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  1. This is just outrageous. Just to clarify though, the value of one ISIL gold dinar is apparently US$139, meaning that wealthy Christians will pay a Jizyah of $556 per year, middle class Christians will pay US$278 per year and poor Christians will pay US$139 per year. These may not seem like exorbitant amounts but given that the economic conditions in ISIL held territory are not great, it is a high amount.
  2. I'm aware of the difference between a system of government and the government of the day. ISIS is not a caliphate, they are a group of extremists trying to gain legitimacy by declaring a caliphate and the vast majority of the Muslim world doesn't at all recognize their caliphate, nor the leadership of Al-Baghdadi. With regards to Adam's question, it was a Cable Ship, only a short job of about 30 days but it was a great experience.
  3. It's not only about gratitude and paying back. It's more about helping to support and defend a system of government here that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world in terms of the rights it, in principle protects for individuals. Right now we are under attack by the likes of ISIS. It is not a group with simple ambitions to 'liberate' it's own region, but is instead hell bent on dominating the world and oppressing anyone that comes under the yolk of its tentacles. They must be stopped.
  4. Sigh, you should have just stopped at the apology. The hurtful part was your suggestion that I personally could be a lone wolf or a mole. Just like if I were to suggest that you could be a pedophile? Sure, it's all possible in the sense of how possibilities exist in the universe, but hearing it hurts. That this would come to someone's mind when you've given no reason for them to believe that you could do such a horrible thing.
  5. Thank you for your well wishes, though I must correct you and state that I have not served yet, I intend to serve in the near future. Also, as for the statement that I have made bold. I understand it was in jest, but even in jest it is hurtful.
  6. I don't believe it is impossible to prove intent at all, the FBI has done a great job of doing it over the past year with several people being caught planning to join ISIS. I would have absolutely no hesitation in handing out a death penalty to someone who commits treason in such a way when there was already a clear path for them to leave in the first place in an honest way. Let them leave, take a DNA sample, fingerprints, retinal scans, etc. Make it so they'll be immediately identifiable should they ever try and board a flight to the US or any other Western Country. Thank you for the welcome
  7. As far as I'm concerned Western countries should let people leave and join ISIS and allow them to take the majority of their wealth with them, too. Give them their opportunity to declare their allegiance to ISIS for safe passage with the condition that they renounce their citizenship and let them take the majority of their wealth with them. Any person found to be trying to leave their home country to join ISIS without following this path should then be tried for treason and executed. ISIS would get so paranoid by the free flowing of people going there with our permission that they'll screw it
  8. Is there a better link? Also, great to see you here again. I value your insight. A... Thank you, sir. A pleasure. Try this A pleasure to see you, sir
  9. Oh it is. I agree with what you are stating regarding such a sign as it is a clear incitement to violence. My concern is more with how the legislation is written. That's quite vague. What constitutes inviting support or support in itself? Can it be used to limit criticism of the British Government's foreign policy? Would I go to prison for saying that I believe Northern Ireland should be a free and independent state? It seems somewhat dangerous.
  10. Is no one else concerned with the type of legislation that might be required to charge someone with a crime like this? As to how flimsy the evidence might be and how it could be used to deprive the people of the UK of their liberty in the future?
  11. Egypt to see first female, Coptic vice-presidents: Morsi team Sarah Mourad, Tuesday 26 Jun 2012 Morsi plans to appoint the first ever female and Coptic vice-presidents in a bid towards inclusiveness, an advisor said Ahmed Deif, a policy advisor to Egypt’s president-electMohamed Morsi, stressed that Morsi will be a leader for all Egyptians and will appoint Coptic Christian and female vice-presidents. "President-elect Morsi is not only backed by people with an Islamic tendency or ideology; he is now backed by all the people of the revolution, and this is definitely a dramatic positive card that
  12. I know a lot of people are very concerned right now about Egypt's future. But I'm not, today's step of voting in Muhammad Morsi as the president of Egypt is a positive step, mainly because his main opponent, Shafik was a member of Hosni Mubarak's old guard and was the final prime minister, he would not have brought change at all. I think if Morsi is able to properly limit the military rule that is in place, the way that the AK Party in Turkey has done the same there then there will be many positive steps in the future. Do I believe that his election will be dangerous for women or Coptic Christ