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  1. PDS

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    I just had to come off my lurking bench to note that Jonathan’s rapier/rapist wit is only exceeded by his prescience. This is, by far, the most entertaining OL thread I have lurked at in some time. Do carry on!
  2. Thank you. Well said.
  3. PDS

    Donald Trump

    I can't imagine there could be, but I've been surprised on this thread before. In case it's not obvious, I really don't care whether the Left (or Right) is full of hypocrites. Most people are hypocrites--especially when they enter the political arena. I'm not saying this to sound cynical, but simply stating an undeniable observation.
  4. PDS

    Donald Trump

    No, I'm talking about the drone killings. The same people who had fits over waterboarding have been largely silent about the drone killings. Same for the women's marchers. One example: one of my law partners is a really cool, outstanding attorney, who happens to be a lesbian. She was out marching a couple weekends ago to protest Trump. She knows I am not a fan of Trump, but she also knows I'm pretty libertarianish/conservative. I saw her at the office as she was preparing to go march away. I asked her very kindly why I had never noticed her marching against Obama's drone strikes against American citizens. This was the first time I have ever seen her speechless. No words. I almost felt sorry for her. For background on this topic and the crocodile tears of those who think Trump's every move is an act of Great Tyranny: see Kevin Williamson's National Review article here--but here is the money quote: "Strange, that. But then, who complained when the Obama administration announced its policy of assassinating U.S. citizens as part of the so-called war on terror? A few libertarians, Glenn Greenwald, and one right-winger at National Review. So, to review: Stripping away the actual constitutional rights of U.S. citizens without due process through a secret military-intelligence process without appeal, trial, or representation? Hunky-dory. Ordering the assassination of U.S. citizens because one of them is, in your considered view, “the Osama bin Laden of Facebook”? Kill away. But telling a few Iranians that they are welcome to travel anywhere in the world they like except the United States?" You know the answer...
  5. PDS

    Donald Trump

    MIchael: You seem to forget: President Obama only killed US citizens without due process when it seemed like a good idea. So we always had that safeguard in place... Wasn't it amazing when all the left-wingers were out protesting (sans pussy hats, mind you) the drone-killings of US citizens by executive fiat? Made me proud to be an American. Their patriotism was on display for all the world to see,* and their commitment to constitutional principle brought tears to my eyes. I remember the wall-to-wall coverage of the protests like it was yesterday...** *Note to Baal--I'm being sarcastic. None of these things ever happened. **Note to Greg--yes, everybody gets what they deserve, every single moment of every single day in every single circumstance, and anybody who doubts this is a liberal, feminized weenie....
  6. PDS

    Donald Trump

    This was an A+ selection.
  7. PDS

    Donald Trump

    Agreed. A very cool quote. Frankl was a closet Stoic in many ways. That may be one reason why you like him...
  8. PDS

    Donald Trump

    I found Trump's speech quite good. I didn't listen to it, but read it. I suspect it reads better than it sounds. No matter your political views, his words were powerful and persuasive. I agree with much of what Kelley says, but it seems like criticizing Trump for not being Adam Smith on trade is a stretch. Of course, he's not Adam Smith on trade. That's a major reason for his election.
  9. PDS

    Donald Trump

    Mine was excellent, Jules. I had to choke it down with a stern glass of white wine, but hey, that's how these things go. I must say I am finding DT's cabinet choices fascinating. Lotsa Alpha males in that crew. It's a good sign that DT is comfortable being around such folk.
  10. PDS

    Donald Trump

    Michael: Do you serve Crow Omelettes at this OL Diner? That way I can pay my debts AND do so with appropriate egg on my face at the same time. I am very happy for you and the Gang of Trump here at OL. The word that comes to mind is prescient. That's what you were (and are). And, not that it matters what I hope, but I really hope the best for President-Elect Trump.* I very much look forward to many executive orders being repealed on Day 1. Once he does that, I will be pushing on the bandwagon with all my might. If he appoints a serious constitutionalist to the Supreme Court, I may just jump on that same bandwagon, assuming you guys let me in. *Not unforgotten is my $500 pledge if a balanced budget is signed by Trump into law. I really hope to have to pay up on that pledge, and buy you dinner in Chicago as I pay up..
  11. I need to win every issue.

  12. PDS

    Donald Trump

    Okay. But here's the deal: you seem to feel a need "win" every issue when it comes to Trump. Something in you is unwilling to give an inch. Your argument above was that if there is a terrorist attack in Rio, nobody will care how Trump talked to a grieving mother. With respect: no shit, Michael. If there is a terrorist attack in Rio, people are not going to care as much about a lot of different things. And this even assumes a US President can do something about terrorist activity in Brazil, let alone President Trump. I can assure you if the San Andres Fault cracks open tonight, people will also be less concerned with Trump's thin skin and/or his big mouth. But that is not the point. The point I was trying to make is that the man is supposed to be trying to win an election, and actions like this matter. Not Hillary's actions. Not Trump's actions a month ago. No. I am merely talking about Trump's particular actions with regard to a grieving mother. I'll give you an analogy. I am a pretty decent poker player. Literally. Not metaphorically. I play in expensive cash games, I've played in the World Series of Poker, etc. I've studied the game of poker more than most. There is a certain type of poker player: he is the guy that MUST win every hand. He unwilling to throw away a marginal hand. He "calls down" hands he has no business playing. Small pocket pairs look like aces to him. He goes "all in" way too often. And he usually goes home broke. You have become that guy when it comes to Trump. You see your best self in Trump. Trump has awakened something in you that seems to have been dormant a long time. This is well and good, assuming it is a wise thing to so heavily invest in a politician. So you think you are building your chip-stack with this strategy. Who knows. Maybe you are. I have serious doubts. In any event, I think I am going to join Steve W. and take a hiatus from OL until after the election.** **If Trump happens to win, however, be assured I will come here bright and early to eat my crow-sandwich like a man.
  13. PDS

    Donald Trump

    Okay. You win. Trump was 100% right once again. I hope he slaps her next time he sees her.
  14. PDS

    Donald Trump

    Did Hillary say anything about the women who spoke at the RNC convention? Did she even engage those persons? I will bet one of my two most precious body parts she did not This isn't a question of fairness or press bias. That is a seperste issue. All sentient beings are aware the press is biased and unfair. My point is that if Trump's goal is to win the election, this was a dumb move. Really dumb. Mark my words. This is going to hurt him.
  15. PDS

    Donald Trump

    You're 62? Wow. I never would have guessed. I thought you were in your 40's...* *Late 40's...