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  1. Claire Danes as Dagny Brad Pitt as John Galt
  2. I posted on some websites before the election that this is what the country needs if this person wins -a kick in the ass Most replies were no no don't say that but here it is, we are going to hit bottom hopefully that won't happen-or hopefully it will now I understand why companies have outsourced to China, Mexico and the philippines etc they were going galt (that expression has been used a lot but it fits)
  3. Thank you Michael, I appreciate the suggestion
  4. what is the least obnoxious free blogging site? Don't want to use blogger if I can help it. Any suggestions? ty
  5. I think I could make some money with my current job if I pushed a little more and faked it, but it is quite unethical-it makes its money off of government programs that pretty much suck and perpetuate mediocrity OTOH that may be the best reason for making as much as I can... btw hi all again-don't worry I wont post much
  6. ty selene and brant-but seriously I didnt read enough of the post to get the gist of it. that is why the apology and it was necessary I doubt I will start posting again-I don't want to read all the clever ways people can call me stupid.
  7. The Discovery of Freedom-RWlane I don't know anymore...what is the point after all is said and done Anyway- I posted this in a chatroom which probably wasn't the right place to put it but the reactions weren't cool-they were like 'too heavy' or 'i don't understand let's move on and hey how are you?" or whatever This is what I wrote sort of; "I am reading a fantastic book that states a person's energy belongs to himself, to use or not use as they see fit-it may cause waste but the innovation trumps the waste for the good of mankind." (I did't post the following but it's what I am taking from th
  8. Obviously I need to read more closely-now that I have done that, your essays have reinforced my idea that Rose Wilder Lane was much much more than just Laura Ingalls' daugher. Thank you. I stand corrected as well-I am impulsive in thought and feeling (surprise surprise). I think I'll trash my jumptoconclusions mat. Again I apologize, and very much appreciate your writings about Rose Wilder Lane. Pippi
  9. What is wrong with that? Better that than a banker or politician, she worked for herself who can say that now? why? do you have proof of that? why? do you proof of that? and? Half a dozen or so? Well done marginalization. You are very clever in your dismissal of Rose Wilder Lane but what influence have you had? RWL made a difference pippi
  10. Rep West: Obama showing third world dictator like arrogance
  11. Who was that again? I don't know but he is big and he is white - maybe Rush Limbaugh? He looks scary tho so run~!
  12. It is so refreshing to see words spelled correctly, excellent and lose (incorrectly spelled as loose) are so slapped around these days. I hope someday they have nice places to take refuge without losing (loosing) their dignity I think Daunce may have a haven for them One can only hope.
  13. Balph Eubank sounds right, Rand was funny with those "Bewitched/early 60s/Dragnet" sounding names-"Tinky" Holloway is another that I thought was funny and "Kip" Chalmers. Seems like the 2nd raters had 2nd rate names. What 2nd rater had a poetic name like Francisco D'Anconia after all?
  14. I don't know about that after seeing this video, I was impressed.
  15. . There I go deleting posts-at least I can spell, I wouldn't get petty about spelling unless someone threw it in my face first
  16. This is a great sentiment Rich , thank you. I interpret it in a good way. There are many ways to set our hearts right, I hope. I don't think Rand would find setting hearts right very objectivist I appreciate your post will write on it again, thank you
  17. that IS poetry and I NEVER meant to discount poetry, it is one of the sugars of life
  18. I saw many people in the status of posting here but no one did.
  19. I admire the fact that you all admire each others witty and sometimes quite beautiful posts but what exactly is the point?
  20. I think this whole thing is sad (edited to add the frowny face-It is appropriate imho)
  21. The book group started today-one chapter a week is the format, so right now it is - Chapter I The Theme. See my signature for the forum info. TY again Michael for letting me post here.