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  1. All of modern world’s problems, the unstoppable slide going on in the Western world led by America, are attributable to one phenomenon which is not even analyzed so far: DEMOCRACY. One man has done that and presented an excellent book of his analysis, but somehow it did not get attention and it seems the author does not have the means to market it, at least no effort is seen. As per the info given on his web-site the author is an Indian. The book is dedicated to Ayn Rand. Name of the book: Is Democracy the nemesis also of the Americans? Website: All are urged to visit the website and discuss the ideas here. The articles are so good – and novel -- that I shall be posting them here for further discussion.
  2. It's America's original constitution which was not a democracy but a true republic -- but as Franklin said, they could not keep it. Only one site had some discussion about this post (10 comments); on all other sites it was generally neglected. I thank the few who responded – it is courageous to encourage when all others choose to neglect a controversial topic. Fortunately nobody stamped me as racist – that allegation is normal if one just mentions what is openly going on in politics despite it being obvious that if one upholds the original constitution of America one cannot be a racist. From one angle Ingram’s comment (on TP Nation) is correct – America seems to be going down just with a whimper, not nukes – as Ayn Rand said: not Satan with drawn-out sword but a corner-lout (Dem-liberals!) sipping a bottle of Coca-cola! From another angle it won’t be so – no squirming / wriggling of GOP / TPM is going to work; ultimately fanatic Christian, white supremacist etc type of groups will surely takeover like after fall of Rome – this time the celebrations could be with nukes. My Indian colleagues who helped me with my writing have sacrificed heavily simply because they read Ayn Rand (whose popularity amongst educated Indians is second to America) and realized how much they owe to white-man’s enlightenment via British! They are ready to do more for America than most Americans – they are under huge persecution because of their American thoughts, sort of out-castes, yet undeterred, therefore more heroic! Our actual target is democracy -- but if groups based on any criteria like race / religion etc are being used to grab power then they have to be identified – We found that in American politics, the Dem-liberals, the major destroyers of America for the sake of power (the Rep-Conzs being the minor destroyers) are the real racists, but they use white-man’s self-inflicted undeserved guilt about slavery in such a manner that the emancipator is projected as evil! They started the game (of the welfare state) by first destroying the Af-Ams by means of doles, turning them into parasites cum vote-block, then into criminals, and now using them for the felling. (Af-Ams were the start; today the welfare state has taken over everything). Democracy has so demoralized the white-man that we cannot expect him to pronounce the king to be naked – only the innocent child bereft of cowardice will do so! The above is brought out in my next post (in 1-2 days). I request members to logically point out where it is racist; whether it reveals facts related with American politics or no; and whether there is a massive inversion or no, i.e. whether the Dem-liberals, who accuse anybody speaking truth as racist, are the real racists or no? I have purposely titled it a bit dramatically as below – but the real intention is to keep it factual with a warning embedded in it, and an invitation to point out anything wrong with it, racist or otherwise. Are some blacks the only honest intellectuals in AMERICA? (is looking the other way the way to protect rationality? or is it the way to push white youth into kkk, N-word and 88!) WILL WHITE COWARDICE LEAD TO AMERICA’S collapse?
  3. Admin -- Something has obviously gone wrong with my attempt to reply William Scherk. Request admin to please remove my blank and obviously useless post. My response to William Scherk (and others): The above article is only an Introduction to my book -- Racism in America: White Racism or Reverse Racism on Whites? That too is a part of my wider work on democracy which I hold to be the most important culprit. I will have to get editing done by pros. Also, I will have to hire them for marketing / promotion. Such books, when merely uploaded on Kindle, do not attract a single buyer because thousands and thousands lie there unnoticed. Kindle does not provide these services and Lulu does not provide them to foreigners. So I have to approach Author House; they had bad reputation previously, but now they have been bought by Penguin who are reputed. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS ABOUT THIS ASPECT, I.E. SERVICES, PROVIDERS ETC? Thanks.
  4. There is lot of discussion about encouragement to Af-Am hatred against whites on the Tea Party sites where I am a member – at the end I made the following generally self-explanatory post to start my long OP on related issues which have now become very serious. XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XX The huge misunderstanding and undeserved guilt amongst white Americans about the topic of racism due to history of slavery, their demoralization due to democracy aggravated by the whole world hating their success (including internal haters), makes me repeat a few lines as introduction to this post. An important frequent objection was on TP Patriots: What the heck does this topic have to do with the TPM and our three core values? And even warnings were issued not to go astray into racism. Basically I am for the 3 core values of TPM. But democracy has destroyed them, so I am against democracy. Democracy runs on votes and for a long time now race is being used as a major tool to segregate America, to create loyal vote-blocks, garner votes and they have already destroyed the US Constitution. In fact when the GOP emancipated the Af-Ams, the Dems were racists and Af-Ams were loyal GOP voters. But later, as part of democracy, the Dems hijacked the entire Af-Am vote-block by gradually destroying the US Constitution, starting with Wilson the racist-segregationist, FDR’s New Deal, Demo-platform of 1960 etc! But on TP Nation the black conservative Marcus produced an exceptional quote to show how race is being misused to destroy America since 1911 and prior – merely to satisfy vested self-interest. ( (Part of it is produced here for readers’ convenience -- Marcus Quote: While I am familiar with black Republican author, orator, and advisor to U.S. Presidents, Booker T. Washington, I only recently came across this amazing quote from him which nailed the Rev. Sharptons and Rev Jacksons of America back in 1911. “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.” Wow! Booker T. Washington had these low life scoundrels figured out way back then. He perfectly described the shameful despicable exploitation of the goodness of the American people on display at the Michael Brown funeral. Folks, in a nutshell, the Left's selective outrage over Brown's death is about getting paid and ginning up rage-based black voter turnout for Democrats in November. Apparently, the Democrats and MSM only consider a young black male's life of value when it is taken by a white person. Epidemic black on black shootings only get a yawn from Dems and the MSM while sipping their mocha lattes. Insidiously, irresponsibly and strategically, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder even threw in their anecdotal two cents, sharing their uncomfortable experiences with police as black males. Marcus Unquote As per the link provided by Marcus just above, Obama has taken the unprecedented step of sending 3 White-House (apart from the role of his special advisor, the famous Reverend, in the drama) to attend Brown’s funeral – all 3 are black – and white people shiver that they will be accused of racism! Part of my response to the above: But just incidental to Marcus’ information above, I am producing a similar piece (it is shared with a similar-minded Indian friend I acquired during my many years in India for job purposes) -- A rich European NGO came to a slum in India to educate and improve them. The slum-lord without whose permission nothing can be done there, has 3 known wives (and god knows how many illegal ones). He suggested a simple solution: “spend 10 -12% of your huge kitty on a few binges of food and cheap alcohol for the people you want to uplift; they will be happy because they don’t like to learn but consume. Divide remaining money into 2 parts, one for me, the other amongst all of you.” They said, “Ours is a long term project, we want to teach these illiterate people how to live”. He answered: “Bloody idiots! If these people improve where will I go? My huge money, leadership position, clout, boot-legging, everything depends on their votes which depend on their being illiterate worms.” India and US are so far apart in terms of development as to be different universes – yet they have some similarities too – that is because of democracy which leads to similar behavior of power-hungry politicians. Democracy is a fertile ground for the breeding and prosperous nurture of these scoundrels (referred to by Marcus and Booker Washington), the Sharptons and Jacksons -- but the list of whites pointed out by me (Wilson, FDR, JFK, LBJ to today) is far more pernicious; the drama is far more paying to them than Sharptons and Jacksons and Obamas. Merely cursing them or even removing them is of no use, democracy will ensure that they will be replaced by equivalents; democracy necessitates need for evils such as today’s reverse racism on whites (as per Marcus “despicable exploitation of the goodness of the American people”). DEMOCRACY SHOULD BE UNDONE Unquote The racial division is now substantial – the three core values of TPM are mainly held by whites (and therefore they are called as “racists”) and non-whites mainly vote for their destruction. And as Marcus says, issues like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown are frequently blown only for vested interests. Several policies of Dems are adopted purely with race in mind (example increasing their voters by Latino immigration). The individualist Americans’ (mainly white Americans’) response to all the above is captured in one statement by a member on TP Patriots: "unfortunately liberals have played the race game so well and so long that we are all fearful of being labeled racist" – this is a gross understatement, the whites hold a huge undeserved guilt about slavery and are going overboard in making up for it, almost to the extent of getting America destroyed – If they know the reality (which I am presenting) they will be shell-shocked about the falsification: they are the greatest and only emancipators in mankind’s history while slavery and prejudice are very normal all over the earth even today! I agree that one has to show that he is not being racist while bringing out the contribution of race to today’s slide – but if the topic is completely banned it will never be exposed. I will offer my write-up with proofs and within limits of not making any racist remarks – and every statement will be logically proved. My OP on the topic is in reality an Introduction to a long write-up; unfortunately because of the huge misunderstandings about this topic I had to write an introduction to the introduction! Please remember – the topic is too complex, half page posts will get us nowhere except criticizing the opponents within our own cadres who already know it all. Long write-up is needed to undo democracy and you will have to be patient with my writing. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Following is just an introduction to my long write-up on erosion due to democracy and misuse of race / religion in it. Like many Americans I have always been politically conscious and intellectually active and during the course of it I have stumbled upon a principle I have called as “The Established Norm” – that the man who contributes so highly to civilization as to be called as hero is made to pay heavily for his heroism; all of mankind’s greatest heroes were just lynched and burnt as heretics all over the earth at all times except for small periods of time and over small regions like ancient Greece. Even in Europe around the formation of the US they were made to pay, the prime example of which is Galileo. During recent times they are not burnt, yet Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead is a typical story of treatment meted out to many even in as advanced a society as the US! On the other hand the men who perpetuate huge irrationality are looked upon as idealist / messiah. Not only that the past is monopolized by such “saints” but even some American Presidents belong to this category, example St. FDR because of his “New Deal”! But this phenomenon applies not only to individuals but also to entire societies. As an example, the Anglo Saxons who came out with the concept of unalienable rights of an individual had established the best society in human history so far, were the greatest contributors to knowledge and greatest liberators of men in human history. But they as well as their ideas are thoroughly maligned. For example, their ideas of right to life and freedom of thought and expression are the only basis of civilized life on earth; the “undeveloped” societies are actually uncivilized because of lacking these rights. Right to life is the right to rational selfishness, whereas freedom of thought and expression is the right to rational usage of ego. But the very ideas of selfishness and egoism are so much maligned amongst mankind as to be looked upon as evil – consequently the western man is looked upon as “selfish” (traditionally meaning murderously evil) exploiter and enslaver. But even the western man considers selfishness and egoism to be evil and particularly amongst the Anglo Saxons, charity is looked upon as the final virtue, the ultimate end to be achieved by man. To be considered really successful in Anglo Saxon societies, achievers also have to undertake charity – what’s more, one can also see a competition amongst them about it. (Please note that this attachment to charity is an important factor contributing to their inability to stop the ongoing slide of their countries.) (The falsity of so-called undeveloped societies in considering western man to be evil is exposed by the fact that they simultaneously long to, and commit acts of daredevilry to illegally migrate to the western countries – that is a part of “The Established Norm” explained above, to consider the westerners as evil because of their virtues, but at the same time to avail of the benefits of those virtues by illegal activities!) With reference to the issues of slavery and racism the white Americans led by the Anglo Saxon Protestants (ASPs) who are predominantly individualists, offer another glaring example of an entire society subjected to the above described Established Norm of huge injustice to the rational contributor. Starting with the British who implemented abolition of slavery decades prior to the Americans and who stopped massive injustice under the name of religion (all over the earth), the ASPs spread civilization to the extent it exists in the undeveloped societies today! The ASPs built, with tremendous courage, efforts and sacrifice of blood, sweat and life, two continents on two sides of the Pacific, a radically different New World as compared to the old one they gave up; they also liberated a lot of people, to list some of them: the Af-Ams, Europeans (many Catholics amongst them), myriad migrants from all over the world (including many Latinos and others from enemy countries), and all those who are free all over the world like the three Indian lower castes. But today the emancipators are unquestionably looked upon as enslavers and racists, the whole earth (led by evil bodies like the UN) hates them, and every epithet is thrown at them like greedy, selfish (traditionally evil), materialist looters of earth, war mongerers etc. But more importantly, the emancipated people who have not contributed much to civilization are out to take-over their countries (this is not merely internally, even the external evil of the UN has intruded in their internal affairs and violated their sovereignty), and the original creators almost have no answer to it! Please note that ‘whites’ has become a symbol of hatred, not only all over the earth, but even within their own countries, mainly representing the American whites followed by Western Europeans. Accordingly, today’s racial problem in America is not of white racism, but of Reverse Racism on whites, which is very glaringly being seen; but the social atmosphere is so very full of wrong ideas that most mainstream intellectuals denounce as racist any man who says so. The whole of it is a huge shock because of its massive, purposeful, glaringly open inversion! (See ** Note below). Not racism, but slavery is openly being practiced over a large part of the earth, against which the ASPs are the only and greatest emancipators in the history of mankind. Though internationally the word racism automatically implies ‘white racism’, the fact is that ‘hate’ exists much more strongly in rest of the world than in America of which I have given many examples in the write-up. None of the well-established slaves (for example the lower castes, i.e. 80% of India) would have seen freedom for thousands of years to come, had it not been for ASP enlightenment via the British who abolished slavery decades prior to America. (Looking at today’s situation what one can say is: If there is any blemish on the ASPs then it is only that they emancipated people who did not deserve to be emancipated; of-course this is racist, but so also reverse racism on whites, and the latter is destroying civilization, not the former.) To convey the gravity of misconceptions I am quoting a sentence from within the write-up: During Civil Rights movement of 1960s it was invented that whites invented slavery and heaped never-before miseries on Af-Ams (and from whatever I have read I seem to be the first person telling white people about the above complete inversion against them!) Just because they are magnanimous (while today also being demoralized), they are targeted as racist! Further shock: They accept their undeserved guilt, they bend and pay to rogue-politicians, and even help evil men in destroying their country! ** Note – As a comment, a reviewer informed me of such a bigger, widely held, popular misunderstanding about the topic of slavery and reverse racism on whites that I was forced to include below a separate sub-article titled “A widely held popular belief, an LMAO, or ASP quest to destroy the civilization they built?” Please see the sub-article ahead. Important question is: Why did this reversal happen to the ASPs, and why did they accept it? The most important reason is the ASPs’ inability to guard against democracy, because of which they have been thoroughly demoralized, leading to cowardice. I have handled erosion due to democracy and solution to it in further parts of my write-up; here mainly racism-related aspects are described. The most important characteristic of democracy relevant here is its dependence on majority as arbiter of truth, which sets a competition of getting the lower strata of society to one’s side even by unfair means. Amongst other things like creating and nurturing a huge vote-block of parasites by distributing doles out of productive peoples’ money, it also necessitates making continuous allegations against the good and virtuous – as shown in the write-up ahead, the rulers need to first impoverish and criminalize the lower strata, which then need a target to hate so as to keep them bound as followers. That is the root of such self-righteous hatred of whites, of strong Reverse Racism against them. The intent of this write-up is to do justice to those who have naturalized into Americans and have adopted the original Anglo Saxon way of life of individualism and are today being subjected to huge injustice of Reverse Racism. Note that in America there was some change as compared to Britain that many Europeans (and even others appreciably) naturalized into American way of life of individualism (i.e. racism reduced amongst them) – yet the origin of American way of life remains distinctly Anglo Saxon, and whites are predominantly the individualists, therefore called as “angry white men” by their opponents – hence beyond this point the words ASP, Anglo Saxon, whites etc are used for “individualist Americans”, without racist intention, it being shown ahead that as a group the white Americans are the least racist on earth. (By contrast minority labels surely have racist purposes which I have explained ahead in detail.) Because of my firm conviction about the magnanimity of America’s Anglo Saxon heritage, and determination to undo today’s reverse racism on them, I studied practice of slavery and hate all over the earth with emphasis on India’s caste-system. I found that Indian rulers (evil Brahmins called as RPs for reason explained ahead) are the best example of monstrous evil who murdered India by imposing the caste system – it can throw light on some American rulers who are now traversing the same path. One important reason for inversion of facts could be that emancipation could not have happened overnight, it had to stretch over several decades; the start of emancipation had to be the older way of life (slavery) inherited from mankind’s past (with the emancipators owning and trading in slaves), gradually abolishing slavery and then even eliminating racism after civil rights movement in 1960s. That transition stage from 4000 year-old slavery to emancipation by ASPs over 100-200 years is intellectually one of the most complicated parts and is being used to accuse ASPs of being racists even while they were gradually emancipating. (See sub-article about Inheritance ahead.) (Since I have challenged ahead the intellectual establishment about many aspects related with reverse racism, I challenge them at the moment to describe an alternate pattern of emancipation, i.e. if supposing mankind were to be emancipated, how would it proceed – a lone ‘savior’ of slaves under Egyptian Pharaohs as shown in some biblical movies? (Slavery is that old.) Another commandment on Mount Sinai? Miracle, punishment of god’s wrath to “white sinners”? Reincarnation of Christ? Then how and particularly could it happen overnight? The ASPs were the greatest and only emancipators in mankind’s history, but the start of emancipation had to be a continuation of mankind’s past!) Amongst the intellectuals known to me, the “only man of courage” who did some rational work in this regard is Ayn Rand. She has written a single article on Racism (in the book “The Virtue of Selfishness”), which is very inadequate for this huge topic, but the likely reason is that Reverse Racism had not developed like today – but as soon as she noticed the first steps of Reverse Racism, she showed the courage of pronouncing truth, which exposes by contrast the cowardice of all other mainstream white intellectuals (and in particular her alleged Objectivist (O’ist) followers). I shall give explanation based on quotes from her article on Racism. Hers is the only article I have seen to be against “Negro Leaders”; and it was as far back as in 1960s, just after the civil rights movement when they commanded huge sympathy and their bad behavior had just started! Following are simple derivations based on quotes from her article: Quote Today, it is not an oppressor, but an oppressed minority group that is demanding the establishment of racial quotas! It means that white laborer is to be charged with collective racial guilt, the guilt consisting merely the color of his skin. That absurdly evil policy is now destroying the moral base of the Negroes’ fight. Unquote It is the above mentioned collective racial guilt that the whites are very foolishly carrying today, post 2000, and paying for it in the form of huge Reverse Racism against them! Otherwise the Af-Ams (and more importantly Democrats – Dems leading them) have long time back lost “the moral base of the Negroes’ fight”! In fact most politicians (but foremost Dems amongst them) have lost their entire claim to a moral base, but the ASPs do not have any answer to the situation. If the above is Ayn Rand’s reaction to the very start of Af-Ams’ racist misbehavior, imagine what she would have said about the “This is for Trayvon Martin” carnage-cum-revelry seen in 2014 when they have lost all sympathy due to their criminal activities and parasitism – I did not see much reaction to it on many O’ist forums! Ayn Rand’s article starts with the sentence “Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism.” This statement substantially absolves as society, the Americans (who adopted Anglo Saxon philosophy and way of life) of all charges of slavery and racism – there never was on earth, as much of an individualist, benevolent, magnanimous and enlightened society as the Anglo Saxons who built so much on earth, and who brought in so much of knowledge and emancipation. Whatever negatives remained in them were inherited from mankind – whatever enlightenment was there, was theirs! The whole of the ‘undeveloped’ world is in various degrees a continuum of collectivists, starting with western Europe being a distant second to America, followed by Far East, then the more backward countries like India, Bangladesh etc – to such an extent that, forget backward people, even the seemingly developed Europeans too have not fully understood the original ASP concept of “unalienable rights of an individual”, rights which neither the rulers , nor the remaining society could violate – unfortunately too many Americans too have forgotten it today! (Despite being 250 years old, when compared with 4000 year-old history of collectivism and mankind’s low ability to assimilate complex philosophical concepts, it is very new and not understood by mankind that is fully submerged in collectivism!) As a corollary to Ayn Rand’s statement, even today, amongst different countries, Americans are the least racist, others are far more so; and internally, as large groups, whites are the least racist (even if foolishly carrying undeserved guilt), while minorities are much more so, and are out to destroy America misusing the former’s magnanimity. The whole achievement and superiority of Westerners (led by the ASPs) is consequent to accepting rationality out of the Renaissance (Rebirth of Reason) that took place in Europe, which other people adamantly refuse to accept. And today, western cowardice comes out of not recognizing this fact. That adamant refusal is the most important point in the issue of race; till other races do not accept ASP philosophy of individualism (i.e. no welfare state, among other things) as way of life, and do not give up collectivism (including its covert, sub-conscious practices like voting as a block for doles), there will never be a solution to the racial problem but in fact civilization itself will collapse and race will be used to hasten the fall. A complete refutation about accusing American whites of racism is that till one extends ‘the inalienable rights of an individual’ to other races one cannot be called as racist for making references to racial characteristics if factual – only when one tramples others’ rights on racial basis does one become a racist. The Anglo Saxons never need feel threatened or embarrassed (or like a Nazi) due to any charges of racism against them, but should proudly bear their heritage as the most benevolent community and the emancipators of whosoever is free on earth. (Forget “rights of an individual”, it is American charity since 1750s, and now governmental charity, that makes me call them as fools and cowards – it has boomeranged on them!) In reality today’s question is not at all whether white Americans are racist or no – it is whether other people (who adamantly refuse to accept individualism) deserve those rights or no, whether they deserve to live in the same society or no, whether whites should agree to getting destroyed by sharing their society / civilization with such people. (Many prominent Americans’ views on race like those of Washington and Lincoln are available, of which Lincoln said after emancipation that whites and blacks cannot live together in harmony – should we say today that westerners cannot live together with any other people unless the latter accept individualism?) If somebody says those are their natural rights, are they able to achieve them if left alone, in their own societies, say Africa, Mexico, Iran, Afghanistan, India etc – obvious inference is that they depend on the whites to get those rights, and then hate the emancipators, pull their society down by voting for doles. “Unalienable rights of an individual” is not something one gets in the jungles of Asia and Africa, hanging by the trees like fruits – the ASPs’ is one of the greatest feats in mankind’s history -- so very big an achievement that even the next generations of ASPs are unable to defend it because of their inability to understand democracy! (That is the reason why they so very fittingly became the victims of “The Established Norm”). Others have to live upto it to deserve those rights – the important question in this regard is whether the whites will ever garner the necessary courage to say so and to protect their civilization by whatever means necessary or no? Today internal collectivists have become the biggest danger to America and the question is how to make them accept individualism – making voting rights rational, or arguing for the last time followed by civil war and eviction, or ruthless suppression to save rationality and civilization? (There is danger from external agencies like UN mainly because of successive US governments being influenced by votes of these internal collectivists). For rest of the Introduction see link:
  5. THE LAST LONG REPLY – WILL NOT TROUBLE YOU AFTER THIS Bobby Newton on TPN; Repairman on OO and Daunce Lynam on OL -- Sorry for delay in response causing loss of context due to time-gap – had to urgently attend to problems due to being pro-America in India! Bobby Newton on TPN: Your idea for war has many risks. Detailed planning would be needed: secure communications, leaders with current military skills, tanks and armor, medical supplies, air cover, fighter bombers and a naval presence. Unquote. I want civil war to be averted as far as possible, because it is devastating, opens the country for out-siders, and are they waiting for revenge? This time it will be especially dangerous because of nukes. It may mean end of civilization. Only thing is: It may not remain a matter of choice! Wars are not caused by weapons but due to Irrationality; America being unbeatable, will head for internal implosion. Then other countries will get involved, mostly led by America’s self-created monster, the UN whom Dems are already inviting and Rep-Conzs have no answer to democracy’s problems. Patriotism cannot be relied upon; it exists only when the rule is of reason. I again quote the veteran Stack Magic: “Now we sit and watch as the money runs out and the dictators rise, and they are coming. Right now a soldier or marine is in the desert, angry, feeling stabbed in the back and eyeing power and revenge. It's on.” Unquote. See following news from my book “Is Democracy the Nemesis also of the Anglo Saxons” (only gist given): Aug 2012: sikh_temple_massacre dated Thursday Aug 9 2012, titled: Sikh Temple Massacre is the Outgrowth of Pervasive White Supremacism in U.S. Military RanksTo quote a few sentences from the news: Quote: Shooter Wade Page was openly neo-Nazi when he served in the U.S. military from 1992 to 1998. Journalist Matt Kennard, in his coming book, "Irregular Army: How the U.S. Military Recruited Neo-Nazis, Gang Members, and Criminals to Fight the War on Terror,": "Every base has white supremacists because they are allowed to operate freely ... it’s all over the United States. It was all over Iraq and it’s all over Afghanistan." [includes rush transcript] Unquote There are several references to Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist groups in US army. Examples: 1. American Swastika ; 2. White Militias ; 3. Recession and backlash ; The above is more anti-Muslim, but the recently formed White Student Union in Baltimore is anti-black. Much more bad sentiment was seen after GZ-TM case and many books like one by Ann Coulter, or articles like are gaining traction. (Comments on the article are typical of the undercurrent amongst young white Americans who do not feel as guilty about slavery as the seniors.) So much of it is found even on TPM sites. Much of this is not racism, but backlash to Reverse Racism against whites, from behind which actual white racism too is being promoted, all aggravated by democracy, Dems, hi-fi etc – confusion will disable rational people from joining hands and winning. (In absence of proper intellectual guidance, tomorrow they may even have a ‘white Christian army’, but the mistake will not be theirs! In reality reincarnated Caesar, Pompei etc will head gangs representing different vested interests (pressure groups controlling nukes) – it will not be victory of whites, but with democracy’s problems intact, it will be collapse of civilization after initial takeover by dictators. In all cases, for civilization to continue, it has to surmount democracy’s problems, which has never happened in mankind’s history! The important point involved is that the whites don’t have good arguments to stem the erosion of the republic they built; so erosion will keep continuing; but not all of them will accept its destruction meekly like sheep. At some stage distorted responses like militias, racism or other forms of hate etc will convert into all out fights and / or emergence of dictators!) Those are complete fools who really think GOP is their savior against Dems selling the country – both are just playing to democracy’s requirement of satisfying lowest common denominator of society starting with the Doles Vote Block. Both parties are quite influenced by wall-street and big business and therefore likely to be hand in hand with middle-east Muslims’ investments all over the earth, MNCs owning factories in China, military-industrial complex and defense-related companies, plutocracy etc. They are merely using the white soldiers as dispensable pawns in their game; pay respectable salary and take back 40+% as tax, set Muslims, Commies, sundry dictators etc as targets as per necessity of MNCs (Iran, Iraq, Af-Pak being recent examples), but never finish wars, and so on. The competition is only over fooling the fools and grabbing power by promoting irrationality – same as in today’s ‘undeveloped’ India, same as in Rome 2000 years back, and on same lines as everybody’s great-grand-father Plato described 2400 years back to surprising accuracy – (one may wonder how he knew so very well FDR, LBJ, Nixon, Bush (43) & co, or their Hindu counterparts, or Julius Caesar born many centuries after him; all he knew was some basic political principles and the path democracy’s collapse will take). (As said repeatedly, democracy and the intellectuals are more responsible for all this.) Re-read Stack Magic’s quote again, Bobby Newton doesn’t have to bother where to collect weapons from, who will lead etc; everything is in place, only matter of few years! (When rulers become corrupt and lose respect, when they use “the executive order” too many times, the army which has real power, takes over. Top level officers are not fools not to understand that they are all being used life-long for a few thousand dollars while billions of US Dollars are being siphoned even by UN bastards! But they are true dictators and struggle for power leads to conditions like Pakistan since 1950s etc. If somebody is depending on American patriotism then so much for it.) My solution was meant for both the situations – first priority ballots, else bullets if inevitable, rationality should win, FFs’ America should be restored. But I don’t think many people agree with my views. Repairman on OO: Out-pourings of “reason” continue from O’ists! The third hi-fi (O’ist) disparaging relatively better people, twisting statements to maintain wrong allegations etc despite continuous explanations to the contrary. To keep the post short his entire comment and response to several statements are included in the long version in this link: Only one statement answered at length below, because all Americans need to know it. ( a/c or password not needed; click download on the CX screen that appears). The ethnic/race problem in the US is a subject best discussed in the brightest of light cast upon the volumes of history: Have you looked beyond your country to know what real racism is, how it is practiced all over the earth? Not always racism, but prejudice? E.g. India has both racism (Aryans vs Dravidians) and hate (caste based divisions across both races). Far from being limited to white people, prejudice is powerfully practiced all over the earth, Far East, Middle East, Africa’s racial genocides which are worse than holocaust. Examples of hate: anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity ……. So on. Have you studied its 4000 year-old history, or never considered anything beyond hating rational Americans, equating them with Nazis for defending the values that built America? I don’t have a chance amongst you and this is my last reply, but I am compelled to say the following: BLOODY FOOLS – NOT ANY O’IST-NUTTER ALONE, BUT I AM DISGUSTED ENOUGH TO SAY THIS TO ALL OF YOU – exceptions will always be there, so there could be traces of racists amongst 200 million white Americans; but barring these, overall as a society – to pronounce this I feel a combination of shame and disgusting nausea so I am delaying it – YOU WERE NOT RACISTS, YOU WERE THE GREATEST EMANCIPATORS IN MAN-KIND’S HISTORY WHO HAD COME CLOSE TO ERADICATING IT BECAUSE OF GRANTING UNALIENABLE RIGHTS OF INDIVIDUAL TO EVERYBODY! Never before had some given so much to mankind (including to a race that has been enslaved for 4000 years, but in reality to entire mankind). I do not know whether anybody is interested in my interpretation of history (detailed in my book), see if it makes a difference: Slavery, KKK, considering the Negro to be inferior etc was not your creation, i.e. not your guilt you fools – it was what you inherited from mankind – same things which are even today going on all over the earth on a much bigger scale! (And you just sit apologizing and offering bribes to any rogue who makes any allegations about racism and slavery against you.) Civil war and granting “unalienable rights of an individual” to all was your great achievement, your magnanimity, climax of rational man’s aspiration for civilization – and perhaps also your undoing, because you did not know that the released lower strata would turn back on the emancipators, how to handle them, etc. (Lower strata is DVB, not Af-Ams alone, else again another O’ist-nutter will call me racist). The history post civil rights movement (60s) is mainly Reverse Racism against whites carried out by Dems leading the minorities, supported by hi-fi wanting to remain intellectual leaders despite inability, and made feasible by a weird, shameful combination of very foolish white-self-guilt, over-magnanimity, moral cowardice to uphold individualism, and refusal to accept these flaws. And so the felling by internal savages whose leaders are inviting external savages to assist in it! (I have enough writing to prove all the above, but no audience, no good response from ‘angry white men’.) Only 2 people will claim what I claimed as my ultimate compelling argument against democracy: an utter fool or the man who knows. I was kicked out of some forums, and neglected by men with means on other forums, so may be I am a fool. OR MAY BE THIS HAS A DIFFERENT EXPLANATION: I have explained it in my book as civilization turning full circle – heroes bring in freedom to all as Republic, it gets converted to democracy because of inability to lock it against erosion, the emancipated lowest sections of society (DVB) aid the evil intellectuals to take over democracy, undo freedom, and usher in tyranny. Discovery of Reason by heroes in Greece emancipated the Greeks, but democracy sapped their strength; Romans took over but ended with doles based democracy – what followed was the long night of Dark Ages belonging to Plato. The sun again rose with Aquinas inducting Aristotle. Now it is several centuries past sunrise; it is even 500 years past what I called as “The Anglo Saxon Protestant Revolution” starting with Bacon. Maybe the sun has already set with America peaking out and we are merely in the after-glow heading towards another long Platonic night so that expecting a hearing to reason-based argument is foolish. Daunce Lynam on OL: Comment is representative of many who just claim to be hi-fi (by merely reading Ayn Rand / Von Mises type of books but unable to live upto them). After a lot of leg-pulling, sarcasm etc about my posts, this comment is an admission of having lost in O’ists’ famous terrain of “reason”. Comment: “I believe you are an Indian citizen and resident. Why do you think Americans will listen to you? ” Response: O’ism is an international movement (another commentator said SFL is spreading Ayn Rand globally). Americans who adopted India’s Buddhism, Hare Krishna movement, even Sikhism etc, come here to teach it to deviants like me. My attachment to Anglo Saxon philosophy, why ‘untouchables’ even today worship English language as Hindu style goddess inviting British guests, etc is explained at the very start of my book “Is Democracy the Nemesis also of the Anglo Saxons?” To repeat: Never before had some given so much to mankind at large. Now one of the Dunces who have undone it implies: We will listen to our political leaders against whom we shout hoarse and wail day and night for murdering America; we will even listen to (i.e. obey) the UN intruder-bastards; but why should we listen to (i.e. entertain) a bloody Hindu who converted to ‘long live America’? I encountered this mentality even amongst other O’ists. Finally it all depends upon the individual alone what will be his real self – parroting Ayn Rand’s ideas and imagining oneself to be far above rest of mankind merely detaches one from reality. When his true level becomes obvious to such a person he makes comments as above or throws the more logical person out of the forum. I have the solution to America’s problems – but see what response I got from people I thought were above rest of mankind! Somebody could have gained immensely out of my books “ASP Revolution” and “Is Democracy the Nemesis of the ASPs”; he could have headed a badly needed movement. But it was not to be – till I find an alternative already in my mind. Sketch showing “Problem of Democracy” to be completed later on to show how evil intellectuals and opportunists takeover rule with the help of 30 - 35% lowest stratum of society; and how the thoroughly divided individualists, some crossing over due to divisions, help them in doing so. ß may give scanned copy on net and supply link to it.
  6. ‘Challenge to hi-fi’ in this post will give the reader idea of severity of America’s problems today. Response took time because I waited for late comments and then other distractions came in; also this is a difficult topic. (Answers to main comments -- danb1215 on Freesteader, Lizzie and Bob Newton on TPN, Nicky and Secondhander on Obj Online are given in this post. But being longish, the most important part, viz. ‘Challenge to hi-fi groups’ is given below, rest is available in the link ) danb1215 on Freesteader: I can't keep up with all of the acronyms and abbreviations. I bet you're fascinating in person. Acronyms, defined at the first occurrence, are used to shorten already long post. ASP is Anglo Saxon Protestant; FFs is Founding Fathers; DDVB of P is Doles Dependent Vote Block of Parasites; for hi-fi see ahead, though many people understood it. Challenge to hi-fi: In my criticism of hi-fi, O’ists are generally used as example for two reasons: One that I came from that side and started net-discussions on Ayn Rand forums; second that they are very strong in denouncing anybody that does not conform to their line of thinking (like the O’ist comment again disparaging Christianity on an OP explaining the latter’s contribution to America!) But the criticism is applicable to all hi-fi groups to the extent they divide the individualists. One more point: Net-forums, meant to discuss a particular philosophy, should allow reasonable criticism -- either refute it or accept it as improvement. Instead some O’ists debarred me for deviating from the line of their leaders, started campaign etc. Hi-fi are small groups of conservative, free-market etc intellectuals and think tanks like O’ists, Austrian economists, C4L (Ron Paul), Libertarian & Constitution Party, Cato, Heritage and many others (all catering primarily to middle and upper class Americans) who fight irreconcilably over real issues, but which are trivial when compared with the fact that the two equally bad political parties are competing to convert White House into Kremlin or Vatican. Hi-fi teach man’s rights, capitalism, anti-doles etc only amongst the middle and upper classes, but never where most needed, the lowest strata. In effect they they make no positive contribution but strengthen divisions in the middle-classes where unity against larger evil is badly needed. I will elucidate further on what hi-fi groups do with the example of the issue of race, but will be very brief here (I have lot more writing on this issue but no exposure, no support): A proper analysis of race will surprise people that even Af-Ams have lost (apart from huge injustice to whites), and have just been used as pawns by politicians. Only dishonesty and irrationality have gained, along with welfare state and big government taking America to collapse. Today Af-Ams are heavily criminalized (police records will give stats) and middle-classes hate them; but the Af-Ams too were far better off prior to civil rights movement used for expanding the government. Says one black writer Walter Willaims, “The welfare state did to the blacks what slavery could not do, that is to destroy the black family”. Distrust and hatred between races regularly surfaces during cases like GZ-TM, George Zimmerman–Trayvon Martin case recently. Majority of Af-Ams belong in the lowest 30-35% bracket which I have said above (see full version) is used to promote evil. The emancipated Af-Ams have been made voting-slaves of Dems, while the Reps have grabbed the middle-classes. I can prove all this, but here the purpose is not to talk about race per se, nor of how evil politicians increased welfare state by destroying Af-Ams, but the overall behavior of hi-fi, (with O’ists as example) including their response to the issue of race. Today it needs to be said, for the purpose of keeping America stable and united, that there is something terribly wrong with prevalent ideas about race and that the issue needs to be studied properly, and those who encourage minorities against whites have to be punished. But just talk about opening the issue for study and see how packs of wolves attack you! To capture minorities as their vote-block the Dems heap unlimited doles, justify all their misbehavior and fan hatred of whites. (White backlash is also seen against this once in a while.) What do the O’ists (and other hi-fi) do about it? Just as they attack white middle-classes (Christian nutters, libertarian hippies, “Ron Paul should go” etc), so also they admonish the middle and upper classes with their allegedly hi-fi views about race which serve evil. They are not seen talking much (in fact almost anything at all) against minority criminality, minority racism, anti-America activities (La Raza) of a minority or about Dems abetting it. Therefore I have to now challenge them as follows: Their allegedly hi-fi knowledge (man’s rights, capitalism etc) is more needed amongst the lowest strata, so let hi-fi go into the ghettos and advice them to give up demands for doles and give up criminality / drugs etc! Just as they deride “Christian nutters” let them tell the Af-Ams that their philosophy is anti-life and suicidal! If they appreciably educate the lowest strata who are Dems’ solid vote-block, I am sure that many Americans will join me in saluting them! I further challenge hi-fi: Since anti-white feelings have purposely been fanned in the ghettos, teach them, instead of merely admonishing white Christians, why they should not be racists. GZ-TM was the case over which entire America’s (and partly even international) attention was riveted, US President intervened by the side of “if I had a son” TM; hence possibility of wrong judgment was almost nil. If after the judgment in such a case black mobs vandalized and attacked “crackers”, drew blood from behind the slogan “This is for Trayvon”, then where is justice in America? The stats of black-crime are available – if one tried to defend himself, he had a choice of how to get killed – either by TM or by “this is for TM”. And they are said to be so weak that I become a racist when I talk about Reverse Racism against whites, allegedly because they have no power to do such evil things! I remember that a girl admitted that the word “cracker” is commonly used by them. I now challenge hi-fi to tell them that all this is way beyond what whites can do in their wildest imagination, and that whites are punished severely for almost nothing compared to these crimes! I didn’t see many comments against all this on hi-fi sites, particularly O’ist. When did they adopt the attitude of “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?” Where real education is needed (i.e. amongst the lowest strata), do all their moral tenets such as “One should always speak out”, consciousness is identification etc vanish? Will they make similar disparaging comments about the lowest strata as they make about white middle-classes? Yet the worst about this case is not over, see ahead. Dilution of challenge: OK hi-fi, you cannot do anything out of the above then I will dilute my challenge: don’t criticize minorities, don’t educate them, merely do one thing – stay in their midst, stay at the center of a ghetto. As further dilution, stay even at its edge but within a ghetto! Cannot accept even this? But that is the place where real change, education etc is required. So you want to live within protective zone of whites, mainly “Christian nutters”, and also destroy their world, undercut them, backstab them because they take no action against you for one-sided bad criticism? And you should also be venerated as purveyors of hi-knowledge? Now let us see the response of middle and upper class America to the phenomenon. GOP is making false noise of reducing the government and using the helpless middle-classes as their vote-block to carry out their huge private agenda, describing which will require a separate book! (Their agenda of school-prayers, gay marriage etc is meant only to retain this vote-block.) And despite their intention of bringing in small government, fiscal responsibility etc, the tea-partiers also have no solution to the solidly united block of parasites versus the solidly divided block of individualists aggravated by democracy’s freedom to all to foment divisions. Their criticizing small-time politicians, RINOs, the blatantly racist minorities, dictators all over the earth etc are of no use. They are also partly playing blame-game while traveling downward along with whole of America. (From what I sumise, their’s is a rebellion against both the parties, though they are tilted towards GOP.) But the intellectuals have failed them and they too are in the same trap of getting divided due to inability to answer Dems’ doles gambit! Therefore, so that the reader may know what trap America is in, I also urge him to consider the above challenge, viz. changing the lowest strata by educating them, and if not possible then just staying in their midst. Then the reader will come to know just the start of America’s problems. Democracy twists and magnifies problems, creates new problems, etc but DDVB of P is the start of problems. Then the reader will realize that without touching the core of the problem all of them are just playing a child’s game within their own groups. Because of its unity the DDVB of P is the most efficient tool of evil to destroy the good; historically (since Greek and Roman times) no solution has been found to it. And if others abstain from voting due to disillusionment then DDVB of P decides who will rule America! So far there are only 2 ways known of dealing with the lowest strata, both leading to bad consequences: 1. Use them as vote-block to grab power -- the requirement for this is to satisfy their ever-increasing demands and vicious behavior, leading to victory of evil over good; 2. Suppress them physically because they refuse education, self-reliance etc – but this may lead to civil war because the power-seekers will side them! (Julius Caesar was born out of this, and as Stack said, they are coming in America too!) There are also 1-2 other ways, but they are part of my solution below. Today the matters have gone far beyond and America seems to be just some time away from collapse – there are many signs of this, following are just samples: Earlier the thought of American President bending in front of the advanced Europeans was shameful – now the rulers seek savages to bend in front of, because commies and Sheikhs are their bankers! But why did you land America into that debt, Sir? There is neither willingness nor way to come out of that debt; and though everybody has adopted ostrich-attitude, soon reality will prevail when world will discard the toilet-paper, and then all hell will break loose. Other signs like bail-out plutocracy and rule of oligarchs, war-mongering with army in 125 countries, spying, tapping mails and phones are a-galore; Right to bear arms which FFs called as ultimate defense against govt (so much they were against an expanding govt), too is being taken away, like precaution before final assault. But two events are competing for the position of top-most sign of fall: First, the Dems invited the UN to referee in America’s internal affairs, like inviting the serpent to resolve internal fight of frogs – and yet Obama was re-elected afterwards, thanks to DDVB of P. While the FFs wouldn’t allow Europeans on American soil, today they are inviting UN as judges! The FFs (and their knowledge) came from Europe – the UN is pure, naked, uneducated, uncivilized savages. Second, re-read details of GZ-TM case given above, the worst part is that the acquitted GZ had to go into hiding because of threats from mobs on rampage, and if politicians side such mobs as “weak” then where is justice and law in US, supposed to be the safest place on earth? Their flaunting vandalism against their emancipators was a purposeful defiance of America’s police apparatus and entire legal system, and perhaps Constitution itself, as if saying “We are well protected” and as if they knew who their protectors were. Dems siding them, and hi-fi always admonishing white middle-classes but never this behavior is tantamount to ‘hatred of the good for being the good”, whether conscious or unplanned – this is the main guilty party, not the uneducated mobs. Can you imagine Russia or China issuing such threats to an innocent American, and will he go into hiding? No, Russia-China are no match for America, but imagine Americans beaten by whom? The invincible, indomitable Americano who fought against the most powerful monarch of that time with a make-shift army of poor farmers, also rose against his own government when it imposed prohibition, dominates (at least so far) the world with his army in 125 countries, now being beaten merely by DDVB of P whom he emancipated -- merely being beaten by rogues and charlatans posing as politicians whose main power is DDVB of P! The world looks at them in awe, and see who is grounding them! Like the Greeks and the Romans pior to them, is Democracy the nemesis also of the Anglo Saxons? But Americano, the whole above underscores one point – the importance (which cannot be exaggerated) of one subject many of you deride – philosophy – Aristotle! Also note that I used race just as an example to bring out how the lowest strata is being used to destroy the good – the real culprits are charity, democracy, etc described in previous OP: Can Christianity, Locke, Ayn Rand, Von Mises save America? Solution consists of a powerful argument that will strongly unite middle-classes with a single prime aim – to self-righteously restore and defend the original FF-constitution even by waging a war if necessary. That is my ultimate compelling argument. But I have no locus standi; people have no time / interest to read more than a page. People can promote themselves if they join hands with me. But else I am finished with these forums which are not going to lead anywhere except downhill. (Some people have attached value to my writing; unfortunately it is negative because they are persecuting me to write against US – I don’t have the means even to bring this out somewhere; it would make a very good case!)
  7. MODIFYING CHRISTIANITY TO SAVE AMERICA This post is shortened to the extent possible. But the link to its longer version is given at the end. As part of comments on earlier OP “Can Christianity Locke Rand Mises Save America?” I said “Protestant religion is unique and a minor change can be made to it to save America”. There is extreme critical attitude amongst several intellectual groups about Christianity and a typical comment, partly quoted, was – “Christianity is THE problem with the West. On its own it is dangerous, but when you secularize it you get the Left. I doubt we would have seen a phenomenon like the Marxist Left without Christianity influencing the Western Mind.” Being a typical comment no personal affront is meant, but my mission being to forge unity amongst individualist Americans I have to refute it. Brief history of ancient church (important modifications relevant to our purpose here): Since its beginning Christianity was modified into different Churches like Greek, Russian, Syrian etc, including 2 – 3 denominations in India. The Roman Catholic Church is its major power; Plato was the most important influence during the thousand years of Dark Ages when there was total power in the hands of kings and priests and the intention was to misuse religion to destroy all Greek knowledge. Bhudevs, i.e. “Gods on earth” was the position of kings and priests, backed by theories of Divine Right of Kings. People lost faith and to justify Christianity Aquinas inducted the outlawed Aristotle. After centuries Aristotle displaced Plato, subsequently leading to Renaissance (rebirth of reason). ASPs built America by modifying Christianity Francis Bacon’s “nature to be commanded has to be obeyed”, coupled with Galileo case (symbolizing science versus religion and thought versus dogma), opened the surrounding phenomena to mankind. John Locke’s theory of mind being a blank tablet at birth is simultaneously a step (a Protest) against “Original Sin”, against Confessions and the king and the priest’s power over the individual. Adam Smith’s statement about “the butcher, the brewer and the baker” infused rational selfishness into society (called as “right to life” by the Founding Fathers (FFs) of the US). Aristotle made British Empire strongest on earth – yet they continued to be devout Christians. Final climax was in the New World – inalienable rights of an individual, even the monarch was done away with, and the Pastor was respected, but separated from political power. Protestant religion infused into Americans via upbringing, “way of life” etc, rationality and individualism, which rest of the world even today does not understand. I have lot of details about it. Catholics also had to change: The Roman Catholic Church was also compelled to undergo huge change and its political power is limited to the Vatican City only. In the same neighborhood they could not have completely opposite ways of life as compared to the reason and science based progress of Protestants. Therefore Europeans look different from rest of the mankind, and even Turkish Muslims are less fanatic than other Muslims. Religion necessary for a large section of society: Heroes contributed more in the transformation, but heroes are easily lynched by irrational societies (all over the earth and all through out history with the exception of Greek and present western civilization). After Aristotle’s induction to justify Christianity it was the suppressed middle-classes seeking freedom who supported change via the Protestant religion – and it would not be rational or civilized to rob them of due credit. Several examples involving Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Ayn Rand, Von Mises etc are given to show why a large number of people do not understand “hi-fi” philosophy. Of these see the one involving Ayn Rand. Office colleagues were already against me because of Ayn Rand stuff, and somebody circulated my copy of her book on epistemology amongst engineers to show the first page which said: HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT WE KNOW? That is the problem that epistemology deals with – and upon the solution of this problem every other aspect of philosophy must rest. Unquote. Did they garland me because I was reading “epistemology”? They started pointing fingers, joking, giggling etc. Example: How do you know the building you are designing will stand? Does its foundation rest on a solid philosophy or only on soil? Etc. They were engineers of the same quality as Indians in the West, but had not migrated. From that judge what will be the reaction of people with much lesser intelligence at the bottom of society! See other examples in the long version. Do all people have so much of intelligence to differentiate between this and Kant? Ordinary people need philosophy to be given in terms of do’s and don’ts of ethics, usually AS RELIGION! But below the middle-classes to the lowest strata of society, the doles dependent vote block of parasites (DDVB of P) that Mitt Romney was afraid of, the response to hi-fi theories is “Fxxx them all but give me my 3 three meals”. The middle-classes who can understand some rationality and civilization oppose the parasites of DDVB of P but need guidance. Good philosophy was passed onto ordinary people by modifying Christianity, and by infusing science and rationality into Protestant religion. All religions are similar and cannot be wished away from earth – theoretically they are also similar to Marxism. But there is a big crucial difference between today’s Christianity versus other religions, which we are discussing at the moment. (The following is addressed to hi-fi: Marxists also tried to erase religion out of existence, but lost while religion remained; in the past the Romans were swept over by Christianity despite crucifixion. Religion does satisfy the need of a huge section of society, so transform it. The Founding Fathers (FFs) of US, very devout Christians, found a different solution – so follow their path, thankfully, instead of grandiose illusions of cleansing the earth of religion.) The big question: the founding generations of the US were fanatics by today’s standards. Then how did they build America? Will any other religion, Marxism etc, similar to Christianity, be able to build America? Wall of Separation makes Protestant religion unique and enables both, creators and ordinary “believers”, to practice what they want: ASPs could build because of the magnanimous FF-Constitution which ensured unalienable rights of an individual, guaranteed freedom of thought and kept religion out of government. Against that GOP is using today’s Christians as its vote-block based on issues of gay marriage and school prayers, against the Dems’ DDVB of P. Americans have to think why their ancestors sacrificed so much if power was finally to be returned back to the political manipulator and the priest – just so as to destroy everything by bringing in the next Dark Ages? Jefferson’s Wall of Separation between state and church was the great achievement that made America possible. While all science, intelligence etc were fully unchained and active, believers also lived as per their beliefs, i.e. both were able to live as per their mind. Further modification necessary today because Christianity insufficient due to weakness This weakness is already described in the previous post, viz misuse of Charity: No opposition is possible by GOP who has to only me-too when Dems assert self-righteously: “Yes! We are carrying out America’s sacred duty of helping the poor!” (To retain their Christian vote-block GOP indulges in war-mongering and bail-out plutocracy.) Why not “Hi-fi” philosophies but only modifying Christianity will help? Because mass-support is indispensable to implement and sustain political rule. Great feats are achieved by individuals, but creation is possible only in a society of rational human beings, not of savages. A rational society in itself is a value to be cherished and preserved. No matter how great the creator is, he derives lot of benefit from a rational society – his vision started with the work of others prior to him. As world history shows, except for ancient Greece and modern America, the “thinking individual” is always and very easily crushed on earth. “We the Living” is Ayn Rand’s conceptual autobiography; see such people’s fate there. People like me who live away from America know the value of those “low level Christians”. Till those “low level Christians” follow the FFs’ Constitution give them their due; don’t rob them of that credit. One reason why Washington was a great general was that he knew that every soldier was precious; he visited them many times to keep their morale intact! Most of them must have been devout Christians and bereft of hi-fi philosophy! It is the Protestants who built America; it is with their help that she will be saved. One reason why American think-tanks will not get solution to democracy’s problems is because they don’t take reality of social gradations into account, and the fact that when evil uses the lowest strata to destroy civilization, it is the middle class (mainly Christians) that will save it if proper guidance is available. This is explained next. Society is not an undifferentiated mass of savages (unless evil philosophy makes all of them evil): (This is a very important point the hi-fi have missed.) All societies have a graded structure of individuals of different characteristics, qualities, mental orientation and capabilities. Plato has called the divisions as Men of Gold, Silver and Bronze; Christianity has divided them into clergy, nobility and commoners / tradesmen; India’s Brahmins have 4 major castes, etc. Apart from individual heroes’ theories, politics is more determined by playing these social divisions against each-other and against the good. Direction of society is generally determined by the interplay of good and evil at the upper levels (Men of Gold and Silver, top 15% of society). Evil is distributed everywhere from top to bottom of the social pyramid; but intelligence varies from more at the top to so very low amongst the lowest strata that they can easily be misused for destruction by promoting collectivist theories via them like demanding doles, worship of primitive gods and religions, etc – which is what intelligent evil men at upper levels strive to do forever. The middle-classes support the good, but only till the tops keep bringing solutions to social problems – the moment the good fails to bring in solutions, as is the case in America after New Deal, evil taps the lowest strata to overturn rule of rationality. That lowest stratum has now become the solidly united DDVB of P, leaving only a small chance for recovery. Minorities (the evil ones amongst Plato’s Men of Gold and Silver) grabbing power is true of overwhelmingly major part of mankind’s history because they have never had good philosophy – in today’s America it would be because of default by hi-fi philosophers. Otherwise even in today’s democracy American Christian middle-classes, the most enlightened people on earth, could provide the numbers needed to stop America’s slide. Instead of solution GOP is using them as its vote-block for its vested interest, axing the base of America from the side opposite to Dems. Hi-fi not understood freedom of mind: ß this is the root of innumerable divisions amongst individualists, and inability of hi-fi to stop slide despite their “shining, latest, hi-fi philosophies” – and also the root of victory of evil. Extreme criticism about each-other and about Christianity shows that hi-fi people have neither understood implications of freedom of mind, nor what is real evil and how to tackle it. I have chosen Christians because apart from numbers they have many virtues stated all over this post. In reality it is necessary to unite all individualist-groups. If people accept my writing then I intend to ban even preaching Christianity via government despite freedom of speech (so as to undo the welfare state forever), which neither the FFs nor the new heroes of individualist-Americans could do, despite both intending to do so! Violating the FFs’ constitution is the real act of enmity, which both Dems and GOP are doing for a long time now. America was not defeated by original Marxism (blood-rivers variety), but via welfare state the whole communist agenda is in (and debt is ballooning beyond control)! Understanding the finer points of difference is key to the issue. The magnanimity of FFs’ Constitution is responsible for both, America’s greatness, as well as today’s unstoppable slide. It is important to block both, welfare state as well as induction of religion into government. American Christians are likely to accept rational argument, but not DDVB of P who may lead to collapse. Hi-fi experts too may not accept rational argument, rather their small-time ego needs that innovator be blocked! Further thoughts on why Christianity will continue, the future of small groups and their “hi-fi” philosophies, etc: O’ism, Austrian school etc are not mass-movements; Ayn Rand’s novels are anti-masses. But foolishly the O’ists assume that O’ism will sweep the earth. It is like expecting ordinary people to solve all problems in mathematics and surpass Einstein! Ayn Rand and Von Mises will both get their place in academics but sweeping the earth is monopoly of mass-philosophies like religion. (I owe everything to Ayn Rand but don’t go overboard about her status.) The mass of American individualists are necessary to sustain America; Ayn Rand’s novels too, including their anti-masses orientation, are necessary because the qualities she evokes in men are different from the masses – their peaceful co-existence and complementing each-others’ advantages is made possible by the FFs’ Constitution! To conclude: It is the ASPs who built America; it is they who will save her. When polarization is complete (may take decades if nothing changes the course) and mobs are on the streets, majority of hi-fi will desert. To save America it is merely necessary to restore the FFs’ constitution. For me “Long Live America” is a very serious quest because of my Hindu experiences. With my argument, it may take at the most a year for the change to occur. IMPORTANT à If anybody joins hands with me, they too can promote their group / endeavor while serving the highest cause of reclaiming America. Long version of this file is available by ctrl + clicking on: You need not have a account, just ctrl + click on the link, then on download.
  8. The attached file is a brief study (about 7 pages) of a typical Dem-President after the New Deal. See Link -- (you do not require CX account, password etc, just click the link and click Download). It describes the politicians promoted by democracy who have displaced the Founding Fathers (FFs) – FFs have no chance against them because of the doles dependent vote block of parasites and the divisions amongst individualists. The description / derivation leads to what I have called as “the ultimate compelling argument” against the welfare state, which I claim will even prohibit preaching charity via government despite freedom of thought and expression! After full derivation a sentence at the end says that the Dems want to be Brahmin Bhudevs (gods on earth), but for which they have to destroy all capability in America first -- that is the reason why individualists are charging that the Dems are out to destroy white males! Many commented on my talk about “modifying Christianity to save America”, so I will show how important it is in the next OP.
  9. SINGLE POST REPLY TO DIFFERENT FORUMS All are urged to read the site GOP anti-doles to refresh your idea about the difference between today’s govt and leaders versus the Founding Fathers (FFs) and their govt. keeping in mind it does not give GOP's negatives. Thanks Doug Bandler (Solop) – yours is the one single comment I have been looking for. I am not asking for bouquets and accolades in advance, but just some serious reading of a few pages – and I claim that America’s future can get changed with that. (But please remember that a small input has to be there of reading a few pages seriously which we will gradually develop in the coming days – saying this because people don’t read more than 1 page!) Response may take a bit of a time because of two reasons: 1. The internet service here is erratic due to heavy rains; 2. I don’t want to make a wrong post this time; it’s important for me at least. Regarding your reference about why Asians are so Democractic: please remember that the “hate American” phenomenon is universal, means hate America’s core values – they all want to derive all benefits from there and plus destroy those values. Americans don’t understand the nature of evil. This requires lot of writing which I am going to provide to you. You will be shocked to know reality – please wait and read seriously. To Darrell Hougen (OO): You are talking about training the doles dependent vote block of parasites (DDVB of P) that forced Stack / Romney to despair, “The people that you need to convert cant read at the level needed to even comprehend Rand”. See the problems about this approach in ascending order: 1.the vote-block is too big; 2. it does not intend to change but just wants doles; 3. it is being encouraged to be so because some people depend on its illiteracy to remain leaders, become Presidents. Note that whatever you are proposing, the Dems are already doing it since the days of Lyndon Johnson the analysis of whose political life I am going to supply you next – he (and other Dem-presidents) has no other ability but nurturing this vote-block since the days of FDR. I will give you a parallel example from India, the Dems are only a refined version of that – a rich European NGO came to a slum in my city. The slum-lord without whose permission nothing can be done there, has 3 wives (and god knows how many illegal ones). He simply suggested a solution: spend 10 -12% of your huge kitty on a few binges of food and cheap alcohol for the people you want to uplift; they will be happy because they don’t like to learn but consume. Divide remaining money into 2 parts, one for me, the other amongst all of you.” They said, “Ours is a long term project, we want to teach these illiterate people how to live etc”. He answered: “Bloody idiots! If these people improve where will I go? My huge money, leadership position, clout, boot-legging, everything depends on they being worms.” That is what the Dems are doing to America and I can prove it. Democracy facilitates such peoples’ victory – in fact it reduces politics to this level throwing better men out; the Founding Fathers (FFs) would be inefficacious and out of politics today, just as their constitution is. Your policy was implemented by Lyndon Johnson and is being strongly pursued till Obama – you will see the details in my next post and perhaps admit its futility. (This is the American over-generosity and I believe Jefferson to be the originator of this idea – OK, more if I get a hearing.) Bill Morgan on TPN: Civil war is not the main point, still …. If America continues along the same path of degeneration, ballooning debt etc (and very likely because there is no agency to affect a change, GOP being a contributor to debt / erosion) then there will surely be collapse / civil war. I could not even believe when I learnt of it belatedly that the Dems had invited the UN as referee in their fight with Conzs (i.e. in America’s internal matters, treason) and yet Obama got re-elected! Every evil power on earth will want to play a role in destroying America, it’s a universal quest. The Dems will continue using their vote-block to repetitively invite the UN i.e. Russia, China and Co against the AWMs. But such great rules and empires take long time, either to be erected or to be felled, and even now several decades (at least) are available for reclamation. (But if a game-changer is not introduced it will collapse.) I do not want to predict the final configuration which will depend on so many factors but “Christians” will surely be one of the parties being the original builders and educated majority – if they are able to successfully impose Founding Fathers’ (FF)-Govt, it may give a chance for revival – all of it depends on how things unfold. I will also give a post to show how civilizations rise and fall – America was an exception because of her greatness, but when civilization peaks she too will collapse. The main point is to not only avert a collapse / war, but to even stop today’s slide / loss, because of which I see so much despair all around, trumpeting of tea-parties, etc – solution is to go back to FFs’ govt, but to achieve even the smallest progress the AWms have to unite over some key points, learn to avoid getting divided, all of which I am targeting. Note that America is merely getting destroyed by uncivilized savages who have nothing of value to offer – 5 sets of emancipated people I listed elsewhere (not merely erst-while slaves), illegal immigrants, the trash at the bottom of society, all of them aptly described by Stack in OP – and America was the greatest country, as I said, the climax of rational man’s aspirations for civilization. As to Objectivist Party – it is unviable because O’ism is not common man’s philosophy and it has its negatives I have described elsewhere. That they are unable to maintain any unity amongst their miniscule numbers is mainly because they are unable to make any contribution to solving democracy’s problems, so like all other AWMs they too fight over trivia. For example see their stance on two big issues of today: 1. Racism -- Huge state concessions, special treatment to so-called “weak” minorities (like affirmative action), all in contravention to “equality in front of law”, is neglected by O’ists; all savage acts perpetrated by them despite special concessions (like the savagery that followed Trayvon Martin judgment described on all Tea Party sites), is neglected by the O’ists. Same with Aztalan, Le Reza, Sotomayor etc. AWMs was the smear coined and used by Dems for years together against GOP and TPM – but as soon as I used it (to take the wind out of it) I became a racist and this OP was not allowed on two ARI-Ditto-Head forums! 2. I read an essay on immigration by one of their eminent scholars – he has listed all of immigrants’ positives, but not a single –ve, as if they are saints and America’s future depends only on them, but no –ves. One single question will blast his thesis – Why do people migrate to particular locations, why only to West from rest of the world and not the other way round? Because the host country also has huge virtues (apart from some –ves) which the migrants do not have. Once the migrants become even an appreciable minority (not even a majority), they become a head-ache, do not admit the virtues of the host country and their own -ves, think they are superior and the natives are inferior, and gradually but imperceptibly want to impose their inferior “way of life” on to the host country – I can expand on this a lot, but deferred. The above 2 issues have contributed hugely to the erosion of America, and O’ism has only nonsense views about them. For the Libertarians Ayn Rand’s books are just a symbol that unites them against the Dems, nothing more. What is needed to save America is a modification of Protestant religion or entire Christianity (because Catholics too are quite close these days) for the layman AWM because today existing Christianity is insufficient due to weaknesses like charity misused by Dems. It was a unique religion but some key change (minor but very important) which I claim to know as the ultimate compelling argument, is necessary to energize it again, which is what I mean by uniting the AWMs to reclaim America. That is what I mean above by a Protestants imposing FF-Govt. Anyway, repeating again – if you give a sincere thought to my next posts you will know more – ther is a page titled “Difference between Protestant and other Religions.”
  10. CAN CHRISTIANITY, JOHN LOCKE, VON MISES, AYN RAND OR ANY COMBINATION SAVE AMERICA? This post is shortened to the extent possible. But the link to its longer version is given at the end, please note. Introduction: This topic was inspired by a good discussion on the Tea Party Patriot site titled Can Ayn Rand Save US? (Can Ayn Rand?). McFixit and Stack Magic have together given exact reasons why the above mentioned people / theories are not the solution to democracy’s problems. They are partly reproduced as required below. Part of Stack Magic’s reply: They won! They put 53% of the nation on welfare and tell them to vote Bolshevik or the gravy stops. Mitt said it, you can't win against that. Part of next reply by Stack Magic: The people that you need to convert can’t read at the level needed to even comprehend Rand. Part Reply by McFixit1 How has Atlas Shrugged had a positive impact in the real world on our cause to return to Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets other than repeating in literary form, the same basic things to us we already believe in. Unquote McFixit1 hits the bull’s eye, endorsed by Ayn Rand ahead. Stack repeating Romney’s “one cannot beat the block of doles dependent parasites created by Dems” is only the minor part of the problem; the bigger part is with “better Americans” as explained ahead. (Some deny that there is such a severe problem with America; that is answered in the longer version.) Start of the Problem: We are just witnessing America repeating the collapse of Rome. Based on history the root of this historic problem is in not locking the Republic securely against majority as the arbiter of truth and against the competition to get majority to one’s side by offering doles. Heroes emancipate people from tyrants. Inability to secure the Republic correctly leads to its degeneration into democracy. The lowest level people like beggars, addicts, uneducated labor, pimps and prostitutes, hippies of modern times etc are used by the evil people to undo heroes’ achievements. They create Romney’s unbeatable vote-block by reducing politics to the level of intelligence of lowest stratum by offering ever-increasing doles and other tricks. Once given doles, they vote as the masters tell to promote every other irrationality. Destroying America starts with this (and it was the same with Rome). I do not call any particular political party or a particular politician as culprit. Democracy based on majority as arbiter of truth compels them to compete along this path alone. The “Better Americans” and their problems: My estimate of the doles vote-block is about 30%. What about the remaining 70% “better Americans”, i.e. productive, educated people who practice individualism and the ones whose fore-fathers created America out of wilderness? I have also called them as AWMs (angry white men) after GOP being called so. Their big problem is that they misuse democracy’s freedom to divide themselves into innumerable groups, like the continuous breaking of O’ists / Libertarians / TP Movement and many other ‘conservative’ groups. Each of these umpteen groups has 5-10 sub-groups and every sub-group considers itself to be perfect and all others to be its enemies. Opposing view-points is natural in a free society – but the level of enmity that I see amongst AWMs is perhaps the most important cause for US hurtling towards the abyss. Unless all these divisions act together, I don’t think America can any more be saved. Problem is – they may never do so. The strong internal “enmity” of these factions is the reason why people are talking about the gradual demise of the GOP! That enmity also ensures victory of evil. One more problem: democracy is a fertile ground for moral degeneration; the component of dishonest men keeps rising as time progresses. Individuals are too very weak in democracy; this promotes collectivism and hastens collapse. Why Christianity, Locke, Ayn Rand, Von Mises will not save America: The FFs (Founding Fathers) did not originate theory for America. Apart from any good scholar of politics the site GOP anti-doles gives lot of information about America’s dependence on Greece and Rome via the English; qualification is that this site does not give GOP’s contribution to today’s slide which one has to study separately. Despite being devout Christians, perhaps the greatest achievement of the FFs (next to unalienable rights of the individual) was the first amendment, keeping religion out of government. If today’s Christians want a “Christian rule” via many issues like gay marriage and school prayers then they are not opposing the Dems, but partnering them in giving last blows to FFs’ America. Still, the FFs did not give up one effect of religion – charity. In fact, even today the ASPs compete to do charity. So they are unable to effectively oppose their government dispensing doles nationally and internationally. John Locke did not preach the subservience of the individual to the majority. But if misused then the potential to convert the Republic to democracy is seen in John Locke. All the Founding Fathers (FFs) cursed democracy as sure-shot destroyer of civilization, but nobody could tie the Republic securely and today it is a full-fledged mobocracy that is fast proceeding to collapse. Regarding Ayn Rand, as McFixit says: What is there in Atlas Shrugged that we did not already know? Ayn Rand gave a super-refined ethics, and some new addition to epistemology. Her artistic genius has influenced millions; but some people (wrongly) think she has brought solution to America’s problems. McFixit is endorsed by Ayn Rand -- quote from her article “Man’s Rights” about Founding Fathers’ (FFs’) implementation of individual rights – The result was the pattern of a civilized society which – for the brief span of some hundred and fifty years – America came close to achieving. Unquote. America was built prior to her birth; as per her the decline started before she was born (1890 Anti-trust act), and America continues hurtling today with far greater speed than during her time. An indirect endorsement is that the Roman Republic had coarser philosophy and ethics but was much stronger and lived a long life; it started failing on same lines as America, due to Republic converting into democracy, plebeians taking it over after doles-duistribution, war-mongering leading to huge debt, etc. Same applies to Von Mises who approaches politics, psychology etc via his refined economics. But much prior to him, 19th century America was the most capitalistic society in human history. Forget others, Adam Smith’s seminal essay came out just prior to the Revolution! He and Voltaire were consulted by the FFs. Von Mises’ refined economics is not the solution to today’s America. (Same applies to ethics). All these did not secure the Republic against 2 points: Majority as arbiter of truth and government violating its limits allowed by the Constitution. The impotent, immoral, UN, though funded by the West, routinely slaps them internationally, and is invited in internal matters in violation of America’s sovereignty! But the climax is that Obama who invited the UN was re-elected, a proof that all the above theories have made no difference to America’s slide. The government can be taken back to FFs’ idea of America if the AWMs are given good reasoning against 2 points: 1. Governance by majority opinion is not a civilized society, unalienable rights for which the founders shed their blood, is a guarantee against majority’s fickleness. 2. As per mankind’s history so far, government expanding its activities beyond the ones allowed by the FFs’ Constitution (under the pretext of welfare etc) is the highest evil in human societies, so should be unitedly fought against. Individualism and a strictly restrained government were America’s fundamental aspects and if these are undone then it will eventually lead to civil war. What will come in the way of going back to FFs’ government are the solid parasite vote-block (DDVB of P) and its leaders. As Stack says, any good theory is irrelevant to them. All that they want is heaps of doles, and as argument they say fxxx your so-called heroes but give me my doles. It is enmity amongst AWMs that ensures their victory. They have almost as good as to be put down by force. America has reached a stage where collapse / civil war are inevitable. (This is the reason why Locke, Ayn Rand and Von Mises are not working, and solution is wanted to this aspect, not ever-refined theories of ethics, economics etc. They are all addressing the same group, the AWMs, which gets divided over whom to follow; but none is saying what to do with the huge vote-block that needs to be put down by force.) One last way to stop the slide and avert civil war is to warn about it and if that does not work then civil war is only a matter of time. Yet America can still be recovered if the AWMs act in unison instead of the foolish internal enmity. What I mean to say is that whether they want to avert civil war, or win it if it is inevitable, either way they have to unite over certain key points even while preserving their differences. Contentious Points (that divide the AWMs): This is dealt with in the longer version of this file. An example is given of how I can join hands with the most devout, staunchest Christian provided he observes scrupulously the first amendment – it gives the basis for the AWMs to join hands. If I get a chance (i.e. a just peaceful, serious hearing and nothing more) I have the arguments to achieve both the points above (stopping government’s charity and governance based on majority opinion). I have the ultimate compelling argument against the above 2 evils that will unite the AWMs to stop it! A major mobilization is already available, the tea-parties – will they give me a chance by considering my arguments seriously, or will it be lost merely in trivial “discussions” that go on on the forums? For me “Long Live America” is a very serious quest because of my Hindu experiences. I do not see time as a big problem, may take at the most a year for the change to occur – I see attitude as the biggest hurdle that may defeat any good argument. An argument that deals with so very big a problem (America being taken over by lower strata of society led by evil intellectuals) can only be long and people do not like long posts. There will also be detractors, but if some people show interest then I will present my arguments in another OP titled “Argument to stop the government from dispensing doles and ban anybody from preaching charity via government”. (I will post that OP after I have posted this introduction on all sites I visit.) For longer version of this post click here: ß You need not be a member of CX, need not know any Password; just click on Download and a file in MSWord format will be available to you.
  11. Brant has substantially stated what I want to say, thanks. I understand each has to act for himself, also do his bit -- but few things about it: 1. all men are not equally capable and leaders are needed to lead them; 2. leaders may be highly capable, but need good people from society to back them, to accomplish their vision; 3. each acting on his own in his individual issues is a must, but in social issues if they all really acted on their own they would simply facilitate victory of evil; they have to unite under the most rational leadership / philosopher. Therefore the question can Ayn Rand play that role, or who will? Anyway, the OP is just an opening piece telling my intent to post the real article on this topic. I am attempting an article to unite all those diverse groups whose face-off with each other is facilitating victory of evil. Till then I will not talk more.
  12. People on many forums are talking about migrating from America, not into; are talking about dividing America into Red and Blue states; are talking about the impending civil war, secession and giving up the dollar, etc – the title of the OP is an OP by another poster on Tea Party site that evoked good response. It’s not all my empty talk. Obama is not the problem, democracy is, welfare state now turning into communism, war-mongering etc is, to which there is no solution because it has so far eluded proper identification / description. I am working on formulating the problem properly. Part of the solution consists of “some basic 'denominator' which all groups have in common, and (I will) take it from there.” To answer about Founding Fathers’ achievement, whip-driven slaves, Wahabists etc – From “Man’s Rights” by Ayn Rand, what she says about Founding Fathers’ implementation of individual rights – The result was the pattern of a civilized society which – for the brief span of some hundred and fifty years – America came close to achieving. Unquote. That is how the Founding Fathers helped in creating America long after they were dead, and that is how those people on Tea Party are discussing whether Ayn Rand can save the US.
  13. While I had decided to post a comment on the OP titled "Can Ayn Rand Save US?" on Tea Party Patriots site, I introduced myself on the Tea-Party Nation Forum as a man who adopted American values because of Ayn Rand's novels. After a longish silence I got following as the first reply: Rand was very popular here about 50 years ago but is not really discussed much anymore. You're the first person I seen mention her in over a year. Much more popular in the US is the Austrian School of economics. Unquote. Finally, I replied as follows: Thanks again. One thing I have experienced on all forums I visit is the irreconcilable enmity that each group has towards other groups; and it is not just one group towards another, but 100 small groups, each of them considering most others to be their big enemies. Opposing view-points is natural in a free society granting freedom of thought and expression – but the level of enmity that I see amongst better men in US is not good for the nation, and I see this as one of the two most important causes for US hurtling towards the abyss. Though I came from Ayn Rand’s side, there too there are 10 groups amongst their miniscule numbers, and you almost have to be a robot to belong to a group, taking enmity with several others – else you are an outsider to all of them. (The first important cause for the US getting destroyed is the solid doles-dependent vote-block that evil men have built by offering freebies, and that acts in unison to get passed every anti-America law. This block, and the communism it has taken into the White House, is in reality the main enemy of better Americans; but the better men foolishly consider each other to be their biggest enemies!) Also: Though I became Pro-America because of Ayn Rand’s novels, I am not that robot-parasite type of objectivist who considers her to be a goddess. America was built prior to her birth (which means by some other philosophy they oppose / look down upon), had started deteriorating before she was born (she considered the date to be 1890 anti-trust act), and continues hurtling today – so she is obviously not the solution to America’s problems; but I cannot say this on those forums. Apart from several Libertarian and Christian groups, even Tea-partiers are deeply divided with the lines of division running into every state, town and street! I have some writing which criticizes all these groups of better Americans for these divisions, but several negative points are brought out with Objectivists as the example though they are also applicable to all other groups. Unless all these divisions act together, I don’t think America can any more be saved. I am working on the way they can join hands (while preserving their differences) and take America back to the days of Founding Fathers, but with new knowledge acquired after 1776. In the coming days I shall present my writing on these forums for peoples’ evaluation – let’s see if it can achieve the task. Temporarily I am starting a new OP as above, but will complete it asap. Do members have opinion on it?
  14. MSK: I got response of being unfriendly to the reader from two other sites. On giving a thought the following history came to my mind – I wrote a book titled “Anglo Saxon Protestant Revolution” (ASP-R) which got criticism that was substantially unwarranted. So I started a Prologue to it which ended in the book “Is Democracy the Nemesis of the ASPs?” and while uploading it on various forums I visit I got the news (much after the happening) that Obama invited the UN into internal matters of the US, like the monkey between the two fighting cats (he specifically invited UN against the Conservatives, i.e. ‘angry white men’!) I thought this was the last leg of US’ fall even if it may be stretched for decades. So I changed the Introduction of the 2nd book (during the process of uploading) and used the words whites, blacks etc in the new Intro. Now there are 1-2 sites that I categorized as ARI-Ditto-heads, almost no independent thinking and parrot even blunders of ARI self-righteously. They have the habit of ganging up against the ones who are not Ditto-heads, never any appreciation of good points but strong criticism of even minor points, etc. They too are useful – you know where you are wrong, or where even false criticism will come from. They strongly called me a racist, offered Peikoff’s book OP as masterpiece explaining how the mind of a racist works ….. etc. So I wrote another piece saying that politicians use every available tool to grab power in democracy (which continuously kills rationality leading to collapse), and race too will be strongly used in America; generally this was to justify my usage of words thought of as racial, wherein I said to compare American ASPs with Nazis would take a depraved mind because of ASPs’ strong individualism and magnanimity. All this was done over a period of 2 – 3 months. Since I was the author, it was well-connected in my mind, but definitely the reader would lose continuity and context if posted as different parts after a long gap. I missed this point, so at 2 – 3 places they gave MSK-like response. On the other hand on one Libertarian site it led to a long discussion because there was no discontinuity but the 2 posts were one OP. My dilemma is that I want comments, but entire books if uploaded are neglected as too long – and when posted as separate pieces this is what happened; (even these small pieces become too long on net discussions, others said that like Brant here). So I had withdrawn for some thinking (and the minor reason is that the comments to the OP became Jews vs non-Jews). I think I will now upload most of the book after giving it a small revision (1-2 months). Those who have the patience will read, others will not, that’s all that is possible. But no malice for your comment, the mistake is basically due to the situation described above. Marketing will be the real problem -- anybody has any advice?
  15. This discussion has deviated from the original intent of the post, so I am just answering the comments I find to be significant for the OP: FuturistNow and Serapis Bey: Write-up is poorly organized, needs work. Response: Sorry that I did not mention, but it is a continuation of another OP of mine “Intro to Democracy as Nemesis of ASPs”, just 1 step below this one on the same forum. MSK: I only skimmed this article, but there is a fundamental flaw I kept seeing repeated. Did anyone actually read this thing? Response: This is the biggest problem. There is so much of misunderstanding about racism in America, and it is being misused to the hilt by the Dems as part of their “destruction of America via welfare-state” agenda. The OP is meant to rectify the misunderstanding, BUT: Did anyone actually read this thing? With the necessary seriousness? The atmosphere the Dems have created is so very simple: anybody touching the topic from side of rationality is damned and blackened in advance, without inquiry / study. And I being a foreigner without any name / standing am not likely to get any attention. MSK’s other comment: I do not see racism per se, is the only sensible comment I have seen so far on any boards I visit – today to even utter words ASPs, whites etc so as to even study facts immediately bring a load of huge charges of racism and murder is what has stunned me. One becomes a criminal without hearing!!! After all Brant too said: Not reasonable to read too long stuff Reason Man! FuturistNow: Do ASPs exist anymore? Ethnicity is very temporary in politics, etc. Response: Very likely that you have not read the write-up, so I see no point in commenting or answering. BaalChatzaf and the Jewish line: Response: Jews were scattered all over the earth (including my state Maharashtra, and another Kerala in India, even to this day there is an exchange of literature and culture between these states and Israel), they were forced into trading and professions, that being considered lowly prior to Rennaissance / modernity. Like all “trading communities” they have done more +ve things, but also a few –ves like supporting the Bolsheviks, all from point of view of self-interest. BUT – even upto 1945 their position in a more ‘advanced’ Europe was what ultimately climaxed into Hitler’s hatred. It was the Anglo Saxons who gave them the platform to flourish – that is what this OP is all about, please see carefully. Like all other rational men, their contribution to humanity would have been unborn. Comments about Jews on this post seem to be more towards racism / ethnicism.