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  1. To some degree, it is true. However, America doesn't export our raw sewage to third world countries. Our industrialization has allowed us to deal with it in more efficient ways, therefore our environment is improved.
  2. Sorry for posting this in the Living Room, I was just trying to get into a high traffic area at first. The sportscenter segment was in regards to a football coach of mine who is confined to a wheelchair and can barely speak because of Lou Gehrig's disease. He writes speeches for our football team in order to motivate us once a week. His name is Jeff Young, he went to my high school and played fullback many years back. He found out that he has Lou Gehrig's disease in college, and was told he had three years to live. Today he's in his forties (I think, would have to check that). His daughter is in my math class. She's a very down to earth young woman. Jeff raised her as a single parent. It was a beautifully done segment, and I hope they re-run it sometime. Jeff Young is a great man. He writes a weekly newsletter you can get sent to your e-mail. I'm not sure of the link at the moment, but it should be easy enough to find if you google Jeff Young or Friends of Jeff or a combination of the above.
  3. -The Fountainhead pg. 16 (second page of the novel) 2nd paragraph, 1st sentence.
  4. Go to ESPN right now,, they're doing a feature on one of my football coaches. He's got Lou Gehrig's disease and is in a wheelchair.
  5. Didn't see it, wish I had, Colbert is a funny guy. Obviously he's not actually advancing a conservative agenda but rather doing the opposite. My reaction probably would have been "Hey dad, look! Colbert is reading an Ayn Rand novel!" followed by fits of laughter. If I had to guess Peikoff would have gotten up in arms, after all, the purpose of the Colbert Report is to give everybody he says is good a bad name (aside from entertaining that is). Then again, that's pure speculation.
  6. When they were talking at the very end of the movie, Angier says that he stepped onto that platform every time not knowing whether it would be him or his clone that lived to see another day. So, seeing as the characters themselves don't know, neither do we. Also, if you remember Borden was the one that directed Angier towards Tesla. So I don't know if he got a clone, or maybe it was a twin. Not really sure, at the same time, not significant to the story line. I suspect that it was a brother not a clone for the sole reason that, if I remember correctly, the time when Angier saw Borden at Tesla's science convention came after Borden pulled the stunt with his wife to be where she locked him outside his room then he showed up in it. The movie still ties together quite nicely. I like it.
  7. My school is HORRIBLE. We had a whole section of the student newspaper devoted to global warming. According to one of the articles environmentalists have been worried about global warming "for the last 30 or 40 years". Uhh...30 or 40 years ago they were worried about global cooling.
  8. I find that men are as MikeLee describes women as much as women are. I don't really like either all that much. I think his description is more one of our culture than one of women. However, I do respect the balls it took to post that even if I don't agree completely with what he said. So I still haven't really understood when a unborn child/fetus/whatever you want to call it becomes a human being. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Environment, overall, gets cleaner for humans due to industrialization. Look at sanitation conditions in non-industrialized v. industrialized nations. Eating out of a trash heap v. a little bit of CO2 in the air and a little less forestry? Seems like a no-brainer to me. Reminds me of the time I was doing a U.N. simulation and I was Yemen (small, unindustrialized nation in the Middle East in which %50 of the working population earns less than American $2 per day). The problem was unsanitary conditions and a lack of water. My solution was to industrialize, my classmates didn't like it though. It would have funded any water de-salinization plant (or gotten one to move in privately cause you could make a KILLING) and it would have made the place more sanitary (think running water and sewage) along with employing more people for more money. Unfortunately I was outnumbered 3 to 1.
  10. I would at the very least have the mother forfeit the right to decide whether it lives or dies once it is not part of her body anymore. The doctor should say "Sorry but that child stopped being yours once it left your body, we'll make sure we find it a good family". The thing has a shot at life, it's not affecting her body, why should she get to kill it? DNA?
  11. Hey, glad to see ya Tee. Great place for a beginner to start. I should know, I was but an infant when I started here. Have fun, look around.
  12. Well, I have continued to disagree with Fran's calling not be able to abort a baby "self-sacrifice". You love sex, that's all well and good. I love baseball. Lets say that I get hit in the head by a baseball and lose nine months of memory (or have to spend the next nine months in rehab). I did not sacrifice myself, I took a calculated risk that turned out for the worse. Now, the question is simply this, when does a baby/fetus/whatever else obtain the right to life? That, I don't have enough information to talk on.
  13. Dragonfly, She wasn't talking about (natural) science. Might be why she's right.
  14. Angier, in order to pull off his magic trick, stepped onto the machine which created a new clone of him (whether it teleported him elsewhere and replaced him with the clone or teleported the clone elsewhere is a mystery that he himself does not know). One of the created Angiers dropped into a box filled with water (this was done over and over again) the other popped up on the other side of the auditorium at which point he presented himself for the prestige (last phase of any magic trick). It just so happened that one time Borden walked in on the trick in time to see one version of Angier fall into the water filled tank meant to kill him (as I said this was how the trick worked). Because he was found in the same room as the dead body, he was prosecuted for murder as whatever version of Angier went into hiding as Lord Kurdlow (the guy buying back all his [own] old tricks). Meanwhile, one version of Borden was hung (I'm not sure where the other originated although it must either be twins or clones). The other version of Borden, who while one was in jail was always dressed up as his assistant (the one who never talked because his voice sounded the same as the other Borden and talking would give him away, they took turns being one or the other), showed up in Angier (now Lord Kurdlow)'s basement and killed him. The thing is that there was only one of him then (due to the fact that he quit cloning himself and dropping one version of himself to drown in a water-filled tank). So, as it ends up, one of the Bordens is still alive, but none of the Angier's were still alive.
  15. Recent homework upsurge. Hate the stuff. I'll be on whenever I can for sure.
  16. By transparent relationship do you mean a relationship where you two can both see and know everything about the other person? Or do you mean a relationship that nobody knows is there? I'm assuming the first. As far as preventing self-deception, I would say that you should just look at everything you think up close and personal. Do this with new information too. If you look at everything really closely, you have to call it what it is. Eventually it becomes habit. As far as your fiance being free from your faults goes...well, your fiance isn't bound or chained to your faults, he's holding on to your strengths.
  17. Maybe it's just that I appreciated the main character(s) so much because of their utter devotion to what they love (illusion), and how I can relate to them because of my own (baseball).
  18. Unique New York Every time I try that one I either end up with newyeak new york or unique unork.
  19. ...sometimes I think I would learn more if I stayed home from school. This time I know I would.
  20. Junior Olympics in Arizona as a fifteen year old (16u age group). Varsity as a freshman (state quarterfinal team) 7.5 Perfect Game (scouting agency) rating at the 2006 California Underclass Showcase, tied for the highest rating of any 2009 graduate in the showcase (Also got honorable mention, barely missing the Top Prospects Team Four of five tackles (depending on how you count them) in the state semifinal game as a sophomore in football (after starting the season as a 5th or 6th string linebacker) Top level of 14-15 age group baseball as a 14 year old Dodgeball god (unofficial) Oh, and right now I'm proud that in my journalism class I'm yet to have gotten a point marked off in one of my articles.
  21. And there we come across the distinction between boy and man. I'd also throw guy in there as a sub-section of boy.
  22. Isn't that the reason Utah has all those ridiculous laws about what you can and cannot do on sunday and such that are never enforced? (I might be wrong about that)
  23. http://blog.washingtonpost.com/thefix/2007...e_mormon_q.html Ya, I'm not sure about all the presidential candidates and such. This will be my first time allowed to vote (I'll be 18 just a few months before the cutoff), so I suppose I should start looking seriously into them. Would people here vote for a mormon?
  24. I'm planning on going to a Buddhist church when next I get the chance. My friend said she would take me, but lately I've been busy. As far as Mitt Romney goes, I heard from my history teacher that there was a poll out saying that 42% of Americans said that they will not vote for a mormon. Now, if I thought that 42% of Americans know enough about Mormonism to decide that they do not share in the values of Mormonism, I wouldn't be concerned. However, I do not think that 42% of America actually knows what Mormonism is all about (I don't think 42% of America even knows what America is all about).
  25. Stuff like that just isn't for me. I drank once in seventh grade. My friends got wasted in a hurry, I just got annoyed with them. If people want to do pot that's their thing, not mine.