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  1. All of modern world’s problems, the unstoppable slide going on in the Western world led by America, are attributable to one phenomenon which is not even analyzed so far: DEMOCRACY. One man has done that and presented an excellent book of his analysis, but somehow it did not get attention and it seems the author does not have the means to market it, at least no effort is seen. As per the info given on his web-site the author is an Indian. The book is dedicated to Ayn Rand. Name of the book: Is Democracy the nemesis also of the Americans? Website:
  2. It's America's original constitution which was not a democracy but a true republic -- but as Franklin said, they could not keep it. Only one site had some discussion about this post (10 comments); on all other sites it was generally neglected. I thank the few who responded – it is courageous to encourage when all others choose to neglect a controversial topic. Fortunately nobody stamped me as racist – that allegation is normal if one just mentions what is openly going on in politics despite it being obvious that if one upholds the original constitution of America one cannot be a racist. From o
  3. Admin -- Something has obviously gone wrong with my attempt to reply William Scherk. Request admin to please remove my blank and obviously useless post. My response to William Scherk (and others): The above article is only an Introduction to my book -- Racism in America: White Racism or Reverse Racism on Whites? That too is a part of my wider work on democracy which I hold to be the most important culprit. I will have to get editing done by pros. Also, I will have to hire them for marketing / promotion. Such books, when merely uploaded on Kindle, do not attract a single buyer because thousands
  4. There is lot of discussion about encouragement to Af-Am hatred against whites on the Tea Party sites where I am a member – at the end I made the following generally self-explanatory post to start my long OP on related issues which have now become very serious. XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XX The huge misunderstanding and undeserved guilt amongst white Americans about the topic of racism due to history of slavery, their demoralization due to democracy aggravated by the whole world hating their success (including internal haters), makes me repeat a fe
  5. THE LAST LONG REPLY – WILL NOT TROUBLE YOU AFTER THIS Bobby Newton on TPN; Repairman on OO and Daunce Lynam on OL -- Sorry for delay in response causing loss of context due to time-gap – had to urgently attend to problems due to being pro-America in India! Bobby Newton on TPN: Your idea for war has many risks. Detailed planning would be needed: secure communications, leaders with current military skills, tanks and armor, medical supplies, air cover, fighter bombers and a naval presence. Unquote. I want civil war to be averted as far
  6. ‘Challenge to hi-fi’ in this post will give the reader idea of severity of America’s problems today. Response took time because I waited for late comments and then other distractions came in; also this is a difficult topic. (Answers to main comments -- danb1215 on Freesteader, Lizzie and Bob Newton on TPN, Nicky and Secondhander on Obj Online are given in this post. But being longish, the most important part, viz. ‘Challenge to hi-fi groups’ is given below, rest is available in the link ) danb1215 on Freesteader: I can't keep up with all of the acronyms and abbr
  7. MODIFYING CHRISTIANITY TO SAVE AMERICA This post is shortened to the extent possible. But the link to its longer version is given at the end. As part of comments on earlier OP “Can Christianity Locke Rand Mises Save America?” I said “Protestant religion is unique and a minor change can be made to it to save America”. There is extreme critical attitude amongst several intellectual groups about Christianity and a typical comment, partly quoted, was – “Christianity is THE problem with the West. On its own it is dangerous, but when you secularize it you get the Left. I doubt we would have seen
  8. The attached file is a brief study (about 7 pages) of a typical Dem-President after the New Deal. See Link -- (you do not require CX account, password etc, just click the link and click Download). It describes the politicians promoted by democracy who have displaced the Founding Fathers (FFs) – FFs have no chance against them because of the doles dependent vote block of parasites and the divisions amongst individualists. The description / derivation leads to what I have called as “the ultimate compelling argument” against the welfare state, which I claim will even pro
  9. SINGLE POST REPLY TO DIFFERENT FORUMS All are urged to read the site GOP anti-doles to refresh your idea about the difference between today’s govt and leaders versus the Founding Fathers (FFs) and their govt. keeping in mind it does not give GOP's negatives. Thanks Doug Bandler (Solop) – yours is the one single comment I have been looking for. I am not asking for bouquets and accolades in advance, but just some serious reading of a few pages – and I claim that America’s future can get changed with that. (But please remember that a small input has to be there of reading a few pages serious
  10. CAN CHRISTIANITY, JOHN LOCKE, VON MISES, AYN RAND OR ANY COMBINATION SAVE AMERICA? This post is shortened to the extent possible. But the link to its longer version is given at the end, please note. Introduction: This topic was inspired by a good discussion on the Tea Party Patriot site titled Can Ayn Rand Save US? (Can Ayn Rand?). McFixit and Stack Magic have together given exact reasons why the above mentioned people / theories are not the solution to democracy’s problems. They are partly reproduced as required below. Part of Stack Magic’s reply: They won! They put 53
  11. Brant has substantially stated what I want to say, thanks. I understand each has to act for himself, also do his bit -- but few things about it: 1. all men are not equally capable and leaders are needed to lead them; 2. leaders may be highly capable, but need good people from society to back them, to accomplish their vision; 3. each acting on his own in his individual issues is a must, but in social issues if they all really acted on their own they would simply facilitate victory of evil; they have to unite under the most rational leadership / philosopher.
  12. People on many forums are talking about migrating from America, not into; are talking about dividing America into Red and Blue states; are talking about the impending civil war, secession and giving up the dollar, etc – the title of the OP is an OP by another poster on Tea Party site that evoked good response. It’s not all my empty talk. Obama is not the problem, democracy is, welfare state now turning into communism, war-mongering etc is, to which there is no solution because it has so far eluded proper identification / description. I am working on formulating the problem properly. Part of th
  13. While I had decided to post a comment on the OP titled "Can Ayn Rand Save US?" on Tea Party Patriots site, I introduced myself on the Tea-Party Nation Forum as a man who adopted American values because of Ayn Rand's novels. After a longish silence I got following as the first reply: Rand was very popular here about 50 years ago but is not really discussed much anymore. You're the first person I seen mention her in over a year. Much more popular in the US is the Austrian School of economics. Unquote. Finally, I replied as follows: Thanks again. One thing I have experienced on all forums I vis
  14. MSK: I got response of being unfriendly to the reader from two other sites. On giving a thought the following history came to my mind – I wrote a book titled “Anglo Saxon Protestant Revolution” (ASP-R) which got criticism that was substantially unwarranted. So I started a Prologue to it which ended in the book “Is Democracy the Nemesis of the ASPs?” and while uploading it on various forums I visit I got the news (much after the happening) that Obama invited the UN into internal matters of the US, like the monkey between the two fighting cats (he specifically invited UN again
  15. This discussion has deviated from the original intent of the post, so I am just answering the comments I find to be significant for the OP: FuturistNow and Serapis Bey: Write-up is poorly organized, needs work. Response: Sorry that I did not mention, but it is a continuation of another OP of mine “Intro to Democracy as Nemesis of ASPs”, just 1 step below this one on the same forum. MSK: I only skimmed this article, but there is a fundamental flaw I kept seeing repeated. Did anyone actually read this thing? Response: This is the biggest problem. There is so much of misunderstanding about ra