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  1. Thank you for writing-yes it is kind of like being in hell and in your case unionizing sounds like it was the only thing to do-probably the only thing to do in my job as well. Last person I knew who tried to unionize in a call center though ended up fired (surprise surprise). I should make a note of being more polite to people that I have to talk to over the phone. Folks seem to get extra rude and nasty when they aren't talking to someone face to face-the phone seems to provide them with a false sense of power (kind of like the internet). The callers who are kind to me I bend over backwards to help, alot of the time going way above and beyond what I would have to to make them happy.
  2. That was hysterical Rich. Thanks for the laugh! Great work B)
  3. What??? Your comments in this thread are unbelievably cruel and heartless-what is the matter with you ? Yes, Chris, of all today's actions, yours are the most distressing. LOL! At least in your outrage you've finally learned to capitalize, Pippi, if not to format your punctuation properly. Next we'll have a thread on how this is all Phil's fault. I am not saying his actions were the most distressing TODAY, that would be ridiculous-they are distressing though. p.s. thanks for the unsolicited critique of my posting style
  4. What??? Your comments in this thread are unbelievably cruel and heartless-what is the matter with you ?
  5. We knew that was going to happen-reading any comments on the news stories and they are mostly blaming the tea party, Glenn Beck, Fox News and Sarah Palin (oh and they are crying for stricter gun control laws as well).
  6. This is one of the times Obama should get his mug on tv-if he doesn't (and I have a feeling he wont) he is truly a pitiful sack of skin.
  7. She is alive according to the latest reports and in surgery. Others did die though-how horrible. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110108/us_nm/us_usa_shooting_congresswoman
  8. This is just part of the article-whole thing is here http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-501465_162-20027837-501465.html?tag=contentMain;contentBody I would write my representatives but I did that with health care and I got form letters back telling me how great it was-all it produced was me getting angry. How can one fight this?
  9. Thanks-I'll do a search-I didn't go to the rally just saw it on tv.
  10. what "teachings"? trance states are self induced for the most part ( by drugs, self hypnosis, extreme meditation or other means) -if they arent the person is out of their mind basically -I actually thought you had something to say now I realize you dont (to me anyway maybe to others) peace
  11. Every person goes in and out of states all the time. Seduction and attraction are trance states. One of the most powerful things that anyone can get from the teachings is that attraction is a process, not a feeling. Every man and woman has an attraction process. There are things that can turn it on and can turn it off. speed seduction? that is LOL stupid everyone goes in and out of states? speak for yourself-nothing is a trance state unless you want it to be unless you drug yourself then once again it is of your choosing on attraction whatever
  12. lol why should they? I cannot see a reason why-you have to at least put out a carrot
  13. I only read the first few sentences and I know more than I did when I woke up this morning. Thank you
  14. OMG i almost just threw up laughing! LOLOL that was perfect ty!
  15. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/breaking-media-heavyweights-join-management-team-at-the-blaze/ I was never enamored of Glenn Beck - found him to be too silly and too pontificating - this only validates my thoughts: I was impressed with his rally this summer though-the sheer number of people was quite something. I wanted to believe him but I am seeing that he may be (ok I am sure he is) a master charlatan, I knew there was something 'off' about him- I actually was hoping otherwise but after seeing the rally I went to listen to his radio show and was sorely disappointed. The search results didnt help I also read his 'profile' on salon.com and found it quite telling-taunting a colleague after his wife had a miscarriage amongst other ratings stunts-how tasteless and cruel - he seems like a puffier version of gail wynand or charles foster kane (hearst) and just as ruthless http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2009/09/21/glenn_beck Of course I could change my mind tomorrow.
  16. I agree with the definition that money is not a value it is the product of a value(s) sometimes -I have only read Rand's novels-what nonfiction Rand would be worth reading if any? Thank you.
  17. Of course but I must continue to ask - what does this have to do with the topic of this thread? And by interesting what do you mean? I made a killer pot roast and managed to not get fired from my job today-oh I also wrote 301 published articles. Honestly. To answer your question I find everything I do interesting.
  18. LOL this is amusing-Selene dont insult Phil-it is taking the luster off his armor But I call this a win/win since he actually typed GURL all on his own I think I am in love. (edited to add punctuation)
  19. You started it sparky - you threw the first twinkie.
  20. I would be interested as well but ONLY if you have the time AND inclination Michael. Thank you. I will google those terms - Thanks Michael and Rich.
  21. ok michael I hear you-but why bring up your accomplishments in a thread that is asking about why people dont post? You also listed them almost verbatim in a post about atlas shrugged - which seemed completely out in left field from the point of the thread (it also seems out that way here) http://www.objectivistliving.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9819&st=0&p=118646&fromsearch=1entry118646 what is your point in posting this information in these two threads because I am not seeing it ?