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  1. I am still playing at the "Smart" level of computer chess. After all these years, if I go up one level, the game is less fun. I do memorize new words played by Smart, and if I am playing for vocabulary building I will play the Genius level but I always lose.
  2. Background. I like to play computer Scrabble, the one endorsed by the National Scrabble Assoc. The music on another variety is nice (Scrabble Complete?) but I like the playing field on this one. I have wondered about other variations such as 3-D Chess or if you could make two words on the same play in two different spots, what would that be like? I can see that the games might be shorter and at least the winner’s score higher. Different strategies would need to be developed. I remember that as a kid I once kept the blank tiles from an old game and added them to the new. That was actually a better game to me. As an adult I once added old Z’s X’s and Q’s, and then more vowels. The board got clogged and no new moves were available very quickly. I needed to go through the letter bag and get rid of the extra letters. Peter 3D Chess. Movement of pieces is similar to that of traditional chess. The main difference is that, in the course of a move, pieces may move up or down any number of levels. According to the Star Fleet Technical Manual, the starting positions of King and Queen pieces are on their own respective attack boards with their own set of Rooks and Pawns. Knights, Bishops, and the remaining Pawns occupy the first two ranks of each color's fixed boards. . . . What are the rules of 3D chess? RULES OF 3D CHESS. If a pawn reaches the rank furthest at the opponent side, it is promoted to Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop. It cannot become a King or a pawn. The player has no legal move to do while his king is not in check. This is stalemate and the game is drawn. - Players agree on the draw during the game.
  3. Rush and Cortez equivalence? Consider the HARD left and RIGHT. What would conservatives censor? Sexual scenes and communist propaganda. What would Progressives censor? Everything, but in a more intelligent, clandestine way. Who would conservatives jail? Homo's? and traitors. Who would the hard left jail? Fill in the blanks.
  4. Hawking and others consider Artificial Intelligence as a big threat to *life*. Rather than being ambulatory it may be able to travel the phone lines and satellite links. If AI was to acquire a desire for continued existence it would still need humans, at least for now, to do maintenance on its means of *travel.*
  5. “We're standing outside of a stadium trying to catch, or guess, the score by virtue of the sound of the crowd. ” What a great metaphor, and it reminds me of another echoing, “blindsided emotion”: Watching a favorite team winning by a huge margin and turning the channel. Then you confidently flip back to see the final score and the announcer is stunned as he says, “I have never seen such a comeback in my life. Washington was down by four touchdowns going into the 4th. . . and Dallas has lost, lost, lost, lost.“
  6. I think “Tai-Pan” is one of my favorite novels of all time and of course “King Rat” is one of my favorite movies. Reading the novel “King Rat” was riveting. I could not put it down. Emotional highs and lows abound in the novel. I remember discussing it with my Dad who made a career in the U.S. Navy. Peter Notes. James Clavell (born Charles Edmund Dumaresq Clavell, 10 October 1921 – 6 September 1994), was an Australian (and later naturalized American) novelist, screenwriter, director, and World War II veteran and prisoner of war. Clavell is best known as the author of his Asian Saga novels, a number of which have had television adaptations. Clavell also authored such screenplays as those for The Fly (1958) (based on the short story by George Langelaan) and The Great Escape (1963) (based on the personal account of Paul Brickhill) . . . . He wrote Watusi (1959) for director Kurt Neumann, who had also made The Fly . . . . In 1960 the Writers Guild went on strike, meaning Clavell was unable to work. He decided to write a novel, King Rat, based on his time at Changi. It took him three months and several more months after that to rework it. The book was published in 1962 and sold well. It was turned into a film in 1965. In 1961, Clavell announced he had formed his own company, Cee Productions, who would make the films King Rat, White Alice and No Hands on the Clock. In 1962 he signed a multi picture contract with a Canadian company to produce and direct two films there, Circle of Greed and The Sweet and the Bitter.[13] Only the second was made and it was not released until 1967. He wrote scripts for the war films The Great Escape (1963) and 633 Squadron (1964). He wrote a short story, "The Children's Story" (1964) and the script for The Satan Bug (1965), directed by John Sturges who had made The Great Escape. He also wrote Richard Sahib for Sturges which was never made . . . . Novels The Asian Saga consists of seven novels: King Rat (1962), set in a Japanese POW camp in Singapore in 1945. Tai-Pan (1966), set in Hong Kong in 1841. Shōgun (1975), set Japan from 1600 onwards Noble House (1981), set in Hong Kong in 1963 Whirlwind (1986), set in Iran in 1979. Gai-Jin (1993), set in Japan in 1862 .
  7. Some notes from Dilbert. Epstein was a master criminal. He got away with his crimes for decades with a slap on the wrist. So, could he alone, commit suicide and break a neck bone. Of course. The guards? Incompetence abounds. Everyone dirty wasn’t “in on his suicide.” I watched a bit more but darn does Adams like to talk!
  8. How thick skinned would you need to be to soundly sleep on a bed of twigs? The picture shows how elitist and insulated the "in crowd" thinks they are. They rule. They can do whatever their perverted minds want. You will obey. They can sleep on a bed of twigs with teen girls if they want and you will "shut the hell up," or be investigated by the FBI, otherwise known as the investigative arm of the Progressive Party.
  9. Inquiring minds want to know. Any ‘experts,’ ‘opinionated and informed,’ or ‘know it all folks’ around to comment? The Conspiracy Theory: around Tuesday August 3, 2020 the DOW and the economy will tank losing the election for Donald J. Trump. A ticket containing Biden and Kamala will be ready to take over. Ooops, no. A ticket containing Warren and Biden . . . Naw. Slippage in the polls. Maybe Warren, Crazy Bernie with Kamala as a possible Sec. State? Far-fetched? I know what. John Kerry who served in Vietnam will steal the convention with Kamala as his Veep and Bernie as his economic adviser, ensuring a protective economy for all the people. And Doc Martin reinstating Obama Care modeled on England’s Socialized Medicine, while Biden gets rid of coal and gas and ensuring, enduring subsidies for anyone buying an electric car! Ugh. That sounds like a plot summary for that movie, “Soylent Green.” Peter From Wikipedia. Demographic trends Further information: Demography of the United States. The age group of what will then be people in the 18- to 45-year-old bracket is expected to represent just under 40 percent of the United States' eligible voters in 2020. It is expected that more than 30 percent of eligible American voters will be nonwhite. A bipartisan report indicates that changes in voter demographics since the 2016 election could impact the results of the 2020 election. African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and other ethnic minorities, as well as "whites with a college degree", are expected to all increase their percentage of national eligible voters by 2020, while "whites without a college degree" will decrease. This shift is potentially an advantage for the Democratic nominee; however, due to geographical differences, this could still lead to President Trump (or a different Republican nominee) winning the Electoral College while still losing the popular vote, possibly by an even larger margin than in 2016.
  10. I think I mentioned this on another thread but Rush Limbaugh was saying this latest DOW down turn was a “dry run” for 2020. There is evidence available that the drop was orchestrated by the anti-Trump crowd. They lost money but it was worth it. With their confirmed knowledge and technique it will be used in 2020. They will nose dive the DOW about three months before the election. I didn’t listen long enough to hear what the evidence was but the conspiracy seems plausible. After all, propagandists are willing to lose money on MSNBC and CNN just so they have a way to disseminate disinformation and slanted news.
  11. So, would you advise to get out of stocks? What a roller coaster. It would stink if the money people put under their mattresses a decade ago is now worth half as much. Silver coins have kept their value. I know because a few years ago after asking my kids if they wanted my old coin collection they said no, and I sold it. I did all right. I still scoff at bitcoin. How is it doing? Hollywood clichés like opening the old safe and seeing stacks of currency are still being filmed. Stacks of a hundred bucks from 1970 may still be worth enough to cause a gasp. What else is found? A bag of diamonds. Gold bricks and coins. I don't feel like lookin up inflation rates but the dollar is still sound.
  12. Now that is a lapse on my part. What was I thinking? The clothes are certainly part of why I meandered into the 60's but it may also be the life in small town Texas, with football, and ministers abounding. I think the show was first on around 2010 and Shelden was in his late 20's perhaps so when he was 10 or 12 it may have been in the 90's? I seem to remember the show may have had 14 seasons so hopefully all the actors made out like bandits and saved their money.
  13. I was watching a good rerun of “Young Sheldon’ last night. It’s depiction of religion, ministers, and priests is “spot on” and derisively true. Religion is depicted as Moronic, Illogical, and bad for humans. And most importantly, religion is no longer considered relevant in modern society. Though the show takes place in the 1960’s an American can easily discern the difference in thinking and the lessening of acceptance of worship and obedience from 1965 to 2020. I or others may still politely call a priest minister, Sir, Father, or Pope (perhaps at someone else’s funeral or wedding). Yet, just as I might call any professional name with some respect, I might look with disdain at a Chiropractor’s Science, other than as massage therapy. Likewise in private, I think of a minister as a Scam Artist. Hitchens and Dawkins are very clear thinking individuals.
  14. Of course, evidence of extraterrestrials would be required before the scientific method can be employed. But humans are constantly hypothesizing, “What if?” So many things thought of as SciFi by Jules Verne have come true but I don’t think we will ever be able to beam a “consciousness” anywhere. Peter Notes. Star Trek replicators, and 2 D Printers, pads and our modern day IPad, virtual display and Google Glass, medical tricorder and Scanadu Scout, communicator and flip phones, Star Wars Speeder bike and hover craft, Minority Report Heads up displays and Air Touch Tech, targeted advertising, face scanning and identifying tech, From The Earth to the Moon splashdown modules, Jules Verne submarines, robot maids and vacuums, The Jetson’s flat screen TV, 2001 video calls, Six Steps of the Scientific Method By Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. Dr. Helmenstine holds a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences and is a science writer, educator, and consultant. She has taught science courses at the high school, college, and graduate levels. Updated August 06, 2019. The scientific method is a systematic way of learning about the world around us and answering questions. The key difference between the scientific method and other ways of acquiring knowledge are forming a hypothesis and then testing it with an experiment. The Six Steps. The number of steps can vary from one description to another (which mainly happens when data and analysis are separated into separate steps), however, this is a fairly standard list of the six scientific method steps that you are expected to know for any science class: Purpose/Question Ask a question. Research Conduct background research. Write down your sources so you can cite your references. In the modern era, a lot of your research may be conducted online. Scroll to the bottom of articles to check the references. Even if you can't access the full text of a published article, you can usually view the abstract to see the summary of other experiments. Interview experts on a topic. The more you know about a subject, the easier it will be to conduct your investigation. Hypothesis Propose a hypothesis. This is a sort of educated guess about what you expect. It is a statement used to predict the outcome of an experiment. Usually, a hypothesis is written in terms of cause and effect. Alternatively, it may describe the relationship between two phenomena. One type of hypothesis is the null hypothesis or the no-difference hypothesis. This is an easy type of hypothesis to test because it assumes changing a variable will have no effect on the outcome. In reality, you probably expect a change but rejecting a hypothesis may be more useful than accepting one. Experiment Design and perform an experiment to test your hypothesis. An experiment has an independent and dependent variable. You change or control the independent variable and record the effect it has on the dependent variable. It's important to change only one variable for an experiment rather than try to combine the effects of variables in an experiment. For example, if you want to test the effects of light intensity and fertilizer concentration on the growth rate of a plant, you're really looking at two separate experiments. Data/Analysis Record observations and analyze the meaning of the data. Often, you'll prepare a table or graph of the data. Don't throw out data points you think are bad or that don't support your predictions. Some of the most incredible discoveries in science were made because the data looked wrong! Once you have the data, you may need to perform a mathematical analysis to support or refute your hypothesis. Conclusion Conclude whether to accept or reject your hypothesis. There is no right or wrong outcome to an experiment, so either result is fine. Note accepting a hypothesis does not necessarily mean it's correct! Sometimes repeating an experiment may give a different result. In other cases, a hypothesis may predict an outcome, yet you might draw an incorrect conclusion. Communicate your results. The results may be compiled into a lab report or formally submitted as a paper. Whether you accept or reject the hypothesis, you likely learned something about the subject and may wish to revise the original hypothesis or form a new one for a future experiment.
  15. Ba’al wrote: Our rather cramped and biased point of view cannot give us any idea of what life would be like in a place where carbon based life has evolved. end quote Yes it does. Certainly, even extraterrestrial life that does NOT think will be studied. Money and thought will pour into that research. Earth’s Exobiology sciences will blossom. Will these hypothetical, sentient beings be able to move, touch, sense, respond to stimuli, and most importantly, think? If they think, their ability to think is the only reason we will correspond with them. They may look differently to some extent. They may have different myths. They may have odd politics and codes of conduct. But they will be beings who have evolved to consciously live, breath, interact, live in societies, share knowledge, remember history, know reality, know fear, know right from wrong, and THINK. We may choose to ignore them and never acknowledge their existence. We may choose to not advertise our presence. But if we ever discover other sentient beings it will revolutionize the sciences and human society. “Mom and Dad, I’m changing my science major from Marine Biology to Exobiology tomorrow. They only have four slots left!” Even moss on a rock on Europa or Ganymede, two moons of Jupiter, will zap or stun us into a frenzy. But listening to a news cast from Alpha Centuri will become a major day in Earth’s history. Peter
  16. Australia, South Africa, Canada, Britain, America. “It’s a wonderful world.” Manfred Mann is another illustrious South African, born in Johannesburg. I think the Manfred Mann version of “Blinded By the Light” is the best. The writer, Bruce Springsteen’s, lyrics are a bit weird. "Blinded by the Light" is a song written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen, which first appeared on his 1973 debut album Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. A cover by British rock band Manfred Mann's Earth Band reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States in February 1977 and was also a top ten hit in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada. Edited for brevity. Blinded by the Light by Bruce Springsteen And she was blinded by the light Oh cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night Blinded by the light And she was blinded by the light . . . . Madman drummers bummers and Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat In the dumps with the mumps as the adolescent pumps his way into his hat With a boulder on my shoulder, feelin' kinda older, I tripped the merry-go-round With this very unpleasing sneezing and wheezing, the calliope crashed to the ground Some all-hot half-shot was headin' for the hot spot, snappin' his fingers, clappin' his hands And some fleshpot mascot was tied into a lover's knot with a whatnot in her hand And now young Scott with a slingshot finally found a tender spot and throws his lover in the sand And some bloodshot forget-me-not whispers, daddy's within earshot, save the buckshot, turn up the band . . . . Some brimstone baritone anti-cyclone rolling stone preacher from the East He says, dethrone the dictaphone, hit it in its funny bone, that's where they expect it least And some new-mown chaperone was standin' in the corner all alone, watchin' the young girls dance And some fresh-sown moonstone was messin' with his frozen zone to remind him of the feeling of romance Yeah, he was blinded by the light Oh, cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night Blinded by the light He got down but he never got tight, but he's gonna make it tonight Some silicone sister with her manager's mister told me I got what it takes She said, I'll turn you on, sonny, to something strong if you play that song with the funky break And Go-Cart Mozart was checkin' out the weather chart to see if it was safe to go outside And little Early-Pearly came by in her curly-wurly and asked me if I needed a ride Oh, some hazard from Harvard was skunked on beer, playin' backyard bombardier Yes, and Scotland Yard was trying hard, they sent some dude with a calling card, he said, do what you like, but don't do it here Well, I jumped up, turned around, spit in the air, fell on the ground and asked him which was the way back home He said, take a right at the light, keep goin' straight until night, and then, boy, you're on your own And now in Zanzibar, a shootin' star was ridin' in a side car, hummin' a lunar tune Yes, and the avatar said, blow the bar but first remove the cookie jar, we're gonna teach those boys to laugh too soon And some kidnapped handicap was complainin' that he caught the clap from some mousetrap he bought last night Well, I unsnapped his skull cap and between his ears I saw a gap but figured he'd be all right He was just blinded by the light Cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night Blinded by the light Mama always told me not to look into the sights of the sun Oh, but Mama, that's where the fun is Ooh yeah I was blinded I was blinded . . . . Songwriters: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
  17. All the sentient beings on Star Trek are similar to humans in very key areas. In fact their differences to humans are very similar to the differences just within human societies. That may be because fictional human writers “must” anthropomorphize alien races, to make sense of a story . . . for humans . . . but I think human traits would be universal traits, unless an alien species was “created.” Therefore, any naturally occurring sentient beings, evolved through survival of the fittest, will be very much like humans. The significant societal differences might be explained by the History and Stage that an alien or human society is within, as in that old movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” The longer a single human or global society lasts, remembers, learns, and evolves will be equivalent to any alien society observed at that stage. It has not been long since Germany and Japan almost subjugated the earth, as Islamic countries promise to do now. But I think global nuclear war or manufactured viruses released into the environment, while possible, are not probable. Older is wiser. The DOW goes up and own and if our linked in global society lasts it will continue to become stronger and more rational with each decade because it is in our rational self interest. As Katy Perry sang, “You’re gonna hear me roar!” Peter I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter Dancing through the fire 'Cause I am a champion And you're gonna hear me roar . . . . You held me down, but I got up Already brushing off the dust You hear my voice you hear that sound Like thunder gonna shake the ground You held me down but I got up Get ready 'cause I've had enough I see it all, I see it now . . . . you're gonna hear me roar!
  18. I am still thinking aloud about what a successful new habitat for humanity would require. We are who we are. Stimulants and downers. Safe pills, drugs, and alcohol? Star Trek The Next Generation has synthetic alcohol that does not “overly affect” behavior (except in Klingons) while the drugs mentioned on the show are usually contraband brought aboard the Enterprise, or Deep Space Nine. Those darned Ferengi! Perhaps the freedom to smuggle in goods is a human trait too. Politics? Granted, the Enterprise is a military vessel but it also travels with intact families and children. The families over generations would become a society with the “crew” becoming much like our military and police. Picard’s Enterprise is a second generational habitat but if it were on a long cruise as with Star Trek Voyager, a group of families would evolve and gradually become the dominant influence on society.
  19. Ba’al wrote: The gravitation problem must be addressed before we earthlings become a space faring race. Agreed. I don’t think any supplement or vitamin can replace the “constant’ of gravity. A race of zero G humans might become taller or shorter, thinner or fatter, but they would lose much of their musculature and become unhealthy in the long term. They certainly could not return to earth. I think they would die out in a few generations, so a traveling gravity simulating space station is the only way to travel. Could anyone even live on a plane for an extended period? A train makes more sense. In a way living on a circular space station would be like living on a train. You would walk from car to car, always in an atmosphere of earthlike oxygen and temperature, under the influence of gravity. There is a plan to introduce bacteria and viruses along the way to keep our immune systems active. Humans would require entertainment, mental exercise, the news, damage control systems, a companion, and “neighbors.” It can be worked out but trial and error will teach us what we didn’t think of initially. There will always be volunteers for adventure but unless you are going on your own you might need to pass some tests first, and not like on TV shows, though the fictional Survivor, Robinson Crusoe, Lost, and Cast Away are starting points.
  20. Conversation with our forefathers. Hey Ben, how’s it going? Okay, Thomas. I finally got that clause about the local priests having the final say over zoning in Philadelphia stricken from the city charter. Well done Ben. When I head back down to Charlottesville, I am taking ten copies of “Tristram Shandy” to donate to the college’s library and the rest go to whoever wants them. As the author himself says, "I would go fifty miles on foot, for I have not a horse worth riding on, to kiss the hand of that man whose generous heart will give up the reins of his imagination into his author's hands, — be pleased he knows not why, and cares not wherefore." Excellent Mr. Jefferson! Let me get you several copies of “Gulliver’s Travels,” “Robinson Crusoe,” and “Moll Flanders.” “Moll Flanders?” Ha! Are you trying to get me in trouble, Ben? What would occur if I showed up with Moll or “Fanny Hill, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure?” The Church of England pervert priests would condemn me from the pulpit. I don’t need that. Aye, Tom. The Episcopalians are as mad as dogs in the noon day sun. At least the Pope’s poops are in the decline. They should be gone by the 1900’s, don’t you think?
  21. I think it is a legitimate argument to say “Deists” were not religionists. They used the designation Deist to avoid conflict with unreasoning religionists who demanded all individuals have belief in one or many gods. The proof is in their “works.” None of the deists worth a grain of salt promoted religion. Amen. Violence, disgust, or avoidance was their fate if they angered the religionists, and so it is until today. Praise Zeus.
  22. Peter

    fake science

    Super Beets? What a scam. Consider all the super foods in the last 50 years hyped in the media. None of them have proven efficacy except a few like Ocuvite? for eye health and an occasional multivitamin. E? C? Well, vitamin D is still advised for people over 50 and I do take 2000 IU under my doctor's advice.
  23. I think my though experiment needs more precise constants. Another circular space for living is the space station, which are rotating centrifugal force producing environments that sustain human life. I think vehicles in zero gee will require rotation to keep humans healthy, even for a one year trip to Mars. Otherwise bones will become brittle and muscles will not be strong enough to support the weight of the individual. The Scifi show Deep Space Nine is a great exploration of that idea, where an entire city lives healthily in space. From Wikipedia: In classical mechanics, centrifugal force is an outward force associated with curved motion, that is, rotation about some (possibly not stationary) center. Centrifugal force is one of several so-called pseudo-forces (also known as inertial forces), so named because, unlike fundamental forces, they do not originate in interactions with other bodies situated in the environment of the particle upon which they act. Instead, centrifugal force originates in the curved motion of the frame of reference within which observations are made. From Doctor Seuss. Horton, a thoughtful elephant living in the jungle of Nool, discovers that an entire society, Whoville, rests inside a speck. He gently rests it on a clover flower and searches for a safe place for it. Horton, a thoughtful elephant living in the jungle of Nool, discovers that an entire society, Whoville, rests inside a speck. He gently rests it on a clover flower and searches for a place where it will be safe from the perils of the larger world. Establishing contact with Whoville's befuddled mayor, Horton faces disbelief from his animal friends. Dennis May wrote: The primary means of averting extinction is niche diversity. In the case of humans this would mean moving into space [the largest and most diverse niche possible]. The present large numbers of humans is certainly no guarantee. Passenger pigeons numbered in the billions and would black the sky for days during migrations. Monart Pons wrote: Why colonize another planet when we could construct our own artificial planets? The gigantic, country-sized vessels envisioned and designed by physicist Gerald O'Neill (author of _The High Frontier_) are not only earth-like in environmental suitability -- but are more in human control as to gravity, solar radiation, climate, location, and locomotion, than being confined to the surface of a planet, even one as hospital as Earth. There are some who promote the colonization of Mars because it's the planet nearest to Earth's conditions, but the Martian conditions are far severe than any area on Earth, worse than a combination of Sahara desert and Antarctica . . . . It's understandable why people today easily think of space settlement in terms of planetary locations, since they were born on and accustomed to living on Earth. But why struggle to escape the gravity-well of a conducive planet like Earth, only to sink down another gravity-well of a nearly airless, waterless, arctic desert like Mars? If we had to live on a planet, we'd be better off staying on Earth. But staying on Earth or eking out a living on Mars, or crammed into space submarines, are not the only types of alternatives. Living in the high frontier of free space within environmental conditions superior to that of Earth -- that's a far more appealing alternative.
  24. And I think suicide can be differentiated from murder, though I have no doubt there are experts who can fake a murder into a suicide . . . but under this kind of scrutiny I think the President would be wise to have the procedure observed.
  25. They need to call in forensic expert Bones from the TV show. joke. In the picture comparing the dead body to live pictures of him the ear shape is different. And I thought the nose looked different. However, I suppose death from strangulation could change body parts from lack of oxygen and blood. Is the President going to insist on Federal observers at the autopsy? I think that would be advisable and even "some excerpts" from the filming of the autopsy should be made publc.