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  1. Beauty That Rivals You Oh, to paint with a master’s hand, A portrait to give to you. But alas, no wishful thoughts give me, The powers to make it true. So, now I’m out on a noble quest, To garner the knowledge I find. I’ll practice hard to learn to craft, The colors that fill my mind. And now I paint with mine own hand, A beauty that rivals you. I’ll earn your heart with this skill I know, ‘Cause I’ve worked to make it come true.
  2. is about to watch the new Legends...

  3. Been a reader for awhile, but never made an account. Heard this song at work today and the New York imagery reminded me of Atlas too much not to post something about it... :-)
  4. Empire State of Mind part II http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMS5xQ_V0TQ I wouldn't mind having the chorus of this song as the opening music; with: shots of New York, blues and blacks, ending with the whoosh sound of a train pulling into Taggart Transcontinental, pan up to our first sight of Dagny standing tall and strong in the terminal. :-)