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    Jeannie Ramos
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    Young woman frantically working towards an unknown goal. Looking for like minded individuals, or groups.
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    looking for male

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    Music enthusiast. Have you heard anything lately?

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About Me

you are, naturally organic

like, the freshest botanical garden i have ever encountered.

feelings are difficult to admit

when my tongue stays stuck to palate

trying to spit out

peanutbutter syllables

legs wobbling like jelly in your presence

the essence of this man

sets me afire like tip of blunt

so clumsy i'll let the L slip

I'll let the L word slip I swear I will

you got me so clumsy

I want nothing more than for you to know me.

Pull these heart strings gently

and control me like the puppet I am.

You move me.

I'm colliding with your sensation.

leave me numb

Puncture these two airbags i call lungs

maybe now youll believe when i say

you take my breath away

You are, naturally natural

and i'm feeling so awkward

You are the only currency I account for

but still,

i'm spending more time with you

then i can afford.

diving boards can't take me higher than u do

I'm not a natural swimmer.

Still, I insist on jumpin into your dark pools.

No life savers. your Waters depth is unexplored

and it just feels natural. feels good.

my chest explodes when i attempt to regurgitate

your words.

so i'll say it slow.




to know the reason for this verbal vomit

is not sickness but for the love of my heatlh

you got me weak for yourself

are u storing energy in the shelves of your chest cavity?

i'm elated like i naturally repel gravity.

up up and away're looking supernatural today.