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    I'm from the Philippines and I am one of few who have practiced the virtues stated by Ayn Rand even before I knew the words for my being. I thank her for naming my philosophy which is her own as well. I seek to understand objectivism more through this forum.
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  1. "In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit." -Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged , Part 3, Ch. 7 Buddhist scrolls might be good for research and historical purposes but I'm afraid in the end, it's gonna have to be this kind of buddhism that will have to step up to the plate of reason and science (not Objectivism per se). Heck, I'm still a student of Objectivism and ultimately, Philosophy. This guy states the similarities between us and them, sure. However, would he care to enlighten O'ists to th
  2. I guess it's time the smoke clears on some issues regarding this putative boogeyman of the Free World. From Read up on this one too: Derek Scissors talks about the myths behind America's "no. 2" (hint, hint) Please read the whole article. I'm not too about some terms so if someone here could paraphrase some economics lingo into plain English, I'd be grateful. This is nice [From the article page 3]: " Every discussion of the Chinese economy, including this one, should be taken with a truck's worth of salt." (emphasis mine) Maybe it's time to take a lil breather fellas?
  3. Nah, the difference of the 'oral tradition' back then Phil is that they couldn't record it back then. Now, I do agree with the clarity bit because reading it allows the emotional overtone simmer down. One could 'hear' the arguments made with subvocalization (voices in one's head) and come up with a well-informed response. Oh, luckily TED puts their videos into transcripts like the one I posted above.
  4. I completely agree Merlin because if it was an issue of objectivity, watching the vid would be as good as reading the print. I hope Ole Phil would read the whole transcript instead *snickers* He could have watched the vid, it would have been faster than the whole back and forth you two did. So Phil, wherever you are, as a favor to me too, I hope your response to NF's presentation would be insightful, critical and enlightening mmmkay?
  5. Here you go Phil. "One, competition. Two, the scientific revolution. Three, property rights. Four, modern medicine. Five, the consumer society. And six, the work ethic. You can play a game and try and think of one I've missed at,or try and boil it down to just four, but you'll lose." - N. Ferguson --Looking at it now, maybe the fifth should be a "producer society", if most people are "consumers" in truest sense of the word, then the list Niall proposed could break down and will become, in fact, "Killer" apps. What say you guys? Full Transcript: Let's talk about billions. Let's talk about past
  6. I saw this on a friend's facebook wall. Perhaps I should have posted this under rants but I think under politics is where this belongs.
  7. Michael, I didn't know TED was partial to certain views. I thought it was like the Ford Hall Forum where Rand spoke -- or something... In any case, I see your point. Mr. Ferguson did not identify or endorse Capitalism per se (did not name it). Politically speaking, yes, I could strive to live with fellows who take a different metaphysical or epistemological view albeit can we expect them to be honest with others - mostly with themselves and identify their stance when asked? I wonder if they have something to show and offer goods instead of the mystical tricks and mind warping lies they spread
  8. I don't know who this woman is, but I wouldn't even think of getting someone as high as a senate seat anywhere in the world with what she said. How can a contract, even a "social contract" at that, have "underlying" terms or implications? Contracts are supposed to be explicit, clear to all the invested parties and enforceable by the laws of the land. The truth is, the businessman never asked for any of it if it came from society at large. They paid their dues to have what they want and invested based on the prevailing conditions. Neither did the "workers" whose parents made it a point that th
  9. I think u misspelled. Isn't this supposed to be "A trick question..."?
  10. I just noticed. Obama's smile is fake. If the reason why he raised his hand is the one mentioned above and it was a spontaneous reaction (not due to a teleprompter), it indicates that he was probably displeased by the "joke" but his movement shows otherwise (scrambling to stay in his seat perhaps?)
  11. Philippine President Aquino wearing the bright blue tie to Obama's left. Looking like a retard as always. No policies, no principles just a new slut on his bed every night according to his chauffeur who told a friend of mine.
  12. Adam: Has it not been proposed (here in OL or somewhere else in the interwebs) that Obama was actually a manchurian candidate and now incumbent? If you really want to lord over others, don't bank on the wealthy and wise, those people have limits and standards. Instead, let the hoi polloi lift you up and over and they'll also have you use their backs to sit on as your throne. And boy, is the internet the place to be when it comes to the masses. In fact, the tactics you mentioned were the same that the Philippine President also used in his campaign. If I remember correctly, Obama-rama even reach
  13. Most of what you assume is wrong, in this case you're not sophisticated enough to tell one way or another. You insulted my argument, while at the same time failing to actually address it. So it is safe to assume that you're an obnoxious nitwit, particularly given that you think that copy paper gets moldy after a year; it's not "highly perishable." Fruit is "highly perishable." Paper stores for a long time. Please explain why I must point this out to you. Shayne Your argument when you quoted me basically boiled down to this: It is better to consume now than store it because there are risks an
  14. To the handicapped, a walk in the park is gymnastics. Are you a moron? So you mean to say that a moldy paper is as good as one that is fresh from the presses? Hardly. OK, so you are a moron. Shayne Sorry. I assumed you're cognitively sophisticated. Oh you clever'd you gather my intelligence from clarifying your proposition? If I was wrong, explain. If I was right, agree. you said, "Sell 1-year-old copy paper for brand new copy paper." (emphasis mine) so I take it as an old highly perishable material still holds an equal value to a new one.
  15. Everything is "perishable" in the relevant sense, even gold. Supposing you want your gold reliably secured, you are going to have to pay some kind of storage/security fee, and you are subject to the political winds (yes, they will break into your safe deposit boxes and take your gold). You could try to store the gold yourself, but there is a risk that someone finds your special hiding place and steals your gold. These risks are a cost. So, no matter what you do, your gold will, over time, be whittled down to nothing. It is, in effect, perishable. What is the rate by which gold perishes as comp