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    The weather

    Michael thank you, thank you, thank you-what a beautiful post.
  2. you may qualify for the quote "it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." gnite
  3. prove it otherwise post something sunny? please? you probably didnt expect that (maybe you did) but sadly i am sincere
  4. Make a new poll prove me wrong It would be refreshing - anything here with substance would be a bunch of pictures and snarky comments are kind of sad oh well
  5. Shayne, thanks, this actually started with a discussion i was having with Adam (Selene) about guns...just a few minutes, i think, before Loughner opened fire. Maybe he can collate it for you, even we unionized teachers have to work sometimes and I have to go to bed. Btw I'm a she, and to Ted and Pippi I say, nice advice you give to a respectable widow, do your mothers know you use such language? \ I will break down and say lol here. I stand by my thoughts and feelings on the issue at hand. what language?
  6. ugh-all snark and a tiny tiny bit of substance in the post I just removed.
  7. "daunce" is a teacher and was offended by my avatar and made a whole bunch of baby powder puffy fuss over it I took it down after the congresswoman got shot out of respect-it is back up now tho Why the heck anyone in a teachers union adverse to the right to bear arms would post in a forum called OBJECTIVIST LIVING is beyond me unless she (she identified herself as a she somewhere-i cant recall) is just asking for abuse then again you dont have to self identify here to get abused damn i was trying like hell not to be top poster - I do not want to be one
  8. I dont care what he/she means Shayne try making an original point here
  9. you were the one who protested my avatar werent you ? once again go jump it's back
  10. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!! guns dont kill people people kill people no surprise you are a teacher in a union go fuck yourself
  11. pippi

    The weather

    excellent story! I am not a writer or much of a thinker unfortunately, so can I ask you - is the point of your story finding truth after second handers have found the gristle, feasted on it, and were hungry because they never ate anything of substance? ugh it's true isnt it?-and not only here
  12. I have not seen one article that said exactly what this piece of human garbage was actually doing to disrupt his classes at his community college. But it sure seems he should have been removed from school asap and never allowed back-why was he? My guess is someone or some 'board' was afraid of getting sued for singling him out. And their fear would be grounded. I am already tired of seeing this pasty faced piece of shit everywhere-I dont care about his motivation, he should never have been allowed to function among normal people.
  13. pippi

    The weather

    Do any of the assorted rain clouds on this forum ever start their own thread or post an original thought or do they just go around piddling on everyone else's parade? If the case is the latter, which it seems to be, why the heck do they bother?
  14. if you see something say something? so if someone doesnt greet you with a cup of coffee and some homemade cookies or a smile they are a crazed shooter? nice-put a fork in the USA it's done
  15. I closed the poll-go ahead someone make a more "granular" or more "nuanced" poll - have fun
  16. I actually just signed on here to post an apology to Anita. I am sorry Anita, I should not have jumped all over you in your first post here. pippi
  17. If you dislike gender studies so much why are you pursuing it? (Unfortunately anytime I hear the word "gender" my flesh starts to crawl-i am not sure why)
  18. What? I dont think I like your tone-it seems condescending. If you could prove me wrong I would be happily surprised. What do you mean by "or do you not mind being a surface for labels"? Are you an Objectivist? I'm sorry if I appeared condescending in my post but I assure you that was not my intent. I am just wondering why people are quick to assign labels to others as well as themselves. Just a wonder - nothing more, nothing less. A forum, after all is an exchange of ideas why do you ask whether people are quick to assign labels as your first post on a forum? It just seems a little off. btw thanks for telling me the definition of a forum - i never knew that before (omg I feel like phil)
  19. What? I dont think I like your tone-it seems condescending. If you could prove me wrong I would be happily surprised. What do you mean by "or do you not mind being a surface for labels"?
  20. True. Most unions are out of control (teacher's unions, auto worker's union e.g.) but yes sometimes they are needed-I would try to organize a union at my job but I know I will get canned for it. Heck what a way to go right? Then again I could collect unemployment if they fire me - isn't it illegal to try and stop worker's from organizing? Hmmm... But, they have employees in the outsourced call centers as well as here in the US so I dont know how successful I would be and if I am successful-which I doubt-they will just send the US jobs to Cebu or India-and those folks would never "turn off their machines" like the Norma Rae clip on this thread.