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  1. One aspect of anarchism that is appealing at least on a superficial level, is defending oneself. The author Lee Child is not an anarchist but he is a Romantic Realist. Most people say they would take the law into their own hands if no law was available. For example, if they were lost on a desert island they would take care of themselves, but would defer to legal authorities if protection and recourse were available. I agree that it is moral to defend oneself when the law is not around. Self preservation necessitates that we counter violence to ourselves, our family or to our property in an eme
  2. Adam wrote about the Republican litmus test: Six (6) is a middle level problem which primarily is in the phrasing. I understand what you are trying to say, but that would be unacceptable to a large numer of people. End quote Here is number six. (6) We support victory in Iraq and Afghanistan by supporting military-recommended troop surges; Of course we are moving out of Iraq at a quick pace. So, let’s change it to: (6) We support victory in Afghanistan by supporting military-recommended troop surges; I don’t like the way that sounds either - open ended, but Iraq proved the way to fight a counte
  3. Bryce wrote: So, when Johnny Carson left he left for good. When Jay Leno left, he left for an earlier slot. Were Johnny Carson leading to Jay Leno, would Jay Leno have been in the same predicament? Somebody at NBC didn't think this through. end quote Some commentators act like it was a conspiracy between NBC and Leno, to get rid of Conan. Fox is apparently negotiating with Conan. Though his viewer numbers are not great, they are great demographically. Younger consumers watch and like him and they buy a lot of computer games and aps, appliances, phones, musical downloads, etc., and that gives y
  4. Chris Grieb wrote: I am totally confused by these posts. Patrick Stephens has not worked for a long time at the Atlas Society. end quote I think my archives of threads are interesting. Recently someone, not on this list, asked me to find things written about 911 by representatives of TOC and ARI, JUST AFTER 911. I was able to comply. It's a snapshot of what we were thinking at that time. Another person had written something intended to be an article, forgot about it, could not find their original research, then wondered if they had ever discussed it on OWL as a work in progress, which they fr
  5. As more people become or remain unemployed, the more people lack medical insurance. So, if you are Obama, you should expand the well of people who are unemployed thereby expanding the number of desperate supporters of Obamacare. If he is sincere about being reelected in 2012, then he needs to find one quickly implemented issue that will increase the number of unemployed. That issue is Cap and Trade. Letters to the President. Dear President Obama and Vice President Biden. How can you sell ObamaCare? Explain that it is not Socialized Medicine. Few people will decline “on principal” their social
  6. Reidy wrote: What's interesting is how many conservatives have come around to Rand in the last year or two: Limbaugh, Beck, Mark Sanford and Amity Shlaes all come to mind in addition to Will. Looks like the old Rand vs. National Review debate is over. As Inhofe said to Boxer, "we won, you lost, get a life." End quote I have heard Rush speak favorably about Rand for about five years, and I may have missed other times earlier when he spoke well of her. Bill Buckley of National Review was Rush’s primary hero, until Buckley died, yet Rush has labeled himself a libertarian republican for as long a
  7. Chris Grieb wrote: No new Federal Constitutional Convention! The Second Amendment would go and there would be a right to welfare. Bob Kolker wrote: We hold these truths to be self evident.... . Hardly anything is self evident. Henry David Thoreau wrote: Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. Literally no one I have spoken to, literally, no one is willing to give other people enough credit to not shoot themselves in the foot. Strange. What the prevailing wisdom was in 1776, has been lost. What a shame. Obviously we will leave well enough alone. Leave it alone and suffer, waiti
  8. Thanks, Chris. Rand was against a female president in principle. Would Rand the right winger, vote for Obama or Palin in 2012? Peter Here is a female president thread. NB and BB are in it. Bill Dwyer remarked about a female president: “In the January 1968 issue of _McCall's_ magazine, Rand wrote, "A woman cannot reasonably want to be a commander-in-chief." A year later in January 1969, Rand wrote an article entitled "About a Woman President" for _The Objectivist_ (which appeared in the December 1968 issue and was later reprinted in her anthology, _The Voice of Reason_ (1988). In that artic
  9. Does anyone know what my friend Peter Reidy is doing? He wrote Wright and Rand. It looks like he stopped posting about six months ago. I checked internet obits but did not find his name mentioned, (god forbid) and he does not answer his email. Curiouser and curiouser. He corrected my latin tenses for my closing: Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor From: "Peter Reidy" <> To:, Subject: Re: ATL: Rand's Politics Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 21:16:24 Concerning Hardesty's assertions, here are some facts as best I know them:
  10. Crap. I just had to look at my archives. Now, I may have a hard time getting to sleep. Here is a thread from Atlantis. BB weighs in. Peter From: "Dennis May" <> To: Subject: ATL: Re: from knives to guns to bombs Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 19:28:01 -0600 Barbara Branden wrote: "Dennis, I find myself slightly appalled by your post on the right of individuals to own weapons of mass destruction. Appalled, but, as of now, although I need to think about it further, unable to argue against you. Your arguments make sense to me, particularly your statem
  11. May we retaliate before the fact? It's too late at night to debate this, but I happened upon this letter by chance, and thought, (after getting bored with American Idol) I may forget it in the morning. So here it is. Post 911 but not by much! Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor From: "Patrick Stephens" <> To: Subject: OWL: The Roots of Peace Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 10:08:21 -0400 Following is an excerpt from my response to Lance's letter regarding my commentary with some additional comments. >> My point was not with the mo
  12. Anonrobt, Roger Bissell, wrote: I agree with Adam and Robert: NO Constitutional convention! What if the topic of the convention was to fix a particular flaw in the constitution? Nothing more. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  13. Rosetta Stone for Marines. Ten Hut! Ok, guys, so you want to be guards at our embassy in Bejing? You’re all here to learn Chinese first. It won’t be easy. There is nothing similar in their language and ours. And, this is all home schooling, so you are all assigned an apartment at the NCO temporary housing. Not bad, uh? WHOO, WHOO, WHOO! OK, knock it off. You will be using a preloaded computer and everyone will be assigned their own translator, a Taiwanese girl between 20 and 25. She will be teaching you at your apartment for eight hours a day. You will be on your honor to . . . THE PRETTIES
  14. Is Conan O'Brien just keeping the seat warm for Jerry Seinfeld on the Tonight Show? With Jay Leno in prime-time and soon to be on later, and a reported ratings slide for O'Brien, the whispers of trying to bring in Jerry Seinfeld to save NBC late night and the Tonight Show are being leaked and denied. TV Squad reports, 'Some anonymous executive sources have said the network is thinking about dumping Conan O'Brien and putting Jerry Seinfeld in The Tonight Show's host chair.' Conan says, heck no I won’t go, to 12:05. I say, let Jerry have a crack at it! Remember the old Jackie Gleason Show wit
  15. Adam wrote: I think a strike works. The only problem is living through it. end quote A commentator yesterday was saying China's bubble is about to burst. It will be 1932 again with the world in the grips of a depression. I would not quit my day job. Peter
  16. Right Wing Paladins I have been pondering that old television western, Have Gun, Will Travel starring Richard Boone as the honorable gunfighter, Paladin. Does he compare favorably to Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, 007, or Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote? He might even be compared, in a modern light, to the man who put an ad in Soldier of Fortune magazine stating he will fight for Any cause but Red. But Paladin would also stipulate, I will only fight for a cause that is just. The Spencer For Hire, series by Robert B. Parker is another example of an honorable person who will go to great leng
  17. ValueChaser wrote about right wing pundits and heroes: But the essential question is what is their view of the kind of individual they would like to liberate? It's all in the quality of each one's theoretical arguments and professed goals. Jerry Biggers wrote: They jump on the Palin bandwagon (and into the honeypot) . . . It is not always true that "the enemy of mine enemy is my friend." Rather than being a friend, they may be a "Honeypot." In other words, it may be wise to temper our enthusiasm, and keep them at arm's length. Michael Stuart Kelly wrote: May an Objectivist public commentator
  18. John mentioned my list of Rush's shows. I actually had two more pages of them, some more up to date, but felt it would be redundant. Rush is one of the good guys. Peter
  19. Excellent video Adam, I watched the whole thing. Detroit, Victorville, Philly, Buffalo . . . unfortunately, Atlas is not shrugging. The economy is collapsing. I think talented wage earners are going to diminish their losses by keeping their taxable income lower. I just got my yearly stmt from Social Security, my first, for the six months I have been retired. Well, I won't be paying any taxes this year. On paper I am poor 8-) in my nice paid-for house, and two cars, and my 8 acres of ground. I have no doubt inflation will be hot on my heels soon. I hope America is not the next Haiti. When the b
  20. Detroit in ruins. Crowder goes ghetto. The video stops to load a couple of times at the beginning, but then it is smoother Detroit was one of the most prosperous cities in America but 50 years ago Ayn Rand predicted in Atlas Shrugged, what has happened since. Devastating. A lot of Detroit looks like a bombed out city. The author says this was caused by the teacher’s union, liberal bureaucracies since 1961 and the UAW. It is scary but well worth watching. It reminds be of a book I read called, “Creepers” by Morrell, about urban archeologists. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  21. After libertarian / Republican or Tea Party wins in 2010 and 2012, the chances for a constitutional convention will be greater. What would you want to be done? Would you hold it in Philadelphia? Or in a warmer climate, like Orlando? Some thoughts to consider: Shakespeare wrote: “I do love my country’s good with a respect more tender, more holy and profound than mine own life. After what I owe to God, nothing should be more sacred than the respect I owe to my country. . .” end quote Commodore Stephen Decatur, in the early 1800's (either 1811 or 1816?) was in Norfolk, Virginia. He was in the co
  22. Adam wrote: Michael K. has said it quite clearly. An interim default position being limiting government, lowering Federal and statist coercion and basing our decisions in conjunction with the principles that the Founders set down is the on ramp path to freedom which eventually will get us on a libertarian objectivist super highway. End quote Amen, brother. I hope everyone will start thinking about Objective reasons for allying oneself to any mainstream group. Any ideas about an Objective, criteria driven, sliding scale of Political value, with Totalitarian a zero on the left and, say, one hund
  23. ValueChaser wrote: Is Harry Binswanger endorsing the religious right? End quote Of course not. Don’t accept labels without delving deeper. Use any variation of Rand’s sliding scale of political value, with the totalitarians on the far left, and the individual rights constitutionalists, laissez faire capitalists, freedom fighters on the right. Now that sliding scale idea would make a good OL article, ValueChaser. That would be a noble value to chase. It is much clearer using this gauge to determine who is your friend. Harry is. Leonard is. Ayn is. Rush is. Glenn is. I am, and you are my ally.
  24. I have not looked up a list of Glenn's recent topics, but here are a few of Rush's. I do not recommend 'gettiing in bed with' the religious right, but some, like Rush, do not wear their religion for all to see, all the time. Subtract the miniscule religious content, and you have an ally. I will read some comments and respond again. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor Rush's recent topics. • Middle-Income People Are Better Off Than Ever Before, So Why Don't People "Feel" It? -10.18.06 • Raising Minimum Wage Causes Job Loss, Wal-Mart Will Now Just Surround Chicago –07.27.06 • Review Your Laf
  25. From yesterday’s The Intellectual Activist Daily Democrats Against Democracy The Democratic Party's Contempt for the Governed by Robert Tracinski A new poll over the weekend shows Republican senatorial candidate Scott Brown actually pulling ahead of Democrat Martha Coakley by a narrow margin, 48-47, for the January 19 special election in Massachusetts. Note particularly that this poll shows an energized right, a demoralized left, and a two-to-one lead for Brown among independents—all similar to what we saw last November in Virginia and New Jersey, with the result of a clear victory for the