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  1. My lady friend and I are Victor Hugo nuts. We saw the American tour of the new production in its first stop in Nov/December 2010 at the Paper Mill Playhouse in NJ. It was phenomenal--I recognized the VH original artwork that forms part of the concept and scenery for this new production. I've read pretty much all major VH translations in English, because I collect old books and my college library got a big endowment of VH books probably around 1915 (there's a whole stack dedicated to him) and which I've probably spent the most time standing in front of, perusing. I'm beginning to study his work
  2. Hi, Mary Lee. I share your wish that there were a similar project underway for Barbara's POET lectures. The transcriptions have been completed for over a year now, and they await Barbara's decision to have them published essentially "as is," or to incorporate them into an expanded book on how and how not to think. If Nathaniel's book of lectures does well, as it appears it will, Cobden Press may have a definite interest in publishing Barbara's lectures as well. We will see. Best for the New Year, REB Roger, the last time we were here was back in May, 2010. Any word about Barbara's publishing
  3. Hello, I sent you all PMs awhile back, but I would just like to say here that your responses are personally amusing for me to read and encouraging. I printed out a hard copy of this thread tonight to put in my relatively recent "writer's binder"--for the advice, humor, insight, and good writing contained in the posts. I have new projects in sight, but I may return to this one in the future. Still struggling to overcome my depression--I am taking this semester off from university to recover from an auto accident I was in but am taking the time to develop nascent literary talent. I am glad that
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience, Stephen. While I had a similar reaction to the novel, I haven't gone through life yet. I hope the promise of "life undefeated" will prove as resilient as it was for you.
  5. I can understand that you find the events in We the Living, like Schindler's List, painful to encounter. But they are real events, they occurred in the world you live in, the world you need to know about and understand. What these books do is to give such events a iiving reality not found in newspaper headlines or history textbooks. You need to know what these books show you: not only that such horrors occurred, but what they did to the lives of people one comes to care about, to people like oneself. If we have any hope of banishing such atrocities from our future, it will be only by allo
  6. Can someone delete this post? I don't need it up anymore. Thanks
  7. I am sophomore starting an effort at Vassar College titled "Vassar Values Reason" to promote rational metaphysics and epistemology on campus through the study of Ayn Rand and Aristotle. We have received limited material publications from ARI. I will be using the pamphlets of Rand's essays they sent me, and most likely Peikoff's summary of Objectivism, but will not be using any essays by ARI writers, which are mostly political in nature. If anyone on here would be willing to help support the project please contact me. Printed material or CDs would be greatly appreciated and fully utilized. Our
  8. Do we have any pictures or descriptions of what they looked like?
  9. What ever happened to Oscar and Oswald???????????? I am shocked when I look up "Ayn Rand and her stuffed animals" or "Ayn Rand Escort by lion" on Google and nothing comes up! My guess is that the moochers took them and strapped them to a chair in an old attic before... Feel free to continue this thought. Best, Julian
  10. Hello everyone, I started this piece when I was 18, wrote a synopsis, and did pretty serious research for several months--I am now 19. I never finished it because I fell into a period of depression which affected my school and creative work to a certain degree. These are just the rough drafts of the opening two sections. I now see its defects, but I am still really proud of the rough style I achieved--its virtues, if you agree that it has any. I fall into those periods of brief subjectivity where I think that no one else will like it or think it's any good. I debated putting it up here for awh
  11. I was very sad to hear about Chris Grieb's passing. Chris left an impression on me with his kindness, generosity, and intellectual kinship, even though I am a student and had never gotten the chance to meet him unfortunately. He was on my mind while I was at college, and has been since I heard about his death a few days ago. I'll remember him and try to be as warm and generous as he was when I have reached intellectual maturity.
  12. No problem, Philip. I'm in college actually, but when I went to their concert at the Beacon Theater during their American tour last October in NYC there were married couples, college students, younger couples/older couples, a teenage son with his mother, people in suits, a single, middle-aged man in loose jeans and a cap rocking his head next to us etc. etc. I don't know if that's how concerts usually are because I don't go to many but their widespread appeal surprised us. I like what you said about them, I think it captures what I like. And I couldn't agree more, Rich. Thank you, I like to he
  13. Addendum: I would like to know what you guys think about Snow Patrol's music. I don't know how to describe their melody, but they have beautiful lyrics and a very different sound. I associate them with Hugo because of the ebullience and beautiful sentimentality of their lyrics and their slightly melancholic but mild joyful sense of sound. Many of their songs are popular on the radio and in movie soundtracks, but I have never met a big a fan as me, except at concerts, where the age group is surprisingly middle age, with people of all stripes. They have a much more silent, private audience. I th