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  1. I think you are speaking to an essential issue of wealth, trade, and value. Is wealth "stuff" or is wealth the capacity to fulfill our values/goals? Example: I have two pieces of paper. John has two pencils. I trade John 1 piece of paper for one pencil. Conclusion: I suggest that John and I are both richer, even though no new objects come into existence. Example: I am hungry. My refrigerator is empty. Someone shows me that the plants in my back yard that I thought were weeds are actually valuable food. I both eat some of the plants, and sell them to others, making money to buy more food. I g
  2. I have a question for an administrator of this site: my email has been banned from this site. I don't understand how that could have happened (I don't flame, and when I contribute, it is reasonable and typically well thought out). Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Mark