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  1. 00:40 seconds in...Santa Clause Shrek is probably the character to be taken most seriously in this whole video. His face just commands your respect. Lolll Funny vid. Bean
  2. Here's the one where she was asked about "why the blacks do not seem to take up Objectivism: link. Here's her long answer on Roots: link. (I was there and remember this answer as one which I found thrilling hearing it.) There are three other answers among those which have been transcribed on the thread where she said something about blacks. This one -- link -- pertains to school busing. It includes an obvious mis-speak, which is noted in the transcription, where she said "public" but meant "private." It also refers people to her article on racism for information about her views on that subject. The article appears in The Virtue of Selfishness. This -- link -- a long answer to a question asking about "the cultural genocide of Native Americans, the enslavement of black men in this country, and the relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II" -- includes remarks which have occasioned considerable controversy, especially those toward the end of the answer, starting with where she turns to the subect of Native American peoples. This -- link -- has a passing reference to blacks in connection with the questioner's wondering about "the way feminists have used blacks" in accruing power. Ellen Ms.Rand's comments on the Roots series really shed a lot of light on some of the feelings I have towards my culture, and helped to put a lot my subconscious feelings into words, true eye opener. Thanks for sharing that link.
  3. Whooo, where do I begin? It took me a while to read all the gold you guys have given me, but it was worth it. The rewrite squad is by far one of the most interesting things I have read by Rand, and is just another reason why it is crucial for me to pick up her nonfiction works. All of your combined memories and insight mean a lot to me, for reasons I cannot explain it warmed my heart a little to read your comments. I personally am not in the business of recruiting a specific race or ethnicity, but it was interesting to see all of your explanations for the imbalance. Mr.Michael Kelly Stuart you truly speak the truth lol. I am not sure if I own "black pride" in the sense my family raised me to have, I believe that the term is a large blockade in the minds of African Americans when it comes to developing one's own self of pride and individuality. I grew up in Harlem, and all around me I saw beaten down folks struggling to make their little shop, or street stand stay afloat in a sea of Starbucks, Walmart, McDonald's, etc. I guess I can see why a whole neighborhood would want to band together and seek support from each other, and proudly display little "Black owned and operated" signs on store fronts. Although it was never spoken aloud, I am well aware that if I was to became successful without the help of my race, and without "giving back" to my race, I would be labeled 'sell out'. I'm sure this is true for every minority group. I am so happy this website is in existence, just thinking back to my initial quest for another "objectivist like me" almost makes me wanna pop myself in the forehead. Btw, Anonrobot, can you elaborate on your comment? JeanBean
  4. I was on google, searching for a perspective from another black objectivist, this site came up in the results. I granted myself a little feeling of excitement, and then I clicked the link and read where the term came up. Someone named Rich Engle posted in a forum, "Maybe this will all result in us actually locating the Holy Grail: A black Objectivist. No, no self-respecting brother could get through listening to that thing." Lol First and foremost I literally laughed out loud. Second I created an account with Objectivist Living. The third thing I would like to do is ask you guys, why do you think objectivism is not the philosophy of choice by minorites? I mean, it's not the philosophy of choice by the population in general, but it seems almost non-existent in minority groups.
  5. Heh, being a fast reader, too bad ye not live nearby - with a nice library of some 5000 or so, there'd be plenty to come sit and breeze thru, most covering near all of the desired books, plus a number of the lesser, even non-desired... but I imagine there're others here much like me in this department, investing in so many of the worthwhile books, while the neighborhood seems rampant with illiterates... It really is a shame, I'm banned from my local library because I borrowed a few large stacks of books and decided I wanted to keep em. haha "I was gonna give em back one day, I swear it!"
  6. Have you tried a Kindle or the Kindle app for the iPhone or iPad? I haven't actually, the first time I read Fountainhead was on an iPhone app, but it wasn't Kindle. I will look into that, much less bulk. lol
  7. You share my birthday ma'am!

    Just thought I would throw that out there. haha

  8. It's only human to be at least a little attracted to a friend of the opposite sex. Define friend. When I become friends with someone, it is because we have a mutual understanding and respect for each other. It's only natural for these feelings to escalate beyond a platonic level. The only difference between the person you date and a friend is that the former is also physically attractive in your eyes. Respect is one of those things that do not lose value, well, not easily. In fact one of the things that causes me to respect a person is their unwavering solidarity. As soon as I get a small glimpse at a persons character, I know whether or not I want to know them. I've never met a man I respected with all my heart, yet considered ugly. This leads me to my POINT....haha If my partner had a female friend, I would be jealous...only because I know this woman must possess some of the same traits that attracted him to me, BUT...I could never imagine actually voicing that concern, or trying to end their friendship. I'm fully aware of my attraction to my male friends, and JeanBean is no hypocrite.
  9. That's pretty beautiful, sir.
  10. Hello young man!

  11. I appreciate the interest you all are taking in little ol' me. Considering all the advice you guys have given on my next literary choice, I think I'm going to browse the aynrandlexicon site, take note of the sources as Jonathan mentioned, and first read the book that matches up with the source I couldn't take my eyes off of. Now I just need to start saving my pennies to buy The Virtue of Selfishness, Romantic Manifesto, and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. I'm a very fast reader, so when I purchase books I try to buy many at a time anyway.
  12. Hey, I started out with Fountainhead, fell in love...I read Atlas Shrugged, it became my bible. I've read Atlas at least 6 or 7 times by now. I've also read Anthem, which I enjoyed. I would like to start with some of her non-fiction works, I'm sure it'll give me a much deeper insight into her world. What about you guys?
  13. Thank you all for the greetings, just arrived, already feeling welcome...this is my kinda party! This is true. The thing about my relationship is, I'm currently with a man who I consider the antithesis of my persona. Not that he's a 'bad person', depending on your definition of the term...but he's halfway to being an irrational looter....and he's too ignorant to ever really do any better. Long story short, if I found someone who shared my philosophies I probably wouldn't be looking any longer. Thanks again for the welcomes, I never knew a site existed like this until yesterday. This is exciting
  14. Hey! I've considered myself an objectivist for a few years now, and I'm currently 20 years old. I can't really say I've had any major obstacles. There's always going to be the moochers and free loaders, calling you a selfish bastard, maybe even anti-social...but that's going to happen at every age. lol Oooh and with any problems you do have, it's so worth it anyway. The way I see it, whose running into the bigger problems, you? or the others? Just wanted to toss my 2 cents in... JeanBean
  15. While I was browsing through the forum I noticed a lot of music I agreed with, [beatles, Rush] but soul and R&B are often overlooked music genres in the objectivist world. It makes perfect sense of course, crying about your "cheating man" will not only serve as a blockage to incoming productive thoughts, but in my opinion will lessen your natural ability to think, or should I say, your ability to "think to think". Every now and then there are a few gems, and soul/jazz artist Erykah Badu is a beautiful one. I posted a song or two, feel free check it out.
  16. Greetings, I am a young person, old objectivist, and new member to this site. How is everyone today? -JeanBean