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  1. No, you, Mr. Too-Cowardly-to-Identify-Yourself, you are the one wrong. I love this forum-it's so warm and cozy.
  2. more at http://patdollard.com/2011/01/unmasked-obama-coming-to-tucson-to-campaign-not-support-mourners-sham-exposed-see-the-tragedy-campaign-slogan-and-wait-for-it-logo/
  3. This is wrong in so many ways-it is tacky, heartless, embarrassing and kind of sick. A mourning LOGO, Tshirt and pamphlet? They should have just slapped a picture of a sheep on each shirt. -source-Drudge Report
  4. She said 'pundints' at 3:27 - ugh I so want to like her... I tried.
  5. You are so right! I especially like "Objectivism is radical or it's nothing much at all." Well said - thank you
  6. he isnt "saying" anything - he only posted other people's writing I hit send too soon I guess yes I agree young people-I have no response to that gnite
  7. Thank you Selene (and Jerry for clearing that up)-that is very neat that it got writing poetry. I looked at the Amazon description for Breaking Free and ordered if from my library system, I would love to purchase it just not in my budget right now-plus my taxes pay for the libraries so I don't feel that guilty. Anyway, the book looks excellent! Looking forward to it. "Pillars" has already been beneficial and this one looks even better.
  8. No this is the first Branden book I have read-I just finished it awhile ago. You would recommend Breaking Free next? Thanks!
  9. Reidy-I didn't post where I got it from because the source was pretty lousy (it didn't cite where it got it's information from, I found it doing a search on Branden-I am reading "The Six Pillars of Self Esteem" now, am almost done-I am finding it wonderfully intelligent and helpful-can you or anyone else recommend which of his books I should read next? Sorry for the long side note and run on sentence.) Yes Nathaniel does have a 19th century ring to it-maybe it is just a coincidence. Thanks for writing.
  10. I just read today that she named Nathaniel Taggart after Branden.
  11. And that sums it all up right there. Shayne Yes, it does. I don't understand why Daunce posts here-is she/he an Objectivist ? Or even and Objectivist detractor? What is his/her motivation here? I don't understand. Daunce?
  12. Michael-thanks I should have realized what you were saying and not taken it literally-again I agree. Yes being armed yourself instantly levels the playing field for sure but as you said as a last resort! Yes, liberals love spending OPM (aka our money) and taking it as well. Re: gun ownership and other rights being taken away (I used to joke we were all going to get barcoded tattoos someday-doesn't seem as funny anymore), again I ask other than writing our reps-which I won't do because it is futile-what can we do to stop them-any ideas?
  13. I completely agree. But Michael dismantling the government is good for theory, not practice (in the distant future yes)-it isnt a measure we can take at the moment except to discuss it. What can WE do NOW to stop the government taking over every part of our lives? Also, for the sake of discussion - on the subject of dismantling the government-what can WE do NOW to start the ball rolling? We absolutely need to own guns especially now-it is in direct accordance with Rand's idea of placing our own self-interest first and foremost. I feel more and more powerless to change anything-write my representatives? I dont think so.
  14. Yikes high standards there Brant (I am assuming you are being sarcastic-but you know what happens sometimes when you assume)
  15. What exactly are you trying to say here? I guess I am an easy target? -whatever. If you dont like what I write and dont feel like addressing it in a coherent manner instead of (bad) one-liners, just dont read my posts. Appreciate it.
  16. btw chaunce your reposts with no content except a full quote... there is an edit button where you can fix them I am so glad I dont have a kid in public education-last time I checked you were an "educator" god fucking help us
  17. brant thank you- I posted this in the nyt news thread but want to put it here too
  18. Looks like we've got a mini-Phil now. I'm sure he's proud. On my view, the long-term hope for humanity is that people learn to follow reason and to know what individual rights are and actually start respecting them. Since I believe this, I spent two years of my free time writing a book based on many more years of my own independent thinking, hoping it would help. If you don't think this is good enough, tell me what else you'd like me to do. Perhaps you can give me some examples from your own life that I can learn from. Shayne -You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Humans are even more stubborn than horses. Tell me the title of your book and I would love to read it and talk to you about it give me substance over style or please stop insulting people here surprise me Start a thread with an original thought and let me know when you do I would love to see it. Post a url to buying your book or an excerpt? Everytime I read your posts I kick myself for reacting to them
  19. No it's the sheep who've ruined it. The lawyers just cash in. Shayne Sheep aka the sleepwalkers I guess. What would be the payoff in NOT being a sheep now? Homeland security knocking on your door? What about the 3rd worlder's who take our jobs without question? Why do they work for pennies an hour and have no self respect? It is the culture they were raised in as far as I can tell. You guys have a lot of opinions on here but no solutions and when asked about solutions none are forthcoming-just more big words and condescension and shutting people down(some are helpful, MSK rules especially-and thank goodness he owns this board-there is hope!) You are all full of sound and fury signifying nothing-tell me what any of you do in your life that affects anything? (except msk and a few of my pm friends - I am serious-what a waste of time here-Ayn Rand would be ashamed I am sure) /rant off go ahead pick me apart-call me stupid uneducated and HORRORS a bad example of grammar and spelling - OMG you know what I am good at both and I dont spell grammar GRAMMER dang that bugs me I mean all the best here but I find it sad after the wonderful experience of reading Rand's work to come here and see such pettiness and such - well - nothing. bye
  20. How long until the victim gets sued by the criminal? I am sincerely starting to believe (maybe I should have known by now)-lawyers have ruined our country
  21. Guns do not kill people, people kill people-and if they didnt have a gun they would use a knife or a rock or whatever they could to achieve their purpose Have you ever read any Rand? Are you interested in her ideas or Objectivism? In my understanding we are responsible for taking care of ourselves-our own selfinterest , our basic survival and our happiness-a gun fits in this sense of taking care of one's self (especially now!) I dont understand your presence here. I have no interest in searching as to why you are here because I dont care. It seems you are just an agitator (as are others here as well) I have a washing machine with one as well, but it performs a service
  22. apologies for the ranting and raving-my goal today is to NOT be a top poster. have a good one.