescend much? btw that was racist if you didnt realize it-i will cite brer rabbit, uncle tom's cabin and tar baby if necessary mr headset
  22. I cannot believe the way I have been insulted here-beyond unbelievable-I can understand a gentle correction because I am new but this is downright abuse. I am completely unimpressed and disappointed.
  23. Voting's not the answer, changing minds is. Shayne True
  24. Strip away Mrs Grundy's tone and the hectoring he is wont to use, and there is the germ of a reasonable inference that Mrs Grundy has taken from your initial post. I will put it this way . . . how come you don't write in standard English? The question was answered in Mrs Grundy's mind, and the unpleasant conclusion she drew was that you were lazy and slovenly and probably doomed to a low-paying job because you didn't give a shit about putting your best effort forth, that you are three hundred pounds of I-can't-be-bothered in a pizza-stained chenille housecoat, wondering why you cain't make ends meet and nobody will take you to Bingo any more. That is probably not accurate, but it sure looks like you don't care about the impression non-standard orthography can make. -- forgive Mrs Grundy/Phil his fit of snarks. Nobuddy axes him ta Objekkiviss Binga any mo, and he jest cain't figger out why . . . I understood his point and yours and decided from the start not to entertain them. Common courtesy would be quite appreciated. In other words-aka-please post "in this way or that-we would appreciate it" before calling someone slothful slovenly overweight and bingo playing would in the least be polite - btw why would someone like that even BE here? insults acknowledged and ignored accordingly.