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  1. An article appeared at the FEE, Foundation For Economic Education website, written by Jeffrey A. Miron who is a senior lecturer at Harvard University Economics Department, entitled: Legalization of Opioids would drastically overdose deaths. Miron points out that prohibition of opioids restrictions on access force users to the streets where normal quality control does not operate. They may seek heroin but receive fentanyl or fentanyl laced heroin leading to their deaths from suppression of their respirations. I wonder about the motivation of those who are lacing Heroin with Fentanyl.
  2. It is instructive to watch as Trump acknowledges that he has supported politicians of both parties over the years on the grounds that he needed to do so in order to be able to carry on his business dealings with the help of those politicians. He does not apologize for this behavior and I am not aware that it is even considered to be crony capitalism or government intervention and is more consistent with a government of men and not of laws. He doesn't show any sign that what he does in rubbing elbows with politicians for his own benefit is evil or immoral or even just unfair. He justif
  3. On the news Bernie Sanders is on a roll. The public schools and "leftist" college professors have sufficiently indoctrinated enough generations that they do not see socialism as the evil it is. Many respond by saying "we already have socialism, Medicare and Medicaid." So we can only hope that the voters in the upcoming primary states will vote against him but that would leave us with another socialist in the form of Hillary who may yet be indicted. If that happens then maybe Biden will get back in for the Democrats. Trump is calling Sanders a Communist and the Republicans ar
  4. Thank you for your input. I appreciate your response. My interpretation of your analysis in this context is that sure enough the value of the fiat paper currency which is unconstitutional will indeed, as has happened to every other paper currency including the one used to pay the men who came forward to fight the British in the American Revolution, will become, to use your conclusion: "worthless."
  5. No, I cannot say except to point out that these men who are making us aware of the danger have their reasons for doing so. There is no question that every central bank in the world has been competing to weaken the purchasing power of their own currency supposedly to facilitate their own exports. It is evident that many countries have been reducing their holdings of U.S. Treasuries to the point that the Federal Reserve has been purchasing U.S. Treasuries with newly printed fiat paper. Trillions of U.S. dollars, not to be confused with Constitutional dollars which th
  6. Has anyone else encountered quite a few announcements recently by well credentialed pundits in the financial sector, e.g. James Richards, James Dale Davidson, Bonner, who are all warning of a collapse which will not just affect shareholders, investors, homeowners, retirees, those on Social Security, the employed, in other words virtually everyone in society. Of course they offer their advise in their newsletters as to how to prepare for, survive the collapse with your assets intact or even profit from the disaster. There are threats of not being able to access your savings as
  7. I am glad that both Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul will stay in the race, although both are anti choice on a woman's right to choose. I imagine that either would get a boost if they came to their senses and became pro choice, at least in the general election. I realize that is a dream. At this time, 4:44AM, Cruz won and beat Trump by a good margin, and Rubio came in third, followed by Carson at 10 and Paul at 5%. Have yet to hear Trump's take on the outcome. Part of me wishes Trump would decide to drop out but given his narcissism he will go on at least to New Hampshire. Maybe if he loses there t
  8. A patriotic business is selling a generator so people with one will be able to survive an electromagnetic pulse attack on the USA which they claim is a goal of the jihadists. All it would take is a detonation of a nuclear weapon tens of thousands of feet above the country to render our electric grid useless causing the country to go dark for enough months or years to lead to the deaths of nine our of ten citizens. If there were a way to protect us and the grid our government evidently has other priorities. I haven't heard any of the candidates for president talk about it or make promises to de
  9. Is it true that pollsters are able to reach people who use only cell phones nowadays? In any case the whatever you want to call it is coming. James Dale Davidson makes an irrefutable case that we are on the verge of a severe collapse of the economy, the stock market, the housing market, the dollar, the bond market... and its all because of the curse of growing and unsustainable national debt. Well they still have the printing press which will only make matters worse. If the democrats get re elected they will blame everyone else and use the crisis to expand their power. If the GOP gets in will
  10. I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, but my family moved to Brooklyn when I was four years old. So I feel a little kinship with your guy. I heard him criticize Trump about his unconstitutional stands but detect a certain hypocrisy. Why Cristee upholds the War On Drugs as a proper function of the Federal government is beyond my understanding. He poses as an advocate of individual freedom doesn't he? Maybe I am not aware of other inconsistencies. Don't these people think? Even the most libertarian among the Republicans is anti choice on the abortion issue and does not appear open to reason. Tha
  11. How I wish there were no clouds overhead in central MA tonight so I could witness this meteor shower. Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating and I will have to find other amusements. Doing jigsaw puzzles or using my Kregjig to build a TV stand will not compare to the thrill of watching such an astronomical occurrence. Maybe next year. Be sure to go outside and to look up if the sky is clear where you live tonight.
  12. If we can only convince the Muslims that there is in fact no such thing as an afterlife that might put the damper on their enthusiasm to end their own lives on this Earth to "get there" where they have been indoctrinated from childhood to believe they will continue to exist in their version of Heaven or Nirvana. That will be tough coming from a country like ours which is filled to the brim with people who have also been indoctrinated from childhood with a belief in such an Afterlife themselves! Supposedly if one person believes such nonsense he is considered to be delusional and psychotic but
  13. I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey but my family moved to the Flatbush section of Brooklyn when I was four years old. I was drawn to science and had no interest in politics until many years later. I had the good fortune to meet a fellow resident after I moved back to Brooklyn from San Francisco where I had done an internship after medical school in Buffalo, N.Y. He was involved in a discussion over lunch one day at which I learned that the interns and residents in the city hospitals had formed a union and were suing the city for an increase in pay. Various job actions were being considered an
  14. YAF sounds to me to be an organization for young conservatives decades ago. I am not aware if it was on college campuses as both YAL and SFL are. I just received a mailing from YAL whose founder started it in 2008. It has grown impressively to being on over 675 campuses and has over 400K following it on social media with over 247,000 student activists who are recruiting others to the cause as well as educating themselves and working with the many other organizations devoted to the same objective.
  15. JTS, Thanks for the links. I hope everyone checks out these sites to see for themselves that these young people are passionate about being part of a rapidly growing movement. Many say that they have personally benefitted by being involved in the activities of these two organizations. Certainly knowing that they are not alone in helping others, one at a time, to learn about the liberty movement is inspiring in itself. I have no doubt that these two groups, SFL and YAL will simply continue to increase their presence on more and more campuses across the country and within each campus as well. I