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  1. I am very torn on the subject of suicide. I recognize that everyone has the right to end their own life, however I do not recognize the right of the mad or temporarily mad to suicide. I wont go into details but I had it very hard as a teenager. When I was fifteen I was driven to the point of total despair and I really lost my grip for a while, its not a joke when I say that I was clinical. I had people telling me the world was one way, and I was trying to live in the world as they told me it existed, but it didnt meld with the facts. Finally I sat down one day and decided that I was going to d
  2. My head hurts... Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Think, think really hard for just a second. You are using the 1960's definition of free... I hate the 60's. There is no way in which it is possible that "Freedom of speech" could be envisioned as having been meant to protect liable or slander considering that they are a violation of an individuals rights. As
  3. Wow I mean I have seen stretching before but this is Mr. Fantastic level right here. I give Steve Jobs high marks, however this does not mean that I support dropping acid. I hate "gotcha" logic. Just because he was brilliant and right in one thing does not mean he was brilliant and right in all things.
  4. Is Cain the perfect Candidate? No not by a long shot. Is he the best option on the table at the moment? absolutely. Its not a question of taking poison, we have already swallowed the poison, and it gave us cancer. What I am hoping for out of Cain is not a cure, instead I am hoping that he will stabilize the patient until we can get enough great doctors to cure the patient. Even if the most pure objectivist won the presidency it would make very little real difference. People always put so much focus on the president but they forget that he actually has little real power. And reducing the expand
  5. My 2 bits I am currently working to become very wealthy and estimate that it will take me another 6 to 7 years to raise the kind of capital I need. The PROPER correlation between profit and product is if you build a product which others see as worth having then your work will be rewarded by profit. According to the socialist model I am planing on raising the capital only to waste it. When I have enough capital I plan on ending government education by producing semi "free" education. Once I have enough starting capital I want to put 3/4 of my capital into investments and the other 1/4 into buil
  6. That's true by the numbers is bad, however this is not exactly by the numbers. It's a realistic assessment of the facts. Love, true love is rational, given our shared values my friend and I are "in the market" for the same woman. Why should a woman I love also not love my best, closest, and most dear friend. Further why should we not desire the same woman. Our tastes in looks are a bit different sure, however looks are. Of the most important to us. By the numbers it just makes sense.
  7. Monogamy can work for some at least for a while. However I am expecting to live to be very very old. One of the reasons why I personally have decided to do this is because it is hard to find a good woman. Althoght I have recently decided to become bisexual my tendency is certainly towards men. However I want children and I also want to raise them in a home with a mother. I am opposed entirely to the concept of open relationships. My best friend however is straight however we both enjoy each other intimately. Given our closeness this seems to be the best for both of us. I believe it will provid
  8. Alright I am back and ready to make lots and lots of trouble . Lets start with the update. So my best-friend D and I have decided to become polyamorous. Given the nature of our friendship and closeness this is a logical step for us to take. How did we come to this decision? Well that is a bit more complex. It basically started with a question from him to me, the question was "Is monogamy the only legitimate form of relationship.". Well we knew Ayn Rand's answer but I have never been one to take something on faith so we discussed it. Then I thought about it, then he thought about it, then we d
  9. Preach it brother preach it. Amen, praise Prometheus, Hallelujah.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHrxPSDgyyI&feature=related I have met God, though I doubt he means the same as I.
  11. Sorry there are some who believe that the entire universe is decaying and that even the Atom's and Quarks are decaying. From your post I thought you were one of these. The point which is important (and which I am not sure if you ignored or just didnt get) is that augmenting the body with healthy cells can and will reverse aging.
  12. I despise those who are Pastafarian. While I myself do not believe in any religion the very concept of Pastafarianism is repugnant to me. If someone wants to delude themselves into believing in divine beings fine, these people however...
  13. Nonsense. The number of atoms in my body is finite at any given instant of time. The set of atoms in our bodies changes from one second to the next. Some atoms leave (have you taken a shit lately?). Some atoms enter (how was your last meal?). Ba'al Chatzaf And some of these atoms are degenerating, they can be augmented or even replaced by healthier atoms.
  14. Disinformation is not immoral. Selene and I usually see eye to eye on most things however in this case we diverge. This is war people, we are in a philosophical war to the death. To answer the question it would depend on a number of things, not the least of which is, why, and what.