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  1. I play catcher. The reason I chose Duke so early (most signees will go around November or so from what I hear) is because it's a great school with a great situation I couldn't turn down. When I go to Duke in 2010 I will be one of two catchers, both of us freshman, and if I'm the starter I'll play 3/5 games a week while if I'm second string I'll get the other two. So I'm pretty happy about the situation over all.
  2. Hey everyone, It's been a while since I dropped in so I figured I'd say hi. Life's been about one thing after another after another over here with baseball ending, and football starting, and my committing to play baseball at Duke University come spring 2010. So I figured I'd just drop in to say hi and see how people are doing.
  3. I hardly have time to look through 13 pages of this thread, which is unfortunate because I'm sure there's a lot of value in this thread. I have thought quite a bit about drugs/alcohol etc. and although I would never do them, I think they should be legalized. I do not, however, think that drugs that take you out of a sane state of mind and are proven to make you violent such as meth should be legalized. If it takes people out of their rational state and makes them violent then other laws are not deterrent enough to keep them from committing a crime. As a result it directly affects the well being of another person.
  4. The reason I used abstractions was because of the criteria sheet which specifically named abstractions as what we should use. Also, there was no risk in writing this because senior year you can opt into AP English, so if they don't like it I can override their decision.
  5. Nope, still in high school. It's really boring. Just been busy, a few new elements got added to my life which have made it difficult to have any time.
  6. Dear Honors Selection Committee, I would be lying if I said that I am the most attentive English student, or the easiest to handle, or even the one that my teachers would say is great to have around. I tend to talk out in class, be sarcastic, and talk to friends after my work is done. However, in spite of all these faults, I do have the merits to be in AP English. In class discussions, although at times I am abrasive, I score very highly because I always know what I am talking about and have a well thought out opinion on a wide variety of topics. I have never scored poorly on an in-class discussion because of these valuable contributions. Class discussions are not the only thing I excel at. I am a very good writer as well. A passive voice is never used by me. I don’t use choppy sentences. My writing is fluent. I also never mispell words. The result of the passive voice never being used by me is that my words are made powerful by the action verbs. Instead of sloppy run on sentences which never seem to end because the person doesn’t use any commas semi-colons or other necessary punctuation I make clear and concise sentences. I absolutely read a wide range of subjects. For instance, when I was a freshman I read Atlas Shrugged a best selling novel. To expand my range, as a sophomore I read 1984 and junior year I read Fahrenheit 451. This is just one example of my wide range in readings. I do not, however, like to make generalizations and abstractions. All generalizations are false, so there is no good in using them, and abstractions are a double-edged sword. I also do not like relating myself to literary works. I am like Howard Roark from The Fountainhead, I do not care how I relate to anyone else, especially not fictional characters. One of the most valuable tools I bring to every English class is my mind. My thinking is very fluent except for those times when things just do not compute. However, it is not enough to be a fluent thinker, one must be original as well. Originality is such a key component because without originality there would be no advancement. My originality is the reason I was able to come up with a round disk on which something could be mounted, and stabilized with more of my discs. The discs turn and cover ground as they do, thus transporting the mounted object. Without originality this advancement would never have been possible. I am also a very elaborate thinker. It is because of my ability to participate in class discussion, as well as my literary prowess and adept mind that I should be accepted into AP Senior English. Thank you for reading my letter. Sincerely, Jeff Kremer
  7. Wish I knew enough about what Ron Paul was saying about our past involvement in the Middle East to know if Paul is right or full of it. I do remember a speech by Paul being somewhat iffy on historical facts regarding how peachy things were after we pulled out of Vietnam.
  8. I wish Michael Vick could continue to play football so that he can prove to everyone that he's overrated as a quarterback and that his style of quarterbacking will never lead a team to a championship without far more support than would be required of a Tom Brady or Payton Manning.
  9. No, because most if not all other races for office don't have the attention and drilling and all the other stuff that the presidential one does. I think/am pretty sure that I am arguing pretty much what Rand was on a different level, although I definitely could be wrong. If you're arguing about something different that may be your problem.(Haven't read the essay about why a woman president would be bad, so I'm not sure I'm arguing the same case.)
  10. Do you think that it is always equally in average Joe and average Jane's best interest to do the same thing when faced with danger? If you concede that men and women are biologically different, you say no. Do you think that a woman that chooses the same as a man (assuming no relation between the two and in exact same circumstances when one option is clearly more beneficial to one and the other is clearly more beneficial to the other) has a psychological problem? Example:Pack of wolves is attacking, you have two options, climb a tree where the nearest limb is 9 feet 6 inches high, or run as fast as you can to some other form of safety dependent completely on foot speed that is attainable not easily but not extremely hard either. I'd jump for the limb, I know I can get my hand on it. I think the girls in their right mind out there (even the ones on the basketball team) would make a run for it. For what it's worth, I consider anyone running for president to have some sort of psychological disorder. Too much bullshit in politics.
  11. So, there's a girl on my football team. Made me think of this thread. She blows, but props if she'll stick it out.
  12. If we earn our own living we can live as we choose. The obligation to economically produce and be a part of the movement of society isn't being an end in ourselves, it's having the movement of society be more important than your own individual wants and is just another form of self-sacrifice. The only moral obligation to produce is to the degree that you need and to not leech off of other people. I myself sort of like being hermitish, not fully though.
  13. Haha, thanks guys. I'd generally say more but I don't know what to say and it's way to late anyway.