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  1. Herb, Nah. I'll keep it nasty for now. I don't like you. Michael May I inquire as to why? You seem awfully quick to judge, not a very attractive character trait. Your name is a lie. Off that foundation nothing else is going to work. It's one thing to make up a screen name like Doggie or Tenth Doctor or Lover, it's quite another to put up a name that seems to be a real name but it isn't yours. You also write like a troll might write, but I can't tell if you are one or it's just that distortion of that lie you came here with and stuck right into our faces. --Brant The name "Herb Sewell" is a reference to a Phil Hendrie character, If i had used "Herbie" or "Sewell" the reference would have been lost. What opinions of mine do you take issue with?
  2. Is the illiteracy part of your act as "Herb Sewell"? Of do you actually not know how to spell "there"? Just curious. JR Wouldn't this be a usage and not a spelling error? Their isn't any their their. Their! --Brant actually THEIR is
  3. Mrs. Ayn Rand always advocated being as autonomous as possible, which is why she supported capitalism. But,If you delve deeper, you will soon realize it is impossible to be COMPLETELY autonomous in a capitalistic society. People rely on each other to make and produce goods and in turn enter into a social agreement. The only way to rely fully on yourself is to retreat into the wilderness and make a livelihood their on your own. I am a little concerned since this thought counteracts my objectivist beliefs. I would appreciate civil responses.
  4. Herb, Nah. I'll keep it nasty for now. I don't like you. Michael May I inquire as to why? You seem awfully quick to judge, not a very attractive character trait.
  5. Herb (or whatever), And you are really sounding like the kind of snarky person I detest, as in my first impression. This is a forum of ideas and, so far, I haven't seen you contribute any. Michael Let us not be so nasty shall we? Please point out which parts of my posts you find objectionable as opposed to engaging in ad hominem Thanks again
  6. Do not presume anything that is not logically necessitated. If the act of dawning one's real name is not stipulated in the rules of this forum, it would be foolish to assume as a default that every person's who user name in its appearance may be a real name is the real name of the person who is posting. The reference to the Phil Hendrie character would have been lost, so no, it would have not been better. Cool story, bro.
  7. The threat of theocracy IS now. Just look around you, in Texas they are already teaching revisionist history to our children. Religious extremism is everywhere and it is a threat to our freedom. The liberty to make your own choices is the most base of them all,with out that we are nothing. If anything is leading us towards fascism its the republican party and their attempts to destroy choice
  8. Robert Campbell is my real name. "Herb Sewell" is not yours. In the end, the naming issue is of little importance, as your purported arguments are inane and repetitive. Robert Campbell How are we so sure your actual name is indeed Robert? may I see your birth certificate? Thats beside the point, you have offered nothing to the argument, all you have done is put of pointless rhetorical questions with no basis in reality
  9. "Robert" Well, there are other civil rights issues I care about with a passion,would he leave those alone too? that's doubtful. IF and only IF he is lax on social issues would I consider voting republican, but sadly that's almost never the case. I care more about letting people make their own choices then some poor people getting money from the government. Herb
  10. Yes,as much as I hate obamacare, I hate the idea of teaching kids creationist theories in school and dictating what goes in a womans womb toa greater degree.
  11. haters gonna hate

  12. It? What? Who? Who's naive, about what are they naive, and who's a troll? This is baiting, and thus, trolling. I reference your responses and others to adduce the fact that you and said others have been trolled.
  13. I don't get it, what's the meaning of the name? If it's a reference to the Phil Hendrie character, that sure bodes ill. Especially if you're posting in character, you'll be banned in no time. I suppose it's too late to switch to Jeff Dowder, Bobbie Dooley, or Margaret Gray. I'm the Doctor, by the way. it is a reference to a Phil Hendrie character! good call. why does this bode ill? is your literal name "the ninth doctor"? a screen name is an alias
  14. Herb, I have greeted you in another thread. How come you list your name as Bill Turner on your profile? Anyway, this it the Objectivist Living forum, not "objectivism online." Michael We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot sir. My name in actuality is Bill Turner,Herb Sewell is a screen name. I meant no disrespect by my previous postings and I offer you my apologies if I have in any way offended you.