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  1. News of this significance bypassed the media. Even Fox news. Strange. Is it a conspiracy by the scientoligist/mystic/collectivst/masonic/Nazis/socialists who run the media?
  2. Brant has noted his own omission. I'll claim early dementia if you will. How much does it pay monthly down there? Not as much as it does in the Union of soviet socialist republic of Canada. When are we going to see the gulag and the gas chambers there? I'd ask about the paddy fields too but I don't think you can grow rice in Canada. Have the moose been nationalised yet?
  3. My favourite Rush song* Pretentious or profound? You decide. It's easy to see what sort of tree I am and which one you are! The Trees There is unrest in the forest, There is trouble with the trees, For the maples want more sunlight And the oaks ignore their please. The trouble with the maples, (And they're quite convinced they're right) They say the oaks are just too lofty And they grab up all the light. But the oaks can't help their feelings If they like the way they're made. And they wonder why the maples Can't be happy in their shade. There is trouble in the forest, And the creatures all have fled, As the maples scream "Oppression!" And the oaks just shake their heads So the maples formed a union And demanded equal rights. "The oaks are just too greedy; We will make them give us light." Now there's no more oak oppression, For they passed a noble law, And the trees are all kept equal By hatchet, axe, and saw. *Not really.
  4. I rented the film Above the rim at the was I supposed to know it was about basketball? The only sport duller than cricket. And that is saying something.
  5. You are far too modest...I love being here among you prime movers, you are like ordinary people but better.
  6. Nope. He has made references to his children and wife...but then again... Listen you...I'll defeat you through love.
  7. Oh you are awful...but I like you. Just because I love the moustache of Campbell does not make me gay. Though under socialism we will all probably have to bite the pillow at some stage. Reminds me of my days at public school when I 'fagged' for the head boy of my house.
  8. It the moustache that does it for rivals Tom Selleck’s.
  9. What is it with Arizona and it's lunatic gun laws that allows any member of the public to wonder around tooled up like soldiers and shoot at anybody they happen to disagree with? Surely this is insane and my heart goes out to those caught in the crossfire too. Yet Fox news have been guilty of encouraging this situation and making it all but impossible for sensible politicians who want to address these issues. Also Fox have been encouaging Sarah Palin and her merry band of whackos; the Tea party brigade. Palin and the Tea Party are at war...or at least want Americans to believe that American politics is a war, where each side must be armed. The result? The Arizona Massacre. Yet neither Palin, her ilk or Fox News get it. They still defend to the hilt Palin and accuse liberals of using the shootings to make political capital. What rankles is that it is Fox that has routinely used teen pregnancies, racial gang violence and even terrorist attacks to bash the liberals in America. The shrill hate-rhetoric encouraged by Fox News and the example in Arizona of it's potential consequences must give pause for thought for those who support Murdoch in loosening media regulations in the UK. Sky News in the UK is bad enough but we don't need or want a UK equivelant of Fox News. As for Palin? Well she still has her sights on the White House in 2012 but which ones? Eye or gun?
  10. I didn't share his politics but fair play to him.
  11. Here was me thinking that private messages are just that...we still on for that date today darling? Should I PM you the details...there is no pressure but don't bring the Miles Davis CD's...puts me off my stroke. Know what I mean?
  12. There is still mileage in the old: Fu Manchu for President!
  13. Remind me of covers of prog rock albums. Not a good thing. A bit geeky.
  14. Do you have a cite for this? From a Ford Hall Forum appearance, apparently -- as cited in Ayn Rand Answers: Q: Could you write a revised edition of Intorduction to Objectivist Epistemology for people with an IQ of 110, or will it remain available only to people with an IQ of 150? A: I'd prefer that people raise their IQ from 110 to 150. It can be done. You see...daunce didnt get Rand and Hubbard mixed up...though Hubbard did write better sci-fi. Is there any evidence given by Rand that people can raise their IQ from 110 to 150?