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  1. I posted on some websites before the election that this is what the country needs if this person wins

    -a kick in the ass

    Most replies were no no don't say that

    but here it is, we are going to hit bottom

    hopefully that won't happen-or hopefully it will

    now I understand why companies have outsourced to China, Mexico and the philippines etc

    they were going galt (that expression has been used a lot but it fits)

  2. Pippi,

    Probably Tumblr..

    I haven't set one up, but the buzz is that it's the easiest for non-tech people and it's been around long enough for you to be reasonably sure you will not lose your work if they sell to another company or go out of business (and that is ALWAYS a concern with free hosted blogs).

    Also, type into a Google or YouTube search the following words:

    Tumblr tutorials

    You should be good to go.


    Thank you Michael, I appreciate the suggestion :smile:

  3. The Discovery of Freedom-RWlane

    I don't know anymore...what is the point after all is said and done


    I posted this in a chatroom which probably wasn't the right place to put it but the reactions weren't cool-they were like 'too heavy' or 'i don't understand let's move on and hey how are you?" or whatever

    This is what I wrote sort of;

    "I am reading a fantastic book that states a person's energy belongs to himself, to use or not use as they see fit-it may cause waste but the innovation trumps the waste for the good of mankind."

    (I did't post the following but it's what I am taking from the book so far)

    "If the government tries to funnel the individual's energy to it's own ends, people will ultimately fall into inactivity and squalor because they find their lives unbearable-which starts famine and hunger. While the other approach may waste resources, people wont feed off the waste and perhaps be able to direct the path of their life if they own their energy or at least can decide to where to put their it, perhaps into something they find valuable and also respect"

  4. Apparently, then, every newspaperman or –woman, every columnist, every reviewer, every editorial writer who ever had to meet a daily deadline, is a hack, writing only what comes easily. Well, as one of their number, I’ll testify that, yes, hacks they assuredly are, but they do not write only what comes easily.
    Nearly half of her dozen or so books remain in print and are still read today. For libertarian readers, foremost among these is her polemic on behalf of individual liberty, The Discovery of Freedom, first published in 1943.
    The Libertarian Legacy of Rose Wilder


    Obviously I need to read more closely-now that I have done that, your essays have reinforced my idea that Rose Wilder Lane was much much more than just Laura Ingalls' daugher. Thank you.

    I stand corrected as well-I am impulsive in thought and feeling (surprise surprise).

    I think I'll trash my jumptoconclusions mat.

    Again I apologize, and very much appreciate your writings about Rose Wilder Lane.


  5. The list also arguably includes a minor American writer known today mostly to libertarians, Rose Wilder Lane. According to her biographer, William Holtz, “[a]ll of her life Rose would cheerfully describe herself as a competent hack writer” (66). She wrote for hire – for newspapers, for magazines, for those in need of a ghostwriter, for anybody who would pay her to write. She learned to write efficiently, at high speed.

    What is wrong with that? Better that than a banker or politician, she worked for herself who can say that now?

    Holtz doesn’t tell us, but I’d wager many of her articles were done in a day.

    why? do you have proof of that?

    She didn’t waste time, and she didn’t wait either for “inspiration” or for Rand’s “subconscious.”

    why? do you proof of that?

    She had two households to support from very early on – her own and her parents’.


    Nearly half of her dozen or so books remain in print and are still read today. For libertarian readers, foremost among these is her polemic on behalf of individual liberty, The Discovery of Freedom, first published in 1943.

    Half a dozen or so?

    Well done marginalization.

    You are very clever in your dismissal of Rose Wilder Lane but what influence have you had?

    RWL made a difference


  6. It is so refreshing to see words spelled correctly, excellent and lose (incorrectly spelled as loose) are so slapped around these days. I hope someday they have nice places to take refuge without losing (loosing) their dignity :mellow:

    I think Daunce may have a haven for them :)

    One can only hope.

  7. Robert:

    Agreed, he reminds me of the Balph Eubank [sp ?] types who believe their own press clippings and purport to be sages, seers and shamans.


    Balph Eubank sounds right, Rand was funny with those "Bewitched/early 60s/Dragnet" sounding names-"Tinky" Holloway is another that I thought was funny and "Kip" Chalmers. Seems like the 2nd raters had 2nd rate names.

    What 2nd rater had a poetic name like Francisco D'Anconia after all? :)

  8. Paul Ryan, who says he won’t run anyway, might not be such a good campaigner. His speechmaking is not eloquent like Reagan, but I would place him above the oratorical abilities of Dubya Bush.

    I don't know about that after seeing this video, I was impressed.

  9. we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right." --CONFUCIUS

    This is a great sentiment Rich , thank you. I interpret it in a good way.

    There are many ways to set our hearts right, I hope. I don't think Rand would find setting hearts right very objectivist :)

    I appreciate your post will write on it again, thank you

  10. The book group started today-one chapter a week is the format, so right now it is - Chapter I The Theme. See my signature for the forum info.

    TY again Michael for letting me post here.